State of Survival Bring Travis to New State

How to bring Travis or Elite Infected Hunter to New State in State of Survival

Last updated on November 12th, 2020 at 12:56 pm

You may wonder why some of the new survivors are able to rally Elite Infected Hunter before Hunting The Hunter event even started in a new state. We will explain the complete walkthrough and guide and trick on this.

After read the trick from here, you may acquire hero Travis earlier than other survivors in the game State of Survival of a new state.

Warning: This guide will give you unfair advantage but in a legal way. Proceed if you are ready for this.

The Concept

This game State of Survival allowed us to move to any state within 5 days and while the settlement is not over Level 6. So we can take the benefit of this.

Important: Only new accounts can get Rookie Relocator now. So if you want to do this you’ll need to make a new account. Only the first character in each account works, and making a new one in Character Management tab won’t work.

Plan Before The State Open

State of Survival Rookie Relocator 2

  1. You need to do all these within 5 days.
  2. Create a new account (only new accounts can get Rookie Relocator).
  3. You will automatically start off in a new state.
  4. Enter Gift codes. You may check for gift codes here: State of Survival Gift Code (haematom is still working at the time of writing)
  5. Wait for the Hunting The Hunter event. Usually Hunting the Hunter event will open on third day of a new state.
  6. Try not to do Intel explore mission as this will bring your chief level up. You do not want to level up chief before Hunting the Hunter event.
  7. Once Hunting the Hunter event start on day 3, use all your stamina to kill infected in the wild and from intel.
  8. Once your stamina bar is empty, use Chief EXP tags to level up your chief level and continue hitting infected. If possible, try not to use your own Travis’s Hunting Log and join rallies whenever someone open an Infected Hunter event.
  9. With 10 Travis fragment, unlock hero Travis and continue using Travis to hit infected as Travis will reduce stamina cost of hitting infected.
  10. All you have to do these 4 days is upgrade everything in your settlement till level 6, keep training more troops, do explore missions to gain more resources and do intel missions except intel explore missions unless Hunting the Hunter event is open.

What you shouldn’t do

  • Never upgrade your Settlement over Level 6.
  • Never use any Travis’s Hunting Log in old state.
  • Never level up your chief. Because every time you level up, you will have a full bar of stamina for free.
  • Never do Intel explore missions as this will level up your chief as well.

What should you do after

State of Survival Rookie Relocator

  • Before reaching Day 5, move to the latest state currently opened. You have a 4 day head start from every other player in this state and you have a bunch of Hunting Rucksack and Travis’s Hunting Log.
  • Open up all your Rucksacks to get speedups, biocaps and small chief stamina.
  • Join an active alliance and start upgrading your buildings. This should be easy in the beginning as alliance assistance alone can help you complete building upgrades right away. (This is very important to grow quickly in a new state).
  • Then start doing some Infected Hunter rallies (try to refrain from doing Elite Infected Hunter until you are stronger). The tactic for Rally Leader to start rally with a full march and Rally Joiner to join with 1 troop applies here. For detailed explanation, you may look at Hunting The Hunter Guide.
  • With plenty of resources and speedup, since you have a 4 day head start compared to everyone else in this state, growing quicker than the other survivors shouldn’t be a problem.