i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 01:30 am

i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition


i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Chris Egerter, i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st August 2010 with the latest update 2nd June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


42 people have rated 2.3

You can download the game i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition from APP STORE.


You’ve played iFishing, and iFishing Saltwater Edition, now try your luck at Fly Fishing! Fish rivers and streams after species of trout the other games didn’t have!


  • Unique Create a photo feature lets you superimpose your catch over an existing photo on your device and email it to your friends for bragging rights.

  • 6 unlockable locations with unique real life animated backgrounds (new for the iFishing series!).

  • Variety of flies for each species.

  • Many species of trout and other freshwater fish to catch (perch, steelhead, rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, bluegill, rock bass)

  • Use the iphone’s accelerometer to cast, aim your lure, and fight fish.

  • Exciting fish fights while keeping the line tension in check, even see them jump!

  • Practice or Tournament modes

  • Trophy room to keep track of your biggest fish ever caught.

  • Fishing guide gives you audible advice and encouragement!

  • Comprehensive help guide that teaches you how to fish

Developer Notes:
-To unlock more locations you need to win cash in the tournaments. Check the location screen to see how much cash you’ve earned and need to unlock the next location.

-You can’t keep fish that aren’t considered sports fish, like perch or bluegills.

-If you take a photo be patient while the thumbnails are generated from your photo library.

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Updated on 2nd June 2022

-Updated to play within safe area on newer devices.
-Adjusted reeling input area to reduce chance of switching apps by mistake

i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition Reviews

Every time we go over 66 lbs The game kicks us out we have to start over we can never finish a tournament because of this not worth the $.99 you pay for it.

Glitchy. We can have several fish and good weight in a tournament and the game just quits with about 3 minutes left. This has happened 4 times. When you reopen the app, it asks to continue, but all of what you have earned is gone. Its also not very realistic as to types of fish in certain locations. Waste of .99.

Used to love this game a long time ago. Now it keeps crashing.

IFishingSE, 3, and FFE all crash constantly. The only one that doesn’t crash, is ifishing! It’s not worth playing!

Since the last upgrade, the app crashes as soon as you move into first place. Now this is simply a worthless investment. We guess they want us to pay for a new version just have it crash again.

Boring simulation of "fly-fishing", and constant crashes after catching a fish leads us to conclude that this game is garbage. Requesting refund. Terrible, don’t buy.

Fantastic fly fishing game with great controls and easy gameplay. We wish there were more locations… And more flies… And just more in general.

This is the best fishing game!

We love to fish and this is the best fishing game available!

This game is the best fishing game available for IOS!! The finger placement area for casting is a little low near the very bottom edge of the screen but it is doable.

The game looks fun but it won’t cast and we know it’s not us because we have 3 other ifishing games and they all cast just fine.

Since update, game doesn’t open at all… Please HELP.

Great game for I-Pod. Live in desert southwest and it is long way to real fishing. Needs updates and or more places to fish. Thanks for great games.

We enjoy the game, but perch in the Alaskan stream? A little hokey.

Great game, even if more limited in locations and target fish than the other two editions, the original and the SE. The update did nothing special. I’d love a newer version with more target fish and more locations.

The best of the ifishing series great game.

Useless since update.. Fly won’t release and no new locations.

Worthless everytime someone texts or calls you it interferes and you lose all the fish you had in your creek, we left more talent in the outhouse than the designer of this game!

Not a lot of lakes or rivers to uncover and there’s no boat… But it’s pretty fun and it’s worth the money you’re paying.

We don’t play many games but we like this one.

We love trout fishing the best so we jumped all over this! We like being out of the boat, we have all the fishing games. We also wish they had more locations but we love them all and they are definitely worth the money!!’

Love the game,only wished more locations were available.

We are just learning to fly fish and can only hope we have as good of luck in real life! We love playing this on our breaks at work, very relaxing & entertaining!!

This game is very fun but you need to be able to fish a photo!!! There also needs to be more types of fish. To illustrate, some warm water fish such as bream or bass. Along with these warm water fish there needs to be warm water places. Also one would need some warm water flies such as a popping bug or some kind of dry fly, like a spider. Lastly the depth perception on the lucky tree or what ever is way off and needs to be fixed. We would be very sad if an update doesn’t come soon. Then we might give it five stars.

We admit to being an absolute fishing addict. That’s why we originally bought iFishing. It was one of our first apps and we loved it. We were really excited when the Fly Fishing edition came out, since we fly fish for everything: trout, bass, etc. But after having played it for a while, we have to say we’re unimpressed. Although they added things like moving backgrounds and drifting flies, they failed to let you move around. That was the main reason iFishing was so much better than Flick Fishing (in our opinion). We would gladly give this game 5 stars if they added the ability to move around to find the fish, but as of now it is Flick Fishing with less replayability, different (cooler :-)) casting, and nicer backgrounds. As of now, I’d recommend to stick to iFishing/World Championship as those are pretty much the same, except more polished. But if you absolutely love fly fishing like us, I’d still imagine you’d like this app.

Our phone is loaded with fishing games and this is one of our favorites. Great graphics and a good price. Only reason did not get 5 stars was the fact that it could have a few more lakes and wish it was a little tougher at times. All in all, great game.

Liked the other iFishing games, this one is the first we paid money for and it is the only one that DOES NOT support multiplayer. We guess we’ll stick to the free ones from now on.

Loaded, but did not work. Crap..

Being avid trout fisherman we were waiting for this one for quite some time!

This is one of the best fishing apps ever.

Nice game, need more fishing locations.

This is not fly fishing at all. Not worth the $1.99. Needs more action, pretty boring.

Bought it. Downloaded it. Now we have a black and white square where we suppose a fully-functioning app should be. Waste of money.

App says it loaded on iPhone but did not. A waste of money and a piece of crap. Another Apple rip-off.

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