Hero Emblems

Hero Emblems


Hero Emblems is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HeatPot Games Ltd., Hero Emblems is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th January 2015 with the latest update 23rd April 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


395 people have rated 1.07

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Match Tiles, Beat’ em Up, Adventure – Brand New Experience of Classical JRPG

"Hero Emblems is proof that there’s still room in the market for a great match-3 adventure" – TouchArcade.com (4.5/5 Stars)

"Hero Emblems is a challenging new match-three RPG that you won’t be able to put down" – AppAdvice.com (4.5/5 Starts)

"The game is cute, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy." – PocketTactics.com (4/5 Stars)

"Hero Emblems is an old school game packaged for the new school, and it’s awesome" – GamesInAsia.com (8.5/10)

Hero Emblems is a JRPG that mixes “Side-Scrolling beat’ em up” and “Match-3” features. Set in the middle-ages fantasy world of sword-fighting and wizardry, it is an adventure of 4 brave warriors who wield different emblem powers and their attempts to stop the re-awakening of the God of Evil.

==Game Features==
►Classical JRPG style adventures
Complete presentation the traditional JRPG world which let you enjoy the fun of the console JRPG experience.

► Unique turn-based battle to offer the beat’ em up experience
Launch combo attacks, defense, healing and skills by matching rule.

►Big adventure world map
Bravely traverse into dungeons, wilderness, caves, and cross the ocean to visit the new continents in the fantasy world. In the journey, you will meet different personalities NPC, and visit a variety of village to purchase the new equipments and skills.

►A variety of monsters with different kinds of weakness attributes and attack debuffs
Different Monsters have its own strong/weakness. Some of them would attack with debuffs, such as poisoning, sealing, freezing, petrifying. You have to determine the strategy to attack the weakness of monsters with specific skills and remove the debuffs by matching rules.

►Story-driven quests. Seamless transitions between the battle scene and cutscene let you deeply immerse in the story. CAUTION! NO WARNING ALERT WHEN BOSS ARISES!

►Choose the cross roads of stages!? Choose the fate!? What will the ending be like?

►No IAP! No Ads!

==Background Story==
Three thousand years ago, the ancient God of Evil captured the Shayara Kingdom. In those desperate times, four heroes rose to defeat the God of Evil with all their might. The heroic tales of these 4 heroes have been passed down for generations.
Now, the ancient God of Evil is re-awakening…New generation of heroes, are you ready?

Updated on 23rd April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Optimized for iPhone X.

Hero Emblems Reviews

We’ve gotten a good number of hours entertainment out of this. Its no Puzzle Quest but its fun in its own right. Our one comment would be the dialog GUI style and sound effects feel unpolished. It starts out easy enough but does ramp up a bit in difficulty but its a good challenge and you have to save up for upgraded emblems, spells and potions. You really do need to pay attention to each monsters abilities and ensure you have spells equipped to counter them. The RPG element is lost since your whole group autolevels but you can buy spells and upgrades from towns. No IAP in sight which is fantastic. We would recommend this game to anyone itching for a puzzle adventure game that doesnt annoy.

Im not usually one who likes match 3 games, but we love this one. We love the characters and the story, plus the gameplay is satisfying and we find myself playing this game for hours on end. Is the story super clich? Absolutely! Is the story well written? Not really. But thats sort of the charm. Its the kind of stuff that makes us smile at how ridiculous it all is. Plus the soundtrack is absolutely amazing, we could listen to it forever.

We know that this game is old but its still a fun game this is the game that gives you a challenges instead of babying you around we like how this game actually makes you grind and find other items to use in order to stay alive. We love he story and really we cant wait till the next game comes out but really in this game we dont think that Healing lady(I forgot her name sorry) shouldnt be teased and treated so mean. Also the leader shouldnt be so violent we guess he has a bit of a troubled past if hes acting like this.

We very much enjoyed this game. Originally looking for something like puzzle quest. This games mechanics are different and more simplistic (no spells) but they squeeze all possible variety they can from this implementation of tile matching. Boss and enemy abilities and weaknesses are quite varied, and the final stage will have you challenged until the very end. Thanks for a fun game with no IAP. This was money well spent.

Very deep. A lot of game play for casual gamers! Love it! Update: Broken! New Apple update crashes it every time!

Its so refreshing to purchase a complete, polished game that doesnt have in-game purchases or P2W model. This is the best match 3 game in the App Store. Wish they put out a sequel.

Buy it. Tons of fun. Thank you for not going down an IAP route. One critique: Some bosses have multiple resistances that set damage to zero. Its possible to fight through a whole dungeon only to have 0-1 attacks that will damage the boss, creating a very tedious or impossible fight unless you leave and reenter the level. Needs an option to change equipment mid-battle (at some cost, like a turn skip) or make resistances less all-or-nothing.

At least a new game plus. We love this game but want to continue playing and enhancing heroes after beating the game. 5* if its updated with end game content. Awesome game with no IAP. A REAL game!

The actual gameplay is simple and addictive. The dialogue is absolute garbage. We mean really, anyone should be able to do better than that.

A great mix of match 3 and simple RPG. Major props to the developer for going with a fixed fee for this app instead of the usual pay-to-win junk. Even the stilted story would be forgivable if it wasnt for the flat-out awful jokes. Im not easily insulted by much, but the jokes are just sort of mean-spirited and lack the funniness to redeem themselves. They leave us with that sort of awkward embarrassment for the sake of the person telling them. Like when you dont want to be the one to tell the amateur comedian that theyve crossed the line, so you just wait to see who will jeer at them first. Seriously though, an otherwise clever game. Ill bet you could double your sales or more if you fixed that one problem. Id love to recommend this game, but cant in good conscience – not to friends, family and especially kids. We wouldnt want people we respect to think Im willing to look past the jokes.

Its a fun game, great ideas incorporating with satisfying action that we found puzzle games are missing. But there are few thing that was really frustrating. -Traveling auto prompted battles. Is all cool because you can frustratingly back out of match every time it comes up which is annoying. But the part thats frustrating is when a fork road goes into a only pathway with alerted ! Bubble. Or any for this matter. You cant physically get to a store to refill on things you did to continue the story prompt battle. So you have to grind. Grind. Grind. Grind. The same whatever area your stuck in. Until you level up. Annoying af. -Unclosed areas in menu. We notice if you accidentally forget to close, say the store. And click on menu.. Well that all jumbos together into a confusing floating mess. You see both store, menu… Or map with floating user potion/debuff which usually goes away. Annoying af. -Humor, we quit reading things because its pretty much 6th grade humor. Jokes about periods… If they dont bother you, its a strong 4 stars. But after painstakingly losing to a long battle defeating multiple stages… You cant refill your helpful items and annoying floating ui comes up… Its annoying af. So its a 3 for us.

The gameplay itself is 5 stars, just give us a way to play quickly.

We cant get to any point of the map without 124466788 trash fights. What kind of idiot think thats a good idea? Stupid.

Lots of bullying of a young female character, jokes about girls being on their periods, a group of women get kidnapped by pirates. The art style makes this look like a cute game, but its just the opposite. The gameplay is also boring and slow-paced. Wish we didnt spend our money, there are a ton of better (and free) match-3 games.

Skill only gets you so far , be prepared for hours of mindless grinding just too progress. Game made by sadists.

Edit: zero stars. The last boss kills us on their first round every single time. How unsatisfying to spend dozens of hours playing this game to have no chance of completing it. We have spent hours and hours losing over and again to level up, and we have tried every combination of character build, and we have never, ever gotten past the boss first attack. What a frustrating, terrible experience this game turned out to be… We love playing this game! It is not perfect (the dialogue/story is quite standard/basic), we are extremely pleased with this being a match 3 style puzzler without having to deal with the annoyances that come with free to play games. The art style is very pleasing and we love the detailed characters and enemies. The gameplay is great, with lots of variety in attacks, depending on how you equip your characters. We strongly recommend this game.

Game is overall fantastic. Decent detail in units, great story and a solid game that can be picked up at anytime.

Fun game with a reasonably in depth combat and cute plot. Anything ground breaking? No, but it does what it purports to do well. Worth the money and enjoyable. Played it 5 hours and still seems to have a lot of story left. Also didn’t bug us to write a review lol. Did it on our own volition.

This game is just amazing. It took the simple idea of matching icons to a real experience. We’ve beat the main game, and am enjoying the after game levels now. Definitely worth the money.

We love match 3 games. We hate freemium games. This is a dilemma. Well, this game solves that. After the ruining of Bejeweled by making it free and ad-supported after people had already paid for it, we had no "pick up and play" game that didn’t bombard us with ads or "pay or share on Facebook to get more lives." There’s none of that here. But what IS here is a satisfying game with good pacing and a good story that can not only be a quick on-the-toilet diversion, but also can be played for a long time. Wrap all that up with iCloud support and a charming art style and you have a great game!

This game was way better than we thought it would be. We spent the weekend playing it mostly all day and night.

On top of being a great game that resembles a love child between the original Battleheart and Puzzle Quest, the developer has foregone turn timers and IAPs to great success. It might be a little grindy at times, but we have the entire game up front without restriction. Hopefully more developers follow suit.

This is what mobile games should be like. It is simple enough to pick up and play any time and complex enough to keep playing for hours. Not only that, but there’s no "pay to win" nonsense involved. No IAP. No advertising. Buy the game and enjoy it without any harassing pop ups to get you to rate them or buy junk. The only thing we thought should have been different was experience gained should apply in battle in real time. It’s kind of strange that we have to complete the battle to have experience applied. The gold gets added during battle, why not exp? Overall, one of the best iOS games we’ve ever played. Great job! Please make more games :)

This is the first app that we have payed for and it is honestly our favorite game. The main story is consistently challenging, and the gameplay is open with options to make decisions and change your strategy. The storyline is interesting and the characters are entertaining. We love this game and highly recommend it.

Art is gorgeous. Gameplay is addicting. It’s a match 3 game that isn’t trying to get in your wallet. Rare. It’s any easy 5 star game. If your on the fence just buy it to support good developers. Bravo!!

Yes the story is ridiculous and cheesy but so were the old school RPGs of the early 90s. We don’t think the developer was trying to make it serious or literal, so the people complaining about the story, relax. As far as the gameplay it’s highly addicting and has that retro RPG feel. No IAP and no advertising? Wow. GREAT JOB! Please make more games!

It’s a terrific game. We wish there were a few more matching combos or special combos. Can’t wait for the sequel!

There is everything a good RPG should have. A team of 4 with a healer a tank and 2 dps, levels, random drops, quests, a little bit of grinding, a little bit of luck, and a lot of skills. All that in a minimalist package perfectly adapted to the touch screen, and perfect for a quick RPG fix.

Awesome game with ZERO in-app purchases. Buy it once and you’re done. We love that we can leave up all within game and not be penalized for not buying "coins" or "gems". Thanks devs for getting the pay formula right and the great match-3/RPG gameplay. #woot!

We were not expecting much from this game by the initial price tag of $0.99. We were happy to discover that this game has so much to offer. Hero Emblems does so well at allowing a fun, challenging experience with simplistic gameplay and mechanics that ends in a rewarding way. A fantastic game that is worth more than $0.99.

No IAP, really slick graphics, fun story, and challenging but casual gameplay. Great deal!!

Only spent $0.99 on this title, but have already put in 7 hours in two days. And we haven’t even put in a good dent to the story just yet. This is a lengthy and strategic take on the match-3 genre that you won’t want to miss.

Still one of the most original games in this genre, by far! Games don’t usually stay on our device longer than it takes us to play and either finish or get tired of them…. However this is an exception … We can’t part with it, we love it that much …. Actually gonna replay from the beginning soon…. We hope this developer keeps developing such great games!

Like a lot of other gamers, we’re constantly looking for a decent mobile game to play during our commute and we always play for an hour or so then delete it. Most games in the App Store are just complete junk: in app purchases, free-to-play models where you have to watch an ad or share on social media to continue playing, or even force you to quit for the day unless you pay. This is the one we’ve been looking for. We loved Puzzle Quest 1 & 2 when those where on the App Store, but this is even better. The special attacks and combos really make for fun combat and the team-based gameplay mechanics are very well done. We highly recommend this game!

This is the best matching game we’ve ever played! We love matching games and rpg’s. This is a great mix of both with an old final fantasy feel to it in our opinion. We have only one gripe, there should be a random fight button instead of just traveling around the map. It would just move along the pace of the game. Perfect in every other way!! Keep up the great work devs!!

How did we miss this? Awesome game!

Keep making games like this and we’ll support you.

This game is very enjoyable and entertaining. A lot of people are complaining about the grinding. They clearly have never played a leveling up rpg before. Don’t change a thing about the gameplay! That being said, it would be really awesome if you added more after you beat the game. Like maybe even a DLC. I’d be willing to pay to get more gameplay.

Several hours. Both difficulties. Way worth it.

We think this game is very well worth the 99¢ we paid for it. It’s addictive and very challenging. We really enjoy it.

This game is what mobile developers should strive for.

This is the best, and great well write puzzle RPG hands down. Plus you hold your phone like a normal person vertically and the sound and dialogue is great! And this is still two years after release. Hurry up and by! P.s. Looking forward to that iPhoneX update.

First off, not pay to play. That’s a game we don’t do anymore. I’d prefer to pay the developer up front. Second, this is combines rpg’s and puzzles together in the way many have tried to but failed. We’ll just grind exp points because we like the mechanics so much, but for such a tiny game we like the characters and the story. Excellent game.

So glad we found this game. We like turn-based match three like this where you have time to think between moves. Much more relaxing and satisfying to us than other forms of the genre. Also this doesn’t drain our battery much at all. Great job, developers!

Match 3 RPG that’s actually fun, like the old days of Puzzle Quest (which we played through at least 5 times on our PC). The animation is cutesy and the conversations are more sarcastic and humorous, but the concept is the same. Buy upgrades with gold you earn from battles, sometimes win free ones, choose which skills your chars need to beat each boss. Large map will keep you entertained a long time.

We have already put 20 days and 18 hours into this game. The final boss is hard to beat, it took us about 15 hours. Highly recommended.

Alternate endings and hidden challenges/equipment makes this game very amazing! Please please update the story so it can continue!

Really funny. Please ask Korean language support!!!

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