Hidden Objects – Find It Out

Hidden Objects – Find It Out

Hidden Objects - Find It Out

Hidden Objects – Find It Out is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Guru Smart Holding Limited, Hidden Objects – Find It Out is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st March 2023 with the latest update 27th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hidden Objects – Find It Out ?

1,286 people have rated 2.6.0

What is the price of the Hidden Objects – Find It Out ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hidden Objects – Find It Out released ?

Hidden Objects – Find It Out was released on 1st March 2023.

When was the Hidden Objects – Find It Out updated ?

The latest updated date of Hidden Objects – Find It Out on 27th April 2023.

Where can Hidden Objects – Find It Out be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hidden Objects – Find It Out from Apple Official App Store.



The best FREE and most addictive hidden object games for you in 2023! Find all hidden objects in challenging levels and relax your mind in this scavenger hunt casual game. Play it and FIND OUT now!

In this free scavenger hunt picture puzzle, all you need to do is focus on the items listed below, tap on the hidden objects, and complete the beautiful scenes that you are investigating. Can you find out all the hidden objects? Take the challenge and solve the hidden objects puzzles as quickly as possible!

As a new kind of search and find hidden objects game, Hidden Objects – Find It Out allows you to find all missing objects with multiple lively maps and engaging game scenes. Step inside tons of mystery locations to find all hidden objects and unlock new maps for free in this scavenger hunt game!

Search, seek and find out in awesome graphics, you will have hundreds of hidden objects to collect. If you love playing find hidden object games, search and find games, and other scavenger hunt puzzles, this free brain teaser will be the BEST choice for you!

Key Features:

  • Free to play. Fully enjoy the pleasure of hidden object games for free!
  • Simple rules and gameplay. Take a look at the scene, find all the hidden objects, and finish the scene!
  • Suitable for groups of all ages. Play the picture puzzle game with your family members and friends together!
  • Various difficulties. The more hidden objects you find, the harder maps you can challenge.
  • Intentionally designed hidden objects. Use your search skills to find all the unique items on the map!
  • Powerful tools. Use helpful hints to find the last hidden object when you get stuck.
  • Zoom feature. Zoom in and out at any moment to spot the well-hidden objects!
  • Multiple levels and scenes. Animal park, ocean world, children’s playground, and more destinations are waiting for you!
  • Different gaming modes. Play with Classic and Match modes as you like!

How to play:

  1. Observe, seek, and find the required hidden objects
  2. Use hints to locate the target and find it
  3. Zoom in, out, and swipe through every corner of the maps
  4. Collect all hidden objects to complete a scene

Enjoy the thrill of finding treasures by exploring our weekly updated maps!
2022/09/02, Map No.1: Ocean World
2022/09/02, Map No.2: Jolly Village
2022/09/16, Map No.3: Sky City
2022/09/26, Map No.4: Zoo
2022/10/04, Map No.5: Future Land
2022/10/11, Map No.6: Sports World
2022/10/18, Map No.7: Royal Castle
2022/10/25, Map No.8: Movie Studio
2022/10/31, Map No.9: Music Planet
2022/11/02, Map No.10: Winter Fairyland
2022/11/08, Map No.11: Spooky Island
2022/11/15, Map No.12: Candy Factory
2022/11/22, Map No.13: Wild West
2022/11/29, Map No.14: Theme Park
2022/12/06, Map No.15: Space Travel
2022/12/12, Map No.16: Magic Academy
2022/12/20, Map No.17: Resort Town
2022/12/27, Map No.18: Dream Farm
2023/01/03, Map No.19: Thermal Garden
2023/01/10, Map No.20: Crazy Circus
2023/01/18, Map No.21: Street Market
2023/01/25, Map No.22: Jurassic Land
2023/01/31, Map No.23: Auto Fest
2023/02/08, Map No.24: City Airport
2023/02/14, Map No.25: Fantasy Forest
2023/02/22, Map No.26: Arid Wasteland
2023/02/28, Map No.27: Kyoto City
2023/03/06, Map No.28: Castle Dungeon
2023/03/07, Map No.29: Ancient Egypt
2023/03/15, Map No.30: Bangkok Tour
2023/03/15, Map No.31: Mushroom Realm
2023/03/21, Map No.32: Viking Age
2023/03/28, Map No.33: Venice Vibes
2023/04/04, Map No.34: Treasure Island
2023/04/12, Map No.35: Pumpkin Kingdom
2023/04/19, Map No.36: Cruise Vacation
2023/04/25, Map No.37: Art Gallery
2023/04/27, Map No.38: Atlantis

Find It Out – Hidden Objects is the perfect "seek and find game" to boost your concentration and improve your observation skills! Keep alert and be patient! Take a good look at the map, detect all the hidden objects, and find it out!

Privacy Policy: https://find-out.fungame.studio/policy.html
Terms of Service: https://find-out.fungame.studio/termsofservice.html

Updated on 27th April 2023

Hey all players,
In this update, more new maps and mysterious scenes are ready for you!

  • 2023/04/19, Map No.36: Cruise Vacation
  • 2023/04/25, Map No.37: Art Gallery
  • 2023/04/27, Map No.38: Atlantis
    It also includes other bug fixes and performance improvements.
    Come to enjoy more exciting hidden object searches each day! Seek and find out now!

Hidden Objects – Find It Out Review

This game had an absurd amount of ads! Every 3 to 5 items we find an ad plays The cost of the subscription is also outrageous. $14.99/per month for no ads is ridiculous. The game is fun, but theres too many ads.. After our 3-day free trial, we barely opened the app because of all the ads.

Good game just way to many ads uninstalled it right away.

This game is great to play but what piss us off is that there is always an ads within 30 seconds. After that ad is done and you play for 30 seconds, another ad comes on. So its pretty annoying and not enjoyable. Unless you buy the ad free.

We were so excited to find a seek game like this. Game play is fun and easy but as you progress items are harder to find. Only problem is-if youre playing the free version-there is an AD every TWO MINUTES (Im not even exaggerating. Every 2 minutes it will populate a 1-2 minute long add). And if you want to pay to play- its $14.99 a MONTH. We would expect a game like this to be $14.99 and youve purchased it. Its a rip off at 14.99/month.

You cant enjoy the game because there is an ad literally every 30 seconds and to remove the ads a its 5 dollars a week? No thank you.

Our wife, who rarely plays any games, loves this game and steals our phone to play it Its a simple find hidden objects game. Some objects are in plain sight, others you have to really look for. But the best part of the game are the different maps and little Easter eggs you find in each map. You see references to all sorts of things, as well as see the people in the maps do silly and funny things. Its like a game within a game. For example, you can find Star Wars references in the space map, as well as marvel references. In terms of gameplay, its straightforward but also very difficult. Each map has about 175 items (maybe some have more?) but the map is huge. The early parts of the game are easy, you can spot most objects pretty easily, and you dont even need to look at the objects on the bottom. However, when you get to the last 10-20, you really have to start looking, and the real fun (and challenge) begins. Anyway our wife and we love this app. Thanks for making such a wonderful game!

We just wish that you dont have to put an app every 30 seconds.

We love it enough that we paid to remove the ads so that problem is solved but we do have a suggestion/critique that we hope you will use/fix. Our go to 95% of the time is the Balloon Blast and Crime Hunt challenges. We do NOT like that there is no way around running out of lightning bolts (energy). We can never have more than 120 energy, and by continuing to win rounds, we get penalized by losing energy. You can gain back 120 energy only by stopping your game and waiting 2 hours (you get replenished one energy per minute). If Im advancing levels, why wouldnt you REWARD us by either letting us WIN extra energy, or at the very least, NOT take energy away? Its as if you are encouraging us to stop playing. This is why we took one star away. Please fix this .

Updated: The developer quickly responded to point out a remove ads option, but it was still more than double what we would be willing to pay. Bumping our rating from 1 to 3 stars. A very fun hidden object game, but ads pop up constantly. We went to pay to have them removed. We figured it was worth 3 or 4 dollars for the game. Then we discovered it was a 5 dollar a WEEK subscription? Insane. No game is worth over $200 a year to play.

We like the game but the pop up adds are ridiculous. Theyre on a timer and pop up approximately every 2 minutes. Theres no way around them. Too often to continue playing and causes us to lose interest.

Kept seeing this game pop up on our Ig timeline to download finally gave it a chance. Its a really great game, BUT the ads!!!!! Wow! There are so many ads you cant really get into the game. Oh well.

Ads are extremely disruptive and frustrating. Id far prefer if this operated like other games: one flat fee to turn off ads, other in-app purchases for hints and bonuses. We dont like subscribing to apps.

We hate that an ad pops up every few seconds. Its frustrating and stupid!!

We downloaded the game. It didnt look at all like the ad. Waaaay to many tiny objects to find and the list of what to look for was not where you could see it. We deleted the game.

Im enjoying this game, suffering through the minute by minute ads. However, how do we unlock to the fifth game? Do we have to buy the subscription?

You have to buy your way out of the ads. They come on every minute it seems like!

Game plays adds literally every minute. $10 to remove the ads, we feel like $10 is to much for a simple app, but if you have the $10 to remove the ads it would be a great game! Super entertaining.

Too many ads and the free ad version is a whopping $10.

Game could be a lot of fun, but you spend more time watching ads than playing. And to get rid of them, its a ridiculous cost!

Ads come up and there is no way out of them. We understand the need for ads, we do, but we should not be forced to download or purchase every ad to continue the game and even then you have to start over. Disappointed.

We’ve been playing for quite some time and all our hard work just disappeared. Thats it. Im done.

Ads, ads, and more ads, too expensive to remove then. Why would we want to pay $15 a month?

Game would be great, but you spend more timing watching ads than playing. Play 30 seconds, watch an ad. Repeat. Ridiculous.

This is a fun game to play but the ads pop up like every minute of playing. We understand that there is some ads but this is bad can even enjoy it.

Dude come on!! Really?? We understand you have to play ads for this game but one EVERY 10 SECONDS?? Cant even enjoy the game like we want bc every 10 seconds we get cut off by a stupid ad! If you are going to play ads, make them every 5 min or something!!! Uninstalled.

Would be a very relaxing and fun game if there wasnt adds every 30 seconds. Just not worth the hassle.

Fun game but the ads literally every 30 seconds is ABSURD.

Love this game! Trying to play the new levels but they are locked the update says its available!

The maps are beautifully designed and interesting as well as clever. We enjoy this game especially after a long day of work and responsibilities. It is relaxing.

We’ve been playing this for months. We absolutely love it. Recently we’ve been getting ads throughout the game. It clouds up and makes you watch a video. This is the first time it happened. Is this going to be an ad ridden game?

Please make it easier for objects to be found.

We love this game, but it has too many ads. The ads almost makes us no want to play it.

Updating to add that like we figured, we received a generic response that didnt even make sense to what we posted. So your company not only wants to rip people off, but doesnt care about doing it. With all of the people reviewing and saying the same thing, youd think you would make efforts to change it. – we see them commenting about needing so many ads because of the high cost of running the app, but thats still not a smart business move. More people would stick around longer with less ads, but this way people are finding out how annoying it is and deleting the app. Youd have more players long term with less ads. Also $10 for no ads is absurd. Maybe $5, but $10? There are similar games with cheaper no ad options. It doesnt seem like these developers are trying to be competitive with other games, just seems like they are greedy.

For $10 this is a ripoff. There are 30 puzzles, then its over.

Way too many ads, way too often.

We have NEVER seen so many ads! This is going overboard. The game is interrupted every 30 seconds to force another ad down your throat. And we see from others with the same issue, the responses from the developers are all the same (copy, paste, copy, paste). And we say to them that there are many great games out there that are ad free or with far less ads. The ads take the fun out of it. And if there is no fun and all we are getting from this game is elevated blood pressure then why play it? Delete.

Ads every 30 seconds and $10 for full version are you kidding, this game is maybe $3 very simple not worth it and free version way way too many ads. If wasnt for that we would love this game.

Great game to pass the time but WOW theres like an AD that plays every 30-50sec. We know you need sponsors but too excessive! 1 star for not understanding the balance.

Once the first add shows up youll click on 2-5 things and another add our kid is clicking on things and getting annoyed along with us helping search for things.. Theres way too frequent ads.. We get some. But thats over doing it. Deleted it within 20 mins.

We understand the need for ads to make money but to play for not even 30 seconds to watch an add is disgusting. Greedy app developers at their finest. Have ads for coins, or to get hints but only play for 30 seconds to watch a minute ad? Atrocious. Dont waste your time. There are PLENTY of other similar apps to play!!!!!! There is not a single chance this app got a 4.7 rating. They must be creating their own reviews! UPDATE: your generic response is barely laughable. Here we have apps with no ads or ads after a level. Our review stands, to play for barely 30 seconds to watch an ad is disgraceful. How anyone plays is beyond us! Greedy developers once again!!!!!!!

Its fun. But way too many ads for the free version. We started having ads every 60 seconds.

Happy to stumble upon this app the other day. We’ve been playing scavenger hunt, happy find and other similar apps for a long time now, so it was refreshing to find this one with already so many levels created! The similarities are dead on to the others, but this app over the others seems to be the most invested in generating user experience, so thank you for that! As for the ads, turn your cellular and Wi-Fi data off for the app and only turn them on as needed for purchase, daily challenges, etc. Then turn it back off, close the app and re-open with no data connection and all the ads go away until you turn them on again its a way around paying for no ads. So far very happy with what we’ve experienced we did pay for the nomads on our cell phone just because we know Ill be on this app a lot, so long as they keep up with creating new levels and content!

This game is awesome! It’s compulsive. Our favorite part of the hidden object games is the graphics. Every time a new map is released, we become so excited! It will develop our thinking and observation, and make us more focused on the details in daily life!

This game is awesome! It’s compulsive. Our favorite part of the hidden object games is the graphics. Every time a new map is released, we become so excited! It will develop our thinking and observation, and make us more focused on the details in daily life!

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