Gradient Sort

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 08:50 am

Gradient Sort

Gradient Sort

Gradient Sort is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Popcore GmbH, Gradient Sort is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th September 2022 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Gradient Sort ?

3,973 people have rated 25.0.2

What is the price of the Gradient Sort ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Gradient Sort released ?

Gradient Sort was released on 13th September 2022.

When was the Gradient Sort updated ?

The latest updated date of Gradient Sort on 26th May 2023.

Where can Gradient Sort be downloaded ?

You can download the game Gradient Sort from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Gradient Sort! It’s a new color sorting game that is so visually pleasing, it will have you coming back for more. Coloring games have been one-upped with the shade sorting puzzle mechanic.

Gradient Sort is quiet and simple. We invite you to play it while listening to your favorite music. Kick back, relax and see if you can solve the enigma that is achieving perfect color harmony with so many gradients.

Meditate over a game play so smooth and satisfying. Arrange the shades of colors in the right order, achieve harmony and relax. We are visual creatures after all.

Updated on 26th May 2023

Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!

Gradient Sort Review

We hardly ever right a review for a game, but this game is great and it helps us relax after a long work day. We play this when Im in bed before going to sleep. Just wish there wasnt so many ads.

Pretty fun game! Mostly depended on the progress bar.

This game is both stimulating and sharpening visual acuity and relaxing at the same time.

Great game but our one critique would be too add a zoom in function because some of the tiles are so small.

Some of the puzzles are just too small. A lot of the time, we cant see what Im selecting because its completely obscured by our finger (and we dont have large fingers). Its also difficult to move the pieces because we wind up selecting the wrong piece over and over. And theres really no reason for the puzzles to be this small, so thats extra frustrating.

We love the game but on some levels the pieces are so small we cant select them. There should be a zoom In feature so these pieces are easier to move.

Super fun and a great way to pass time, but it gets frustrating when it makes you redo a couple of levels every time you close out of the app. Especially with levels that were hard to get past and theres no way around skipping them.

Some pieces are just too small to move on an iphone screen.

We’ve noticed several times we’ve completed an image and close the app it fails to move to the next image when we return. There should be a manual option to advance to a new image, we hate having to do the same image twice.

We just started playing this a week ago and, while it is kinda fun, its not very challenging. When does it become a challenge? Im on level 30.

Im not entirely sure whats going on with Popcore games right now but really wish someone would step in and fix them. In the App Store, it clearly says an ad free version is available for $2.99, which is completely reasonable for a game of this caliber except theres nowhere to actually purchase that version. Gradient Sort has the potential to be a great game if we could just opt out of the ads.

This game is so relaxing and really fun but the amount of ads makes us lose interest. You cant click on anything without having to wait for an ad. But the worst part is that frequently the X to exit out of the ad doesnt appear and we have to restart the game in order to get rid of the ad. If we have to restart it twice in ten minutes Im just going to play another game.

We really wanna like this game but the fact that it shows you the solution to the puzzle before you even start takes away any challenge.

Our biggest issue with the game is that they offer the option of watching an ad to get extra coinsbut if you choose the option that just gives you the set amount of coinsyou STILL have to watch an ad! Smh.

Great game super fun and stimulating, but theres no button to pay for no ads, even when its advertised. Im happy to pay 2$ for no ads, but theres no button to pay for it. Kinda a buzzkill.

Literally only downloaded this to rate it one star and redirect people to the original games by Zut: we Love Hue and we Love Hue Too. Do NOT waste your time or money on this game and support the original creators.

Like the game, but when apps automatically have sound on for their ads and nothing else we get frustrated.

An ad after every level, makes it so frustrating to play. We love the game but theres no way to get rid of the ads and its so infuriating.

We love this game! It’s everything we could want but we want to remove the ads. There doesn’t appear to be any way to do so even though on the app overview in the app store it says it should be an option for $2.99 in-app. Please fix this so we can give you money and enjoy your wonderful game with no ads!

We usually never write reviews but we absolutely love this game! We swear we could play for hours but theres just one problem that makes this game really frustrating to play sometimes. Most of the levels have these really small squares and even worse small triangles that are SUPER hard to click on and when youre trying to switch them around it makes it really difficult and frustrating to do so. If that could somehow be fixed then this game would be perfect!

Great game. Cool concept. Needs a save feature. When we close the app in the middle of game play we dont want to have to start over later. Let us save our progress. Fix this or we wont be playing for long.

Idk why many people complain about ads anymore, almost every single game has them now. This game is great, but the issue we have is that every time we complete a level, if we dont immediately start the new level and we just get out of the app, when we try to play again hours later we have to redo the same level we had already completed. Theres no way to skip to the next level and its really frustrating especially when its a hard level that you had to use hints for. It gives you more than enough coins to buy more hints which is really good but we personally will be deleting this game because of how frustrated we are that its happened so many times now. We have adhd and am forgetful so we cant remember to just move pieces before we get out of the app. If you guys fix this issue Ill definitely reinstall the app.

We’ve only had this game for about a month but already Im getting repeat puzzles. Havent had anything new for quite a while.

We think the title speaks for itself.

Title says it all, really. Just play that instead.

It is an okay game but there isn’t an option to get rid of ads plus we’ve had a lot of issues with Popcore and paying $$ for ad removal and they still forced ads on us despite paying for ad removal.

We dont usually write reviews but we love this game so much! Its super fun and theres always different shades and shapes we dont think theres too many ads like other reviews might say, just about the amount any free mobile app would. So if youre looking for a nice game to play, this is definitely a good one!

As someone who enjoys gradient art and learning about color theory, we love the concept of this game. It is fun and rewarding to sort the colors. Its a unique idea for a puzzle game that we havent seen before and we like it quite a bit. However, the game doesnt have any music which is a little disappointing, and while the ads are mostly optional its still annoying. We would rather have this game cost a few dollars and have no ads than be free with ads in it.

Way too many ads! Other than that, love this game. Great for anyone who loves puzzles.

Okay we love this game but theres ads between every level. Way too many! Let us do a t least 3 levels between ads please! Plus, it says in the game specs that there are in-app purchases in which you can pay to remove ads but we cannot find that option anywhere, nor does it ever prompt or ask if we would like to pay for ad removal (which we would!). Disappointed. Ads get in the way of an enjoyable game and actually keep us from playing it because its too many.

We really enjoy this game and would pay to remove ads but there is no option. And there are SO many ads.

Is there a paid version? We really like the game but honestly spend more time having to watch the ads than to play. We would be happy to pay a reasonable amount to play as free.

There are skippable ads. But several times a not skippable one will come up. It would be nice if we could be told when thats going to happen because its very random and if we have to watch an ad, Id like to get a reward for it. Just started this game and REALLY love it but we havent even done 15 levels and the non-skippable ads are almost too much. Will update review if they do become too much.

Fun game but levels keep repressing themselves after youve completed that level, makes you not want to play.

We are obsessed with this game!! Its so fun and satisfying we are playing it non stop.

If you like a game that is a challenging brain teaser but is also fun, this is it. We love the concept and finishing each level brings a smile to our face.

We wish we can buy a version with no ads.

You completely copied we Love Hue Too. Their game was out 2 years ago and yours is much more recent, so you have no excuse. All the levels are the same. It’s not even as good as that game, it’s a low-budget stolen game that doesn’t even TRY to be anywhere near as good as the original. It’s terrible. We would put zero stars if we could.

We would happily pay for a version of this game without ads but that isnt an option. Its too much. The game would be so much more pleasant without an ad in between every game, banner ads at the bottom of the games, and all of the incentivized ads.

After paying for ad free – which says it removes banner and interstitial – there are still 30 second+ ads between each game. Just ridiculous, want our money back.

Just another game in the modern style of knock off another games, add ads, ads, ads, and make the levels so easy that it takes less time to solve than to wait for everything that goes in between them. Just get the original(s) (theres a sequel now). Your cortisol levels will thank you.

But once you get to the higher levels its just the same puzzles over and over again.

SO MANY ADS. We’ve never in our life played a game with more ads than this. On top of it all, they try to force you to watch ads to earn more coins but theres no way to use these coins besides play more levels. This game is the worst.

We would gladly pay a couple bucks to take the ads off, but there doesnt seem to be a way to do that, so Im not sure how long Ill play.

We keep earning coins. No explaination as to what they’re for and how to access them. We’ve tried on the app and on their website to get a response. Nothing.

Never had any problems with the game until we purchased ad free. Game now loads and tells us all banners are removed 3 times, then game loads with completed puzzle with progress bar at half mark. No hints used will complete puzzle and problem repeated itself after deleted game and data then redownloading and playing again. Original progress level was 186 iirc and cant tell current level because its stuck and level isnt displayed. Super disappointing.

We love your game its SO GOOD plz make more games like this.

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