Icomania Answers

Icomania Answers

Icomania Answers, Hints, Solution, Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, Android with all levels answers.
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Icomania Level 1

Icomania Level 1

Icomania Answers Level 1 with Picture and Text for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Phone

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  • Rosella

    The answers for level 9 are :
    Iron man, up, timber lake, Julia Roberts, cars, mada gas car, .j.r., Ted, Bruce Willis, Jennifer Lopez, NBC, Winnie the Pooh, tiger woods, bridge stone, Snow White, Thor, George .w bush, monsters Inc, Sid, woody, wolverine, transformers, South Africa, scrubs, inception, diesel, BBC, Russia, turkey, al bundy, Ernie, vans, Robert de Niro, deutsche bank, Lufthansa, chile, Seoul, Jamie fox.
    I am sorry I could not putt pictures of it.
    If there are any more questions I have all the answers to the game, I could tell you them if you ask for them and tell me which level.

  • clara

    what is level 9

  • clara

    what is level 9 lol

  • cocoakp2

    @Anne sydney

  • Anne

    Are there different games out there? I am on Level 12. City. 6 letters. With what looks like 3 white ‘Pope hats’ with light green background.??? Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Shane

    I’m stuck on level 12 tv and movies with blood on the wall any answer?

  • Carla Roahrig

    I am having finding a famous person on level 17. It is a bald man with mustache and glasses. Does any on know who this person is?

    • nk143

      its ghandi but its not accepting my answer

      • asia

        Its gandhi

  • Carla Roahrig

    I am looking for a famous person who is a bald man with a mustache and glasses. Carla

    • omartuykf


  • Billy

    Gilette should be Gillette

  • Billy

    Marylin Manson should actually be Marilyn Manson

  • Billy

    Level 5 I have looked at the cheats and the answer is Marylin Manson but the game doesnt accept it, I have checked the spelling many times

  • lara

    Does anyone no the eyes and sharp teeth creature on level 8 under TV and movies

    • Ashley Knaap

      i think its cheshire cat from alice in wonderland

  • Tyler


  • Mina

    Stop guys

  • Leslie

    It’s not a mistake

  • LOL!!!

    Does anyone know the country in level 4 where it’s this girl like in a dancing suit cuz the cheats don’t say what it is…

    • Hello

      It’s brazil

  • Endrine

    I am stuck on a lady with blie “underwear” anyone know it?

    • effy002


  • Brianna

    Its hermione

  • Kathleen

    It’s spelled Hermione

  • toni


  • LaLa

    they added an o by mistake. spell it Hermione.

  • hermione

  • Dillon

    Stuck on lev 8

  • Maureen

    How come on level 8 in cheats answers there is only 1 answer jungle book

    • LOL!!

      Yeah mine too, all I see is the jungle book…

    • Anna

      I know right! What’s the transformer one?

  • Karen Hines

    Love the game & the help but in level 5 is the answer hermine.? If it is there r one to many blanks in the solution. Help

    • Allie

      Karen, it’s spelled “hermoine” I believe. If that isn’t right, switch the I and O.

    • Sarrah


    • MrsWilson

      It’s hermione.

    • Qavfan

      Her ions?

    • Deandra


    • Gabbi

      On here it say hermine but the original name is Hermione

    • Harry


    • Mina


    • Jessica

      I think it’s Hermione, from Harry Potter

    • Emilia

      It is actually spelled like hermione. There’s an extra o right?

    • Christa


    • Kehau

      It’s Hermione

    • Nora Helland

      It’s spelled Hermione :)

  • Viv

    When will rest of hints for icomania be available. I am stuck on one in leve8.

    • Nicky


      • emily

        dose any 1 know the awnser 2 level2 and there is a man with a eletric guitar.-band

    • Katie xx

      I know it’s a video or something

      • Sophie

        What do u mean by a video

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