Hidden Objects – Find It Out

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 04:15 pm

Hidden Objects – Find It Out

Hidden Objects - Find It Out

Hidden Objects – Find It Out is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Guru Smart Holding Limited, Hidden Objects – Find It Out is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st March 2023 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hidden Objects – Find It Out ?

2,676 people have rated 3.0.0

What is the price of the Hidden Objects – Find It Out ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hidden Objects – Find It Out released ?

Hidden Objects – Find It Out was released on 1st March 2023.

When was the Hidden Objects – Find It Out updated ?

The latest updated date of Hidden Objects – Find It Out on 1st June 2023.

Where can Hidden Objects – Find It Out be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hidden Objects – Find It Out from Apple Official App Store.



The best FREE and most addictive hidden object games for you in 2023! Find all hidden objects in challenging levels and relax your mind in this scavenger hunt casual game. Play it and FIND OUT now!

In this free scavenger hunt picture puzzle, all you need to do is focus on the items listed below, tap on the hidden objects, and complete the beautiful scenes that you are investigating. Can you find out all the hidden objects? Take the challenge and solve the hidden objects puzzles as quickly as possible!

As a new kind of search and find hidden objects game, Hidden Objects – Find It Out allows you to find all missing objects with multiple lively maps and engaging game scenes. Step inside tons of mystery locations to find all hidden objects and unlock new maps for free in this scavenger hunt game!

Search, seek and find out in awesome graphics, you will have hundreds of hidden objects to collect. If you love playing find hidden object games, search and find games, and other scavenger hunt puzzles, this free brain teaser will be the BEST choice for you!

Key Features:

  • Free to play. Fully enjoy the pleasure of hidden object games for free!
  • Simple rules and gameplay. Take a look at the scene, find all the hidden objects, and finish the scene!
  • Suitable for groups of all ages. Play the picture puzzle game with your family members and friends together!
  • Various difficulties. The more hidden objects you find, the harder maps you can challenge.
  • Intentionally designed hidden objects. Use your search skills to find all the unique items on the map!
  • Powerful tools. Use helpful hints to find the last hidden object when you get stuck.
  • Zoom feature. Zoom in and out at any moment to spot the well-hidden objects!
  • Multiple levels and scenes. Animal park, ocean world, children’s playground, and more destinations are waiting for you!
  • Different gaming modes. Play with Classic and Match modes as you like!

How to play:

  1. Observe, seek, and find the required hidden objects
  2. Use hints to locate the target and find it
  3. Zoom in, out, and swipe through every corner of the maps
  4. Collect all hidden objects to complete a scene

Enjoy the thrill of finding treasures by exploring our weekly updated maps!
2022/09/02, Map No.1: Ocean World
2022/09/02, Map No.2: Jolly Village
2022/09/16, Map No.3: Sky City
2022/09/26, Map No.4: Zoo
2022/10/04, Map No.5: Future Land
2022/10/11, Map No.6: Sports World
2022/10/18, Map No.7: Royal Castle
2022/10/25, Map No.8: Movie Studio
2022/10/31, Map No.9: Music Planet
2022/11/02, Map No.10: Winter Fairyland
2022/11/08, Map No.11: Spooky Island
2022/11/15, Map No.12: Candy Factory
2022/11/22, Map No.13: Wild West
2022/11/29, Map No.14: Theme Park
2022/12/06, Map No.15: Space Travel
2022/12/12, Map No.16: Magic Academy
2022/12/20, Map No.17: Resort Town
2022/12/27, Map No.18: Dream Farm
2023/01/03, Map No.19: Thermal Garden
2023/01/10, Map No.20: Crazy Circus
2023/01/18, Map No.21: Street Market
2023/01/25, Map No.22: Jurassic Land
2023/01/31, Map No.23: Auto Fest
2023/02/08, Map No.24: City Airport
2023/02/14, Map No.25: Fantasy Forest
2023/02/22, Map No.26: Arid Wasteland
2023/02/28, Map No.27: Kyoto City
2023/03/06, Map No.28: Castle Dungeon
2023/03/07, Map No.29: Ancient Egypt
2023/03/15, Map No.30: Bangkok Tour
2023/03/15, Map No.31: Mushroom Realm
2023/03/21, Map No.32: Viking Age
2023/03/28, Map No.33: Venice Vibes
2023/04/04, Map No.34: Treasure Island
2023/04/12, Map No.35: Pumpkin Kingdom
2023/04/19, Map No.36: Cruise Vacation
2023/04/25, Map No.37: Art Gallery
2023/04/27, Map No.38: Atlantis
2023/05/09, Map No.39: Central Mall

Find It Out – Hidden Objects is the perfect "seek and find game" to boost your concentration and improve your observation skills! Keep alert and be patient! Take a good look at the map, detect all the hidden objects, and find it out!

Privacy Policy: https://find-out.fungame.studio/policy.html
Terms of Service: https://find-out.fungame.studio/termsofservice.html

Updated on 1st June 2023

Hey all players,
In this update, more new maps and mysterious scenes are ready for you!

  • 2023/05/19, Map No.41: Digital Conference
  • 2023/05/23, Map No.42: London City
  • 2023/05/30, Map No.43: Safari Park
    It also includes other bug fixes and performance improvements.
    Come to enjoy more exciting hidden object searches each day! Seek and find out now!

Hidden Objects – Find It Out Review

Great time killer. Fun game with different levels. Some can be hard to find but not too hard. Good median of easy and hard. Unfortunately the ads are ridiculous. An ad every minute (I timed it lol).

We’ve purchased the first two Hidden Objects games and each game says theres new areas Coming Soon. We dont like purchasing games, be told theres more coming but its just put into a different game. We guess we can expect that with all the games from this company??

Really love this game so far but the ads make it unplayable. They are far too frequent. We can do with a few ads usually with most games but this is excessive.

This game is really entertaining and we like that its challenging but man these ads are out of control! You get an ad EVERY 60 seconds, its very annoying and distracting.

Looks like it was made our a middle schooler. Horrible design and borderline racist characters.

A good game that has waaaay too many ads that are too hard to close. Im an old lady so we dont have time to poke an ad 6 or 7 times to get back to the game. We understand that you have to make money but forcing people to watch obtrusive and difficult to close ads is just not for us.

There are less than three advertisements in one minute. We don’t know whether to play games or watch advertisements.

This was ridiculous. Rethink your trials. Broken UX.

You can barely play the game because ads come up every 2 seconds so you basically download an app to watch ads.

We understand the need for adds but with an add every 30 seconds it was super annoying! Which is a shame because we really enjoyed the game! We dont even like paying $14.99 a month for HBO so this app is definitely overpriced.

The game is fun and cute but SOME MANY ADDS!

6/5/23- The unbearable amount of ads can be removed for $10 (should be $2) idk who could afford a monthly subscription ($15) or yearly ($100!!) we will leave this app on our phone awhile to see if they update regularly or if they take your $$ and this becomes another forgotten game.

You play for all of five seconds and another add pops up! Total waste of time and effort! You can not even finish finding a handful of things and more adds!

The game was ok but the had to delete because of soo many ads.

Ads pop up every two or three minutes all throughout the game.

Very annoying with the how any ads there are. Every 20 seconds theres an ads. But going to pay for something that we cant try out more than 5 mins.

We absolutely love these type of games but we are curious if you have the licensing for all of the characters, shows, and game companys, your clearly using without changing. Just so you know, thats illegal if you didnt know that.

We would give it a 5 but theres too many pop ads like way too many. Its fun and entertaining.

Please make it easier for objects to be found and add in more levels.

While we understand the developers need for financial return on the app development and maintenance cost the strategy theyve chosen is kind of insane. Peppering new users with ads every 30s before theyve even been able to decide whether they like the game is a recipe for poor customer retention. A better approach would be the frog in the boiling pot approach. Start the ads at a lower frequency for at least the first level to allow users to develop an attachment to the game before forcing them into a decision to pay for an app that is priced double its competition. We dont have so much of an issue with the price if the game is engaging, but Im not going to pay that before we’ve even been able to decide if we like the game. Decreasing ad frequency in the first level might help improve your paid subscriber count. For us, the strategy youve chosen is reason for an immediate delete and we’ve paid for other apps of this same type.

Game is fun with lots of objects to find. But you literally get an ad like every 60 seconds and its the same 2 ads and one is a sexual game that shouldnt be promoted like that or even on the market.

We really want to enjoy this game, we really do but the amount and how often ads pop up is astoundingly atrocious. Seriously, every other minute? We get you need revenue but youd have more game play if you cut back on the amount of ads. Its to the point where idk if we wanna play anymore and avoid this game dev altogether. Otherwise, its a nice silly game.

We stumbled upon this gameactually loved this game and paid for the full versionbut why am we looking for a noose???? TERRIBLE!!!!!!! Whats on the next level??? A SLAVE????

We touched the screen 2 to 3 times and adds would play. We watched more adds than we spent playing.

Theres SO many ads that you can barely even play the actual game. And the app provides ways you can have an ad free experience for WAY more money than the game is actually worth. Not worth even downloading.

We understand the need for ads. We are willing to sit through ads. But the amount that there are is just absurd. From what other reviewers have said, it costs $10 for an ad free game. We cant play the game long enough to decide if its even worth that upgrade because the fun is ruined every 30 seconds. We didnt even play the game for an hour and we had to delete from our phone. From the little we played it seemed cool but not worth the frustration.

We paid for the ad free experience but we still get adsif not more waste of money.

We are such a kid but we love this kind of stuff! We definitely dont want to see our screen time on this game its probably ridiculous we play it so much!

We like this game because graphic is pretty, color is cute, but too much advertising while Im playing game.

We absolutely love this game. There are so many areas to play and it is one of the most clever games out there in terms of scenes. The closer you dig, the funnier the little scenes are. Its brilliant all the things they have added for each theme from cartoons, movies, characters. Couldnt recommend this more.

UPDATE: the developers responded right away to an issue we had with the game, and if/when the issue occurs again we will send a screenshot on to them, and we have no doubt that they will be extremely responsive to any concerns. The game is super fun, and the customer service is top notch!

We get it, but man, we were nonstop being interrupted w ads rather than periodically. Also no easy way to escape ads. While we understand its for a reason, we just greatly dislike that part. Esp because the game is good! So Im gonna uninstall it for now and hope maybe it gets better down the road.

Game and all good supper fun but they try to get your money by putting so many adds and then want to you to pay to get rid of then monthly.

Literally an ad every 30 seconds or so. We downloaded & deleted in about 5 minutes. Its really fun in the few seconds you get to play.

Really enjoyed the game overall. Till we reached the cruise vacation level. With one item left that we could not find we have watched six ads now to win a free magnifying glass to help us find the one last item. Every time the magnifying glass disappears and does not show us the last item. Im convinced that there was a malfunction and we did complete the level/ find all the items and this one was not counted. With no way to restart the level we will never be able to complete it or move on in the game without completing restarting our progress and uninstalling.

Was fun but ads kept popping up every 30 seconds so deleted the game. Devs, you need a balance. Its not all about profits. You need users to play first.

The game is good but not being able to play for less than five minutes before receiving an ad is ridiculous. We understand having to put ads here and there but the amount is ridiculous!!

Its frustrating that new puzzles arent added consistently. It seems to be random. Over a week it too long.

Literally get adds every minute its getting annoying.

It made us not want to play anymore. Game is enjoyable. But ads did not make us want to play it.

Game is great, but what gives this two stars, is that there is literally an ad EVERY minute. Im not going to pay to get rid of it. Money hungry creators.

Ads every 1.5 minutes. $9.99 to remove them?? Give us a break. Its doesnt cost you that much to develop a game and charge $10 to remove the ads. What a joke!!

The game is impossible to enjoy because of the ads. We completely understand having an ad pop up every few mins (and even that is frustrating) but we’ve never experienced an app with this many ads. We cant even find one object beside another ad has popped up. We force close the app and have to start over because we refuse to watch ads. Not happening! At this point Im ready to delete the app completely. Not worth the headache.

Would be a great game if there wasnt an ad every 5 seconds. Gonna have to delete because its so frustrating and annoying.

These app developers think they are smart trying to to get you to pay for the app by playing ads every 20 seconds. Just delete and go find another app. Theres hundreds.

The game is OK, but the ads are ridiculous popping up every 2 minutes. And $98.00 toget rid of the ads for a year – no way.

If you love watching ads more than playing game this game is for you. You can pay $9.99 to remove them or you can get interrupted EVERY MINUTE with an AD. Dont waste your time on this one.

As someone who loves these types of games, we find the design and ambiance of the whole game so appealing. We find myself enjoying the calm music and the gameplay itself: it is a great, relaxing experience. Although, our reason for one star is because of the amount of ads and pop ups that occur COMPLETELY ruin the game. About every 45 seconds a prompt for an ad pops up, which to us is ridiculous. To further add onto this, we were considering buying the package where we could get all of this removed but: TEN DOLLARS. This is unreasonable, and for this reason we would really consider bringing the price of this down to at LEAST five dollars if possible. Until then, Ill have to say goodbye to this game.

Id rather pay for tools to find things than be fixed to watch ads. The fact that you force the ad on us make this game unplayable and because You styled it after a competitor who lets you play through continuously without ads ppl might think theyre related but theyre not.

Every 30 seconds theres another ad! $5 a week or $15 a month for the no-add option? We’ve never felt so frustrated while playing a game. Defeats the purpose. Deleting right after we submit this and finding something new.

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