Hit Guys

Last updated on January 12th, 2023 at 05:10 pm

Hit Guys

Hit Guys

Hit Guys is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Hit Guys is a Action game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 3rd February 2021 with the latest update 7th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hit Guys ?

17,796 people have rated 1.9.0

What is the price of the Hit Guys ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hit Guys released ?

Hit Guys was released on 3rd February 2021.

When was the Hit Guys updated ?

The latest updated date of Hit Guys on 7th March 2022.

Where can Hit Guys be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hit Guys from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready for a thrilling action?

Try to find your target on the street and finish him/her.

Be careful, try not to hurt innocent people. Have fun!

Updated on 7th March 2022

  • Minor bug fixes

Hit Guys Review

Very fun game we had tons of fun playing this.

Its a good game but we would love if you guys added an open world mode in the game.

Most of the people you kill are women. Just saying.

Holy sht waaay to many ads after every 5 second mission theres an ad bout to delete.

The only good car, the truck, is invisible and you cant even see it.

We LOST ALL MY PROGRESS we WAS LEVLE 100 spent a lot of time playing when we went to play we lost all our progress FIX UR GAME.

You sit a guy heres an ad you finished a level ad just stop with the ads man its greedy.

Words cannot describe how much we love this game it has such a nice UI its so satisfying just to do the stuff you do in this game of course its illegal irl but we just love the game.

Why cant we customize our vehicles paint? Why cant we customize our characters? Why is the blood quality so bad? Why do the targets all look the same?

Game play is unoriginal, its clear the game was built solely to throw click bait at you for revenue. Literally an ad between every level and levels take 10 seconds to beat. Not with the ads at all.

Every time we start up the game it takes 3 years on a black screen and then crashes please fix this.

We played it once it crashed and now it wont even reload really stupid.

Having fun killing people in our Dodge Dart.

Fun game to play on road trips.

This is good cookies good game.

When its loading it just sends us to our home screen.

Plays an ad every other level and opens the app store without your permission about half the time. No option to remove ads. Would give it 0/5 stars if we could.

Seriously ??? Non stop commercials.

Game crashes or never loads on iPhone 7. And when the game does load it’s laggy.

Would be fun if it wasnt a ad to sit through after every level.

This game is super fun but every time when you are done with the mission there is ads on ads pls remove ads.

It a great game, just need to fix the mini gun level with the dump truck. The people on the far left cant be hit due to no screen movement, other than that it a great game.

It is a good game but it would be good if thay added more guns and more blood thank you:)

On day 4 give us the offer for the RPG it doesnt even let us get rid of the offer and if we try to get the RPG doesnt even let us clans RPG so we have to swipe the game away and getting called back in but it doesnt let us back in for some reason and we dont know why we have tried it over 50 times and it does not let us get in the game anymore.

We were play some hit guys and we finally got to a good gun and we got to the RPG thing and we glitched so we couldnt play so we exited the game and went back in and all we see is a back ground sorry but if the creators see this plz try to fix this.

Its a good game but we lost our data 2 times Im just done with this game fix it and give us our data back.

The game is very fun when u first get it but once u play for awhile you run out of things to do like u unlock every weapon then its just repeating the same stuff over and over again if you were to add more weapons to the game where it will last longer will be greatly appreciated.

Ruined by what we call "predatory Ads". Sure you can skip 10 seconds through, but you cannot skip the ad without it sending you to the App Store. We would have paid money to remove ads. It literally ruined our experience. Honestly not that bad. It’s what you’d expect from a game like this. Quick repetitive levels with options to watch an ad to increase your money earned. It has lots of potential. It really was fun. We purposely wanted to leave a review to show that we would have enjoyed this game if it was not ruined by the terrible and consistent ads.


Great game we’ve been playing for an hour and its awesome but no sound we want to here this Russian dude say u can run but u cant hide rpg is our favorite gun can u add better weapon skins please.

As expected coming from a Hitman game, the general concept of the game is extremely repetitive. When first introduced to the game the general concept seems interesting as you work your way up to purchase new weapons and vehicles, but eventually once youre almost fully progressed, its the same missions repetitively, and even at some point the game practically just gives you weapons and vehicles for free. If youre just bored or youre a child then Id recommend this game for you, otherwise Id rather not recommend this mediocre game to anyone besides the mentioned criteria.

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