Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TINYBUILD LLC, Hello Neighbor is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 5th August 2018 with the latest update 17th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hello Neighbor ?

109,017 people have rated 2.3.3

What is the price of the Hello Neighbor ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hello Neighbor released ?

Hello Neighbor was released on 5th August 2018.

When was the Hello Neighbor updated ?

The latest updated date of Hello Neighbor on 17th June 2022.

Where can Hello Neighbor be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hello Neighbor from Apple Official App Store.



Supported Devices: iPhone 6s, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and everything newer. iPod Touches are not supported

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what horrible secrets he’s hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There’ll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

Updated on 17th June 2022

Bugfixes and stability improvements

Hello Neighbor Review

We really need your help we like cant do anything without getting caught. So please help us!

We love hello neighbor so much its hard like our pp but its the best game in the whole world.

Wonderful app. Never fails to give us a jumpscare.

When we finish this when we finish the game we’re gonna be crying when we hear the music if you like first download it like that that like music when you’re going to continue to dislike when you tap on the app that music when you get on the app whatever you call it that’s the sad music it sounds like sad music for us so when we finish the game we’re gonna hear that music and we’re gonna be crying so bad we love this game just make one more upgrade please.

This is the best game in the world, cant wait for hello neighbor two!

We love it this game is better than Roblox.

The way he chases you it makes it seem like its in real life.

When hello neighbor was down we thought it was done for when hello neighbor 2 came out. We tried to play it but would not load the we checked on it 1 last time. The game was finally fixed then we played all day. Until the updates started to roll in. Thank you tiny build.

We havent played this in a while we had to delete it because it had some bugs but we decided to re download it bc we got bored of our other games and its really fun we love it we also love the mystery of the game and being able to have to find your own way to win the games.

We love this game so much, its nostalgic.

The game hello neighbor its the best game its soooooo fun but hard sooo we decided that we would make our birthday about hello neighbor we have the two hello neighbor games and Im trying to finish them we know how to play the first one hello neighbor the normal one so Im trying to figure it out Im trying to make the jump answer the hello neighbors roof so we can get the key and then put it the basement keyhole.

We wish that all the acts were free or you had to do something to unlock them but over all its a great game we love it.

We love this game so much we is good playing this game on a iPad so much more fun than everything else.

Im just wondering if you can add more acts so it can bring back nostalgia please.

Theres a bug where when youre in the shopping place where you put stuff in it it kind of explodes.

This game is so fun we played all day we tried to complete level three but we couldnt.

We like it and the update is amazing but why cant we use the flashlight? But at least now we can now use the binoculars!!!

Play the full version for free.

When we were playing act 1 we just froze for a reason THE NEIGHBOR PUCKED UP AN ITEM its either a bug or..

This game is amazing we love it its super hard and scary and fun all at the same time we suppose Its definitely one of our favorite games out there and one of the hardestout there as well (FNAF) and the community of this game is amazing we see so many YouTubers that play this game and so many more trying to uncover its lore (Thanks Matpat aka Gametheory) in short Great game.

Hello Neighbor is the best horror game we have ever played and we rate this game 5 stars []

This game is sooooo fun but the only thing is you have to buy yhe hile game for 14 99 but this game is so fune thanks tinybuild.

Well we start out with the regular game but when we get caught our game crashes and when we fall our game crashes we like the update but.. It kinda changed thingsit kinda made us upset. But anyways the game is pretty casual and fun too but if your reading this tiny build we hope you dont make a big deal about this we really like this and we watch dakblake(YouTube) and its REALLY funny!! And the milky bananas but anyways we really do love this app!!! Thx tiny build.

We’ve played penis landSeveral times and we’ve always got hard ohh yaaaa.

Dear tinybuildgame June 20 2022 we this game so much because its a fun horror adventure. We have not played the alpha’s but we have played the release. We did play the hello neighbor 2 also but that one ended up scaring us to we deleted it. From, CoolNeighbor.

Its a great game and theres a lot of fun glitches :) we just feel like it would maybe be more popular if you could make your map and upload it for other people to enjoy!

This is the best horror game we’ve ever played, we really love it so much you should all get this. This is the best horror game for you us and our brother have it but we didnt know how to play it but our brother watched a video of how to play it and then he figured out a lot. So now we know how to play it. Im so glad we downloaded this game its the best. This is a five star rate.

This game came out 2017 and they are still updating it! We love this game but we need a controller update it barely works.

We started play when we were 6 and we enjoy it so we think this game should be a 5 star and have more update.

When we found this game we were 7 we loved it we like act 1 but our family did not buy the full game but bileve we love the game.

We like it but we can’t turn around and it’s so hard to get up the roof and we can’t look right or left.

Hey, we love your game One thing is that we never got to try the vacuum cleaner back in 2018 and we would really like to have it back it would make the game even better please and thank you.

The game is amazing but its also not that great but everybody says that its not good or its bad but its actually really good and its fun we’ve had this game 3 times in a row and we think its really good for kids who like jump scares or people chasing after then in games and also for kid who LOVE scary things so we would definitely recommend this game!

This is the best game we ever played but we think it needs changes it need more acts it is awsome the way it is but like we said it need more updates but its is a really fun game we like finishing it over and over and over and hello neighbor hide and seek is awsome also.

We love it! Its a thriller our favorite game the neighbor is the big deal cant wait for part 2!

Its a great game! But we are really happy that theres a challenge for us in act 1 where we grab trash cans and boxes to stack up and get in the ladder early . But the thing we wrote this for is. Please make the game free! Because we really dont want to pay $10 to unlock the rest of the game. So Please make the game free?

So first of all 15.00 bucks for the full game is a tad expensive to our parents. BUT thats ok. Wanna know why? This might sound werid but we dont really play the game, we use our imagination in it. When we play hello neighbor, we sneak in the neighbors house and steal his things. Food, books, and interesting stuff. We even decorate our house!! Then, after everything is set up, we pretend im a kid who comes home from school and just does a normal things in our house. Like clean the house, read, and call friends. We wonder if youre like this is what she does? Well yes. A lot of people dont like hello neighbor cuz of the money, but instead they should try to find something good to do in it then whine about it. One more thing we pretend the neighbor is our silly uncle XD.

Can you please let us put down at least three cameras but is a awesome game.

The a billet to fly The neighbor to be nice and not attack us Building No boundary lines And finally to make the neighbor wide or tall and the player.

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