How to Redeem BISH emote In COD Mobile

COD Mobile Bish Emote
COD Mobile Redemption Center
How to Redeem BISH emote In COD Mobile 4
  1. Copy your UID from your COD Mobile profile page.
  2. Visit the COD Mobile Offical Redemption Center
  3. Paste the UID to the first box.
  4. Copy this code to the next box BFNGZCZ5EM
  5. Enter the verification code.
  6. Confirm your profile and exit.

Launch your game you will see the emote in your in-game mail, check for Promo Rewards and redeem the emote. Enjoy!

Invalid Player Infomation!

If you receive this error, maybe you are not in global version, e.g. Gerena server, so may not be able to do the redeem.