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Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World! Developed by the innovative team at Sulake Corporation Oy, this Role Playing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 17+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 29th November 2016, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 4th August 2023.

Are you a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games? Then Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

Over 51,551 players have rated Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World Cost?

Good news! You can download Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World on your iOS device absolutely free!

Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World Release Date

Eager to know when Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World first graced the App Store? It was launched on 29th November 2016.

When Was Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World Last Updated?

The latest version of Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World was updated on 4th August 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World?

To get started with Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

Create your 3D avatar and jump into this exciting Metaverse Virtual World! Will you become a charismatic Social Butterfly, a Style Icon, or perhaps the Ultimate Home Decorista? The choice is yours!

Enter the world of Hotel Hideaway: a social online 3D role-playing game full of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. The Hotel is a lively and vibrant world full to the brim with social adventures and fun activities!

Dress to impress and stand out from the crowd with an abundance of stylish clothing, items and accessories. Customize your room with a variety of furniture items and decorations. Learn secret gestures and dance moves – and then party into the early hours inside unique public rooms!


  • Customize your character down to the smallest detail, with a huge array of clothing, accessories, hairstyles, jewels, face items and even tattoos!
  • Reflect your own personal style in your avatar, or go overboard with outrageous costumes. The outfit combinations are endless!
  • Express yourself, your style, and your mood by creating your own outfits from hundreds of different clothing items and colors.
  • From formal to casual, streetwear to fantasy, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.
  • New exciting items are released every week!


  • Design and customize your own hotel room with a wide selection of furniture items and decorations!
  • Turn your room into an epic house party haven for you and your friends, or a private place for rest and relaxation far away from the bustling hallways and public rooms of the Hotel.
  • Place every item and choose the color scheme to best fit your own dream room design.
  • New furniture items are released regularly!


  • Chat with other guests and form tribes. Making new friends and influencing others is the only way to become the most popular guest!
  • Gather your friends and form your own Group. Complete objectives and daily tasks, and compete with other Groups to earn exclusive rewards.
  • Explore the Hotel with other guests and discover hidden secrets.
  • Hangout with your friends!
  • Show off your sense of style and become an icon among your companions!


  • Hotel Hideaway is a 3D metaverse where you can become who you’ve always wanted to be.
  • Chat live and meet with other people from around the world.
  • Visit unique locations and explore what the Hotel has to offer. Relax in the spa, party at the beach or hang out in the many other public rooms with your friends!
  • Be the center of attention with stylish clothing items and outrageous outfits.
  • Take part in themed seasonal events; there’s new things to see and do in the Hotel every month.


Lounge out and party with your friends at the Love Island Villa, a special public room created in collaboration with the Love Island TV series!

Attend regularly held concerts and performances by real world artists and performers in the Hotel’s unique Concert Venue – a special public room open only during these special occasions! Who knows, maybe your favorite artist will make an appearance! Keep an eye on our Socials to stay up-to-date on the schedule.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the unique world of Hotel Hideaway NOW and leave your mark!

Please note that Hotel Hideaway is for ages 17+.


What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World updated on 4th August 2023:

Patch Notes 3.45.1

Bug fixes and improvements.

User Reviews on Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World below:

Its good but something is wrong with our notifs like we tried everything but we can only get notices for the crates and things of that nature and not messages, is there maybe an update we missed?

We love to play Hotel Hideaway, we go onto the game every day and we think its amazing. One thing that we believe will improve the game is to make it so you can buy lost and found tokens just like you can buy tickets in the tailor of fortune.

Very fun game, includes a lot of detail and fun clothes.

This game is amazing, you should add competitions that go one on one and have it were is only you against other solo people trying to get to the top of the leaderboard! Also you should add a princess shop were there is lots of corsets and shoes you can bye. Also a bunch of hairs and vintage skirts :) Yes another recommendation, you should separate the socks and shoes so you can wear different pairs of socks with other shoes or no socks at all!

We play this game every single day. We love it am.

We remember playing this game and being ADDICTED it was so fun!

Hello to whoever reading this BEST NOTE we should tell you how D@mn fun it is!!! Its like Roblox BUT MORE FUN Let us tell you WHEN YOU DELETE THE HH GAME AND YOU ADD IT AGAIN YOU STILL HAVE UR GAME ACCOUNT theres more fun! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? PLAY IT NOW!!!

Dear hotel hideaway we would like you to make to new clothes that are popular and that someone would wear in real life Id also like to propose the gift clothes to other friends/people you have added also add wheelchairs!!! Please and thank you.

This app is wonderful we also want to say that u should add cat ears and a maid fit for all the trollers and can u make VIP with the hidaway money?

There is an option to use third party websites to earn diamonds. We’ve done some of them but Im not getting any diamonds. This better not be a scam to steal our information.

Hello we have lost our account that was connected to the Game Center and we really need it cause we had lots of friends and if there is anyway to get it back we need to know.


We were playing this game for a long time with game center and now it wont let us back into our account and we have start a new one.

We too now cannot have access to our account thanks to hotel hideaway. DO NOT spend money or waste your time playing the customer service is horrid.

Hi! We love your game and the designs are amazing! The only problem we have ( Isnt a BIG problem ) is no email option. This is a small problem for us because one day, we were coming home and there was this street with no light and it was a wide street. When our friend and we ran across the street, we put our hands in our pocket ( one big pocket in the front ) then we started to panic because our phone was in the street but we didnt notice. Our friend then spotted it out where it was. Someone went out to get our phone. Our phone was COMPLETELY destroyed. A few months later, we got a mew device! We now downloaded this game but we saw no option about Gmail sadly. Im asking if you can add a Gmail option bc we were at lvl 50. We would highly appreciate it if you could. Sorry for the long story we just wanted to give context on why the game needs to have a Gmail option. Im asking for a Gmail option because Im on a way different device/different company and we dont know if the options are different for some devices.

This is not for a review Im trying to report someone that is underage by the user Miya #192493.

We like this game, but we think it has a lot of potential to make it even more exciting,

Pretty good game, but sometimes it would be fun if there were more task to earn more spins or coins, just our opinion though.

We’ve been a member of this game since 2018. Ofc we were a little under the recommended age, but we didnt know better. We didnt see any bad people while we were young. Its 2023, meaning we’ve been playing this game for 6 years. We love it! We’ve made friends on this app. You can dress ur avatar up to match ur style, & even look exactly like you. Many hair styles, colors, accessories, n clothing.

THE GAME IS GREAT AND SUPER CUTE, but we think a lot more paired emotes and overall emotes should be added, and THE ABILITY TO GIFT ITEMS TO OTHERS, AND SWITCHABLE ANIMATION PACKAGES other than just the idle animation, but also the way you run and walk etc. (also possibly a one time ability to change the gender of your character)

You worked so hard on the game and its the best.

Our real rating is a 3. It lowered down to this because the game is now acting up! When we joined the game, it didnt show up our avatar and was glitching really bad. When we powered our device off, we could still hear the music too. We tried 1 last time before we deleted the app and tried again. It did the same thing! Please fix this, its really frustrating for us. Thank you!

So our game kept crashing recently, and we realized that it wasnt just our device or the internet causing the crash. When we spent a certain amount of time in the game, the game would suddenly crash. We want to keep getting our daily spins and stuff, but we cant do that with this bug! Please fix ASAP!

It is the best you can have freind.

We’ve been playing this game for nearly 6 years now! Its our favorite game and we have so many recommendations (no complaints of course) but our most important is that we can move money between avatars owned by the same account because we feel like that would make it easier to level up accounts. We obviously love this game and recommend it above all other games! :)))

This game is SUCH a fun game but there should be a few a changes, there should be a way where you can create your own gestures and clothing (if possible) and every few weeks or so there could be mini games that you could win for diamonds! Two of the mini game ideas we have thought of is a water gun fight! Well know the water gun gesture, we have all used it at least once and we were thinking that that would be fun mini game! The second mini game we have thought of is an art contest for those who love art! These are some suggestions that would make the game more popular. If this could happen we would most definitely suggest this game to as many people possible so that the game could us as popular or maybe be even more popular then mobile games like Roblox!

Now dont get us wrong, we absolutely LOVE hotel hideaway BUT, there is this annoying bug that wont let us continue with the beginner path. So basically, there is this one task that gives 15 cookies to use the velvet piano and the dj decks at the beach which are fine BUT, the last part on the task is to use all cooking spots in the kitchen. It did not work for us at all, and we tried it again and again and again but it didnt work. We think this was mainly caused by the new fusion kitchen update. So hotel hideaway, if you see this review please fix this bug because it is our last task on the 3rd beginner trail.

Its a really good game that gives you things to work towards so you keep playing and its honestly pretty addictive. We dont really have anything bad to say about the game its amazing.

It crashes so much, we updated everything and it just lags and crashes our iPad.

This is a good game if you want to chill and talk. Wish there was more interactive things to do other than shop.

The more they update dis game the less og it becomes the updates always make us so sad.

We think that they display the game as something completely different its like their catfishing the game because it is not as cool as it looks and its super boring if you play alone.

Not only does this app take FOREVER to load, the second it does it almost immediately crashes seconds after. Making this app unenjoyable to play. Now Im missing out on all our daily stuff because the app wont stay open.

We have played Hotel Hide Away for years, our account that we have had we have spent money and so much time for the items we have we also synced our Face Book account so that we wouldnt loose it. We stopped playing for some time when we tried logging in our account was no longer linked to face book and theres no way to retrieve our account all the time and money we’ve spent all gone. Would not recommend this game your just gonna get sucked in just to loose everything.

So we have our acc and we played with it then left and came home and seen its signed out.

Okay we used to play this game a lot until one day we tried to log in and our account keep saying its not linked so now we lost our account we spent so much money on because of a glitch we tried to get back on and play bc the game is actually good but Its pointless without the account we worked on and spent our actual money on.

We started playing this game last year and we are so happy we downloaded this game it really helps us out!

Sosososososos good we love hotel hideaway.

We just had one idea for a small tweak you could add to the island layout available to us guests. It seems like the perfect addition to the room of you made the little inlet of water accessible for the players to walk around in, not unlike the pool in the spa. Or maybe the ability to just place items such as the newly implemented rowboats or any other aquatic vessel. Thats all we had to say. Thanks for the amazing game Sulake! :)

This game is so fun. You are able to customize your outfit and go to different rooms! You can do challenges to get spins. The clothing are also so unique. You can decorate your own room as well. You can make new friends and hang out. We really like this game, we feel that you would love it too !

U should really just give the option to sign in with a username and password, especially if ur using a different game center account and have no way of acessing the old one. :(

Theres pretty much nothing to do once you log in and finish your daily gambling. No games. No events. No special rooms. Just a worse version of Habbo Hotel.

This game is bad last time we played was like 4 years ago.

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