Icomania Answers


Icomania Answers

Icomania Answers, Hints, Solution, Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, Android with all levels answers.
You can generate all the answers by using the Icomania Solver in here.
Icomania Level 1

Icomania Level 1

Icomania Answers Level 1 with Picture and Text for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Phone

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    51 Responses to “Icomania Answers”

    1. Rosella

      The answers for level 9 are :
      Iron man, up, timber lake, Julia Roberts, cars, mada gas car, .j.r., Ted, Bruce Willis, Jennifer Lopez, NBC, Winnie the Pooh, tiger woods, bridge stone, Snow White, Thor, George .w bush, monsters Inc, Sid, woody, wolverine, transformers, South Africa, scrubs, inception, diesel, BBC, Russia, turkey, al bundy, Ernie, vans, Robert de Niro, deutsche bank, Lufthansa, chile, Seoul, Jamie fox.
      I am sorry I could not putt pictures of it.
      If there are any more questions I have all the answers to the game, I could tell you them if you ask for them and tell me which level.

    2. Are there different games out there? I am on Level 12. City. 6 letters. With what looks like 3 white ‘Pope hats’ with light green background.??? Any help greatly appreciated.

    3. Level 5 I have looked at the cheats and the answer is Marylin Manson but the game doesnt accept it, I have checked the spelling many times

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