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Homescapes is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PLR Worldwide Sales Limited, Homescapes is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th September 2017 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,493,120 people have rated 5.3.3

You can download the game Homescapes from APP STORE.


Welcome to Homescapes, the most heartwarming game from Playrix’s Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. Exciting adventures start at the doorstep!

Beat colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking ever more chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home!

The game features:

● Unique gameplay: help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces!
● Interior design: you decide what the house will look like.
● Exciting match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations!
● A huge, beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it holds!
● Fantastic characters: watch them live their lives and interact with each other in the in-game social network.
● A cute pet: meet а naughty and fluffy cat.
● Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house!

Homescapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

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Updated on 29th April 2022

What’s new:

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Please update the game to the latest version.

Exciting new events and a new chapter in the main story!


  • Save Emma’s wedding!
  • Become a real stylist! The bride’s makeup, hair, and outfit are in your hands!
  • Beat levels and decorate the wedding venue!


  • Help William join the Knight Club
  • Decorate the yard with medieval decorations!
  • Collect them all to get a unique decoration—the Knight’s Castle.


  • Woolly Season! Beat levels to win prizes. Activate the Golden Ticket to get an adorable pet lamb!
  • The Postal Frenzy, Citrus Garden, and Prize Wheel cascade events! Complete tasks in match-3 levels to get amazing prizes!
  • A new chapter in the main story! Help Betty improve her smart home and meet a robot butler!

Homescapes Review

It is a very fun game to play for kids and adults. It is good for long car rides and other things. We love playing this game so much.

You could be a little more friendly with the coins and stars. We mean like you charge 900 coins just for 5 extra moves yet when you win a level you only give out like 50 .

Can you please make the tournaments an option so if you dont want to compete you can just continue playing to get stars and stuff.

We really like playing this game. Our husband gets mad at us for the time we like to enjoy playing this game.

So, yes, the game Homescapes is an excellent game, but we have some suggestions to make the game even better. So there are hard levels – The purple ones – and the super hard ones. (The red ones.) we suggest to add a Skip button so people dont get frustrated and offload the game. When the downloaders of the game get too frustrated, they again may offload the game. We also suggest to make the levels easier, so less people offload the game; as we said earlier. If the developers read this, please consider to add these upgrades to the game. Thank you in advance.

We love this game to much to explain.

Love the game but you should earn more coins. We feel forced to purchase the packages. It would be awesome if the unused boosters left on a game that has been won should be able to be kept. Especially since it costs so much to buy them. Even if we could earn a few would be helpful (because sometimes theres a lot of unused boosters left) The boosters are expensive You only get 3 for like 1500 coins and we honestly dont think its fair especially since you only earn maybe 100 coins when a level has been won. Cool game but sometimes we feel like Im being robbed to play it.

This is a fun game, great for killing time. We really hate the tournaments during which you dont earn stars though. We wont play during the tournaments!

We downloaded this game because we kept getting ads for it with every game we play so we finally decided to bite the bullet and download it. We actually began enjoying it within the first few levels. The games were easy and quick. We like the mini games where you have to move the pins and figure out how to move the little butler guy without messing up and having to retry. Our only complaint so far is that the games have become increasingly more difficult to pass without spending coins to get more moves. They expect you to get like lets say for an example, 80 pieces of carpet and 40 pieces of blue blocks but yet you only have 20 or so moves. The power ups you use like bombs or paper airplanes count as a move so you cant even use them to get the last pieces you need without it getting rid of your moves so you have to buy more moves with your coins. Im stuck on a level right now because of this. We had to buy a $15 pack of coins and power ups because of how difficult the levels are. We only got 11,000 coins and we’ve already blew through 85% of them. We have 3,000 left but we cant spend them because they want you to spend an outrageous amount to get more moves. It asks you for 900, then 1200, itll probably then ask you for 3000 after but we havent gotten that far to need that many more moves thankfully. We just wish they would make it a little less expensive to get more moves so we could get some. Like at least ask for 200 every 5 moves given. Not thousands of coins. Im tempted to uninstall but we just spent money so we dont want to have it gone to waste. But we are going to take a break because of this.

Love this game, but hate the tournaments. We like to be able to gain points to finish the build. Since the tournaments have started we have stop playing and enjoying the game. We dont even buy the special packages anymore.

Addicting and fun game! We would give it 5 stars but there are downfalls to this game. Almost everytime you get the extra boosters in the game it will start a dialogue of some kind so you lose 10 seconds to up to a minute of your booster time. Also you honestly dont get a ton of coins for every level you beat and then you have to use too many coins to get extra moves at the end.

The game still need improvement we cant control the boosters !!!

We enjoy this game a lot. The only thing that feels out of integrity is that when you win so-called free time for certain features (like bombs, disco balls, etc), the game sometimes forces you to read through the character dialogue and takes its dear sweet time to give you a small award while its wasting the free award time it supposedly gave you. We dont mind if the game wants us to check out its dialogue, just pause our free features time of you give it to us.

We love the game but we with there was a way to buy just one move for those levels that you just need one more friggin move! Youre so close and then you have to spend 900 coins for just one move. We think there should be a cheaper option for fewer moves.

We like the game but it isnt exactly what it shows in the commercial.

We cant get past level 24 how do you do it we have been stuck on it for 2 weeks about other wise we love it but when do you get to have the kitchen we really only have the entree way spot and his bedroom.

We love the game and the updates. We are wondering about the lamb update what happened to the yellow dog in the past update? Also did we just purchased a yellow do and a lamb but not able to change back and forth from lamb to dog?

Its fun to follow along the story, but the stupid puzzles get in the way. Its getting more and more difficult to solve them and we cant progress in the story. We would love the game SO much more if it werent for the puzzles being so difficult.

It was a pretty good game but their was no escaping puzzles that is it.

The game is fun but way too many difficult levels. Im on level 256 but as soon as our run out Im done. The difficult levels take hours to get through. When it seems like its a lost cause the game automatically gives you a bunch of bombs or whatever you need to get through. Im playing the game cause we like the design aspect of the game. You have to win 1-3 points to be able to continue. That means you have to win another 1-3 games. Im playing another similar game called Matchington Mansion and Im on level 756. Its a lot more fun. Also, you should have a choice on when to use your helps. On a game where the start is a very small small if you use your helps (bombs etc) theyre not at all helpful and a waste. You should have the choice during the game to use the helps. Not playing after exhausting all of our purchased time Im done.

We dont know who likes this update but we surely dont, its made us loose levels left and right due to any accidental touch with it being super sensitive. We still enjoy them game just not as much, definitely hope they get rid of it and return to the double tap method.

So we downloaded this game after getting tons of adds and we liked it until we got to the certain level where same with another person we had to get 80 and only 10 turns which we dont think is very fair because it seems impossible in that case we feel like you are probably trying to get people to buy your stuff and our parent guardian refuses to purchase it so we will have to delete a game from our device but we just want you to know that maybe you should fix that because you may lose a lot of players from it.. So its really great game but Im only gonna give it three stars because of that situation that makes us very upset.

We love this game. We play it almost every night. What we cant stand is that you cant choose when to use your infinite life bonus. Thats why we only play at night. We’ve been burned by picking up our phone during the day for a quick game or two and now we have an hours worth of lives wasted. Then you guys come along and make the power ups one touch?! We’ve wasted so many power ups the last few days because you cant put your finger down and then CHANGE YOUR MIND. We dont like this feature at all.

But sometimes it seems to slow to win and make the changes to home and garden. We like it but get boring after a while.

One click booster is a bad idea! And some bugs too.

We love this game and have played it on and off over the years for a pretty long time. We used to love the events and all the decorations Id get for our front yard. We were able to put out all the Easter decorations we had this year. It seems that there havent been any events like that. There seem to be small things here and there but only if you pay $5 for each event and the like 3 decorations you get hardly seem worth. We still love the story and decorating the house but we really miss those big events.

This game is a blast but it doesnt keep memory well.

We dont know if users are aware, but developers drastically (sometimes by as many as half) reduced the number of moves you have at each level in the past few months. There can only be one reason for this; people werent spending enough money. We have never and will never spend money to win a level. If everyone refused to buy power-ups, this evil plot would be thwarted. We like to win a level by skill or by trying different approaches until we find the effective one. Now, we know Im just waiting on the game to conveniently award us the tools to win a level, because otherwise many levels are now impossible. Developers tell you no level is impossible; translation – you cant win it until we gift you the tools or until you spend money. No one likes to play a game when even the easy levels take a day or two to beat, and when the hard levels are impossible without your gifts. Also, it is extremely infuriating to realize other people played these impossible levels less than a year ago with twice as many moves! We know you are a business, and some people will pay for power-ups anyway, but making the game no fun to try and manipulate people to spend money isnt any way to conduct business. In our case, it makes us more determined to never spend a dime. We miss playing Homescapes before the developers screwed with our number of moves. Please put it back like it was. Update: we only play now because we already have so much time invested. The game isnt fun at all any more, even when we win.

This game can help you waste as much time as you want but the physics need to be updated. If more than one explosion happens near an object you only get the effect of one same goes for rockets. The kites also go to objects that dont help you win the game.

It was super fun at the beginning but we got stuck on a level for days so we contacted costumer support and they did not help at all.

We like this game but they make it impossible to complete the special tasks, unless you spend money. Still most of them cant be completed.

We downloaded this game thinking there would be problems to solve by pulling and pushing things. But this game is basically Candy Crush. The ad for it is a scam and people shouldnt play this game!!!

Its now reached a point that after every 2-3 wins we get hard level that take 2 days to get through unless you pay for stuff.

Used to love this game. Deleted their other app (Gardenscapes) because of the constant pop ups. Now Homescapes forces you to play side games like makeovers. You cant skip or back out of it. Just let people play the game they downloaded. If you get a power up reward, youll inevitably end up spending most of that free time trying to skip dialogue or trying to get through so many pop ups, youll never get to use the free time.

We hate the that we cant blend the power ups no more makes the game so unfair to play now and we really loved playing.

Contact support was unhelpful did not respond.

Whoever thought up the one touch power up needs to be let go. This is the worse. Guess Ill have to find a new game to play.

We have been playing this game for a long time and spent tons on money on it. Sadly, we cant play it anymore. Im at a level where we have to get 2 wild ball and plane combos in order to win the level. Since you changed to the power up activating on one touch, Ill never be able to get the combo to win the level. Please go back to how it used to be.

Such an addicting and fun game to play. Keeps our mind going and stimulated However!!!! This is our second time losing our progress for no apparent reason. And although we logged in and saved our progress through our Facebook account we lost everything again. Such a waste of time and hard work.

So we know this game is rigged against the players because how else will they get you to make all those in-app purchases? But theres a new update that lets you tap once to activate power ups which means now you cant use two power ups together which used to be an advantage. Making it impossible to win seems stupid and feels like the point we stop spending $50-$100 on a game.

This game does cheat you out off wins it will move a piece th3 opposite way you want . Once you spend money you always have too in order to win a level . We got fed up . So we dont play anymore.

We’ve played this game regularly for years, which includes making purchases to buy coins. We discovered that the game glitched when over a series of purchases we made, charging us multiple times. We refuted the charges in good faith, and then we were informed in-game that our account was flagged and we were kicked out of our team. We emailed Support, as directed, and we never received a response. Im disappointed.

We like the game, but we’ve just noticed that Austin when you keep your kite streak and break it, he says "That was a great!" so please fix these spelling errors.