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Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!! Developed by the innovative team at SELECT BUTTON Inc., this Simulation game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 29th February 2016, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 8th September 2021.

Are you a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Adventure games? Then Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!

Over 854 players have rated Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! Cost?

Good news! You can download Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! on your iOS device absolutely free!

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! Release Date

Eager to know when Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! first graced the App Store? It was launched on 29th February 2016.

When Was Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! Last Updated?

The latest version of Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! was updated on 8th September 2021, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!?

To get started with Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!

Rabbits, Ravens and Boars?!
Who knew they could all make such tasty meals?!

Wow your customers with rare dishes
and build your own trendy eatery!

Hunt your own ingredients and use them for
a creative menu to make Café HuntCook flourish!

● How to play HuntCook ●

  • Venture into nature to hunt wild game!!
  • Use ingredients you collect in your cooking!!
  • Satisfy your customers by filling their orders!!
  • Upgrade your skills and grow your restaurant!!

SELET BUTTON proudly presents the follow up to the
6,000,000 times downloaded hit “Survive! Mola Mola”:
Recommended for gamers who enjoy cute and lively
farm or restaurant simulations!


  • Wild game requires special handling and preparation in order to be eaten safely and without risk of communicating disease. Please be aware before attempting to actually eat wild meats in real life!
  • Real hunting is not a game, but a potentially dangerous skill that requires training and knowledge. If you are interested in learning to hunt, please contact your local hunter’s organization for more information.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! updated on 8th September 2021:

  • Fix small bugs.

User Reviews on Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve!

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! below:

The games graphics are almost kawaii and its so adorable. Yuo will never get bored playing this game as there is always new recipes and animals to unlock. All the characters are so funny too! Some people may be discouraged since you have to go out and kill animals, but trust us, go play it. You wont regret it!

We been playing it for five years and they removed the bugs years ago YES!!!?

This game is really good we cant stop playing it if we run out of hunting points or whatever they are called we wait until its refilled and we cook and hunt.

This game so far is absolutely amazing, its so cute and simple and easy to understand. Highly recommend!

Overall the game is really good but it in its peak you could add an update making it to where you can have a pack of dogs and to you have a certain amount of ammo and can hunt More than one creature at the same time you could also add a cooking feature to make it where are you prepare the food.

We love this game so much!!!! Im addicted.

Its a cute game, and not like other F2P games where they make it impossible to proceed without micro transactions. Been playing for years (transferred phones, starting from scratch) and always had fun!

This game is amazing, its fun, offline, and chalk full of stuff you can do. We would definitely recommend!

Can you please add more game and recipes.

We love this app, but ever since the latest update we cant play. Every time we open it, it immediately crashes. Please fix this!

Super fun, they need to keep adding more..

This is a wonderful game, one of our favorite things to do when we have idle time, but since we updated it two days ago, it won’t open. We don’t know what to do, we hope another update is released soon.

One of our favorite select buttons games, we feel like it doesnt get as much love as mola mola survive (which is also a classic) but this one does involve a lot more management, time and resource wise; if you enjoy those kinds of games and learning about wild game hunting, you will enjoy this game! Im glad its still around on the app store!

This game is a very incredible and adorable and active game.

Hey, we really like your game, but there’s one minor bug that’s been ruining our experience ever since. Whenever we launch the app, advertisement music/sound randomly play in the background along with the hunt cook app music. It’s usually the sound of a woman crying.

We love this game so so much. We play it even though we’ve finished the storyline. We’ve completed all the challenges. We’ve bought all the outfits. Im almost done maxing out all our equipment and traps. However something that stops this from being a complete 5* experience is the sheer quantity of sneaky ads. We noticed a while ago that the game would have our phone run crazy hot and our battery quickly drain. When we have our volume up we can actually hear ads play without being able to see them. We play this game in airplane mode now because this problem is so annoying. Its incredibly frustrating because we do watch their ads on our own for gems and etc but the fact that Im forced to deal with this underhanded way really disrupts the experience.

We didnt give this Five Stars because apparently when Im trying to share the recipe or the game its not allowing us to do that.

We are absolutely in love with this game! We had it on our old phone but we could never remember the name so we lost it for awhile. Now that we found it again Im so happy! We legitimately cant stop playing it.

Ill be honest, we’ve been playing for a few years now, and this game just kept getting better. Im happy that this game is still here, its almost nostalgic!

We don’t often write reviews, but this game deserves it! The concept is fun, and the artstyle and music both complement the game amazingly! The dishes your cook are just as inventive and new as the dialogue implies without being outright outlandish, and there are some minigane aspects to keep from the wait becoming too boring. There are also interesting recurring characters that keep the game interesting! Overall, it’s a very fun, interesting, not very demanding game, that’s perfect for casual play throughout the day!

We have had this game since the latest update was new but we have deleted it and reinstalled it a lot but we think that this time its gonna stay and imma beat it.

We’ve been in playing this game for 3 years now and we are still playing we love this game so much.

Played it while it was new, loved it. Playing it again 2021 love it.

We never thought that this game would be so fun we like the crossover with hunting and cooking, everything we need for a 5 star game. But we wish there would be a way to grow your vegetables and fruits so it will be easy to get those. But over all a Perfect 5 Star Game.

This game we recently got back on and we are still amazed by how fun it is everytime we play! Love this game so much, the graphics, the idea, new adventures and missions each time, simply amazing! Kudos to the inspiring creators! Much love!

Hi pilllagerslay3r,you dont have to change this game. Its one of of games that give nostalgia from our destroyed tablet.-Pillagerslay3r 64.

We’ve had this issue where our after obtaining rewards the coins will shift from lets say 9000 to lower. Its very annyoying because we always get less than what Im supposed to receive. Please fix this bug.

Game could be fun, but we’re constantly low on gems to upgrade. We noticed they have free surveys and quizzes to get gems, cool. We waste 30 mins on a quiz that said it would only take 90 seconds for 35 gems. We make sure to answer every question correctly by searching on Google because we need to get 100%. We finally get to the last page for the quiz and the page goes blank. Refreshing and using back to answer the question again results in the same blank page. So we basically wasted 30 mins taking a stupid quiz for nothing. We cannot support this game and have never been so unhappy with an iOS game App in our life.

EDIT: Apple version is FILLED with bugs. While they fixed the previous bug that increased times to practically infinity now there is NO SOUND. We tried doing the back up and no matter how many times we restarted/closed it, wouldnt make a difference.

We love all the different animals and recipes you can cook. Id like to see more wild game. Maybe open up different countries or worlds. Id also like to see if possible mythical creatures or dinosaurs… Why not.. Bbq grilled griffen… Trex tbone? Why not?

This is the best cooking game we’ve played. We love the concept and am actually learning a lot about wild game. The recipes are all Japanese/French fusion, and the artwork is amazing. You can tell whoever made this game put in a lot of thought and heart. The ads are not too bad and totally worth it. We just wish the music was more calming.

This game is very addicting and overall amazing but for some reason it says our time zone is messed up or we tampered with it(?) so now the cooking times are much much longer like over 4000 hours lol. It was fine for a week up until today and we deleted/restarted it but had the same issue…

This app deserves more recognition in the App Store. Its apparent a lot of love and hard work went into it. That said, we do feel that getting gems in the game is a bit too hard, but for a free game, we cant really complain. Very fun and would recommend!

His app is super fun, addictive, cute, and easy! Great job on it!

We know that reviews on mobile games dont get read much, but we genuinely love this game. Its so nice and for some reason very calming? Theres so rush and it gives you all the time in the world to complete quests! Love it.

Its very fun! Thank you developers for making this game!

Love this cute little game. We wish you could expand the number of hunt points you have, but we’ve been playing for months and still enjoy it. It’s great for completionists.

Fun game to play in conjunction with similar time-based games. Very cute!

This game is a very fun game challenging and addictive we just love it.

Very fun and entertaining game! The graphics are also so cute! Totally recommend this game!

Love this game! Animations and artwork are cute while the concept / gameplay are smooth sailing. You dont have to spend money if you dont want to, but it makes things slightly easier. Although this is not a competitive player vs player game, the design makes it so that the game is rewarding whether you spend money or not. Even without the new update (elk) this game definitely has a lot to do.

This game is fun, cute and hella addictive.

The amount of work put into this game is incredible. There’s so much detail put in to the dialogue and the gameplay that you can really tell the team working on this game is very passionate. We hope we continue getting updates!

We just got this game yesterday and it is so adorable and awesome! 5 stars for sure!

An enjoyable little cooking game with a fun twist of hunting thrown in.

Played this game in middle school, but we switched phones. Even though we had to start over still love it.

This game is a pure gem! Its extremely cute and entertaining. We love the characters and food. We’ve also learned a fair amount of useful information from this game despite not being a hunter. Playing with our sister makes it even more fun and its totally possible to enjoy the game without having to pay a dime and thats especially great. Only problem would be the wait times. Some recipes take way too long, so just cook those and wait it out. Its totally worth it. 10/10 would recommend.

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