Hearts Premium

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Hearts Premium


Hearts Premium is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Optime Software LLC, Hearts Premium is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th November 2009 with the latest update 25th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,696 people have rated 2.08

You can download the game Hearts Premium from APP STORE.


The classic card game Hearts is now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. With rich graphics and smooth animations, Hearts Premium is the premier Hearts app on the app store.

Try to stick your opponents with as many hearts as possible, while simultaneously avoiding hearts yourself. Watch out for the Queen of Spades, she’ll ruin your day.

Hearts Premium features an outstanding artificial intelligence engine. Three different difficulty levels ensure that you can play against a computer opponent that matches your skill level.

Hearts Premium offers many exciting features, including:

  • Great graphics and awesome sound effects
  • Play to 50, 100, or 150 points
  • Option to count Jack of Diamonds as -10 points
  • Configurable game speed (slow, medium, or fast)
  • Automatic save when you get a phone call or exit the app

If you’ve been waiting for a killer Hearts game for your iPhone or iPod Touch, this is it. Download Hearts Premium today and check it out!

Updated on 25th November 2021

  • Minor bug fixes

Hearts Premium Reviews

We enjoy playing the game. We waste a lot of time playing. Keep up the programs. We wish the game had automatic end when all hearts and queen spades have taken. Great game.

Great game. We play every night. The scoring needs to track your winning stats and how many times you shoot the moon. It would then be perfect. Mimi in Atlanta, GA.

Great HD visuals! Wish there was way to end hand when you know you have the remaining points or when all points played.

This is the old version we hope they dont change it.

It forces you to lose more than you would in a live card game. The odds are not realistic. That is our only complaint. Otherwise enjoy playing.

We’ve played this version for years. Im addicted. The new font that appeared this morning is smaller making it harder to differentiate the suits. We dont care for it as well.

When a player has 26 points game should end at that point. No value to force more play!

Ads run for several minutes between game. Some ads have LOUD music/talk even when you select no sound for actual game.

We like the old version better, the new version is small and hard to read. Although we do think the new version is more challenging, which we like.

Should be able to shoot moon without catching jack of diamonds. Never seen your version before and dont like it. Also no way to vary difficulty, and its harder to win than against real players seriously good ones.

We hate it that you are often forced to lose, unable to do anything to avoid it!

We bought this game as our current favorite hearts game is free ware and has ads after every hand. We wanted to be able to play Hearts without having to watch a commercial every round. Unfortunately, this paid version lacks the polish and ease of use. While it does work, its just not as easy to use and not as rich with the graphics. We may just go back to the free ware app and deal with all of the annoying commercial ads.

We’ve paid for no ads upgrade still every time we open it we have to go through ads.

We just want a good game. The other players take turns getting impossible cards to compete with, most of the time. Another player takes almost all the points and ends the game. It does not seem like random delt cards.

We play daily, fun and you get to win.

Love the new, easier to see graphics.

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We do not like the new cards. They are much harder than to see than what he previous ones. Bring back the old cards.

This is the best version of Hearts we have ever played. Please dont change. However we cant get this version on our pc.

Think the extra step of having to tap on the screen to play a chosen card is unnecessary.

Game now gives NEGATIVE scores to Tom so true game scores no longer possible. New card design is horrible! Very difficult to read. Please go back to original design.

We dont like the new card style.

Needs a great deal of improve. Quit creating obnoxiously rare distribution of cards. They do not encourage learning good play skills.

You ruined the game with the new card face. Its harder to read. Think standard view and the eyes ability to recognize familiar shapes. You took that away with the new card face. We stopped playing the game.

It is unreal the way playing hard is with hearts. Its as if there looking over our shoulder. Its so unreal that stops becoming weather we win or not but how ridiculous we can make the program be to beat me.

The computer players make moves that no one would ever make unless they knew your cards. We have played hundreds of games of hearts with real people and no one plays in the manner the computer plays this game. The game play is smooth and can be played at a high speed, but the computer continuously cheats and ruins the fun of a good game.

We hate the change to the look of the cards.

The cards are smaller and flatter. Back ground isnt the pretty green color. Why was it changed?

Bad new cards design we prefer the old one.

We find it hard looking at these new design cards to play the right cards . We didnt have a problem with the other design cards.

We liked the older version. Card movements are either too slow or too fast and scores are too small by each players photo.

Very fun, good graphics. Our main complaint with the free version was that it is too easy. The paid version offers better competition, but still is a fairly easy game. Our biggest gripe is that the other players will not try to get the Jack of Diamonds (-10 points!). All-in-all well worth $.99. June 2017 Update: Thanks for the updates. Faster play, smarter opponents, updated graphics. Well done! November 2020 Update: Love the UI update. The game looks better than ever. Thanks!

We dont like the new typesetting.

Dont like the way the display has enlarged the size of the cards.

We have loved playing HEARTS for quite a while now! We play multiple times a day in fact. But, we DO NOT LOVE the new changes to the deck. This new design of card is very hard for us to see and play. We have looked, and we see no where in the game to choose our own card design. We may have to search for a different HEARTS app where we can choose a different card type.

Hate the new deck. Too hard to read.

Why did you change the cards Please change them back. It is very irritating.

The appearance of the cards and the game has changed for the worse. The game. Ow appears a little bizarre. The cards are not nrmal in appearance. They are short, fat and more square. You ruined how the board looks. Not a fan anymore!!!

Increase size to where it was before update.

And they do not give an option to choose another design . Otherwise quite decent.

Hate the new card face and no way to change back.

We have been playing hearts since 1961 and changing the face on the cards never added to the excitement of the game. And removing the clock also took away something which you added to the game , so return the game to its former look if you please. Change is not always good.

Thanks for updating the program – much better now!

So much fun and challenging but the app needs to be updated.

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