TankTrouble – Mobile Mayhem

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TankTrouble – Mobile Mayhem


TankTrouble – Mobile Mayhem is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Taylor-Davies Design Ltd, TankTrouble – Mobile Mayhem is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st January 2015 with the latest update 1st April 2015

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


43 people have rated 1.0.7

You can download the game TankTrouble – Mobile Mayhem from APP STORE.


The most explosive, fast-paced, action-packed tank game is now available for iOS devices! Battle head-to-head and navigate your tank through tricky mazes and a mayhem of bouncing bullets to outsmart your foes before they outsmart you. Challenge your friends in local multiplayer on the same device or face the evil space dog Laika in Single Player destruction if you dare! So dust off your dodging skills and think fast before your tank is turned into shrapnel.

With the addition of powerups TankTrouble is now even more chaotic and downright dangerous! Pick up the Gatling gun and hold the fire button to unleash a flurry of bullets, use the frag bomb to decimate your foes in a storm of shrapnel or bring destruction upon your enemies from afar with the RCMissile and Laser.

Updated on 1st April 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Fixed startup crash on devices with a resolution of 320×480

TankTrouble – Mobile Mayhem Reviews

Great experience on the go as long as the laser is turned off.

We found a bug. When we move the tank over laser weapons, the app crashes.

Pretty good and fun and challenging game. Two player is hard for phone sizes and you need to add power ups in single player.

Love the computer version with multiplayer and it’s great but this one need power ups spawning faster.

While we saw that the movement was nice in our opinion, there is something that ABSOLUTELY needed to be added. Online multiplayer, seriously, why not update it to where it can? SO many people might like it, just a bit better, we would have given it five stars, but THERE IS NO ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!

Tank trouble is nice but the controls are bad but tank trouble is boss on computer you should try it go to unblocked games.

We thought the multiplayer meant online playing against your friends but sadly we were mistaken but still a good game.

READ THE BOTTOM This game would be an easy 5 star if it ran smoothly. We play the computer version all the time and absolutely love it but the mobile version obviously hasnt been updated in 2 years. If the developers read this PLEASE update this game so it doesnt crash when you pick up the laser, make it so the tank can move when you shoot the rocket, and all and all just so the game runs smooth. This is one of our favorite computer games and we dont want the mobile to ruin it.

PLEASE fix the laser so that it doesnt immediatly crash your game.

2 things, make the controls better and add power ups in single player. Or make it exactly like the pc version.

If a derpa became a Herpa, a cow would become a uniseahorse.

When you pick up the laser it crashes plz fix.

This game is definitely not worth the 1.99 we payed for it, and is not nearly as good as the version on the computer. Also, for the two player mode, it is extremely hard to play on a regular size phone like the iPhone 5(c, s).

Its not good as the tank trouble online it doesn’t have beautiful UI.

This game needs a lot of work if its going to be worth $2. There are still several glitches that need to be worked out, and the controls need a lot of fine tuning still. This app was thoroughly disappointing. We would not recommend this app. The computer version is a lot better.

Not what it used to be. Not worth $2.

The game on the laptop is much better, these controls are too hard to use. This game is bad.

We would definitely recommend finding a different tank app. The online game is absolutely AMAZING!! Go play it! So we’re really disappointed with this app, especially considering how they vary so much. This game is just really hard to control and even if it was easier it isn’t worth $2.00!! Horrible, do not download!

This app is great for having fun with friends. Chase your friends through a maze and hunt them down, or wait until a power up spawns so you can demolish them. This app is great and actually, F**king hilarious! The only downsides are that it has no wifi/Bluetooth multiplayer like the old app and that there are few power ups. But other than that, great!

This is a very fun game and we would recommend it to anyone but there is one big problem. On the computer version, you can set what the game will be played to (ie first to 10 wins) but in this game you just play till it gets boring. This needs to be fixed but is otherwise a great game.

We payed for this app and no mater what we do it will not open when we click on it. It opens for a second than closes thay need to fix this problem.

This version of tank trouble is a lot like the computer version. This game is very fun and is definitely worth the two dollars. The only problem with the game is that there are no single player power ups. But overall get this app!!

BEST. APP. EVER. But we have suggestions. Online multiplayer. Load account maps. More weapons. That’s it. We LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH we WANT TO MARRY IT. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF HOW FAR TANK TROUBLE HAS COME. We LOVE THIS GAME, AND we LOVE YOU!!!

This game holds a special place within us and Angel. We first found this game on a computer and couldn’t stop playing. Now that it’s mobile, the fun will be endless!! This game is hands down one of our favorites! The only thing we want new is d-pad controls. The joystick is a bit awkward at the beginning until you get used to it. You know how the keyboard does it, left and right turns the tank. Forward and backward moves the tank. Those controls are much more comfortable and you’re able to pull off neat Laika dodging skills. Other than that, GREAT GAME!! :D.

This is an awesome game! You can make it more awesome by adding the weapons from the computer version. For example the homing missle, laser and the other weapons. Plus add online or bluetooth multiplayer! Thanx for reading!

We love this game but they need to add a few things. 1. They need to add power ups in single player. 2. They need to add a back button because we have to restart the game to go back. 3 Finally in the next update they should add more computer like features like customizing your tank or making a track and add the rest of the power ups to the game, and please update the graphics a little bit. Sorry for being so demanding but this game is AWSOME anyway.

Back in the 80’s, Tank Battle was one of our arcade favorites. This game does a great job of recapturing that nostalgia, while offering a highly challenging AI opponent. If you’re a fan of early coin-op arcade games, you’ll love this one.

Great game. Can you add an online mode and Bluetooth mode that will make this game even better.

This game is great, so much like the computer version. Our only complaint is that the single player levels don’t have power-ups. If you fix this, we will rate 5-stars.

This game is very fun. But please add power ups when you verse the computer. Thank you!

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