Golf Peaks

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Golf Peaks


Golf Peaks is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Afterburn Lukasz Spierewka, Golf Peaks is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th November 2018 with the latest update 16th September 2019

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


558 people have rated 3.01

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Golf Peaks is a tiny puzzle game where you climb mountains by playing golf. Use cards to move the ball, solve over 120 handcrafted levels and conquer the summits!

** App Store’s GAME OF THE DAY in 100+ countries! **
** 1st place in The Big Indie Pitch @ PGA 2018 **
** Nominee – 15th IMGA Awards**


  • 120+ levels and 10 worlds to complete
  • Unique card-based movement system
  • Various block types to experiment with
  • Minimalist visuals and a relaxing atmosphere
  • No ads
  • One-handed play
  • 10+ Achievements
  • Zero understanding of golf required!

** 1% of revenue from all copies of this game will be donated to the Animal Rescue Polska foundation **

"Golf Peaks is smart, beautiful, and sticks firmly to the thin line between too hard and too easy throughout." 4.5/5 – Ric Cowley, Pocket Gamer

"The dreamlike world of Golf Peaks is relaxing and the puzzle gameplay doesn’t feel intrusive." 9/10 – Nate Lakritz, Launch Party Gaming

"You don’t have to be a golf fan to enjoy Golf Peaks, and the puzzles are engaging up through the end." 10/10 – Rom, DarkStation

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Updated on 16th September 2019

Minor fixes & optimization.

Golf Peaks Reviews

We just got this game (but by the time you read this Ill have this for about two hours, probably) its an amazing brain tester and when you think you have to do it one way but you have to do it another way. And we seen the reviews and we like how the developer (After burn) sees the comments and actually writes responses and most developers only responds on bad comments saying somethings fixed thanks for taking time reading this.

Fun game to pass the time, some of the levels are pretty challenging.

We have never written a review before. But this game is a goddamn masterpiece. If you are going to spend any money on a game, spend it on this. The mechanics are simple yet engaging. The level design and art style are beautiful and perfectly crafted, and the difficulty curve is perfect for a puzzle game. Near the end of the game the levels become extremely challenging, but almost never feel impossible. You can truly see the love in care that the devs put into this game. The only downside is that there is an end.

Blue color is good, red color is bad! Thank u good game.

Good game! But this little game is really really battery consuming and our machine (ipad) gets heat which we did not expect on a game like this (it doesnt seem to occupy much cpu or gpu right?)

The game is fun and well made, but it is just too short for $3.

While this is a well-made puzzler, we found it to be quite counter-intuitive. Many times to solve, you purposely go into a hazard like water just to use up a card. This makes no sense. Several times we had to consult online videos to learn how to solve. Frustrating. Just not for us we guess.

We could play a first person 3-D world game with many animations going on all around us and it doesnt drain our battery or get as HOT as ipad does with this simple game we just recently got a new iPad and it still does the same thing this game needs to be optimized seriously. Its a very good game please fix this problem.

Great puzzle game but stage 10-12 has no flag pole to finish.

Could use adding the solution for folks that get stuck.

We completed Golf Peaks in just a couple of days and we have to say that was very fun and challenging. And it surprised us when we were on the last level. Must it end so soon? We really hope the devs make more levels because we think 10 worlds would be a good stopping point. But until then Ill be dreaming of those 12 brand new levels.

100+ pretty great good puzzles. All more or less manageable with only a handful of head scratchers. We think the card system and mechanics could be the basis for an even more ambitious game and Im hoping the developer explores this direction more.

This game is up there in terms of quality with the Altos Adventure series. We love the concept, the art, and the music- it was nearly perfect. We love the game so much Im hoping for new levels! Great job devs, this is what a stellar mobile app looks like. We have been depressed lately and this game made us really happy .

We really loved this game. Beat it over the course of two weeks and almost every level is a great challenge and a fair puzzle. Our only major complaint is Level 7-11. One of the biggest strategies is working backwards from the hole, but 7-11s hole is oriented in such a way that it makes it impossible to figure out where it lies in relation to the other blocks. It is clear in hindsight what the final moves are but prior to that its both a structural and psychological nightmare. We finally solved it by process of elimination but there is no joy in exhaustive search of the solution space; making it clearer where the hole is in relation to the rest of the level would solve the problem entirely. Thanks for such a great game regardless. Definitely worth the cost of admission.

Great game even for someone who isnt big on puzzle games. Can you make it so that falling off automatically goes back a step? We play with our left thumb and its hard for us to reach the rewind button.

This is a fun well supported game that combines the stroke by stroke play of miniature golf with the type of move by move elvolving puzzle play found in games like Hitman GO. It would be interesting to see scoring introduced. We’ve beat some levels without using all the cards. However, we’ve never seen mention of par, birdie or other golf scoring terms used, the winning condition seems binary. We really appreciate the fact the developer routinely releases new content, we often check the app icon for changes to see if any new puzzles have been introduced. Keep it up!

Its two of our favorite games (Marble Madness and RoboRally) fused into one. We love the aesthetic, the level themes and the challenge. We would gladly play for more levels!

Really fun game. Provides really fun puzzles some of which actually take some time to sit and reason about. Our only complaint is there were more levels that we got fairly quickly than difficult ones. Would love to see a Hard level pack. Or just more levels in general.

We have been struggling on level 5-4. We were trying everything we could when one time we were back tracking our cards and all of a sudden we had 5 cards to choose from instead of 4. We would love to hear from the developer about this.

Wonderful music. Delightful soundtrack, great puzzles.

Fantastic little puzzle game :) Very pleasant sound and feeling, and just the right length to be satisfying. We really appreciate the one payment to play followed by no IAP – we hope this model is enough to sustain the game! Now that we’ve completed everything, the selection screen says 84/85 – some mystery hidden level?

Sadly, we buzzed through and really want more! All around great game.

Awesome concept. Well done. Nothing like it and totally original. Only downfall is that there are only about 85 puzzles. Most of them are pretty easy. The game is over way too quick and then there is nothing left to do except delete the app. This is why most puzzle games have level editors, where people can upload their own levels for unlimited fun. Please do this, because if its not done, this game will be a forgotten memory (good memories) for most people after they complete the short journey.

This game isnt worth the 3 dollars, a dollar would be adequate. Theres simply just not enough playtime to justify the price. We understand that you recently added a new world but it lasted maybe 30 minutes collectively. The Thank you stage is pathetic. Put more time into creating better levels and maybe we wont regret our purchase anymore.

We absolutely love this game. It combines our love for puzzles with a very fun golf theme. Our only complaint is that we beat the game in a day. Hopefully they come out with more levels sooner rather than later. Edit: we were alerted by the developers that more new levels are being designed and will be free to those of us who have already purchased the game!

We beat this game so fast. We quickly grew extremely depressed because there was no more exciting, fast paced and very suspenseful content.

Only wish there were more levels.

Highly enjoyed the game! 2-3 puzzles really had us thinking. We sat down for about 30 minuets and played through the levels. At the end of the game we were really surprised it was over. Way way way to short for other games we spent $3. We thought for sure we were missing something. There was not enough challenge for the price paid. However we still rate the game 5 stars because we loved every second of playing. We just wish there was more to it. If you have 30 minuets to spare and dont mind spending the $3 go for it! We often think of entertainment as the price of a movie ticket. $10/2.5hrs. In this sense if you go to the movies its the same amount spent for the entertainment time.

Chill, minimalist, and consistently engaging (but not too much, remember we said chillll). Not quite as great as the Square Enix GO series but darn close for an indie effort!

But this app is amazing! Very artfully constructed and the puzzles are intriguing and puzzling without being rage-inducing. Youre missing out if you dont play with sound! We’ve completed the game and extra challenges, hopefully more will be coming soon!

Great game but you have to make more levels we beat the whole game now Im just sad but other than that great game.

Played 20 min and clear all stages.

This game is okay we thought it would be a physics puzzler, but its more of a math / logic game. We feel like there may have been some desire at some point to make this game more than what it is, but ultimately the developer chose to release something that, while not revolutionary or super amazing, is good, works, and is decent enough fun. Id give it 4 stars for the game and an extra star for not having any micro transactions! Thank you!

Polished, unique, engaging and fun. Cant ask for more than that!

This is a clever little puzzler that ramps up the difficulty at just the right pace. You learn how to navigate environmental hazards as you go, discovering new ways to use cards from previous levels. Theres a high degree of polish here, including the graphics and audio / haptic effects. Recommended!

Thank you Afterburn! We absolutely loved this game! Challenging without being too difficult and relaxing while being thoroughly enthralling. If youve played Square Enix Montreals Go series (Hitman, Laura Croft, Deus Ex) and enjoyed those then we think Golf Peaks is right up your ally. This is exactly the kind of puzzle game we truly adore. Everything from the UI to the art, music, sound, and mechanics truly are a perfect fit. We have nothing negative to say about this game. We hope the devs plan to release more levels. We will gladly purchase any expansion level packs. Either way, thank you Afterburn. We really enjoyed your game.

This is a very good and nice game that we enjoyed, but when are you going to add more worlds?

A well designed puzzle game. We hope they add more levels. We finished all the levels including the bonus levels in about 4 hours. However the difficulty curve was near perfect and the puzzles had satisfying solutions! We look forward to the update!

This was one of the best games we have ever played! We love the simplicity and how smooth the gameplay is. It is SO ADDICTIVE! We can never stop playing this in our free time!!! The design, the graphics, and just how beautifully puzzling each puzzle is… It is perfect!!!

Playing Golf Peaks is pure fun! Finding that correct sequence of rolls and jumps is sometimes pretty straight forward, but other times its if at first you dont succeed, try, try, try again. Great brain stimulation and good exercise in patience, concentration, and human perseverance in overcoming obstacles. Ok, enough of our mumbo-jumbo… Its simply a fantastically enjoyable game! Buy it… Youll be happy you did!

This is a great game. Novel concept. Design is fantastic: we can fully control the game with just our thumb in portrait mode! Looks fantastic. Levels carefully crafted and curated (not too many levels, all are good). Well worth the price!

Very fun and moderately challenging puzzle game. Finished too soon!

We like the premise and am working through all of the levels still. Its addicting with one exception which is why we rated it 4 stars. This game runs hard on our phone. We have iPhone 6+ which says it can be ran on our phone but having some heat issues. Other than that we are really liking this game.

Really fun little puzzle game just wish there was more levels we beat to quickly.

We Loved it. Moderate puzzle difficulty. Its very short so we feel its overpriced. We beat all the puzzles in 2 hours or less. Also its somewhat of a battery drain. It took 50% of our battery in 2 hours. At $1.99 we expect updates with more courses! Would recommend.

The game is really fun. But just when you think the game starts to get challenging, its over. You will beat all the levels before you know it. Itd ok for $1. But if ur any good at puzzle games, its too easy, and very few of the levels take more than a minute or two.

We completed all the worlds in just 3 days. We feel like it wasnt worth $3. We really really hope they add more worlds in the future. It was fun but we would want our moneys worth.

Incredible design, great difficulty, really enjoyed the whole overall experience except the lack of playability. We know its only $2 but dang, theres only 15 minutes worth of game.

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