Goods Triple – Match 3D

Goods Triple – Match 3D

Goods Triple - Match 3D

Goods Triple – Match 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Clap Palms Technology Co.,Ltd., Goods Triple – Match 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 13th December 2022 with the latest update 5th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Goods Triple – Match 3D ?

2,777 people have rated 1.72

What is the price of the Goods Triple – Match 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Goods Triple – Match 3D released ?

Goods Triple – Match 3D was released on 13th December 2022.

When was the Goods Triple – Match 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Goods Triple – Match 3D on 5th May 2023.

Where can Goods Triple – Match 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Goods Triple – Match 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Imagine being able to sprint through the aisles of a supermarket, frantically snatching all the toys, fruits, and snacks off the shelves within a limited timeframe. Well now, your dream can become a reality with Goods Triple!

This game offers a meticulous 3D representation of various fruits, vegetables, candies, and animal toys, making it appealing to casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

Experience unparalleled fun and pleasure, indulge in plentiful and diverse levels, and become a master of elimination!

Game Features:

-An exquisite and original game design, complete with 3D matching levels.
-A realistic 3D representation of products, allowing you to feel as though you are actually in a real-life shopping scene.
-A combination of simple gameplay and high levels of challenge.
-Generous prop and coin rewards to ensure a more enjoyable gaming experience.


-Click on any three identical items from different shelves to eliminate them, and the more items you eliminate, the higher you score and more rewards you earn.
-Take on various tasks, enjoy the fun and challenge.
-Each level comes with strict time limits that require you to think on your feet, and hone your skills.
-When you encounter any challenging obstacles, forget the word “quit,” and join us in the to become a master of elimination!

There’s so much more excitement waiting for you, so download and experience Goods Triple now!

Updated on 5th May 2023

-Optimized adaptations.

Goods Triple – Match 3D Review

Hi ! This is such a cute game if you like to organize and sort items. !:) we like how they have a bunny and bear and other cute little items to sort .! C.

Its a fun game to play when you are bored and have nothing to do but there is to many ads.

Not enough time to finish and no ads to watch to continue. Frustrating for us. Lose all we did do and not enough awards.

We were addicted to this game, its like reorganizing an actual refrigerator. Accept we think for later levels it shouldnt be nearly impossible to go on to the next level. Also.. This is a perfect game for a sandbox mode! Just incase you dont know what we mean, sandbox means you can play with relaxation. We think there should be another option where you can play without the timer so you can actually find the end to some of the levels. Maybe in a sandbox mode the player could just keep playing it with no end, just finding matches. We hope this can be understood, we hope to see improvement with this game, we honestly think it could be great!

It isnt long before you have to start watching ads before you can play a level. Yes, ads plural. The paid version says that ads will be removed except for ads when you want to boost an award. Okay. Seems reasonable. Except thats NOT what happens. The small banner at the bottom of the screen that you barely notice goes away, but you still have to watch ads to play the game. We asked for a refund, didnt get it. Not surprising. We like the concept, but this app is monitized every which way. Just say no and download another match 3 app.

The first couple of levels was fun and was able to level up but as the levels get high the game is literally impossible to beat especially under the time limit that is given.

HOWEVER… It’s glitchy, and laggy, and slow. The ingame ads seem to make the game glitch out and freeze whenever they change. We’ve had to quit and restart the game several times, just in the early stages. We’re not about to pay for a game that doesn’t work well in the free/preview version. Which is a shame, because what little of it that we managed to play, we liked. It’s a different take on the "match three" thing & it doesn’t copy the millions of match-three crap already out there. We would’ve paid for "no ads", but the game’s glitchiness ruins it. Fix the game, devs, and test it on older tablets, and we’ll happily try it again.

Stop the sleazy sexualized ads also, too expensive to buy no ads. Otherwise we would give you a 5 star rating.

We were really enjoying this game, until we got to level 40 and its basically impossible to beat without buying something. We’ve been trying for 2 days now and each time we end up at the same point, where we cant make any more moves/matches.

It crashes, freezes, crashes and times out after we’ve already completed a level!! This app is not worth it.

The game is initially fun and at a certain point theres a new mechanic thats introduced after you beat a couple of levels. Basically you need a certain amount of item matches before you can unlock a certain box with items and use those items that are stored there to make more item matches. This makes the game more challenging and more fun but the fun only lasts a couple of minutes. This mechanic can be avoided by watching an ad and the game will reward you that box but if only you watch the ad. This can work but only if it were actually possible without watching the dumb ad. This mechanic gets abused by the developers to get people to watch ads and it only gets progressively worse. We lost our winning streak and we are now stuck on level 20. We have tried many times to beat this level, 20 plus time, but every time we fail it feels more and more necessary to watch the ad which immediately takes away the fun out of the game. The fact that the game has to shove ads in your face so much just makes what ever game they are advertising completely unappealing becuase of how annoying the ads are. This single handedly ruined the entire game and so early too, at only level 20. Very very disappointed.

It was really fun at first but once you get higher in levels its almost impossible to beat unless you use the power up thingys and even then its still way to hard, we have literally been on level 40 for three days. So we deleted it.

We paid to have ads removed and once we did that it no longer gave us the option to watch an ad to get the tools. Now the game is impossible to win unless you keep purchasing their tools to help you. What a waste of money.

Pushes for on line purchases. Enjoy only if your payingnot free. Every now and then just to tantalize you. Deleting.

We love to organize and this game scratches an itch we didnt know could be scratched. The adds are tolerable.

It is a great game 4/5 only because it lags but that might be just for us but def get it, it is worth it and it does not need internet.

This game is JUST like the ad! Thats not something you always get. And there is little to no ads at all in the game! Super fun, relaxing, and just very entertaining. Honestly, ever since we downloaded this us and our friend have been playing and we are always seeing whos on a higher level than the other and its pretty funny. Super realistic, and we very much recommend you to download it!

A nice challenging version of the match three items game. Music goes well with the game as well. This game Germany gets a five star review for us. Thank you were making such a wonderful game. Please keep up the wonderful work.

This is not only an amazing game, but it also is very relaxing and fun! It allows us to forget everyone thing as im organizing a section of the game! It is basically just like the add except it is a little less realistic than shown. We love everything about this game 10/10 recommend!

Its amazing and the graphics are dope!

Not as advertised – got to level 14 and cant move without purchase!

The crazy amount of ads makes it unplayable. We had no trouble until level 9. We dont know why, but we just cant get past it. It probably has something to do with no shelve space or the pop up that keeps that blocks a whole shelf that we have to X out of. We must have played it at least a dozen times. And your options to continue are use your gold, watch yet another ad or send them money. So if you have gold, youll blow through it in no time. The watching of ads to pass a level is crazy. Dont we get more than enough ads being shoved down our throats? And sending them money to get more time or boosters is unacceptable. Its only a game and we work too hard for what little money we have to waste it on a silly game. So we are going to delete it and move on to one of the other thousands of games to try.

Ads ads and ads. Paid to remove ads and still way too many.

Its nice we just started this game so we dont know if Ill keep it yet.

Cant enjoy the game. It freezes to much! Update your app About to delete.

At 69, this game is helping us in our hand/eyes coordination.

Fun when it works, but we are ready to delete game.

This game is SO fun and cute! However, having to watch the same ads over and over between every single level is a total buzzkill. Deleted this after 4 levels. We can understand an ad here and there but this is beyond ridiculous. Def doesnt make us want to pay for it.

We like the game but the ads are tooooo much. You will watch 3 long 30+ seconds ads for one game. We started playing about 3 days ago and Im about ready to get rid of it.

Its fun when it works, but keeps freezing up. FRUSTRATING Deleting.

Get a life. This game is fun but insulting with ads all the time. Stupid!

Compared to other matching games, you have way too many ads!! We deleted this game after reaching level 10. Couldnt take having an ad after each game.

Way to many ads. Sometimes back to back. Long ads. One right after another. When we get to play the game it is fun. So we paid the $5.99 to stop ads. Nope. Still got lots of ads. SO DONT PAY TO STOP THE ADS.

Just loaded this game and had to sit through so many ads that Im deleting it as soon as we finish this review. If you want people to play it, rethink the quantity of your ads!

No Shelves. (for those looking to play them). We deleted it. Total irritation with ADS! ADS! ADS! Totally misleading by pic of the game. NO SHELVES!!!!!! Which we were looking forward too.

Played game for about 30 minutes. 8 minutes on game. The rest of the times was watching ads!!! Very much a waste of time. Delegated it.

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