Heck Deck

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 07:35 am

Heck Deck


Heck Deck is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Plug In Digital, Heck Deck is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th January 2022 with the latest update 5th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


110 people have rated 1.0.8

You can download the game Heck Deck from APP STORE.


Heck Deck is a bullet hell card game where all the bullets are cards and time only progresses as you move. Explore 5 stages full of unique enemies and bosses, discover dozens of cards, and visit shops to buy and sell cards for health!

Throughout 5 different stages, Heck Deck will challenge your precision and dexterity during the bullet hell phases and your strategy when using your cards. Each card you pick up will cost you at least one life point, so you will have to be careful about which ones you pick on your way.

The abstract and minimalist world of Heck Deck is created with a cute hand-drawn art style. Each level of the game has its own universe, its own music, its own set of enemies, and of course, its own boss.

Heck Deck main features:

  • 5 different levels with their own music
  • A cute hand-drawn art style
  • One unique setting for each level
  • Dozens of attacks and spells for the player
  • Over 30 enemies and bosses
  • A card purchase system via the shop

The strategy created by the use of cards mixed with the dexterity required during the bullet hell phases makes Heck Deck truly unique!

Updated on 5th October 2022

  • Added 4 new playable characters: Deckard, Randal, Tau & Phi
  • Added 9 new cards in a new category: Mirror, Wisp, Warp Ring and more!
  • Added Card Compendium: a collection of all the cards in the game. Collect them all!
  • Added notification icon to new cards
  • Added full-speed mode
  • Added Redos: Every time you beat a stage, you gain one “redo” for the run
  • Added Restock button to the shop
  • Added multitouch support for mobile
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Heck Deck Reviews

Very fun game but its hard to remember what all the cards do. Also we think it would be cool if you added a endless mode where you select a zone and you play until you run out of hearts.

So basically we were scrolling randomly on the AppStore and saw this and thought it was super cool so we bought it, and OH. MY. GOD DO we LOVE THIS GAME! But we might have a suggestion, maybe think about making some tutorial if thats fine. No pressure. Other than that this game is so fun! -Tod.

Its such a good game we bought for pc as well. Just simple fun. From what we’ve played there have been no glitches. We would suggest making a binder or collection menu to see what each card does it can get a bit confusing to remember what each card does. It would be cool to see what the cards do and cute little description attached to it.

Great game but a controller is highly recommended to play.

We like the idea and its pretty fun. Updates needed tho that include card descriptions, we still dont know what some cards do, there is no tutorial or card guide. Its not difficult to figure out the basics but cmon. We dont know what ur hieroglyphic cards mean lol. Also we beat the first boss and it seems there should be a checkpoint there? Like theres spots to use saved checkpoints but Im not sure how far you have to go to unlock one? It may get old playing the first level over and over. We made it to the 2nd boss but died and expected to at least start at beginning of level 2 but noooolol. Still a fun game and maybe the checkpoints will be after 2nd boss. Or maybe its a glitch? Keep updating, and we still on recommend it as its original and fun. Hopefully it gets better!

The tutorial is two taps long and useless.

We like this too much!!! Cant wait to write a review on it. The music jives with us so freaking well!

Unique game that plays great on an iPad and iPhone. So clever how time freezes and you can catch your breath.

Thank you so much Torcado! The game is awesome really thank you!

This is such a fun and innovative game! Im addicted!

Great game, we love that you have controller support BUT its pretty much pointless bc you can only play in portrait mode . Please add a landscape mode so we can play on our iPad Pro with a controller.

Totally our fault for thinking that it was like SNKRX, should of read into it a bit more. The superhot style it has going on is not our cup of tea and the only way to get cards is to get hit by cards and lose health, feels really repetitive to us and not good repetitive like other roguelite-likes. Once again, our fault for not looking into it more so we will not give the 3 stars we think it is, the reviews are very positive so take our negative review with a tiny grain of salt.

Dual Sense controller isnt working in game.

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