Grim Fandango Remastered

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Grim Fandango Remastered


Grim Fandango Remastered is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Double Fine Productions, Inc., Grim Fandango Remastered is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th May 2015 with the latest update 1st November 2017

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


194 people have rated 1.0.4

You can download the game Grim Fandango Remastered from APP STORE.


IMPORTANT: This game uses Metal and will only play properly on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5s, and beyond.

Something’s rotten in the land of the dead, and you’re being played for a sucker. Meet Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death. He sells luxury packages to souls on their four-year journey to eternal rest. But there’s trouble in paradise. Help Manny untangle himself from a conspiracy that threatens his very salvation.

One of the most acclaimed adventure games of all time is now back, better than ever. Grim Fandango’s epic story of four years in the life (or death) of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead, has been remastered to look, sound, and control even better than when it won GameSpot’s Game of the Year award upon its original launch. Grim Fandango still stands as a classic of the genre, with unforgettable characters and unique combination of film noir and Mexican folklore.

Remastered version includes

  • Repainted, hi-res character textures
  • New, dynamic lighting
  • Classic score re-recorded with a full live orchestra
  • Over 2 hours of exclusive developer commentary
  • Concept art browser

Updated on 1st November 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Minor bug fixes.

Grim Fandango Remastered Reviews

Developers please continue and update this gem of a game, everyone should be able to enjoy it.

The best game we’ve played on our iPhone!!!

For a game from 1997, this is fantastic even for todays standards! We assume its been reworked a bunch to work on iOS, but we were still blown away by the quality of this game. The graphics were excellent, the story was very creative, the music was very cool, and the voice acting was top-notch. A lot of humor as well, and with a film-noir vibe. We will admit, it was a bit tricky to solve, but we feel thats what also made it good. It wasnt too easy. And if we got stuck, we just went to a walkthrough. There were no glitches, and it would auto-save whenever you accomplished anything significant. Thank you to LucasArts for producing the game to begin with, and thank you to Apple for putting it out again. Its well worth the $5 if you enjoy adventure games that are different and creative.

Hint we learned 3/4 through the game: if you hold your finger down and run it over the screen, you can see all the routes to leave the screen and all the items you can investigate. Really helps with puzzle solving.

We played this game on PC several years ago, so when we saw it had been remastered we downloaded it and played again. Thankfully we didnt remember the solution so it was like playing it all over again. If you like puzzles and have the patience to solve them, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Some puzzles are really hard to solve and you will be few days stuck trying everything and still no able to solve them and it could be frustrating, but thats part of the fun of playing these kind of games. The puzzles dont need to be solved in order as someone stated in one of the comment, but in some cases you do need to complete something in order to move forward. If you like games that you advance quickly, this game is not for you. But if you enjoy using your brain, dont get discouraged if it takes you 1 or 2 days to solve a puzzle, have patience to walk around, talk to everyone and try everything on each part, you will enjoy it. We read someone wrote you dont have a cursor to check what you can click on, thats not true. Just hold your finger on the screen and move it around and you will activate the cursor and you will be able to see what things are interactive. We didnt have any problems with sound or saving/loading the game. Hope Lucas Arts remasters other classic games like Monkey Island Saga, Sam & Max, Maniac Mansin, etc. Big fan of Lucas Arts old Adventure games here :)

This game is very interesting as it has a great storyline from the start with the voice overs and not just that, but changing in the scenes being a game and having actions in Manny, the character you play. The interesting music is also played at moments which either puts suspense or matches the scene. There is an adventure you have to go through and some parts may be confusing as you actually have to figure out what to do next and the cut scenes are well-made. We would recommend this game to anyone who like not only action but adventure in a game as it has a different style than other normal video games with cool settings and a different never seen before plot line.

We held off on playing this one later in the package because it had lower reviews than the other games, but this one is the best! Challenging, but was able to beat it with minimal tips. Amazing narrative, clever and so much fun. One of our favorite games so far.

The first will always be Neverhood, and with almost the same value, this game is one of those game that never gets old. Whoever made it put love and passion to create every single aspect. It has an amazing storyline and wonderful characters, it keeps you involved in the story and you will be thinking about it until your last days. We just wanted to express our love for this game. So long Manuel…

Grim Fandango is a game that we first played more than 20 years ago and was enthralled by its amazing storyline and immersive gameplay. We feel extremely fortunate to have been able to replay it on iPad now and to be able to experience the beautiful and exciting story once again. Thank you!

Grew up in the 80s but never played this one. Saw our bro play Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle. After reading glowing reviews wanted to try this. First the story is humorous. Secondly we did not encounter any freezes on the mini iPad 4. Inventory worked, no bugs and we’re in year 4 and almost done. We found out double clicking makes you run. And if you hold your finger on the screen and drag- a circle cursor appears whenever there is an actionable item. Very helpful in knowing what you can do. And yes a walk through is essential and required. Going to be sad when we finish this game- it’s been that interesting. Overall worth the $1 sale, feels like a steal really. Cheaper than a snickers bar. When this came out we use to buys snickers 5 for $1. How we miss those days…

Loved the original game and the remastered version on the PS4, so we thought Id give this a try. Read some of the reviews and it wasnt looking too good but we tried it anyway. We honestly really like it. Its not a bad mobile port imo. Our only problems are its size (honestly cant argue about it much) and the controls. The controls are okay but could be better. More updates and better controls would make this one of our favorite games on iOS!

Except that we cant exit the crane after breaking the rock crushers.

This game is fun, and keeps your attention. We must say that its a little annoying that the screen freezes after pressing cancel in the item viewing area.

Sort of glitchy in places but can be overcome.

Please add the option for a virtual stick, Im really not a big fan of tapping to move.

We didnt have any trouble with the game when it first came out, but the most recent update made it so that when in the item inventory, you cant click on the select, examine, or cancel buttons. This means that you cant take out any new items, so you cant progress the game and essentially get stuck in the inventory.

When we played through the game again, we saved some parts of it, so we could play our favorite non-cutscene parts again. Unfortunately, all the saves except for Save Slot 1 and Auto-Save are missing the pause and inventory buttons. Please fix in next update!

We hate to write a bad review about this game because we’ve loved it since back in the 90s when we played it on our computer.. We almost had it beat on our iPhone X and we were ready to rescue Meche from Domino in the cooler, we wasnt able to zoom in on the tumblers.. Hence we couldnt rescue Meche and Im stuck there. We tried to find a way on the internet to send a message to Lucas Arts and let them know about it instead of complaining about it on here but we couldnt.. So we hope they fix it soon and we definitely recommend the game if they can fix this problem..

This game needs a cursor option or an option that illustrates what can be clicked on screen. Its nearly impossible to play without a walkthrough since you dont have a cursor that helps indicate what is clickable and what isnt. We spent hours in one area because there was absolutely no indication of what needed to be done. Had there been a cursor or option the illustrate the clickable objects itd be a perfect iPad game.

We tried so hard to like it. We began anew at least a half dozen times. What ultimately made us delete it in a moment if self-awareness? Here are 3 examples: – puzzles where you have to click exactly the right pixel at exactly the right time, or restart from a checkpoint far, far away – solutions that are irrational by anyones measure. We cant believe ANYONE completed this without consulting a walkthrough. – walking and walking and walking And perhaps if Id been engaged by the scintillating storyline, empathetic characters, or mind blowing graphics, we could have overlooked the tedium of gameplay. We wasnt. Unless you LOVED this game in its original format and dont mind a clunky port, you may want to save your money.

It might be because we downloaded this on an iPod touch with literally no storage But tried to delete almost all the apps we dont use And it didnt work at all Im not going to rate a 0 because the gameplay might be good but we dont know that So anyone thinking of buying this on an iPod touch with no storage Either but storage.

To a great extent, Grim Fandango is an example of how NOT to design a video game. The "puzzles" are mainly arbitrary inventory puzzles that make no sense and are "solved" by the brute force method of applying every inventory item to every hot spot in the game until something happens. The poor design of the puzzles is exacerbated by the game elements that move about with no warning or that don’t appear or don’t work until the game is ready to let you solve that particular puzzle. Furthermore, the interface for the inventory is slow and clunky, and it uses repetitive animations that cannot be skipped. The game uses pre-rendered 2D screens instead of 3D movement, and there are no indicators for where a screen transitions to another area. Furthermore, doors and pathways can be difficult to spot, making it hard to find your way around. This difficulty is not helped by the finicky movement controls. There is no map within the game, so unless you can remember all the areas and how they connect, you may get lost frequently. In at least one place, the game actually showed Manny running in the wrong direction, making it even easier to get confused about how to navigate the game’s environment. Unfortunately, the puzzles require a lot of travel back and forth, and Manny has a tendency to go the long way around. Furthermore, many of the transitions from one area to another include slow-running animations that cannot be skipped. Add in the clunky interface for the inventory with its own oft-repeated animations and you’ll spend a lot of your time in this game just figuring out how to get places and wrestling with the interface. Because nearly all of the "puzzles" make no sense, unless you use a walkthrough, you are likely to spend a lot of time wandering about aimlessly and trying stuff at random. This might be more forgivable if the interface were better and the scenery were beautiful, but although there are some attractive design elements, the world is a bleak, ruined dystopia. The game does have its virtues. The sound is good, and the music is excellent. The noir vibe enriched with dark humor makes for an unusual atmosphere and a game environment that is fun to explore, despite the clunky interface. The story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it is well paced, has a well-developed character arc for Manny, and is enough fun that you’re not likely to care too much about plot holes. The voice acting is both good and bad. The delivery is just fine, but some of the voices sound worse than fingernails on chalkboards. Glottis is the worst offender, and he’s with you through the whole game. In summation, this game is best left to people who played it in the past and are now nostalgic about it. For new players, there isn’t enough that’s good enough to make it worth struggling with the painfully clunky interface and trudging through brute force repetition in order to get past the "puzzles". Not recommended. Update: we did NOT leave a 5 star rating for this game. So how come that’s what you had for our rating, Apple?

Its gorgeous, but difficult to play on a small screen.

After we lark to our secretary we go through the door and save our game, almost immediately, the screen goes black and we restart our game, just the black screen again. Note that this was right At the start, so we will have to give a low rating.

Pretty glitchy. It gets stuck on the inventory screen and wont let us exit. Also, we cant pick the exit line of dialogue, it makes us go through all choices before stopping conversations. We loved this game on PC and was excited to play. This was disappointing. It was nice to see it again and hear Manny joke with the secretary though.

So this game is supposed to be a remaster of the legacy game. To Double Fine – who always get a lot of dev money for their work due to the VIP status of a certain individual – it means sitting back and doing the bare minimum. This leads to very mediocre lazy remasters, such as this one or Full Throttle. On the better end of the spectrum, their Monkey Island remasters (where is MI3??) The moment we boot this game, we see our phones top bar (where the time and icons like WiFi are displayed) isnt properly hidden. The intro boots in 4:3 format, not 16:9, since theyve not bothered to remaster backgrounds & cut-scenes (just add borders or stretch horizontally!). The sound instantly goes out of sync with the video and subtitles, and the video is cut off early. The controls at least are better from the original one, but still, 3D adventure games from Lucasarts like MI4 or Grim were always a bit poorly done UX wise, so why not take the effort of modernizing/remastering it? Why doesnt the game look better from its original? Sorry, but remastering isnt just replacing original textures with higher quality ones! You probably had the original, higher quality ones ready, so thats just a matter of replacing assets. Further, whats with the QA? A bunch of crashes so far – totally unacceptable! Such a shame as this title deserves proper care.

It wont load the graphics are glitching and they talk and it cuts out then the controls wont work at all we dont know if our iPhone 7 is just to old to play this on or if its just not made well but either way Im deleting it and requesting a refund as soon as it shows us Im allowed to request a refund.

We loved this game from when that publish But some major problem occurs when want to play!! In selecting from coat stuffs program still remain in there and what that mean?!!?? That mean you cant play the game!!! Who care you payed for this, we waited 1 years to see that will be solve in new updates or not! But problems still remain!

We were really enjoying the game – we got it as an early Christmas gift from our boyfriend – but when playing on iOS 11.1.2, after we get Glottis to start messing with the tower & weights, we get a black screen and music. Even when we restart the app now after the Double Fine banner all we get is a black screen and music. No starting menu. Im a software developer. We know the devs cant fix it not because they dont care but because management wont put any resources towards the fix. Double Fine management- Either devote some resources to fixing this game or refund our boyfriends money. Im a big fan of Double Fine and find this extremely disappointing. We were really excited to be able to play this, too…

Okay we just completed this game 25 years after it came out. We know its a pretty old game, but we know other 25 yo games, which is much better then this. The locations are fine, the story is ok. But quests doesnt make any sense at all. Its totally random. Whatever logical you could think would be cut off. All the puzzles in this game are totally illogical and thats what annoying us the most.

This is one of our favorite games, but this is a bad port. First and foremost, the game has multiple times saved on a black screen with music and no graphics. Your game is borked when this happens. Ypu have to start from the beginning. Also, the touch controls are not well suited for the game.

We were having fun playing the game but now Im also stuck on black screen and music playing in the background. We wouldnt recommend it.

We dont like the borders. No full screen support and we couldnt find option to sync our PS4 controller. Also, no AppleTV support! Just AirPlay. We’ve requested a refund for these reasons. Otherwise, the original PC version was a very entertaining game.

Just bought it and tried it for the first time and there is no audio. Also the fist thing we did was try to examine the item hes carrying and could not get out of the screen. We want our money back.

Wont download over WiFi of 4g. Stuck at 1%. Downloaded other games just fine.

Got well into year 2, playing on our iPhone, when suddenly the screen went black, and we cant see or do anything (though we can hear music). Every time we restart, it takes us back to the black screen of death (no start menu). We’ve tried contacting their tech support, but get no response. We see others have had the same problem, so Im not sure why the company hasnt fixed it. Its too bad, because it was pretty awesome up to that point.

The game is a graphic glitch of a mess on ios11. Making it almost impossible to play.

How do we get our money back!!!!!!!!!! Game freezes every time we look at the inventory. WHERE IS THE RESPONSE FROM The DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!!!!!

And also $2.99 plus taxes, countless hours of your life. 4 stars for concept 5 stars for pulling it off 3 stars for a primer to game design and development, 1990s-present -10 stars for the never-ending nightmare of this experience and desecration of what you hoped it would be; the nostalgia you sought; the brilliance you hoped would finally shine; the…&$!? Whatever you came here for TLDR: A hot, handheld mess that makes Full Throttle-for-mobile seem almost enjoyable. Use disposable income on Broken Age. Pray Double Fine folk regroup and blow gourds again. Drop them a lineyouve got the number :)

This was one of our favorite games growing up, so we were so excited to get to play it again on a touch screen. But theres a fatal glitch from the get-go: Once we access Mannys inventory, Im stuck cycling through his things! We’ve installed/reinstalled and also have tried on two different phones. Please address this!

Got about ten minutes in, saved our game, and when we opened the app later, there was no sound. When we closed the app and opened it again, we got the black screen of death that other reviewers have mentioned. Nothing to do but uninstall the app. We love Double Fine and convinced myself it wouldnt happen to us, but here we are. Im using an iPhone 8, totally up to date as of November 2018.

The glitches in the game make it utterly unplayable. For example, once you enter the inventory screen, you cannot do anything except for examining the itemsyou cant even exit the screen. DO NOT PURCHASE.

Im sure the story is great but its so difficult to get from scene to scene that we quit after about 30 minutes. Please add in indicators to move from room to room. Controls are difficult to maneuver as it is.

We really wanted to love this game, but glitches make it nearly unplayable. It might work better with a larger screen, but it doesnt work on an iPhone 8. The bottom of the screen doesnt respond to touch, so you cant access the last line of dialogue with characters. The game also freezes on the inventory screen for the same reason – you touch the cancel or select options at the bottom and they dont work. Essentially, you cant do much of anything but walk around. What a delightful waste of $5.00 today.

True to the original. Excellent port to touch screen. Doesnt leave you disappointed.

Really appreciate how big the game is. And the puzzles.

Needed to look at a walkthrough for basically the entire game. We had to restart multiple times because everything you do needs to be in order. If you miss something in a room and go do other things, when you go back to the missed interaction it wont do what its supposed to do for the game to progress. We forgot what part it was but it was right at the beginning of a new part and it was at a desk. Something to do with a gambling scam. There are other times this happened but we dont remember where they were. The game also glitched many times and at one point we thought we wouldnt be able to finish due to a severe crashing glitch at the end that is known to the developers. Yet they will not fix it for some reason. We were finally able to get past it after doing a bunch of things to the settings. Other than that it is an interesting game and we enjoyed it. Very long which is something we like. Prepare to use a walkthrough though because you really have no sense of what youre doing and the world is so big its almost overwhelming. No direction is given whatsoever. This was our first time playing this game so for others who have played it long ago, it might be better for you.

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