Find and Spot Differences

Find and Spot Differences

Find and Spot Differences

Find and Spot Differences is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Veraxen Ltd, Find and Spot Differences is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd October 2022 with the latest update 20th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Find and Spot Differences ?

1,797 people have rated 1.3.3

What is the price of the Find and Spot Differences ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Find and Spot Differences released ?

Find and Spot Differences was released on 22nd October 2022.

When was the Find and Spot Differences updated ?

The latest updated date of Find and Spot Differences on 20th April 2023.

Where can Find and Spot Differences be downloaded ?

You can download the game Find and Spot Differences from Apple Official App Store.



Addictive brain game for your family — you can play together with your loved ones on one device.

Take a break after a long day and enjoy your time with finding differences between two colorful pictures and train your attentiveness and memory.

It is really easy to play! Compare two pictures, concentrate on tiny details, tap to differences when you spot it.

Delight all the game features:

-1000+ nice pictures
-Zoom to spot all the differences
-Play easy and hard levels
-Use unlimited hints if you get stuck
-Daily challenges with new pictures every day. Win it!
-No timer! Take your time.
-Simple but beautiful game design
-Absolutely free game
-Progress saves automatically
-Takes up a little space on your device

Can you spot all the tiny differences to prove that you are a brilliant detective? Find even those differences which are hidden really hard and increase your attentiveness. Relax and have fun while playing the game!

Updated on 20th April 2023

We made small improvements for more pleasant playing.

Find and Spot Differences Review

Keeps us on our toes. BUT relaxing.

We like the challenge and enjoy the pictures, thanks.

We love this game so much it makes us calm cause Im really hyper and this game makes us talk less and kinda bad news so some of the levels are really hard so yeah thats all.

We had radiation cancer treatment that affects our memory. We hope your app will help.

A perfect brain stimulation tool for the ENTIRE FAMILY! We all love it! Thanks for asking!

Its really fun sometimes it can be easy others hard. There is not much adds in thing game at all thank you for that this it the best games ever!!! We love the picture to there are many funny and cute pictures. Thank for make this game !!!

Can not see keyboard to type reviewQuick ads- use magnifying glass to find answers-similar aoo leave u hanging -best we’ve seen!!

It has enough challenge but not to much so you feel stressed, and the game is attractive and a nice mix of challenges.

Improves cognitive function! Find and Spot the Differences is an addictive brain game that helps you release physical tension, ease stress and anxiety.

Thats the fun of it to compare both pictures for similarities, and, differences. Its an exercise in subtlties.

We love playing this game. It helps us unwind and relax.

Ok listen we have six words to say and 21 letters so pls get the app play like it no LOVE it and then rate it 5 stars. THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER . . To the person who made dis we love you! You made the best game ever !!

The first time you were able and you had to do something about the situation you had with.

Enjoying this substitute for news and other TV offerings. The puzzles are much more attractive than what is generally available.

Its lots of un and good exercise for the brain.

LOVE this Online Game. Definitely Recommend It!!!

Great for our 83 year old brain thanks.

Love it keeps our brain working.

Some totally inaporopriate, insensitive ads. Suggest you watch out for them before you get fined or worse.

We can only assume that the puzzles will get a little more difficult.

We love this game for us its easy but we think soon it get harder.

Too many ads with no option to buy.

We really like this game but every time you are finished with a level there is a add.

How does one relax with a timer? Im old & dont speed anymore we would love this otherwise!

Make an option (not a crazy one) to be able to remove ads. The game is great, its the ads that make people STOP playing.

So many they interrupt your focus.

Easy way to pass the time except Im about to quit bc of the frikkin ads! Too many, too long.

Annoying sound effects even with sound off; cannot stand it!

We will delete the game. Its too frustrating to play for 30 seconds and watch 3 minutes of ads.

This is the second comment Im writing and Im checking it out to see if this will go up.

We wish you never touch our phone again never never never never irritating, agitating disgusting.

Its a really fun game and the levels arent extremely hard or really easy.

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