Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin

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Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin

Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin

Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th November 2020 with the latest update 21st July 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin ?

97,734 people have rated 1.6.4

What is the price of the Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin released ?

Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin was released on 11th November 2020.

When was the Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin updated ?

The latest updated date of Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin on 21st July 2021.

Where can Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin from Apple Official App Store.



It’s time to get the knives out!

Do you like action spy movies? Do you like to silently defeat rivals? Then challenge yourself in an epic Hit Master 3D game! Here you must prove that you are the best and most accurate spy of all! Once you’re ambushed, you are attacked by a huge crowd of enemies, and all you have is a lot of knives! Throw knives, defeat rivals one by one and beat ‘em all to survive!

The game has a lot of interactive items. If you don’t like to defeat enemies one by one silently and slowly, you can throw a knife into an exploding barrel, and defeat a crowd of enemies in one blow! Also, there are various boxes scattered everywhere – break them to slow down your enemies!

What is more, you will save hostages on your way to win! Save everyone and get to the helicopter – become the ultimate hero!

Remember, there are many enemies, all of different sizes, and they won’t attack alone in a polite manner – they attack at once! Each of them is armed with baseball bats or huge spanners! But it’s not a problem for you, right? It will hardly scare the best secret agent!


  • Action-packed game
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Many difficult tasks requiring accuracy & quick reflexes
  • Intuitive controls
  • Simple interface

Hit Master 3D is a completely free game! So what are you waiting for? The world needs you, agent! Download now and start your adventure!

Updated on 21st July 2021

Improvements and bug fixes.

Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin Review

Why is this is rated 12+ it should be rated 17+ bc it has killing.

We love this game so much fun and add new levels and make it harder.

This is one of the best games ever we would play it any day!

One question why is level 200 so easy to beat.

We really like it. We ask that you put some blood in it. We will download a bunch of your other games. And we will give them five stars. Please!

This game is about hitting and thats fun.

Its the funniest and coolest game on the internet and planet.

Can you please make a sans master game if you dont know what it is look it up.

Its a good game but it has a bug and youre screen isnt in the right place but try it out!

This game is fun but the ads ruin it.

Such a fun game !!! We play it everyday lol! Even our boyfriend plays it !!!

Love the game just needs to get harder , to easy but love fighting games .

Es un juego muy divertido adems que te relaja mucho as que us parece excelente.

It starts off fun but you earn money and we dont know what you can spend it on. We want more of a challenge and there are way to many ads to where Ill stop playing for a while. Its a fun game but keep it fun.

This is a very fun game we recommend it!

We think that instead of just having hands that throw the weapons we think the game will be better if you can use a skin and we think it should be customizable.

The faces they make when you save them are super annoying, especially when they say lets go.

Like we would rather play a yandere sim game then this but its fine.

Its a great way to pass time. We personally bought the no adds. But needs to be harder more difficulty levels whatever else or even maybe objectives each level cause it looses its appeal pretty quick.

If this doesnt make any sense we can tell u how it does make sense. First, its a little too easy and a pretty popular like Subway Surfers. And their both offline games. Second, there needs more sfs, traps and more. Last can there be a little more maps bec im been on the city and on the platforms long enough. It may be a little off topic but this is why u guys have to auto update ur game.

We love the game but we would like the setting to not have ads because we have all of our games except one with ads. But we really enjoy it.

It was fun for the first fifteen minutes. Then it has the same mechanics, it talks for ever for anything new. But we do like the wide selection of weapons.

First let us say we do enjoy playing the is game. Its a fun and addictive time waster with good game mechanics and easy controls. Our cons are that there is no progression in difficulty, its the same levels and bosses over and over. There is no challenge. And secondly, what is the purpose of collecting points/money? You cant use it to buy anything. It would be nice if you could upgrade weapons, maybe buy a rocket launcher or other weapons with the money. Anyway, thanks for a fun game.

Fun and a passes the time. Until you get past stage 10, then you realize its all the same. Needs more variation.

This game is so bad. It makes you throw knifes at people! Why do you let kids play this!!!!!! Just DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME jk havent played yet.

Could be a fun little game. Have fun watching 30+ second adverts. Because thats all youll see on your screen.

Honestly, this game isnt very fun. It struggles with keeping us captivated and we are very easliy entertained. Unless your 3, you most likely wont find this game interesting.

Too many ads , dont download this.

In order to advance and get your prizes for passing a level, you have to watch at least one ad. And no, Im not paying $7.00 dollars a week to get rid of ads.

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