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har•mo•ny 3


har•mo•ny 3 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BorderLeap, LLC, har•mo•ny 3 is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th June 2015 with the latest update 5th December 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


70 people have rated 2.5

You can download the game har•mo•ny 3 from APP STORE.


har-mo-ny 3 is a puzzle game of beautiful color and captivating music, unified in perfect harmony.

"As close to puzzling perfection as you can get" – AppAdvice

"Every part of this game oozes relaxation…" – TouchArcade

"My favorite iPhone game has a new sequel…" – BGR

"…sure to lull you into a meditative experience" – MacLife

A Work of Art…

6 chapters feature 225 exquisite levels, each handcrafted to aesthetic perfection. Your objective is to strategically rearrange blocks to reassemble each palette to its correct order.

New Features… New Challenges…

Color palettes subtly morph before your eyes. Gameplay elements fade and dance to beautiful music. With a rapidly increasing difficulty level, har-mo-ny 3 will delight your eyes and ears while stimulating your brain in a relaxing, near-hypnotic experience. You simply have to experience it to believe it.

Mesmerizing Ambience by Hammock…

Treat your ears to nearly three full hours of some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear. har-mo-ny 3 is an encore presentation featuring some of the most-loved music from the sequel while adding 6 new, unreleased tracks featured only in the game.

Wallpapers Galore…

Every level you reach contains a beautiful wallpaper rich with color that you can save to your device.

Experience the Sound of Color…

Go ahead and treat yourself to har-mo-ny 3. Your eyes, ears and mind will thank you.

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Updated on 5th December 2018

Celebrating the release of Hammock’s new album, "Universalis", this update features 5 new tracks including the captivating "We Watched You Disappear". In addition, the game is now fully unlocked so you can play any level, any time. Also, links to each album now point directly to Apple Music, allowing you to easily enjoy Hammock’s music outside of the game as well. Enjoy :)

har•mo•ny 3 Reviews

Ok so we were browsing and we wanted to find a game we wouldnt get to addicted to so we came across harmony 3. We think this game is awesome, and get you glued in, but you still have the freedom to do other stuff if you need to. We always get roped into a game and then have trouble doing other things that we have to do because Im glued to our phone!! This game is really great for when you have free time or are waiting. We love the music and game design too. None of the levels are too hard. Im always able to solve it after awhile!! Love this game and we totally recommend it!!! -A person.

After update it no longer remembers your progress on harmony 3 from your other device. Starts over at the beginning. That is very bad. Also, when you push the harmony 3 home button it takes full second to display what the completed game looks like. Used to be very fast. We are going to reatore our device to get the old verson back.

So glad we found this. Hammock makes everything better.

The puzzles definitely challenge but never to the point of aggravation. Calming music and soft color palette makes for a pleasurable game. We like it in small doses.

Big fan of harmony 2 and the gameplay, but not a fan of the spinning here. Otherwise just fine!

Harmony 3 is a fantastic game and concept. You can learn how to play in only a couple minutes. But it’s a game that you can play for an hour straight. However, each level is standalone so if you only have 10 minutes to spare, you can play too.

Great puzzles and beautiful soundtrack.

The game is really good overall, but we wish there were other ways you could earn hints.

The rules are unclear and the puzzles don’t make sense. When we switch tiles, if they are in the wrong place, then they turn black. But if that holds true, how do we end the game with two different colored tiles, each with one dot, and placed in such a way that we can’t move either of them. How did all the other tiles end up in their correct place, but we missed these two? The minimalist aesthetics were a draw, but are now a clear frustration for us. We feel more annoyed with this app than relaxed by it. We wish the tutorial included a tougher puzzle so you could practice making this type of error and how to fix it next time. Deleting it. What a waste of money.

Great puzzle that is just challenging enough to engage you and not get too frustrated.

Love this game! Super fun and addictive! Nice simple clean design. Didn’t particularly love the music, but we opted to turn it off and play our own. Not bad just not our preference. Not going to knock a star since it was optional. Love this. Perfect for those who like things symmetrical and orderly;)

A very simple concept that quickly becomes engaging and addicting in a way that few puzzle games do.

We love the game and it totally deserves 5 stars but as we’re reading other people’s reviews we’ve seen people saying stuff about hints… We’ve searched around the entire app and whatnot and didn’t see a single thing about any type of hint. We’re playing on an iPad, but that shouldn’t make a difference, it’s the same game on iPhone and iPad, like it’s the same game on Google play and the iTunes App Store, right? We’re only asking cause we’re completely stuck on chapter 1 level 6….

Not only does the game rank superior in quality, but its service is also phenomenal. We had a concern about something, so we emailed them, and they immediately answered with straightforward, friendly service.

Challenging sometimes but not stressful.

Harmony encourages patient puzzle solving while relaxing the mind.

Great App! Lots of fun and very relaxing. But we’re stuck on a couple of the levels, do u think u could add a help button! Thx!

This game is challenging but fun.

We downloaded it just because it was free but it actually turned out to be a really interesting game that you will be captivated by! The music is stupid tho.

Simple concept, quite challenging, great music for relaxing.

Such a fun game!! The levels are challenging enough but not impossible to pass. Would definitely recommend!

Excellent game! Very relaxing to play at the end of a day.

Great music and challenging puzzles!

A free ‘easy to learn hard to master game’. Great classic music runs in the background while you play! Definitely buy!!!

Definitely a very fun game to waste time….. So relaxing.

A lot of fun. Sometimes frustrating, but once you get the puzzle you feel accomplished. We recommend to anyone.

It’s so calming and peaceful. It even helped sooth our anxiety attack . The puzzles challenge your mind and helps to take your mind off of any struggles for the time being. 5/5.

Really enjoying this game. Nicely scaffolds the challenge level of puzzles.

Love puzzles and ambient sounds so this is perfect. Our only gripe is that the colors change while you’re on the same puzzle and it throws us off.

Good brain work and relaxing sound and colors. Great distraction from screaming kids!

It’s very relaxing and addicting.

We’ve gotten many free app of the weeks, and this one is our favorite. It’s perfect if you want to spend hours on your phone, like going on vacation! DEFINITELY DOWNLOAD!!

We thought it wasn’t gonna be a good game but turns out we were wrong. This game has calm music also we thought it was cool you can download this puzzles as a wallpaper. There’s has been zero crashes and the game runs smooth.

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