Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 05:45 pm

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Altigi GmbH, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th October 2017 with the latest update 16th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Big Farm: Mobile Harvest ?

31,956 people have rated 10.40.30735

What is the price of the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest released ?

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest was released on 25th October 2017.

When was the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest updated ?

The latest updated date of Big Farm: Mobile Harvest on 16th May 2023.

Where can Big Farm: Mobile Harvest be downloaded ?

You can download the game Big Farm: Mobile Harvest from Apple Official App Store.



Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a free farm simulator game that you can play online with friends, family, and farmers around the world. Build your own community and have fun creating the farm life of your dreams.

*Farm with friends: Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a free farming simulator online game that lets you join up with your friends and create a beautiful farm village of your very own.

*Farming simulator experience: Build your farm and plant, grow and harvest your favorite fruits and vegetables.

*All done with your farm chores? Time to look after your animal friends: A good farmer keeps their four-legged friends happy. Have fun caring for cows, goats, chickens, horses, pigs, and many other cuddly companions.

*Farm, harvest, and trade: Did you harvest extra corn but need some strawberries? In the market, you can make trades to help your farming village prosper.

*More than a farming simulator game – it’s a community: Meet, chat, discuss, and complete joint quests with farmers worldwide.

*Build the number one farm: Starting with nothing but raw seeds, you’ll use all your farming skills to grow your crops until they’re ready to be sold at the market.

*Farm your way: Grow hay on your farm. Harvest organic foods and farm-fresh goods, all from your farm village.

*Build your dream farm: Add vintage buildings, windmills, and decorations to create the farm of your dreams.

*Plenty of options: Choose what you want to grow! From tropical fruits to organic vegetables, your farm village is sure to set new trends in the market.

*Manage your farm village: Distribute your crops after each planting cycle, sow seeds, water your plants, feed your animals, make clever deals in the farm marketplace, and collect rewards.

*Farming adventures: Participate in events and farming quests to find missing items that will improve your farm.

*Relax on your farm: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy life on your very own farm! Take a break and enjoy some sun and relaxation.

*Farming with your family: Invite your family and enjoy farming together in the peaceful countryside.

*Learn from farmers worldwide: Join the Big Farm community and meet farmers from all over the world. Learn about their farming methods to keep your farm village prosperous.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest game is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. This game requires an internet connection. Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Imprint:

Updated on 16th May 2023

Howdy farmers!

It’s time to play for a good cause!


  • New Minigame – Enjoy our brand new charity minigame. Navigate a cute toad through the rainforest in order to win amazing rewards. From May 25th on, it’s my little Toad, hop, hop!
  • New Bestseller Shop Package – Discover our new package for missing premium buildings

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Happy farming!

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Review

We discovered this game recently and as we love farming games we decided to try it out. Let us say the positives first. It is fun and challenging. There is room for a lot of growth and we understand that takes time which is not a problem. The negatives, it takes a long time for each update and for some of the produce. It seems to cost a lot to upgrade. Just our thoughts as of now.

This was an ad for a gift card for an online shopping store and we had to download and play up til level twenty to receive rewards and discounts.

Theres too much going on- its distracting and frustrating. Why do we need 6 different kinds of seed? Or fertilizer? Or seeds? The idea that this is a town game over a farm game is incorrect. Its neither really And constantly, CONSTANTLY popping up ads for sales. Exclamation marks bouncing everywhere enticing you to clicking on them thinking its a reward but no- its a showcase for yet another sale of goods or gold. Im ok with making in-app purchases. But as a seasoned app user this is just greedy and tacky. We’ve put a month in to this game but giving up because its too complicated and Im tired of being accosted for our money- no longer fun, its just annoying.

Nice! Interisting game, you can do all sort of stuff in here, very entertaining.

Im only playing to get masters royal.

Great game so much fun with our kids for hours. The babysitter loved it and our brother jacked off to the one girl. So much fun planting seeds and growing chickens. Totolly recommended by us and really makes us feel like Im in a real farm and our mom was so proud when we made it to level 10.

Hard to figure out what needs to be done and how to play..

For the last year our game just stops and kicks us out randomly. So aggravating. And with each update we rarely if ever see bug fixes. Now our game isnt even loading.

We love the game but there are SO MANY errors that occur and things the game wont let us do because of the error messages or the game simply wont open. Even more frustrating because we spent our MONEY on the game /: we wish the creators were more open to criticism and would answer our messages we sent through the game. Just bummed. ):

App developers have ruined this gaming experience, if you dont want to be pushed into paying $100s and told how to play, look elsewhere.

Tech support is poor. Went to website and unable to get our problem resolved. The game would actually load and then go off. Had all updates done, both on our phone and the game, and even shutdown and after rebooting we still couldnt open the game. Even tried opening on our iPad and it still did the same thing; so thinking it was on the game builders end. ??? Causing a lot of problems not able to work out the status of our game placement and in a co-op where you can get kicked off if you are not in the game to help with projects that have to be completed within a certain time period.

We really like playing this game but can no longer get it to open. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting our phone but nothing works.

Too many ads and the game forces you to plow through them just to do normal game play. We played for months but now game wont load anymore. Gonna delete as it became no fun with the ads and poor performance.

The game keeps crashing at 95% but on an iPhone 11.

We enjoy playing the game which is why we gave it four stars. But since installing IOS 15.1, we’ve had multiple crashes daily. And it happens at different times within the game. We can log back in easily enough but this is annoying. Please fix what ever is ailing this game.

We love this game and play it everyday. But now it only loads to 54% and stops. We miss not playing it.

How do we cancel a subscription on this game.

This is way better and more realistic version of hayday yall should try it.

We love this game its so fun and addictive.

We dont mind knowing what we are paying for a game. But we wont be nickel and dimes. Id rather pay 60 for a full triple A than several hundred for. What this is.

We like playing the game but wish expanding the farm land did not require so much gold or Levels/dollars. Id like to be able to put more items on the land but do not have the room. Also we would like to see the farm items not be spaced per grid spaces. It would be nicer to move buildings and land items closer together and allow more area for other items, build the farm up.

Been playing for several months now, great gameplay and cute art style! We do recommend finding an active co-op, our experience got so much better with that. The only issue we have is our game sometimes crashes randomly but its kept all our progress so we cant complain that much.

We always love to play it everyday but can you add tomatos and potatoes to the game.

We absolutely love the computer version of this game , but we were pretty annoyed when your progress on computer and mobile isnt the same even with the connected accounts. Aside from that good game but to pay to win.

You from mexico am WAT no ingls.

This game demands constant watching of ads that are often hard to get out of. It demands real world money if you want to expand your farm. It CONSTANTLY crashes!! With all of the money and constant ads, you could at least make this a smooth game to play. There are always glitches!! We’re ready to give up. We enjoy our co-op friends and that’s the only reason we haven’t already! We think some greed has factored in to the administration of this game. We know we’re not the only one who has these sentiments. We will not pay anymore money to play this game and will leave as soon as we have run out of what we’ve already purchased if things do not improve. Done with this!!!

The upgrades are constant, using gold coins but income in dollar bills which is worth less. Upgrades also uses building materials which is slow in being awarded but requires a lot of materials. Not impressed. We agree with green eyed monster and youve gotten too greedy.

Totally disappointed lately. Trying to complete tasks. But game wont load and on other days it just kicks you out. Barnacles train is still not giving the rewards for filling the required amount of cars per line.

We think we are finally going to say good bye to this game. It was fun when we first got it, and we found a co-op we enjoy being part of. However, we have hit a point where we need a lot of the random building material (mallets) in order to go any further on almost all of our buildings and fields. We dont mind spending a little real money for a game, but this would take big bucks. Im trying to earn the items just naturally through the game, but it is taking forever. Also, we get kicked off the game constantly. We will be in the middle of a task and the game just shuts off and we have to restart it, and we rarely get back to the task we were doing prior to the shut down. It just continues to get frustrating. We keep hanging on because we have invested in it, but we think we are just done. We wouldnt necessarily recommend this game.

The game was pretty good we invested our time in it got 2 level 15 was gonna login & it said our account was banned tried 2 reinstalling it same thing so we dont know what happened but we ended up deleting it.

We love this game we love how you can farm your own crops and interact with people to make your co-op more successful but something we wish the developers could work on is having an option where you could have co-ops that could be specialized in cheating and role play or world chats like 02001 02002 02003 02004 02005 and each chat could have its own Purpose for example 02005 could be for role play only 02001 could be for questions about the game ext so we hope you can do this thanks for making the game !

Honestly the rewards are great for every job completed. However, why is it so hard to find the seeds of every plant?! When you grow them theres literally no seeds left & you have to purchase more seeds. How come the plants we plant, cant be used to plant more plants? Or how come its so hard to purchase any of the plants seeds?! Not only are the seeds kind of hard to get but every single plant based items are also hard to get. Also, some of the plants take forever to grow. Yes, there are boosters for plants to grow faster &/or grow more but those are also difficult to obtain. This game is honestly kind of boring, seeing as to how frustrating it can be. Please change these !

We’ve been playing this game for years – through all the crappy updates and annoying ideas because we really enjoy it and we’ve never had a particularly egregious problem. Until now. We received a receipt from Apple this week for a purchase we did not make in the game – it had to be an error. We requested and was granted a refund but upon return to the app our account was banned. We reached out to the support team to no response and we can only assume we were banned for requesting our money be returned after it was taken in error! We are beyond disappointed in the developers choices and the fact that they apparently value $4.99USD over users that have invested 5+ years in their game. Ill never play another game made by these people ever again.

Im just here from a human verification thingy soo Ill just take our leave and give yall 5 stars..

Every few days the game has an update and something new doesnt work. Fix the glitches you have already before you add new things.

Update 9/21/21- the new game update is messed up. The side icons are now not on the edge of the screen but further in, giving less usable screen space to play the game. Our adventure farm tasks went nuts and started from scratch again. Some icons we try to tap on and nothing even happens. This is a high quality farming game and the various components connect well together. We’ve been playing daily for about 4 months now. It fits in well with a busy lifestyle, where you can hop in and get some things going and then come back later to harvest/collect and get another batch going. Only downside is the fish. Small fish get you 1 fillet when you fry them. Something like 50lb+ gets you 2. But regardless if your fish that you caugh is 70lb or 700lb? You max out at 2 fillets when fried. Bigger fish should continue to give you higher number of fillets. Current setup makes fish an afterthought. Co-op fish fillet collection is near impossible this way also.

We love playing this game, but we think its ridiculous how expensive it is to expand your land. For heaven sakes this is a game. Everything else is already so expensive; we dont think buying land should also be this costly. Its takes the fun out of the game. All these competitions with no way of actually being able to have happy workers, because we cant afford to expand our land. Come on developers.

This game over charged us 5 times!! We were sitting there playing and it kept saying payment successful over and over. We checked our bank and sure enough, 5 times!! We’ve emailed everyone, apple, good game studios. We were on the phone with apple for an hour. All they would do is refund ONE purchase. So we said screw it and kept playing the game. As soon as we made an actual purchase they banned our account. We were told it was banned because we requested a refund and then made a purchase. They also said normal people dont do that. So we reached out again saying we want our account un-banned and we were told they will un-ban our account when we return the money they refunded us. We had the game for a WEEK and was out almost $70. 10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND. Horrible customer service and same with apple. Horrible!

This game keeps upgrading for more additions to the game but does nothing for the glitches they already have. This newest update with a Tree of Life seems hurtful to those with religious beliefs. We will not take part of anything that has to do with the tree. The tournaments seem to rids as well. We’ve been playing this game for over a year and at one point we were ready to delete it but we chose to create our own co-op instead. Now we may want to consider deleting the app all together.

This game is designed for retired women who sit around all day and chat with their co-op friends. Boring, full of bugs, and a rip-off!!!

Just started playing about 50 days ago and noticed that we waste a ton of time waiting for the game to reboot. Yesterday was especially bad. Every time we switched activities, it crashed. The bee tournament, while fun, causes crashes.

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