Idle Army

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:40 am

Idle Army


Idle Army is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 8SEC, Idle Army is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th March 2021 with the latest update 28th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


20,597 people have rated 14.0.2

You can download the game Idle Army from APP STORE.


Have you ever dreamt of being a squad leader ? Now, it’s time to be!

You will have to survive the horde of enemies and count on your amazing team to succeed. Merge your units to become more powerful and defeat the attackers.
They will use all their powers to attack you: drones, ninjas, trucks or tanks. Be ready for the battle.

Discover new recruits to join your ranks and improve your firepower. How will you organize your troops? Pistol, Rifle, Minigun, Bomber, Grenade, Rocket Launcher, Tank, Sniper or Sharpshooter, they are all available to help you to counter the waves.

To reach the highest level, you will have to create an all-star crew and have a great rate of fire.

The enemies are too strong for you? Maybe you can use a nuke to exterminate everyone on the map. But choose wisely your moment to launch it!

Upgrade and customize your hero as you wish, do you feel more comfortable to shoot the enemies in superhero or in an assassin? That’s your royal choice!

Make sure to test the endless mode to prove your skills!

Be ready for war!

Updated on 28th October 2021

Amazing new levels!

Idle Army Review

This game is amazing and we would rate it 5 but it drained our battery. We dont know if it was just our phone but we deleted the game and our phone is now working fine.

Not a bad game, pretty boring honestly, same level skins over and over with a higher difficulty star. The endless fight crashes the game at around 34000 kills, and you cant upgrade your troops past 3 star pinkish purple star which was a huge let down so we quit.

Fun game. Id give more stars if there were a leader board for the endless round to make it more competitive.

We give 4 stars for a good game but -2 because we have never had more ads in a game than this even after spending the $3 to remove ads. Its absurd that after every round we have to wait for the ad to go away because we dont want to buy more slots or buy a new skin for our hero. Paying to remove ads should remove ads.

We bought the dude with the machine gun for 2 dollars and we were expecting a fast firing gun but nope its just a skin change. Whats the point of making different characters if theres no difference between the two worst $2 we’ve spent.

We PAID 2.99 for no ads. Why am we still seeing ads?!?

The add said No OnE CaN GeT PaSt LeVeL 89 we got bored after level 25 but we had to prove a point, made it to level 90 without any struggle, not sure what happens if they make it to the line because our enemies never got close.

When we first started this game it was great, but now the changes have greatly diminished our rating. 1. The game cuts off on ending after we have 22k kills. Our highest was 35k before the last two updates. Since the updates we havent finished a endless mode because of the app cutting off. 2. Before the last two updates we were at 42 million in gold, we got 23 million in one endless mode, now the most we can get is 150k. The game has gone from a 5star game to a 1 star game. Changing the game to make more money make us not recommend even down loading this app.

There is a 15-20 second ad after every 15-20 second round. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

First off the stuff that is offered that you can get by watching ads when you click it the game lets you watch the ad but at the end of the ad the games crashes and you dont get anything and its really annoying, second when Im trying to play it gets really laggy and glitchy and sometimes it will stop at all until it glitches to us dying, so all in all honestly dont recommend playing if you not a patient person.

The game wont even load after like 30 seconds of nothing it kicks us out and theres nothing we can do about it.

Every time we try to play the game crashed and cant get passed the logo in the beginning. We’ve tried deleting and reinstalling and same thing. Dont waste your time.

After every wave theres an ad, and each wave only lasted under thirty seconds. The game was fun when we were actually playing.

We’ve been playing this game and idk how to build walls. Please tell us if there is something u have to do to build walls, or if its just the ads that says that. And we just want to know how to build walls. Thank you!

This game is exactly what we were looking for to cure our random boredom that strikes every few days. Our only complaint is that once we made it to 40k kills the app starts glitching out and eventually closes. There is no winning, once youve built a strong enough defense the game wont stop. Itll force you out of the app so you never get to set a new high score. After adding new (crappy) characters, the amount of looks that you can get to before the games starts to glitch is even lower. Itll slow down at 25k kills and kick you out of the app at 30k.

This game WAS fun. Then the last update added a bunch of ads and pop-ups. Then the newest update made it worse, caused a bunch of lag, reduced the points given for endless, and reduced the damage issued by units. And all the new units with the "random" unit system make upgrading more expensive than ever. The developers are obviously making it more of an ad trap with every update.

We absolutely love this game, but it burned through our battery extremely fast. About 5 minutes into playing it 10% of our battery was gone. Im gonna have to delete it until its fixed.

Its not even letting us in the game it just shows the creator.

This game is just like every other free game. Filled with ads, minimal game play. Free games now a days are just sad, they have no life to them, theres nothing fun about them anymore. Theyd rather push out a game then make a quality one.

We saw the ad on tiktok and it looked really fun so we installed. Next thing we knew our phone was overheating and everytime we would launch the app our phone would force quit the game, so we never got to even play it.

No ads does not in any way remove or reduce the amount of ads you see, complete scam.

We downloaded the game from an ad thinking it would be like that but we were completely wrong. You cannot draw in barbed wire like in the ads we have seen.

Paid 2.99 for the game to remove ads and yet the game is still completely riddled with Ads. Every round does bonus points but the ads you have to watch for the bonus points last drastically longer than the rounds last.

There are 6 soldier types and only 20 spaces. That doesnt give near enough room to sufficiently upgrade any of them. We propose two possible solutions. 1. More spaces. Like lots more. At least double if not triple. 2. Once a soldier is promoted, make it possible to spawn that soldier at that promotion level. Even if it costs more(maybe 20k for red and 80k for purple) itd be worth it in the long run to be able to sufficiently upgrade all troops.

Please buff endless mode it used to be a good way of getting money but now you can only do endless every six hours for a maximum of 10k. Its not even worth doing if we can no longer make millions off of it. The newest units arent very good IMO so stick with tanks (3rd tier grenade dudes), miniguns (3rd tier rifle guys) and sharpshooters (3rd tier snipers) we have gotten to wave 267 with only 2 of each (6 in total) not even maxed out. Also, dont bother maxing out the heros bullet damage, it barely helps.

Great game, could definitely use a unit information tab to keep track of where you should place what units.

Even after the latest update, the screen freezes up, fails to load the currency and reboots itself. When it works correctly its a fantastic game.

Why would you set a cap limit on the endless battle so low when you can earn more on regular waves?!?! Take away the cap on endless!! The point of endless is to kill as many as possible and earn as much as possible!!

This game in our opinion was ok for the following reasons: 1 being the lowest Ad quantity: 3 New Content: 2 Addicting: 4 Because of the ratings above this game a 3 star, but if u have a lot of time to kill them this game is perfect.

This game was good until they took out the feature where you could get quite a bit of money from endless now its a set amount everytime and everything else you dont get a lot either its not fun anymore.

Lack luster. Remove ads doesnt remove the ads so save yourself the money.

After running for a while, our iPhone 12 Pro is very hot!

Ads for literally anything, want to upgrade but dont have money? Ads. Want to do the next 30 second wave? 1 minute league of legends ad. They probably generated 20 dollars off of our 1 hour of playtime on this just from the endless ads alone.

This game plays an AD no matter what. Its really annoying. However it has the audacity to limit the power ups you can receive from ADs you chose to watch. Overall a terrible game that needs to update their progression system. Absolutely horrible.

If you like watching ads for longer periods of time than you actually get to play the game, then this is for you.

Added too many characters to merge.

This game needs work its a good concept but it has too many ads no real plot or small story you can do on the side when we were playing after every wave we got an ad not fun at all.

The games crashed immediately after installing.

Why did you reduce the payout on Endless mode? It takes forever to get new troops and there are new options. Makes us want to delete!

Im glad you added new soldiers and think its great, but we wish there was a reserve yard or something where you could store your troops while you work on upgrading them because theres not enough space in the normal place.

We got this game and thought we probably would play this much, we started playing for almost half of each day. This game is great!

Games cool but the new units kinda messed up our whole roster ngl.

This game was better than we expected, its one of the best time killers on the App Store, but the games performance leaves more to be desired. The game can be slow 50%-60% of the time and it sometimes leads to the game crashing. It gets annoying, but subtract that its a great game.

The new updates are causing the game to freeze and shut down.

Cant choose who to shoot pretty bad that we have to watch videos to build an army.

We bought stuff nothing to have us nothing we need a refund or fix it please.