Going Balls

Going Balls


Going Balls is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Going Balls is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 19th February 2020 with the latest update 15th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


44,615 people have rated 1.1.55

You can download the game Going Balls from APP STORE.


*** From the creators of GyroSphere ***

A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!

Ready for a fun ride?


  • Easy, one-finger swipe ball control
  • A funny collection of balls to play with
  • Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn
  • Remove unsolicited ads available

Updated on 15th April 2022

Added new city world

Going Balls Review

We can get the game its so funny.

This is a fun game to entertain your self when your bored.

This app is amazing we play it all the time when we are mad it always calms us down this game is a 5/5 love it.

We have absolutely no problems with this game it is amazing and we highly recommend getting it. But the name just makes us laugh!!!

It is so much fun! We love that there is mini games in the middle of it so youre not always doing levels so we can give you a little break there is a Lotta ads but other than that the game is super fun and it normally doesnt have any problems we would definitely recommend the app its very time consuming and stuff like that and we can play with no Internet thats a win-win.

This game is Soo fun and entertain love it 5 starts for sureeee.

We went home from school sick and the first thing we asked our dad was if we could play this it’s obviously the best game ever.

This game is super fun and we just can not stop playing it this game needs some improvement because you need to add more levels we are on level 476 and just keeps repeat on and it is now getting to be pretty boring but orall this game just needs more levels and more balls.

Its a fun game maybe you should play it send it we wrote wrote we rate today five stops its so fun try it.

We genuinely love this game but it glitches so if you updates it with bug fixes we would really appreciate it.

We really like the game we play it a lot.(I really like the races.)however after about level one hundred the levels start repeating. Besides that AMAZING game.

We’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half now, we really enjoy it and kind of just play it when Im bored, our only issue is that once you reach a certain point all of the courses are just repeats, and yeah, its still fun, but it does get a little stale, we want more variety. We would like to ask that more courses are added.

We just want to play against people more.

The game is fun and this game has a lot adds but GET.

Now, if there was a 4.5 star option, that would be our option, but there isnt, so Im just gonna talk about how great this game is. There isnt that many ads (for me) and its an easy challenge, below hard, but above average. We find it fun this way, and its an awesome game, its easy to remember the mechanics since theres very few of them, almost none to be honest. Its a very original game, and we dont think any game out there is like this one, its well detailed with enough levels to enjoy, and very creative. People probably complain about the ads, but we dont find it a big problem, the sound effects are also nice, theres a large variety of levels, and each one is creative in its own way. Honestly just really enjoy this masterpiece of a game overall. The only minor problem is that its slightly hard to control with a finger, now sure its supposed to be a good challenge for people, but it was hard for us to control the ball, but that problem can easily be fixed since if you cant control it, the game kind of does it for you. And Im being completely honest right now, but we dont think this a terrible game, its also not the best game in the entire universe, but its around that point. Anyway, that concludes our review for this game, pretty solid overall.

What does it mean when you get the earth ball does it mean Im the bast in the entire world.

We just got this game and we fall in love with it. We’ve been trying to get our mom to get the game and we finally talked her into getting this game for us. Knew it was we were going to be a five star game The the first add it came on. You gotta get this game. We know you love the game to.

We LOVE going balls!!!!!!!!! It is a part of our every day life! We are on level 1030 and we plan to keep going. Us and our friend Emma got the whole school playing it. It is challenging which is the best part. We love collecting all of the balls/worlds. Our favorite ball is the baseball. We currently have over 4 million coins. All of the balls and worlds are collected. It has helped our hand and eye coordination as well. It is our favorite game on our phone. We really enjoy playing the game. We really hope you come out with more worlds and balls soon. Our only request, is that you change the name to rolling balls. All this time that is what we called it not knowing that it is called going balls. We give this game 5 stars!

This game is awesome. Its so fun and relaxing but it has a little problem. Theres to much adds and the levels just repeat. One way to stop the add problem is to turn of Wi-Fi and the cellular data for the game. Then it works perfect without any adds. We do wish that there would be different challenges instead of a same couple of choices.

Hello our fellow friends! We really like the game and hope for more updates and also sometimes laggy and too many ads just wondering if u could add like a 0.99 no ads thing or something like that we DO suggest this app! Thank you!

This game is amazing but the higher the levels get the more challenging it gets.

This is absolutely a 5 star. We so enjoy it!:)

Im on level 700 and its just the same 5 levels over and over again. That being said we love the game so we still play those 5 levels over and over.

We love the game, but too many ads!

As someone who loves obstacle courses, this is great. There are two major flaws with the game: 1. Ads everywhere, but we get there is revenue to be had from them so we get not taking it away. 2 (and more importantly). THE FRAMERATE! We feel like 60% of our deaths (conservative guess) are from the framerate tanking. We love games that if you mess up, its your fault, but dying due to framerate issues isnt your fault and ruins the game at times.

Way too many ads randomly in the game ads just popped up and theres a glitch that it spawns you in the wrong direction and it gets really annoying please read this review.

Im going to give this game 4 stars. We absolutely love this game and Im addicted. Im on level 455 lol. The only issue we have with this game is that we feel like Im playing the same levels over and over. Theres about 10 different levels but we feel like theyre constantly being repeated and Im not actually playing more difficult levels because they all feel the same and we wish there were new designs so it can feel like the game is actually getting harder. Otherwise, great game :)

Our five year old plays this and loves it. We’ve played a few levels and think its a lot of fun also. BUT THE ADS. HOLY GUACAMOLE. There are so many ads. Like seriously an ad every minute it feels like. We finally caved and paid for ad free because our five year old was wasting half of his allotted game time waiting for ads to end. One thing we wish. We wish you could go back to levels that are already completed and play them as you please. Instead of only being able to play the current level youre on. But all in all its fun. The different ball designs are also a fun twist.

We love this game but after level 70 its all repeated.

Its a good game and all and we enjoy playing when Im bored but after level 90 the game starts repeating itself. No new puzzles and the challenges are just copies of old puzzles. Perhaps update it with new maps? Its great tho.

We’ve had this game for 8 days now and Im already on level 150. This game is really addicting but we love it! Its so hard and easy and its so fun having new worlds and new skins :) we really love how smooth it goes. We always play this game at school and at home! Its a calm game for us to play. The only thing is that there are ads a lot and its annoying especially the ones that dont pop up a X mark to exit the ad.

Its a fun game, but after a couple hundred levels (which comes faster then you think) its start to repeat itself. So maybe new obstacles? Maybe new challenges and weekly stuff?

We like this game but we rated it four stars because we dont like how it repeats levels. Everything else is good though!

Love the game but its ad heavy. We know 3 bucks isnt much to remove them but come on.

It is good, but you need to do is add more levels.

This game is one of our top faves we can play all day and focus on a whole different level it is just WAY to many ADS!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever we die what pops up?. An AD!!! We wish they would let us just play and have ADS on occasions and stuff like that.

So this game was awesome AT FIRST but after about 50 levels they start reusing levels and after about 75 levels they give you ads every time you die which is a lot. This game was great but now every level is exactly the same there is nothing new and it gets very boring. There is also ads after every level as well and even if you dont die there is ads during check points overall this was very fun in the beginning but now Im just disappointed and bored.

We wanted to like this game. Sadly like so many other games now it’s nearly unplayable with the over load of ads you are forced to sit through. Just let us pay for them to be removed or set a price for the game.