Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells


Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd September 2020 with the latest update 27th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


151,105 people have rated 45.2.829

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It’s time to experience the magic and wonder of Harry Potter games like never before! Prepare to cast spells, outsmart challenges, and celebrate the wonder of the Wizarding World in order to solve incredible magical Match-3 puzzles for your mobile device! Prove your Match-3 skill by beating levels to upgrade and unlock new spells and magic abilities which will aid your quest to conquer more difficult Match-3 puzzles in this Harry Potter game. Get a chance to upgrade your spells as you prepare for the magically mischievous Match-3 challenges ahead in these free puzzle games.

As you progress in your Match-3 adventure, unlock classic moments from the films, including Harry, Ron and Hermione toppling a troll, Fred & George playing pranks, and Hagrid taking care of his magical creatures at Hogwarts! Learn more about the wonders of the Wizarding World and Hogwarts as you collect magical creatures that will aid your Match-3 puzzle solving! So get ready to ‘swish and flick’ your way to a magical journey of your very own in a whimsical Match-3 game!

o Solve Match-3 challenges featuring the original Wizarding World characters from the Harry Potter films! Develop your magic skills by progressing through innovative Match-3 puzzle play where you’ll master Spells. Enjoy an endless array of Daily Events that continue to delight and surprise even very adept Match-3 puzzle experts as they make their way through matching games for adults.

o Level-up Your Abilities: Earn experience points throughout the game to increase your level, unlock rewards and gain magic abilities that assist you in overcoming each new Match-3 puzzle game.

o Unlock & Upgrade Spells: Use Spells to beat Match-3 puzzles by obliterating obstacles and removing hazards. For example, cast Wingardium Leviosa to move objects out of your way in these top rated games.

o Celebrate the Magic of Harry Potter: As you solve new Match-3 games, celebrate the most memorable moments from the Harry Potter stories in this strategy game. Along the way, the Daily Prophet will keep you up to date with Harry, Ron and Hermione on their epic journey at Hogwarts in this fun game!

o Play In Clubs: Games are always more fun with friends! Unite with other players in your club to climb the leaderboard. Taste sweet victory as you work with your Clubmates to win collaborative challenges!

o Amass Glorious Collections: As you progress in your tile-match mastery, you’ll gain a collection of marvelous Wizarding World creatures that aid you in solving challenging Match-3 puzzles. Beat these puzzles for free to build on your collection and receive a marvelous creature that will deliver benefits that directly assist you as you solve challenging Match-3 puzzles in these fun free games.

o Enjoy Daily Events: Take part in fun games and exciting events every day with these awesome Match-3 games! In these free match games, celebrate characters’ birthdays, and upgrade spells to experience the best game as you witness a multitude of magical Harry Potter moments! With so many ways to play, you’re sure to enjoy Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells! And as always, you’re able to play these games free!

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The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency.

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Updated on 27th April 2022

Conjure up some fun with the latest release of Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells!
-Explore more of the story than ever before with all-new Player Journey Puzzles!
-For the first time ever, claim an exclusive Creature with a new season of Puzzle Pass: Magical Creatures!
-Play Fantastic Beasts Celebration for the chance to earn a Niffler!
-Prove you have what it takes to conquer the challenges of the latest Club Challenge updates!

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Review

We love this game. The graphics are beautiful and it has a lot of variety. We particularly love the daily puzzle and the club challenges. But we HATE the pranks. When theyre active, we avoid playing until theyre gone. Theyre annoying and make the game a lot more frustrating and less fun. We have all the different creatures but only use one, because it takes only 65 points to fill it up. All of the others take a lot more points, which is a big mistake. If the creatures were easy to fill up, Id want to play more because it would be more fun. Also, it takes spending money to complete many hard levels. Often, we need just one more move, but we have to pay for five and have no way to bank the extra moves we dont use. You cant earn a lot of the features by playing, you have to pay for them. We dont like that either. They have different challenges where you can earn time playing. But when all five are completed, they force you to use them all, rather than keep them for you to use when you want to. Thats really frustrating, because sometimes we just have a few minutes and if it completes the five itll give us a bunch of playing time we cant use them and then its gone later when we actually need it. We wish there was a way to give moves to players on your team. We can give lives, but not extra moves. We think that would be a great feature. It would also be great if there was a bank for special moves, like a savings account, that you could access when you need one or two. Making the game more fun in this way would increase the desire to play more.

We just love this game so much so far its a great app.

This game is super fun, super immersive in the world and story of HP, and super addictive but in a good way. This game is free and you earn coins daily so if youre broke like us you dont feel like you always have to be buying coins all the time just to get through the game. There are also different rewards you can earn by checking in and playing daily as well as once you join a club you can earn lives /free play time/ as well as ask for more lives from club mates. We really enjoy this game and highly recommend it if you are into story as well as puzzle solving types games. This is our go to game on our phone and do play almost every day whenever we get some free time or down time to myself.

We have been playing a year and love this game, however we find it a little unfair that you pay money for gold and when you use it to extend your round to buy five more lives if you use only one and win you dont get to keep the unused lives. We paid for 5 lives with real money we should get the extra we dont use. Anyone else agree?

We just love everything about this game.. Magical creatures are awesome!!! We have never spent a dime on this game and we do pretty well.

We usually hate games on our phone but Im almost to puzzle 1000 and we dont intend on stopping.

Our absolute favorite game!! Have been playing for over a yr, maybe two? (cant remember). Took us a little while to find a team we like, but we support ea other (Go Longbottom Lounge!). It also took us forever to get all the creatures to earn extra points ea wk, but we finally did get all of them. The animation is fun and beautiful, and there are new skills and challenges to learn and master as you progress thru the story, so its never boring.

We do not understand why we anyone complains about this free game. We never spend any money and we are on level 280 or something. It is fun and we really appreciate having it to take our mind off the stress of the day.

We love Harry Potter and we think this game is awsome and fun.

It’s fantastic! We’re on level 500 something and haven’t even finished the sorcerers stone theme!! There are "events" that circulate that add some extra fun to the game! Our favorite is the pranks! They are a fun way to incorporate the twins into gameplay! We feel like the coins and add ons to purchase are decently priced but wayyyy too easy to just keep doing them. It adds up quick but sometimes you just need a couple more moves to complete a puzzle! Not a super big fan that to add on 5 more moves a second time is such a steep increase tho (double the first one). But really, over all… Such a fun game!! Thank you!

Was never really a Harry Potter fan until we played this game. So much fun!!

We’ve had this game for a little over 2 weeks now and Im almost to level 500. Out of all of the match 3 games we’ve played this is by far the best. There is so much to do to keep you occupied and lives refill pretty fast. You can also request lives from club members and hold up to 15 in your inbox. The amount of power ups and their abilities are amazing and help you get past levels that are a little more difficult. Not going to lie we have bought coins but only a few at a time when Im really stuck on a level. Usually our last two hours at work have been pretty boring but this game keeps us occupied until its time to close. Highly recommend!

This is a really fun game way better than Candy crush but it has a bug where you watch the ad and it just freezes do you cant finish your puzzle with the free extra moves you have restart all over.

Id like to say we absolutely love this game and the graphics. We really like the ability to collect the cards to unlock new creatures. However. With all the money we’ve spent and the fact that Im over puzzle 800, we still barely have unlocked any magical creatures. Too many duplicates. Please make it a bit easier to unlock these cool creatures!

It is a fun game for the most part but you will spend a lot of money to get through the levels.

This is such a fun game. We spend a lot of time, maybe to much time playing to unwind. We would have given 5 stars , but the higher you get the less rewarding the game. We loves opening new creatures , but now we have tons of points and nothing to use them on. Please bring more creatures to unlock as you progress. Remember the reason we got hooked in the first place is to continue unlocking awesomeness not just get harder to move on.

We love this game but its a little frustrating at the same time. To start off with the positive side its really well done we love the music that plays along from the soundtracks and the different characters they bring to life. But the frustrating thing is that you collect animals or creatures and they are extremely hard to get we’ve been playing this game since it came out. But Im only with three creatures where others in our team have 10+ so they are very hard to get we dont know why we know its very random but very frustrating. But this game is a lot of fun Im addicted to it.

Really enjoy playing, even though the games are tough to win! But, when we finally win, we go on to the next puzzle! We guess Im a Glutton for Punishment! This app is designed for ages 4 and up. We find the ads that are furnished to WATCH, very inappropriate. The MAFIA and SURVIVAL ads are disgusting. They shouldnt be allowed for young people to watch! (Especially on a Disney site!) Im sure theres plenty of other ads out there!

We would like it if pranks were replaced by more uplifting challenges similar to wordle. Or crossword events. Pranks are annoying we dont waste time trying to send one. We could do without the Giant.

We’ve been playing for over a year and have collected many creatures although Im at a standstill waiting for more? Id also like another use for the stars such as trading for power ups or something.

We hate it! Our team has been try so hard to get to the diamond level because its the only way to get the dragon creatures.. We get so close only to be targeted and loose trophies!! Take it awa!! It is NOT fun!

The game is generally quite fun and well made. It has glitches like most apps from time to time. The main reason we decreased it by a star is because of the psycho team players. They either ask all sorts of personal questions or they require you to devote 24/7 to playing a fictitious game. We would understand if the game had a payout but the only thing you can win are stars and coins.

The game is well developed and fun to play. We have two problems with the game. One the game many times will give you puzzles that only take one move left to finish the level but you are out of moves. It does this because it wants you to spend money to buy one more move. Also they started a maze level, which is fun, but it gives you unlimited lives in the maze after the maze is DONE. You cant use them. The maze is finished when you when it.

Last upgrade was a bust! When ever we would watch ad for extra moves we never got them! Happened every time.

Im over lvl 2000 and yesterdays update now we cant open the game.

We liked Harry Potter Puzzles and spells at first, until the game became very difficult to defeat. We will get stuck playing a single level for weeks on end. You get a very limited amount of lives to play with when you take on the level. The minimum of lives that we have seen to get is 22. Even Angry Bird Pop gives you a maximum of 45 lives on most of their levels to help you defeat the game. The power ups will do nothing to help you win the levels. After reaching yet another hard level, Im still in the Sorcerers Stone levels, we decided to delete the app and as a result we installed Two Dots in its place. This game needs a lot of work.

Im not really sure what the rules are of the game.

Love the game but we should be given coins look at how gardenscapes gives coins for puzzles. We still paid them money but it wasnt ridiculous.

We usually enjoy playing this game however there are entirely too many updates that eat up space on our device and take far to long to complete. This has cost us points in team events and other goals. Yet again as we are writing this review we are waiting for ANOTHER update to complete AGAIN. Get it together already!

As at of Apr 28th, 2022, we updated the latest version and now Im unable to load the game for the whole day. Its stuck at 4.3 out of 16.9 at least for the last 17 hours. Our home signal is excellent so it isnt the connection issue. Its the app refusing to load. We even deleted the app from our icloud just to get a fresh download, yet it still refuses to load. We sent in a comment yesterday afternoon with this issue, yet that comment has been deleted. May we get a response to this?

We love this game! We couldnt get to the Niffler though, as we have a busy schedule. Will the Niffler eventually return?

Superb. No ads! Challenging puzzles.

We love Harry Potter and its a great. Movie and books and the games are great to play.

If your u like Harry Potter this will be amazing for u its super fun and Youll probably like it too Sorry we might have some bad grammar lol.

Plain good ol fun. No ads, unless you want free stuff, the puzzles are doable, the pricing is perfect. Im not one to spent money on mobile games, but this one makes us want to spend some just because of how well managed it is. Battlepasses, events, collectibles, its all there. We do wish the game had more character customization options, like clothing and whatnot.

So we love this game but our only issue is the fact that for the Clubs/Clans in the game if players arent active they just sit there. For example our club leader hasnt been active for over a year and neither has the Officer, we feel like if players havent been online after a certain amount of time they should be booted from the club or at least have the leadership removed and passed on to someone else so that person can kick them out and make room for people who actually want to play the game and progress as a team.

We have been playing this game for a long time and have enjoyed it, but now it keeps telling us that we are not connected to the internet. We hit retry and it still wont connect. We tried rebooting and it still wont connect, so we finally just deleted it.

This game is great it is very fun you can unlock spells and more play the game to find out more stuff and you can create your own person that looks like you and you get to see Ron Hermione and Harry Potter have fun playing the game.

This game is great for all Potter fans and is not pay to win at all! They should add more chapters though. Great game, you should get it!

We really enjoy this game. The graphics, music, animation, and the puzzles are fun. However, we have trouble getting on. For a day and a half we get a message that Im not on the internet, yet we am, we have full signal and can access everything else. Repeat opening the app and we get the same message, come back later and the same. Reboot and the same. We would give this app 5 stars but we only played for a few days and the program wont open or crashes. Thanks.

We love this game, but its really frustrating when you waste time watching an ad only to have it freeze over half the time so you dont get the 3 extra moves and have to quit the puzzle after watching an add for no reason.

… And on level 15, the first few days were fun, but Im at level 15, we find that Im getting bored! We were expecting the things that were promised in the game blurb, but No adventures, no excitement, just puzzles. Puzzle after puzzle. We cannot even learn the gem line up to create extra magic on the game board because we saw the demo line up for less than one second. We expected more from this game. Im very disappointed!

We love the game always something new so you the game never gets boring like some others . Our complaint to you is that most players that we have spoken with get the opportunity to watch a video for 3 extra moves we do not ever get this option . We have questioned this before and was told that they do not have control over the advertisers. Well our husband gets the same ads as myself and also has the 3 move option . Those extra moves can make a difference if you complete a game or not . So whats up ? Lets play fair so everyone has the same chances .