Great Little War Game 2

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Great Little War Game 2


Great Little War Game 2 is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rubicon Mobile, Great Little War Game 2 is a Strategy game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 10th June 2014 with the latest update 15th November 2016

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


71 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game Great Little War Game 2 from APP STORE.


The crazy troops return in this latest installment of the brand loved by literally millions across the globe.

You will need forward planning and good execution if you want to tackle the massive single-player campaign, deploying a variety of troops wisely whilst managing your resources carefully.

"Gaze upon its awesomeness" — IGN

Next mission: Defend with armor and snipers, or maybe push ahead with tanks and artillery? You’ll need to make good choices each time, but remember – you need to be reactive as well as proactive as no plan survives contact with the enemy.

"a highly polished, tightly packed turn-based strategy game that’s a lot of fun to work through." — Pocket Gamer

Core Features:
▶ Massive 60 mission campaign providing hours and hours of challlenge.
▶ High replayability with high scores per mission
▶ Difficulty settings (defaults to easy) for even more replayability
▶ Loads of unlockable and upgradable units
▶ Portrait and Landscape view – snaps on demand
▶ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
▶ Hilarious graphics and sound effects
▶ No iap’s, no adverts, no distractions. Pay once and play uninterrupted forever.

Great Little War Game 2 (GLWG2) is a turn-based combat strategy game, following on from the success of the original Great Little War Game. Apart from the brand new 60 mission campaign, other enhancements from the original include:

▶ Clearer displays with easier to use controls
▶ Portrait mode added (optional) for easier use on a phone
▶ Faster mission starts and replayable objectives
▶ Splash damage
▶ Blowy uppy buildings
▶ Lots of minor playability tweaks

If you’ve not played any of the Great Little War Games before, this is an ideal place to start. No prior knowledge is required and this is our most accessible version – just jump in and start blasting.

(If you have played our other games before, you might want to crank up the difficulty level as we’ve made this game more accessible by default than previous outings.)

Updated on 15th November 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Recompiled for 64 bit.

Great Little War Game 2 Reviews

Its a great game! To those that are crying about a dollar or two lost on this if they didnt have a correct device: SHUT UP, CHEAP SKATE. That isnt much money, and while we know the campaign is a little…. Harsh, we would suggest it to any player that likes a challenge. If you think levels are impossible, Im on level 30, and that is truly hard, but we will, one day, pass it! So please, to those that think its bad… YOU CANT DO ANY BETTER, AND RATING THIS BAD BECAUSE OF HARD LEVELS IS STUPID! This is to other player, not to the devs, we only want to see the other games from this company on the market, as our tablet dosnt have them.

Gentlemen we have finished all 60 stages and we presume most purchasers did now it’s your turn to upgrade the levels !!!!! Come on guys , even Apple tells us this application will slow your device down because the developer of this application not upgrading it!?!?!?!? Such a waste specially it’s a very good game.

Terrific game, but pleas upgrade to wrk with iOS 11!

We love the portrait mode for one-handed goodness. And we just can’t stop playing this game. The upgrade system really makes things fun. If you upgrade grunts, it really helps since they’re so cheap. This is a nice twist on a great formula.

Although we still enjoy this game just like any other game in this series, it is definitely the worse of them all. Dont get us wrong we love the game as we do all of these games, but if you are not going to have skirmish like the other ones, PLEASE have a larger campaign. Other than that just as good as the other ones, just too little content for us.

We absolutely LOVED GLWG – bought all of the expansions and other IAPs… Took part in the online multiplayer (which we usually stay far away from) and dumped hundreds of hours into the game. It was very easily one of our favorite TBS titles available in the AppStore. When we saw on TouchArcade that a sequel was coming, we couldn’t have been more psyched to get our hands on it – and we purchased this the moment it went live in our region. However… It was kind of disappointing. Everything was streamlined down to the point where it was hard to bring myself to click on the little icon sitting on our phone’s home screen. We will say that over the years it has grown on us a little bit, but we still can’t say that we would recommend this to anyone who was a fan of the first GLWG. We are giving it 3 stars because our youngest daughter had never played a turn-based strategy game in her life and we were hoping to introduce her to the genre – this wound up being the iOS game that we put on her phone. It’s a good game for people to check out if they’re new to or are trying to get into the genre. But outside of that, it’s just too barebones for most strategy fans. If you were a fan of the first Great Little War Game, I’d FULLY recommend checking out Epic Little War Game. ELWG is, what we consider, the true spiritual successor/sequel that GLWG deserves.

We love the game but with the iPhone Xs the app zooms in and theres no way to fix it we cannot see most of the menu screens we know this app hasnt been updated in 2 years but please fix it thank you.

Game doesnt seem to want to adjust to fit our 8+ screen. Is our phone too old to play this game?

Garbage. We’re tired of companies bringing stuff to market before it’s ready. Stop letting them, people! Screens are too large to see everything on iPhone 6p. Shuts down after some missions. Text written over other text. Other in game bugs. Shame on you, rubicon. Maybe play test a game before slapping a $6 price tag on. Also, why are there in-game ads and purchases for a PAID game? We’ll never pay rubicon another penny. We feel cheated on multiple levels.

Looks horrible on our iPad. And you cannot turn of slow battle zoom.

We purchased this game and we cant change the difficulty because the screen cuts off half the game . We have a iPhoneX.

Gameplay is nice, but a couple of times we’ve had to close the app because we got stuck on the settings screen-the exit button is off screen somewhere and won’t show. This is the case with the majority of menu screens. Sometimes text is overlaid on top of other text.

Great idea but we will not recommend it because of all the glitches and because the game has center changed all they do is change the name to get more money !

Its a good little game, we played the original several years ago. However, although we can play the game whenever we leave the main screen, try to add Battle points or install any of the other options that it prompts us to do it goes to a blue screen where we can do nothing. We have deleted and re-downloaded the game a few times but with the same result and that of course takes us back to game 1. So we cant upgrade or really do anything. Frustrating we tried contacting app support but it only opens up a blank page. We guess they need app support for the app support page. Not getting any better! We still cant get any upgrades as it just goes to the blue screen which effectively locks us out. And we still cant get any app support. We want our money back!

This game would be 5 stars If they would just fixed the screen size so that we can change the settings and play on the skill level we prefer (not easy/basic)

Disappointed to see that the developers took out the skirmish mode; that was our favorite part of the original game. The campaign maps are tiny and dull. Not worth the $$

No multiplayer the multiplayer was the best part.

So we can play this game on the iPhone 7 Plus but the one problem we have is how large the menu is and the settings. The settings when we access it we cant edit out of the settings because the exit button is all the way down the bottom and only half of the settings menu is on our screen and we are talking about the upper half, and the only way we could exit out is that we have to reset the game. Also the menus kind of cut off on the edge you should get a cropping tool or resized tool to fix these problems because the menu and settings are too large for our phone to fit the whole thing inside so makes the gameplay less enjoyable with that bothering us. We hope Rubicon you see this so you can fix it and we will write a positive review about it, thank you.

We can’t play this in iPhone XS. How can we get a refund ? We loved this game on Android sad to see it not work on newer devices.

Wont resize for our phone. We spent money on an app that doesnt work.

We have purchased and used many of this games other titles. They have all been really good worthwhile games. This one is complete garbage that can’t even be played. Different screens do always conform to the areas that are needed to access all of the options so your left with a game that can’t be played. Worthless.

This app does not function on an iPhone 10. The screen is enlarged and none of the menu options are clickable. You cannot exit settings, restart a level or exit a game in progress.

In each different screen for the game is to large especially the tile and settings.

Please fix the game screen in iPhone 6 Plus its to much zoom we can play the game.

Impossible to play this game in its entirety only because its not optimized for the iphone 10 and up. Theres already GLWG 1 thats optimized for older devices.

When developers stop updating or maintaining games, they should become free since they don’t work as advertised anymore. This used to be a great game. Now it’s just glitchy, can make your phone chew through battery, and the game will quit or worse yet- freeze up on you requiring it to be dumped & redownloaded, losing all progress. Rubicon showed promise, but now they are just pissing people off & making them feel cheated.

The screen doesnt fit our phone. Since its been over a year of people complaining about the same thing its a waste of money.

A great game! But there are many problems on iOS 11. The screens are too big and buttons are not visible and cant be pressed. For instance, you cant play at higher difficulty levels – only basic. None of the settings are sticky. It crashes at level +30 level. Really wish theyd update this. Its a fun series of games.

Literally doesnt make any sense on screen. Wasted 2 dollars.

We downloaded this because of the what the first game had to offer Mainly the pass and play Whelp its one redeeming quality isnt in this game so rip.

Button layout is broken for iPhone 12.

When you go to settings, half the options are off the screen and inaccessible, including the option to go back to play the game. You are forced to exit the game and restart the phone after clicking the settings option. Stupid and lazy that this was not corrected years ago.

Loved this game on other platforms. Its not playable on our phone. If the screen rotates forget about it. We would happily pay more for a version that allowed scrolling in the menu.

How could Rubicon put out such a horrible sequel to a great series? You can’t shrink the screen in the menu screen so you can’t make selections or even exit the menu. We have an iPhone 7 Plus and it still won’t fit right. Sad to end the series that we love playing with this poor imitation.

Looks like garbage on a 13 pro max.

Lacks multiplayer… If it had multiplayer we would say it would be 10 out of 5.

Nice second game, manual difficult level, smooth graphic, but fix 1 mil. Achievement, and remove in menu button "restore purchase"

On lvl 32 it’s quite 4 times around turn 7-9. Making us have to restart… Lame we don’t even want to play any more cause of that. Sweet til now.

Love your games. We have to turn our brightness way up to play this on our iPad Air 2. Hope it’s something u can fix. Other apps brightness is fine. She. Fixed this will get 5 stars.

Loved the first game, thought the second was okay but this is terrible. The maps are super small, with absolutely no challenge to them. No skirmish option. Not worth paying for.

It’s like you are playing night missions. We’re using an iPhone 6, and it looks like a great game but it’s unplayable due to it being so dark. Please fix this!

We were on level 15, where youre supposed to keep Generallisimo qlive for 10 days. We captured one of the enemy barracks, moved our general next to it, and the following turn, the red enemy spawned a sniper at MY new barracks, and killed our general. According to the rules of the game, this should not have happened. It’s either poor programming on the developers part, or a gross oversight.

No matter how much we adjust the brightness, this game is almost unplayable. We can still play, it’s just not fun straining our eyes.

Extremely disappointed in this lame sequel to a great game. No effort on originality.

Greedy developers playing the "rip off the loyal customer" game! Utterly minor graphic improvements, unexplainably dark maps, tiny maps. Laaaaaaazy and greedy attempt at a sequel. Save your money for honest developers. Diiiiiiiiiiirty business plan.

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