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title – Fun Online Slither is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kooapps, – Fun Online Slither is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st April 2016 with the latest update 18th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Strategy, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


65,312 people have rated 1.16.38

You can download the game – Fun Online Slither from APP STORE.


Develop your skills, try to survive as much as you can and become the biggest worm. You start as a small worm, get bigger by eating other worms who try to do the same. You have to attack wisely but defend skillfully. How long can you survive?

Attack fast with the mass-eject booster and get in front of other worms to beat them when they hit you head on, no matter how small you are or how big they are. The best one wins. has no lag issues or performance problems caused by internet connection. Play wherever and whenever you like.

The left or right handed joystick controller and mass eject button are fine tuned for higher precision maneuvers and for more fun.

Game Features:

  • Grow fast to dominate the board with smooth gameplay
  • No Lag due to connectivity issues
  • High precision gameplay with joystick control
  • Improved cpu and battery performance for all mobile devices
  • Unique online live events and real-time leaderboards

How to play:

  • Cut in front of other worms quickly to make them explode when they hit you head on
  • Once you get them to hit you, eat them as fast as you can to gain more mass
  • Eject mass to boost your speed with one button
  • Try to beat the highest score based on your length during a session
  • Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, you are offline or online

Thanks to you, the original is back with new regular updates. We are a small team who are all motivated with your comments, reviews and support. As you know the game is still in development and we constantly try to make it more fun. Your reviews are important for us!

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Updated on 18th April 2022

Welcome back snakes!
This release we are bringing you:
-New Event: Snakes in Space!
-New snake skins!
-Bug fixes and Optimizations! – Fun Online Slither Review

For some reason we are super addicted to this game.

We love this game so much and if you want to buy this game for your child then read this. So the game is not inappropriate in fact its very fun if your looking to buy this then buy it because its just so great! Not inappropriate, very fun, almost no adds, new skins, and yeah there is a little bit of facts about this game and we recommend you buying this cause it SO fun and addicting game so fun yall and please buy it it helps a lot Ty if you did buy it and its very fun. And we just got this game and Im already addicted into this game!!!! Anyway hope you buy this game and bye have a good day.

Its fun. Im addicted. Try it!

This game is amazing it is so much fun.

We really love this game its a perfect salutoin to being bored.

We love this game so much its amazing we’ve always played this game even when we were little and we still do play it we love how you can play even when there is no wifi we love all the beautiful varietys of skins in the game this game is just overall 10/10.

Sooo good love it creator the best also we love crafty lands better sorry.

Its simple but we really enjoy playing it. Its very satisfying in some way to circle other snakes and wait for them to mess up and get eaten.

We love Thad game but it haves some problems, can there be a lot of dog skins and dragons. We want you to have something for thig how big you are if your not on leerd board like at What rank you are. We love the game and we hope you fix des problems.

We love it b/c when snakes die we can collect more.

AMAZING APP! We will play for like 24-7!

This is an amazing game because you can improve your snake and get new skins and it taught us that anythings possible because you can get new high scores and kill other snakes for more points! We recommend this game and we would let our kids play!!

This game is the best game we’ve ever seen its basically Snake. Io just better this is a better version of Snake. Io we would download even if it was 1 million bucks this is the best we highly suggest downloading we love it thats that Ps to the game developers if you see this could you make it work when you have a chance to watch an ad you have infinity add life because dont advertisements give you more money.

This game is awesome you should totally get it.

This game is great we just love it so much we play it every day.

When we were 6 we played this game so wanted to reconnect to our past it was better than before.

We live this game so much we’ve been playing for 3 years now we could play this for hours on end. ( we have ) it is very fun because you get to eat little dogs and other snakes. It is very fun to be king even thought you start off small. You can also play when you dont have internet or data perfect for toddlers and we even enjoy this game as a 35 year old mom with 6 kids ages 1-7. We 1000000% RECOMMEND THIS TO YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN IF YOU HAVE ANY !!!

We love snake io it is the best game to play to waste time or play the game fast it is so fun you can get different skins or you can speed faster and it is the FUNEST game ever.

Some one please help us the last skin on the tournament is so hard to get we were at top 208 but we played a round and it put us in top 58 so please help me.

Snake . Io is the best game we have ever played. It is so awesome and fun and we enjoy it so much in our free time.

This game is fun and it keeps getting better and better!

Amazing. IN MY OPINION snake i.o is actually better than slither i.o. Snake i.o has tons of skins, beautiful maps, and is really easy to get first! Would 100% totally recommend this game!

This is a great game and Im here to confirm the greatest focus experience.

We love it it is so much fun ur are so cool ty.

Best game ever !!!!! So relaxing and easy played it for hoers !!!!! Love it you can get longer than the map and if you die you can revive your self!!!!

Ridiculously obsessed with this game. Our 6 year old can also play it (hes almost as good as we am, lol), and we really enjoy competing with each other.

The funnest game we’ve played so far.