Going Balls

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 10:00 am

Going Balls

Going Balls

Going Balls is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Going Balls is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th February 2020 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Going Balls ?

101,620 people have rated 1.1.78

What is the price of the Going Balls ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Going Balls released ?

Going Balls was released on 19th February 2020.

When was the Going Balls updated ?

The latest updated date of Going Balls on 26th May 2023.

Where can Going Balls be downloaded ?

You can download the game Going Balls from Apple Official App Store.



*** From the creators of GyroSphere ***

A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!

Ready for a fun ride?


  • Easy, one-finger swipe ball control
  • A funny collection of balls to play with
  • Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn
  • Remove unsolicited ads available

Updated on 26th May 2023

Added Road Trip event, a new ball and funky glasses.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Going Balls Review

We only gave 5 star so it would be in the front IT we NOT AS MUCH FUN As IT LOOKS trust us it is a fat scam it looks fun in the adds but when you get it its like the same but not much fun.

It is awesome we are enjoying going balls . Thank you for making it.

Im going to play this game every day it is so fun.

This game amazing and we really recommend. Going balls is so much fun for play in the car and its so much fun to play ! It has so many levels and they are all so much fun to play !

This game is so fun it is so relaxing and relief.

We love this game we recommended to his game to so many of our friends its a great thing.!!!

This game is not to easy and gives you a nice challenge!

We absolutely love this game its like the best game ever made in the history book have a great day and keep chaceing your dreams they will come true.

Its really fun! And you should Try it for 5 mins and u will Love it Trust us!

We like the game and it doesnt have to many ads but it gets a little boring after a while but its great as long as you are not playing it for hours its fun to race people especially. Anyway we love the game which is why its a five star review.

It doesnt gives any adds while playing.

We like how not many ads and it it super satisfying we love it.

There is an add like every 2 levels,, we stopped playing. We wanted to play again but the bug is still happening You still made a good code!.

Okay, this game is SO much fun! We probably play it like 25 times a day when im bored and it is so fun! But our only issue is that after a certain amount of levels, the levels start to become a pattern with the same levels continuing to repeat. We’ve gotten to the point to where there are no new levels and there is just the same levels, repeating and repeating over and over again. Also, If you are wondering about ads, there are a lot. But, for some reason, this is the only game that we dont really mind the amount of ads and its almost like we just dont even notice them. But we do recommend this game for sure, its just that we believe that there should be A LOT of new levels. We think new levels stopped at around level 30. We hope that you found this review helpful! Again, we RECOMMEND THE APP!

This game is really awesome. The ads are everywhere. The little extra stuff are really cool but can get a bit confusing. We definitely recommend this game. But the age range 7-ANYTHING. It is not too hard not too easy. The sound effects are so smooth. (I mean they are not glitchy)! Back to the ads, TOOOOO MANYYYYYYYY.. It is also the same ads as before and the same every other games. Thanks for reading.

Too many advertisements we feel like you play 2 minutes of game play but have a ad/advertisements after every level. Uggh so frustrating limit the advertising please.

We love this game a few things about the game make us put four stars like theres a lot of adds and sometimes you cant watch an add and refill your balls and it puts your effort to waste but the game is ok.

So we have this game since a really REALLY long time (it’s been maybe 1 year) and its really cool and all but sometimes there are glitches. Like the screen just stops working and we need to restart our iPad to continue playing. The good thing about the game is that it doesnt have many ads and when you want to collect a reward you need to watch an ad but there is coupons called skipit that let you get it without the ad. The skipits are actually a little hard to get because you need to pay like idk how much but its quite expensive and we have like only 3 skitpits. Could you fix the glitches and make the skipits more easy to get? Thank you.

Great game but the add s are annoying.

We bought the ad free version as the game was getting tough and interesting but we noticed after 75 levels most of the levels are repeating. We are on 101 level and it is the same. We have already played it twice. Now Im bored as we have the same levels and too easy to complete them.

The first review we stated that after level 70 the levels start repeating. Now with the new up date theres either a glitch or blatantly cheating. If you do the races, watch the map where the other players are. Its obvious that theyre not real players. They randomly pop up out of no where. We were in first place and a player popped up at a check point in front.

The game is great and super addictive, but the game glitches so you can lose lives that arent your fault. It also repeats the same levels over and over. And the challenges arent very challenging. We still recommend this game.

Just like the title says, this is a great fun brain work out that is stimulating and fun or it would be if you could actually play the game! Instead all you get is constant adds! Long Adds likr royal match that judt drag on and on getting through one part just to get more of the same friggin add! Exhausting! To bad really would have been a great game!

We like it but at one point we started to notice the levels start to repeat and it gets boring eventually so we deleted it.

This game has terrible control and it is wayyy too hard we do not reccomendnd this game even our cousin says it too hard for her and that the name is really really really weird.

We hate it because Im on level 53 and its so hard.

Paid $4 for no ads and there is just as many ads as before. Total SCAM! DO NOT RECOMMEND!,

You spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game! We hate that we cannot find a game that allows us to play uninterrupted! Minimize the ads!

The ads are making us go absolutely balls right now our mom is mad at us because Im going balls also this game was obviously made by communist scum who have no taste and only use this to fund Russia this is an abomination to all of mobile games such as gems like ball run 2048 this game is nothing than ploy to destroy corporate America.

Man, we went balls when we were playing this. We went so balls, our ball could’nt keep up with our skills. We rate this game balls/10. Totally balls.

This is a really fun game we like to play it if car rides.

We love the game the game is the best game in the world.

Perfect for a long trip or play while listing to music or audiobooks. Would definitely recommend this.

This game is so relaxing and fun to play when your bored. Of course it can be stressful sometimes but you get better as you go. This game is all we really expect in a game like obstacles, levels go easy to hard, and more. But over all this game is super fun, even when your waiting in line and you feel like playing a game, this would be the game.

We’ve been playing way before portals to bonus dimensions existed and we just wanted to say that this game is extremely addictive and fun. You should play it.

Its the best and its kind of fun or it actually is not kind of fun its really fun any of yall should try it out if you want like youre reading this its so much fun like 10 out of 10 actually no 100 out of 10 thats how awesome it is download this app today yay.

This is amazing game if youre bored and have nothing to do. Or if you dont have Wi-Fi or anything else.

This game is so fun and there are so many levels and there is races and a lot of other things. This game is the best thing for children. It is so much fun is the best game we’ve ever had. We could never ask for another game, like GoingBalls.

We absolutely love this game it’s to die for! That’s why we were way above level 200 but one day we went on the app and it said we could not play because it was changed to 12+ when it’s kid friendly! And we think kids should be able to play this game not just tweens teens and adults because especially 8,9 and 10 year old kids would love this game if they had a chance to play because it used to be like that and that’s not fair that kids our age and lower aren’t allowed to play this game anymore! So thats why we only rated it four stars if this wouldn’t have happened to us it would be a perfect 5 star review!

After about 100 levels, this game gives you the same series of about the last 7 levels and nothing new. It gives you a new level, but the same exact games. Please make more levels.

Ever time we want to go in the race thing ever one is pushing balls in the race we think this gwme should have no pushing please.

Its great but we finished it, now what . We finished the game which is really fun but now we are left with 3.5 million coins and 200+ tickets. And when we get skip-it tickets, there is nothing really to spend them on that we would be really excited about. Please add new levels (not just copying and pasting them, yes we noticed) and make more skins!!!!!!

The reason why we did not give this five stars is because every time we go to the next level there is a add. Now we know that there are adds in like every app and we mean EVERY APP, but thats ok because their were only like one add per level. Also you get to play with other players sometimes and get your own character or whatever SO we WOULD GET THIS APP.

We love going balls but its really really really really repetitive. Im at level 94 and we havent done. It seems like we’ve done this level already we dont remember what level it was but its exactly the same. We could give it 4 1/2 we would because we really enjoy the game but we just dont like how repetitive it is.

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