Tiny Armies

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Tiny Armies


Tiny Armies is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brothers Flint, Tiny Armies is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th September 2016 with the latest update 19th January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


210 people have rated 3.1.1

You can download the game Tiny Armies from APP STORE.


Epic battles of tiny proportions!

Tiny Armies is a fast-paced game of conquest. Swipe your units to conquer the enemy and strategize as you encounter lakes, mountains, and forests along the way.

Play solo, battle your friends face-to-face, or jump into iMessage to battle across the world.

Quick bursts of gameplay with a striking presentation, designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage.

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"Tiny Armies is a fast, lightweight, easy-to-play, game of conquest. This one’s worth buying on your iOS device." – Pocket Tactics

"Tiny Armies should be standard issue for all Apple Watch owners. It places an effortless punch right on the button that delivers a knockout." – The Zarf

"This is the type of game you’d expect to play on a watch. Once you start playing – oh my gosh – it’s like wait, they’re attacking me! I’m not just swiping. It’s not passive. These guys are moving trying to eliminate me. It’s actually quite fun." – Apple WatchCast

"One level of Tiny Armies takes a mere minute which makes it perfect for short play sessions. The game is fun and fairly challenging, you’ll need some good tactics to play a couple moves ahead and take down Red." – 5 Minute Games

Updated on 19th January 2021

This update fixes a swiping issue on Apple Watch Series 3. Thanks to the players who brought this to our attention!

Tiny Armies Reviews

We found this game randomly and we love it! Its just the right balance of casual strategy and luck. The design is gorgeous, sophisticated, and the UI super easy. We pick it up and play it often because of how quick you can get in and out, and progress is always saved. Thank you also for monetizing fairly with no ads, no IAP, no data collection. The file size is small and the app uses no battery. You did everything right here. Thank you developer!

This is one of the simplest, but cleverly delightful games we’ve ever found in the App Store. Simple to grasp but it has provided hours of fun.

Just from the short time we’ve play this game, we’ve learned two things. First one being, If the plan is simple, more than likely it works. Second lesson being, if it costs, it costs.

Pretend to be an important business man but really be playing a fun game on your wrist. Very nice.

We love this game its very nice to have it as an option to play with someone else we’ve used it well waiting in line and its nice because it goes on our Apple Watch so we get to play and when we dont have our phone at work or even if we want to save battery life on our phone.

So this game is a really fun strategy game and we love it. The only changes we would make would be a level creator. So we can make our own levels and play thoughs levels with NPCs and our friends! Another thing is that your game is not online so we cant play ageist real Peaple that dont have to be right next to us. Thats it for our suggestions and for the people who are reading this review we think this is a really fun game for phone and Apple Watch! We totally suggest you get it!

A few hours ago we noticed the app unstalled itself on our phone, so we attempt to restall it only for the app to say unable to install. So Im curious, was it an glitch or was it down?

Its pretty fun for a game you can play a little anywhere without much time commitment. The Apple Watch feature is implemented well. The only criticism is that the gameplay itself isnt as strategy based as we would like, a significant portion of it seems to be luck based on the starting position, but besides that its not bad for the price at all.

Simple, fast, and fun game. Needs dark mode.

Its good but needs polishing has potential to be better.

We loved the game, but we hated how the campaign was less then 30 minutes to beat.

When we saw this game we were hoping it was more of a strategy game involving moving one piece at a time to position units strategically to attack the enemy pieces or maybe something like chess but with a cool twist of obstacles. What this really is is a turn based puzzle game where swiping moves all units in the direction you swipe as far as they can go with the addition of having obstacles change certain movements. Your piece landing on an enemy eliminates it and vice versa. Its easy to learn and play but we found it became far to monotonous too quickly. If you like repudiative puzzlers that add a little more difficulty to each level as you increase then this is for you, but if your looking for more of a strategic game with more complexity and greater choices in actions, then we would suggest searching elsewhere.

The idea is cute, but as a fast paced mobile game the gameplay renders little challenge. AI is often very weak, and to be honest sometimes coming up with an optimal strategy is pointless. Maybe adding a properly long campaign mode without an AI (like 4-7) would help a bit.

Just no way to plan ahead for many of the space effects, so not actually strategy.

Bad AI and level design create matches that are unrewarding or impossible to defeat. No middle ground. You either win extremely easy or never stand a chance.

It displays other levels but there are only 7. Not even worth a dollar.

The concept is shallow but entertaining enough when youre actually able to use strategy. Most times though, you will be forced to rely on RNG as there are tiles that send your pieces in random directions. So instead of strategy you just keep restarting until the pieces actually go where you need them to. There are maps where that is the only way to get to the other side. Its a terrible concept and ruined our enjoyment of the game.

We got this app to mainly play on our watch but When we enter a game it doesnt pick up on our swipes. We have tried everything and nothing has worked. Dont get us wrong it is a good and fun game on our phone but sad it doesnt work on watch.

The games is good but it just starts to get boring. If they could add in new game modes or new levels.

Its good but too much is left to chance. You could make a series of moves and die one time. Then do the same thing and win. Its kind of dumb. Still a decent game to screw around with.

This game could truly shine, but needs a few tweaks to get there. Right now there is really very little strategy. The water obstacles usually devastate whichever army attacks first, and the AI often recognizes this and simply moves back and forth indefinitely until you decide to take the risk and then just destroys you (this is especially true in the fog of war levels). Or the reverse is true and you take out half the enemys army on your first charge and then mop up. Deva we love your basic concept, now make some tweaks so there is actual strategy as opposed to just luck.

As a concept for mobile puzzle/strategy gaming, this is easily a 10/10. It literally could replace Chess or Risk as the next totally original yet traditional turn-based strategy game. But it actually delivers far short of its potential for a couple reasons: -The obstacles are randomly placed, which is inherently fine, but the nature of them puts the first turn at a disadvantage; for instance, having to choose between drowning in water or putting yourself in a position to be taken. -Water, mountains and portals are predictable. Campsites are not – they behave completely unpredictably by nature, so sliding toward a camp is a 33% chance of going straight, right or left, which devalues any strategy and makes it more of a cross your fingers and see what happens. -The AI is really dumb. We mean, it will oftentimes slide back and forth indefinitely between safe moves, forcing you to drown or sacrifice yourself. Or it will move into a positing of being taken. In fog of war, it never moves into water accidentally, meaning it knows where they are. The AI really kills the fun. At the end of the day, this is a nice iPhone and Watch game that Ill probably keep for those moments we have 20 seconds or so to kill. But it could be so much more. It could be a real critical thinker strategy puzzler that requires real foresight and planning multiple moves in advance. Ultimately its just a randomized slider that is about 50/50 who will have obstacles best aligned to allow them to win.

We love this game its so fun, its strategy, you can play on Apple Watch, and even two player. Great game all you need.

Fast gameplay and very simple at first. Will ease you into the harder stuff. Fun Id like games like 2048.

Simple and addicting. This game captures the spirit of both turn based strategy games and board games into a minimalistic masterpiece. We play this game at least three times a day. Whether Im cooking some breakfast or riding in an elevator, when the games are so short we can always make a little time. Endlessly replayable and extremely satisfying 10 frustrating forest upsets out of 10. Oh yeah we almost forgot, the local versus is an amazing way to kill time with a friend or partner. Flinging your little mono color comrades back and forth is a great way to make a stale moment waiting for a movie to start into a fun little game of thrones. 10 fellowships of the fling out of 10.

This is an enjoyable game that involves multiple mini-matches with a combination of luck and strategy.

Nothing wrong with the game works fine, we just find it a bit boring as it is nearly all luck and once in a while you can apply some strategy, which is still going to be about how lucky you get.

This is the first time we’ve been disappointed in an app that we actually paid money for. We bought it just because it has a watch app access in addition to on our phone. We played all 8 available levels and we couldnt progress on to new levels. It sure seemed attractive with all its positive reviews but if you dont want or dont have the ability to play with friends theres no point in this application at all. We just wish at this point we could get a refund, but whatever. $0.99 wasted on a good lesson not to always buy just based on good reviews.

Tiny armies is an amazingly fun game to play on our Apple Watch when we have nothing better to be doing, but contains a few major flaws such as but not limited to the ai almost never moving into fog because it knows whats in that fog, and mountains completely blocking a character in its spawn zone making that round impossible to win or lose.

Its the best puzzle game for any time and anywhere I. Its super fun.

Great app but heres and idea! You should do a Champion game mode where who every have the most wins in a month would get a prize. Like cash.

This is such a fun game to play to play while your bored and really cool cuz it also supports iMessage and Apple Watch as well. All in all, just a really fun mobile game.

Fog of war is worse than pointless here. Glad theres a setting to disable it. A replay option after a loss is a decent idea. Powerups? Might be fun. Better AI easy/normal/hard.

This game is solidly executed and there’s something pleasing about the animations. The random boards though make this game particularly frustrating. There are often maps where there is no winning moves for you or the AI ("The best move is not to play"). In skirmish mode you can customize the occurrence of the map tiles which helps make it a little more probable that it’s possible to win.

Works well on watch too! Dont have to open the app on our phone at all.

UPDATE No bugs. No nonsense. Just glorious (and tiny) action. IMessage is great now! REVIEW This game is perfect if you just want a way to waste time. It’s especially good for this purpose if you have an Apple Watch. We have spent a surprising amount of time sending our blue squares flying into trees, mountains, rivers, and enemy soldiers. Multiplayer is even more fun. WHAT COULD BE BETTER we are having a hard time thinking of more features this game could have. It’s pretty much perfect as is; more features might overcomplicate it. But more game modes, settings, and level creation options would be interesting.

This one is tons of quick fun. It’s a super quick fix… Kinda like battle royale in that respect only it takes seconds to play one game. Definitely pick this one up. It’s a watch app, but we enjoy playing on our phone as well!

Good game guys download it now!

Its a great game! A very nice game where you need to pay a lot of attention to be the champion! One thing that can be better is to add music and sound to the game but that is just extra sense its already an amazing game!

It’s a great game. Fun to play with friends. Couldn’t ask for more.

You should do something where you can customize the map your self you know This game is fun and the only problem but at the same time isnt one is when your kinda forced to do the same move over and over when the AI or when us and our friends play Thats why we want to be able to customize the playing field myself thanks for listening.

Great game but would greatly appreciate an iPhone X update. Other than that it is an amazing game. Totally worth .99.

Unique and fun strategy game, but gameplay gets old.

The concept is good, but in single player mode, there are maps where it is impossible for the ai to capture us, and vice versa. In these scenarios we have no choice but to commit suicide by going into water.

Simple and good game to play. The AI gets a little tedious, just moving left and right, not pursuing our pieces. (So one cant play cat-and-mouse with the AI to try to trap it.)

This game is great to help pass the time. Entertaining and addictive. Only issue is when you go back and forth for over 20 rounds because the game repeats the same move and if you change you hit a trap. Would like to see a limit on how often you can repeat the same move over and over and over and over and over and over…. Get the point?

The concept for the game is alright and it is true that its easy to pick up and play but theres a few flaws that we think outweigh the positives. The gameplay involves swiping to move your pieces in an attempt to capture enemy pieces. As others have mentioned the levels are random each time. Even when you restart a level you get a new random level so there isnt really an opportunity to learn how to beat a particular puzzle. Its a big stretch to call this a puzzle game because of that. The AI is also laughable sometimes – clearly making bad moves that allow you to win when there would be better options. Also for some reason when you get to the second stage or whatever you call it they introduce a fog of war mechanic where you literally cant see any part of the board and youre forced to just make random moves and hope that it works out. Im not sure how that can be classified as strategy.

This game has potential, but its unaggressive AI, repetition, and unnecessary random factors make it fall flat. Would be okay if it was free. Dont buy.

The boards are randomly generated and your pieces slide all the way across the board with each move. So the outcome is entirely related to where the random pieces get put down. It would be much more fun if you could move one of your pieces one square at a time. Maybe a turn based game more like chess.

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