I Want Watermelon

I Want Watermelon

I Want Watermelon

I Want Watermelon is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lazycell Inc, I Want Watermelon is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th May 2021 with the latest update 10th May 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Trivia, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of I Want Watermelon ?

206 people have rated 1.0

What is the price of the I Want Watermelon ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the I Want Watermelon released ?

I Want Watermelon was released on 10th May 2021.

When was the I Want Watermelon updated ?

The latest updated date of I Want Watermelon on 10th May 2021.

Where can I Want Watermelon be downloaded ?

You can download the game I Want Watermelon from Apple Official App Store.



Do you like eating fruits?

“I Want Watermelon” is a kind of merge game. What you need to do is only tap the screen to merge the same fruits and get a new one.

Don’t let your fruits stacking too high. Otherwise, the game will be over.

Sounds easy, right?

Enjoy it!

Updated on 10th May 2021

I Want Watermelon Review

We spent 9hours on the app the first week we got it we highly recommend. Our friends all play now and we have watermelon competitions. We even play when we drive but please dont snitch on us. Some people look at us like Im a little odd when we get a shaker, especially when Im driving lol.

We are still so glad that we discovered this game (which was not that long ago) its very addictive and a must to play. Something about playing it is very therapeutic to us as we watch the same fruits combine together and they will soon turn into a nice watermelon. This game also reminds us of 2048 but instead of numbers, there are fruit involved. Thank you for making this game. You have cured our depression and Im not kidding. :)

This review is a cry for help. Im drowning in puppets and stuffed animals. This game cured our leprosy but ruined our life. By the time we post this review ill be dead. We had leprosy for most of our life and it caused all our limbs except our fingers to fall off NOTE: our fingers are now sticking out of our shoulders at this point since our arms fell off. So we’ve used our fingers to play we want watermelon so that we would have a peaceful ending. Except it just got us frustrated and our frustration grew us new limbs but when we realized what was going on the leprosy had spread to our dog Ms. Jermajesty and so to save her life we made her play the we want watermelon game thank you creators. While our Ms. Jermajesty was playing kermit comes in through the window to try it too he wanted to see if he would become a real frog just like pinnochio was made a real boy and it ended up growing him wings and he became angel kermit sparkles all around kermit used his Cheetos bag to make a paper plane and threw it out the window so that his character friends would come try it too and soon our house was bombarded with random characters trying to grow wings. Even the mcdonolds clown came. Again, by the time you read this review we will be dead please find our body and give it to angel kermithell know what to do. You can summon him by putting a toaster in a bath tub and sitting in it. Thank you. May the world remember us as the watermelon leper. (DISCLAIMER: dont actually do the toaster thing you will die)

Our black brother, age 27, loves this game. Any second he gets he plays it. Awesome game.

Bro everyone started playing it and since im a follower we decided to download and it alright.

You will become addicted. At our work, we just answer phones and the rest of our day is occupied by we want watermelon. Game is 5 stars, but rn only 1 because it didnt count our last watermelon and it took up too much of the screen and it caused us to lose our 4 hour game.

We love this game!! It popped up for us recommended and we immediately got it. This game calmed us and relaxed us. We love to play this game just before bed to relax our mind. Great game, highly recommended.

Our dear friend YANA started playing this game about a month ago after we suggested it. At first it was harmless but now its gotten addictive. She has now reached over 100 water melon and wont stop. Now its a competition and we feel targeted. Our dear friends make fun of us for only having 12 watermelon while they have upwards of 100. They compete to see who can get the most watermelons in one round. Its getting dangerous. They always take the shake no matter the situation in chem class, family dinner, and the bathroom. We feel personally victimized by this game. We demand an apology from the creator of the game, YANA, and the rest of our chemistry table.

This game is fun but when we got the shaker, it made us loose cause all our fruits were still mid air when the time ran out! We were playing at like 1 in the morning and so we yelled cause we lost and we had all coconuts and pineapples and woke our parents up. They got mad at us and we lost our phone for a week.

Our only source of joy in this insufferable world.

Our father left home when we were too young to remember. Our mom always said he was a rotten man, but for the longest time, we always just wanted to see who he really was. When we got older, our life spiraled down into the worst state it had ever been. We were deeply depressed, we played genshin impact and overwatch. One day, our friend introduced us to a phone game called we want to watermelon at first, we though it was a stupid game we shouldnt waste our time with, but then we started playing, really playing. We played for hours, but we could never seem to get a watermelon. However, on one of our thousands of attempts, we were finally able to join together those two coconuts. Suddenly, we heard a sound coming from the living room. We rushed in to find our father standing there, bottle of milk in hand. This game reunited us with our father, and for that we are forever grateful 6/10 we hate grapes.

This. This is the best game that has ever existed. This game gets us out of bed every morning and we couldn’t imagine a happier life without it. We always play it on the plane, usually for three hours straight and we never get tired of it. This app literally changed our life and im still working to get the watermelon, but if we were you we would download this app immediately. Right. Now.

We found out about this game from a friend of a friend. This has become the unofficial-official game of our school district. Even teachers are playing it during class. We cant focus on anything other than our need to get a watermelon. It has become an insatiable thirst that we cant quench. We close our eyes and all we see is kiwi kiwi kiwi. We really struggle to get past the kiwi. Anyways, we recommend this game to anyone who needs to get off of cr*ck. It it gives life a whole new meaning and fills that empty space in your soul.

We really like this game except we cant beat our brothers high score.

We just love this game except the grapes they make me.

This game is so addicting and we love it so much.

Love it but glitches happen a lot but its still fun.

Hi yall, the name everyone calls us is Nana Sue. We love to bake pies and usually fills our home with a lovely aroma(although it smells quite rotten right now, maybe we have some spoiled meat). We go to a Southern Baptist church in Georgia and there is where we learned that He can can save us all. We titled this very accurately we promise you, when we download this game on our tablet we pad our husband became the man we knew before the Civil War. For context the war harden our dear Bilky Brown, he became depressed and hooked on the drinking. Mountain Dew was his favorite crime. All day he would sit in our rocker rocking back and forth all day staring out the window, all night looking into the window of our newly married couple neighbors cheering at them like a sports game. But as soon as we downloaded this app. He immersed himself in it! He never drank another bottle of . In fact he didnt eat much either strange. But! He finally has been sleeping, still in our chair, eyes open at the screen unblinkingly but resting. Hes been that way for a week, so we bet hes just catching up on all the rest he missed. Thank you so much creators of we Want Watermelon. You truly saved him. Please contact us anytime if youre in the right feelings for some cherry pie!

The spherical figures in this wonderful game aid us through boring classes and endeavors. Say your bored lad? Pop open we want watermelon and all of your problems will be instantly solved. Here are some words to describe this wonderful masterpiece -watermeloney -fruity patootie -mangotastic -strawbaliscous -coconuttty -just peachy! You know what they say, you cant make lemonade without the lemon in we want watermelon. Download it rn.

We recently downloaded we want watermelon after our girlfriend showed it to us. We are now a watermelon addict. All we eat or drink is watermelon. We’ve locked myself in our room and refuse to talk to anyone but people that play this game. Our high score is 127 watermelons and Im still in the same game for 11 hours. Someone help us.

This game is so slay! Im addicted and honestly cant live with out the satisfaction of getting the watermelon.

Fun, entertaining, and satisfying.

We want watermelon has permanently changed us and overall our life forever before this game we were a pussyless no life stuck as a fat male stripper for older men then we found this game we were going to kill our self just as we jumped from our dresser got a watermelon and then we decided no this isnt what we want so we deployed a parachute and teleported back to the floor of our bed room in the basement of our parents house when we comprehended what had happened the door bell rang and we went to go see what it was right as we got upstairs to the front door flung open and there were 16 male naked mole rats, just as we were gonna (bus) our 2nd job they told us to come with them we hesitated but compliedthey caused 9/11 but we jumped out of the plane and used our glider redeploy once we realized they died we won at life so we stole Walter whites money and in the process we made Walt jr some breakfast in exchange for not snitching as we left we called in our oppresser and killed everyone in the world then us and Walt jr cuddled until we died we also watched a movie called back door slits 9 which was odd because we rented lord of the rings, short story long this game is why Im alive we wanna kiss the developers, The End.

We want watermelon. So, "I want watermelon" is a game about a character who is really hungry and wants some watermelon . The game is set in a world where watermelon is rare and hard to find . The character has to go on a journey to find watermelon and overcome obstacles along the way. At the beginning of the game, the character is in a desert and has to find a way to get to the fruitspawner where they heard there might be watermelon. The player has to make decisions about where to drop fruit and what to do when they encounter obstacles like tiny gaps, shaker timers, and other dangers. As the player progresses through the game, they encounter different fruits who can help them on their journey. Some fruits offer to combine, while others offer strategies like stacking on top of each other. The player has to decide what to merge and what to stack. Finally, the player has two coconuts and wants to merge them into a watermelon. But the watermelon is guarded by a group of strawberries and grapes who want to take it for themselves. The player has to use all the skills they’ve learned along the way to defeat the tiny fruits and create the watermelon . In the end, the character is able to eat the watermelon and is filled with happiness and satisfaction. The player has completed the game and can feel proud of their accomplishments.

This game has changed our life forever. Mentally and Physically. This game made us switch from being an obese 41 year old male and onto lifting weights 23/24 hours a day. We are now an olympic athlete with 3 gold medals and we will continue to play this game til we die. Everyone needs to download this game and maybe it will change them like it did us. We LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

Is the one after the grapes but before the limes a strawberry or cherry? We have $50,000,000 on the line. Devs, please respond!!!

Im literally addicted! We spent 4 hrs on it the other day! And then our siblings who said they didnt want it, got it and then played it with us for 4 hrs! We love this game! But whenever we shake it, sometimes itll stay above the red line and say Im out when Im really below it! Please fix this! Still our favorite game by far!

Our family doesn’t even know us anymore this game has absorbed our life we love it.

We have single-handedly started a revolution. Almost the entire population of baylor wants watermelon now. We want watermelon.

To set a little back round for this review lets start about 5 years ago what suddenly mysteriously our wife discovered that she could not use the bathroom anymore. We were heart broken so we left her. We then had to find wife with a rich daddy so that he could sponsor our dream of making over sized suits for little dog like ponys. On our quest to find this girl with a rich daddy we came upon a guy who collected toe nails and helped autistic Latino dwarfs braid their butt hair. This dude was not rich but he had made a game called we want water melon so we gave it a try and it got us addicted to water melon . We could not have survived with out this game and to this day we are still helping autistic Latino dwarfs braid their butt hair. We give this game a 100/10 highly recommended but all the Latino dwarfs and us.

The first time we played this game we decided not to kms. We live a horrible life with no fun, a normal 9-5. It was not too long ago when we decided we were done with this life. But one day, while scrolling thru the App Store we saw this little game called we Want Watermelon. Our life was so horrible we thought, why not get the game before we go. The second our fingers tapped the screen to play the game, we were saved. We saw Jesus in this game. We began to play every day, every night. This was our life. To this day we credit personal, emotion, and spiritual well-being to this god-sent application. We ask, not out of recommendation, but out of a divine obligation, that you download we Want Watermelons.

Great game very little ads very time consuming it is such a cute game and is really simple yet fun!

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD AND we LOVE IT!!! Its so addicting, youre an actual genius. We do have a question that we hope you can answer tho. Is the fruit that comes from combining the grapes a strawberry or a cherry? We would REALLY appreciate it if you could tell us. Keep up the good games.

Us and our class are arguing about the fruits in this game especially the red fruit that the two grapes combine to make. Is it a cherry or a strawberry? And the orange-yellow fruit that the two limes combine to make. Is it a orange or a lemon? Please let us know we are having a big debate.

Our entire school is in disagreement over these fruits. Is the first fruit a grape or a blueberry , and is the second one a strawberry or a cherry . Please answer us before our classmates begin to rip each others hair out of their heads! P.S. We love this game so much and spend at least 4 hours a day on it. We’ve had for approximately 3 weeks and we have gotten 122 watermelons . Our friend Zensationalaiden and we compete over who can get the most watermelons in one round. We have both gotten 9 but she has 200 more points than us in high score . Please delete her account so we can win. Thank you.

We saw our friend playing this, we asked her what she was playing, she said, we want watermelon, we asked again, thats the name of the game she said. Our mind blew, then we peed myself, we downloaded it so fast. Minutes after playing our first round our blind French teacher stood up and said she could see again, our mom texted us and told us our dead Guinea pigs were running around in the backyard where we buried the, our crush proposed. Youll never forget when you get your first watermelon, we were in a Walgreens. This game is truly magical. Rue Pal for president!

It’s so good we had to make a screen time limit on this Highlight of every single day Love of our life.

Im literally addicted! We spent 4 hrs on it the other day! And then our siblings who said they didnt want it, got it and then played it with us for 4 hrs! We love this game!

Is the smallest fruit a grape or a blueberry. Pls answer asap.

We got our dad, friends and cousins addicted to it its so fun we would be dead if it did not exist.

This game changed our life. Before we Want Watermelon, we were stuck in a dead-end job with an ugly dog, 0 luxury cars, and a wife that hated us. With the skills we learned from we Want Watermelon, we founded an online Watermelon dropshipping company, and now make 15 figures (one quadrillion, as Im sure you didnt know) every month through Watermelon sales ALONE. On top of this, we have also invented several uses for the very Watermelons we sell. Ever heard of eating? Yeah. That was us. Ever crunched into one of our melons and felt something hard? Thats our proprietary melon implant WaterChip technology, which makes the seeds spontaneously combust if anyone tries to replant them. We have total market domination. Mysteriously, the day we invented our WaterCyanide technology, the CEOs of every competing Watermelon company died. But we digress. If you have not downloaded we Want Watermelon, do it now.

We play this game whenever and wherever and we love it so much we just wish it wouldnt end the game when the fruits are still rolling.

Is the small red fruit a cherry or a strawberry?

Love it. Super cute and relaxing. Just a good way to pass time.

This is a very good game that our sister showed us. She plays on Android and there is a shake feature on Android which is very helpful but seems to work intermittently at best on iOS. Other than that this game is very good.

Ok before you get this game think about how many hours you spend on your phone it WILL double. This is the most addicting game we’ve ever had. Our best friends family is competing against our family. We WILL WIN. We definitely recommend for long car rides. We dont have games on our phone for this reason but we WILL NOT delete this game !!

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