Helix Jump

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:45 am

Helix Jump


Helix Jump is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Helix Jump is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 10th February 2018 with the latest update 28th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,452,516 people have rated 4.0.6

You can download the game Helix Jump from APP STORE.


Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Updated on 28th April 2022

  • Minor fixes

Helix Jump Review

This game is awesome we play it all day long and u can challenge yourself we love.

It just keeps going in forever and ever its a good game to waste your time on but we just want more skins and bake rounds or Maybe you can customize the ball and make your own but over all this is a good game to our perspective.

We like this game. Its a pretty fun time passer, but we have suggestions. Instead of the bonus levels counting to your high score, it should just be for coins. We would want to try and beat our highscore but we cant do that when we can only beat it on the bonus levels. We also think the balls should be different ways to bounce and they can go faster and stuff.

The ads are annoying, they show up after each level and when you die it shows a little pop up on the side which bothers us a lot.

We love this game and its really funny. But the ads are not even ok. Seriously, they need to fix this. Developer, if you are reading this, pls fix it!! We’ve seen a lot of reviews on this game and every single review states this. This is not ok and needs fixed!!

This game always makes us lose it it always makes us like mad whenever we lose so we get in trouble every time we smashed our phone and it always starts and Im not happy with that OK.

This used to be a more fun game. Now for some reason our score resets even though we didnt lose. Fix that.

Its a fun game but has way too many ads.


We love helix jump, you can play it anywhere without using wifi! It’s great. The only thing is we wish there was no Ads. We hate them. Other than that we recommend it.

We have so much fun playing this game.

This is the best game that we’ve ever played.

The game is calming and always is fun to play we highly recommend.

Our mom told us that we were a failure and when we played we wasnt a failure anymore! And then MY DAD CAME BACK!!! We had diarrhea then when we played we didnt have it anymore When we had to travel to go to a hotel we played and helix jump made it all better when we were sad and depressed we PLAYED AND we GOT HAPPY! WOULD RECOMMEND! Also support realmanbuffman on TikTok cuz they recommend.

It is sometimes slow and so many adds.

This is a fun game but as many other reviews say there is an insured amount of ads. Right after you get it make sure to go into settings, then cellular, then turn off cellular use for this app specifically. If you dont then by default it will use your cellular data to load ads when your not connected to WiFi. Then as long as you dont have a WiFi connection there will be no ads.

Hello. We wanted to tell anyone who is considering getting this app, that this app made our phone crash multiple times. Our phone would freeze and randomly shut off. We do not recommend this game. Although it was fun, we sadly had to delete it. Once we deleted the app we did not have any more problems. We dont know if we are the only one having problems with this but just wanted to let you guys know that we were having problems with the app.

Do you know how tiring it is to get add after add AFTER ADD!! After every game theres an add. We have the option to watch a video and an option to press no, but even while pressing no WE STILL GET AN ADD. The game is great dont get us wrong, but all the adds make us want to just stop playing and delete this game. If yall were to not give so much adds then yall would literally be getting so many great feedbacks, but mainly all the feedbacks are complaining about all the adds. Yall dont even bother trying to fix this so you can make your players more comfortable and fun in playing this game. Watch, if yall fix all the add problems yall will have a variety of happy players knowing we can finally play our next level right away instead of watching an add.

Got it so that we could have a cool game to play with our gf. Problem is it started to freeze or lag to where it was no longer fun. Im on an we pad mini.

This game is really addictive but it has so many adds. Any time we lose and have to restart it just shows an add it is really annoying.

We downloaded the game and it wont open we click on it and it instantly crashed is there a way u can fix this or is it our phone we have a iPhone 6s its ploblay to old.

We love this game! The only problem with it is there are inappropriate ads. For example there was this one and the girl was literally naked. There are plenty ads like this. Do NOT get this game if you want inappropriate ads.

So when you go fast you get to go though one floor no matter the death color or whatever and we died get this patched.

We love this game! We love that we dont get sucked in so if we just have a few minutes we can play, or we can play for quite a while. Our favorite is listening to audiobooks while we play. With one of the recent updates,It stops the audio of our book and we have to continually go in and out. We dont like that we wish you guys would change that because it makes us play less and choose other games that allow us to listen without interruption. With that being said, we love this game. , we love it simplicity and it doesnt get old. We love the little arrows that shoot you down faster! If we may make a suggestion it might be fun to have littleThings similar to the arrows but they get you goodies or maybe a little bad guy on one of the layers that you have to try to avoid. Either way, we recommend this game .

We really like this game. We have never had any problems with this game . Actually we find rage quitting enjoyable. This game really puts up a challenge and is good for when you are bored. Super addictive,great game.

We personally really love this app game! It helps with stress and its something to do when your bored.

Us prese un gran juego y us encanta que no nesesites internet.

We love this game and we always play it when im bored or in the car but a lot of the levels are similar but, thats the only reason why we did not give Helix Jump a five star rating.

This is an awesome game. We recommend it to anybody who doesnt like stressful or challenging games. Im on level 520 and we still am really into the game. This game isnt a very challenging game to play. After a few hard levels, it gives you a super easy level which is nice. They’re commercials every couple times you die, but thats normal for a game to have in it. Suggestions: Maybe you could have the option to have a really hard level for a daily challenge or something. Also maybe you could add more to the game. We play a few levels and we start to get a little bored. But overall this is one of the best games we’ve ever downloaded!!!!!

So we have had this game for more than a year now and we LOVE it! We just have a recommendation, the adds. Ok, so in many games most people complain that there are a lot of adds. Maybe there shouldnt be an add after each round/try. You can already see we have put four stars because of that. That is our suggestion! Ty for reading, have a nice day!

This game is fun and all, but there are a lot of adds, and it kind of keeps us from playing it all that often.

We love this game. The levels are fun, the skins are creative, but we have some suggestions. First, im on like level 150, and nothing really has changed. Just the same, computer generated levels, with the same obstacles, same powerups, same everything. Maybe adding different gamemodes? How about new powerups? We have some ideas for some, like a phase ball, were you can phase through different objects? The wall and ground obstacles are a little boring too. Maybe add custom skins? These are just some of our suggestions. Besides that, this is a really fun and addicting game.

This game is relaxing and perfect for passing the time.

Sometimes youll die when you hit something that is considered safe.

This game has so many ups and downs one up is the game is good for all ages one down is this game isnt very hard its to easy to play. We would not recommend this game if you like a challenge however we would recommend this game to anyone who like to relax and play games!!! Hope this helped you decide if you would like this game!! Bye peeps.

We love this app but there is a few things that annoy us. Whenever it asks second chance? Sometimes we click on it and it brings us to an ad and then after the ad it just restarts us! And thats one thing thats annoying. The other thing thats annoying is when we dont click second chance it still brings us to an ad. Other than all of that its great 3/5.

There is not much of a difference between the complexity of the levels, and really no new skins, so it easily becomes boring. And it keeps telling us that we have won new skins before each level, when we have already won them all.

It is a horrible game you should never get it whenever you move it doesnt give you enough time to dodge the red stuff on the ground it is horrible you should never get this game its just a waste of your time we dont like it because it makes us so mad we threw our phone across the room at least its not damaged well all we wanted to say was never get this game its a horrible game.

There is so many ads every time we mess up it will give us an ad even if we dont push another try for an add. We do not recommend getting this app,

We literally just downloaded it & we can’t even play it.

This game changed our life. Our view on politics, religion, and diet soda have changed after playing this game. Every living organism should play this. Thank you to the saints who made this game for making us a better different person. Highly recommend.

After every game there the same ads and its annoying.

Its A fun game don’t get us wrong but after you get all of ball types,its a little boring after so maybe you can add more things to make it more than again so we can have a goal to look at like special kinds of balls and special event that gets you different backgrounds and all of that. But other than that it is a fun game to do on a long car ride home.