Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 02:55 am

Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle

Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle

Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Matchingham Games Limited, Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th June 2022 with the latest update 23rd February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle ?

44,542 people have rated 1.0.154

What is the price of the Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle released ?

Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle was released on 26th June 2022.

When was the Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle updated ?

The latest updated date of Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle on 23rd February 2023.

Where can Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the world of Impossible Date, where you can find solutions for helpless lovers!

Impossible Date is a riddle game in which you try to solve the troubles in male-female relations by completing the puzzles you encounter. This new fun game gives you the chance to solve new challenges of brain teasers!

All the riddles will challenge your attention and improve your thinking skills! You will see each level has a scenario that you will need to use your brain to solve all problems between the lovers. Only the smartest people will be able to solve these IQ tests!

Impossible Date has various brain teasers, puzzles, IQ tests and mind games where you can solve the issues between couples. To solve these riddles, you need to brainstorm and think well! If you act wisely, you can quickly move to the next level and improve your intelligence!

Impossible Date is a simple and fluid game where you can use drawing, erasing, tapping, swiping, clicking, dragging, x-ray options. In this game, you can correct misunderstandings between couples and save couples’ relationships, introduce the love of his life to the man who always lost his chance in love and you can make famous people into a couple!

You have to find solutions for all the seemingly impossible dates and ensure that the couples reach their happy ending. While accomplishing this goal, you will encounter riddles full of challenging obstacles, and you will find yourself in challenges to complete puzzles, brain teasers, thinking games and IQ tests.

You have to find the clues hidden inside the game and solve the riddles faster. As you get faster, the difficulty of the challenges will increase and you will improve your brain. You should continue to improve your way of thinking by playing thinking games!

Feature of the Game:

  • Simple to learn and fun to play!
  • Hundreds of puzzles and IQ tests to solve!
  • Relax, find missing clues and solve all puzzles!
  • Challenging mind games full of various obstacles!
  • Improve your thinking skills by playing thinking games!
  • Quick thinking and smart moves in various tricky riddles!
  • Challenge your brain with thousands of fun brain teasers!

You can keep the couple together or break them up. Their fate is in your hands! The choice is yours! Test your brain’s limits!

If you want them to live a happy life together, help them out!

Enjoy the Impossible Date!

Updated on 23rd February 2023

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle Review

Im only voting this a 5 so people can see it without scrolling. This game is incredibly racist, fat-phobic and generally disgusting. The game has no genetic diversity. Everyone is white, even the princess and the frog, who are black. The game also supports fat-phobic and body-shaming behavior. In the ads it shows heavier women with unshaved legs and untamed, black hair. It then introduces a male. You have to do things to the woman to make her slim, shaved, and blond to make him love her. This game is for kids. Kids. If a kid is introduced to this game, they will grow to think that this behavior is ok and that they should do it as well. Grow to think that they should only love skinny, shave, blond, white women and no one else. This game also supports ads that are very similar but Mitch more inappropriate and mature.

It can be weird but its so easy and so fun we LOVE IT download it now cuz ur in for a treat.

This game is a some try it !!!

Ok so yes theres so much ads but its so fun and yes maybe little kids are waiting to get a gf and bf but we have one and we dont know how to act.

This the best game ever we haves so much funnnn.

5 stars you will love it play it now you kind of get to learn and even funny you should download it Im on our phone like everything else, so please try it if you dont like it who cares if you would like it download it now.

We think this is a really fun game and we play it all the time, but we think its in need of more representation. So far we’ve only seen straight couples and we think it would be great to add some lgbtq+ couples and also a more mixed skin ratio cause we’ve only seen a few other races and skins other then white. This wouldnt need to be necessary to be good but it would be nice!

We think you should ask this question later when we akcktuall played the game for a while thats why you didnt get all 5 stars.

Look – not paying for apps is something we do, unless the app demonatrates that its something really worthwhile after using it in Free mode (I have more than a handful of paid versions). This game is fun – for the 15 seconds you play it between minute-long ads. Deleted.

The game was nothing like the ads not to sound like a Karen but we rlly wanted to play a game like the add you gave.

Its a good game very fun but not like the add and a lot of the levels repeat.

We understand you want to make money for your game. There are so many that dont have this many ads.

We guess you can kill time with it as it has THE LONGEST ADS ever aside from that there isnt any real goal or seems not to have one. If youre bored and want to distract the mind, you will remain bored or watch the ads, you come across something better.

So the game is pretty fun but in the adds it shows this girl and a basketball player and the girl is overweight but then they tie a rope around her waist to make her skinnier and puts a blond wig on her and when he falls in love the rope and wig come off and all of the sudden he doesnt like her anymore which is really offensive because it doesnt matter if your fat are if you have blond hair or not so yeah.. This game add is not giving the right message sooo we give it a two because of that but the game is pretty fun so we gave it a two instead of a one but yeah its not giving the right message.

This game isnt like the ads, BUT its still good. We played till level 145 but realized its too easy and theres no challenge at all. A few levels repeat or are almost the exact same as previous levels. ALSO (biggest reason we lost interest) theres so many forced ads that we watch ads more than we play the game.

The games way too easy, we thought by the time we reach a higher level the game would get harder but no.. Easiest levels ever and some of them are even repeating the same levels.

So basically, its not what it was in the ad, nor the pictures.

We like this game but too TOO! Many adds please believe us do not play this game they have 10,000 adds ok bye and do not forget they are TOO many add! Ok bye.

This game is insinuating that everyone should date the opposite gender and evey level everyone is white and the ads are not appropriate for children, our friend played this app for sometime and she told us to not play because it was that bad this game is just not kid friendly,not LGBTQ friendly ,and racist its just a bad game overall, and for the people who gave this game 5 stars are racist,dont have kids and arent lgbtq.

This game is a no for us! The ads are so frequent & irritating! The levels start to repeat themselves! Like we’ve played multiple levels like 2-3 times!

Not like the add, way too easy(solved each puzzle all the way up to 500 in under 30 seconds for each. The game also had way too many ads and you cant play without service.

We would like to complain about the moon on level 13. The moon is not white its gray, So for that we will be rating this game a 1.

The ads for this game are atrocious. One shows a woman covering her black hair with a blonde wig and her hairy legs with stockings, only for the guy to run away when her disguise falls off. Another shows a lifeguard running away and leaving a struggling woman to drown when he realizes that shes chubby. (Lifeguards are not supposed to do that!) Oh, and did we mention that the women in both these ads are wearing ropes around their waists? Thats not healthy. No one, especially women, should be encouraged to go back to wearing corsetsthis isnt the Victorian era. Even the game itself is rather sexist: level 2s goal is to reveal the baby. It consists of taking the dart from the dartboard and popping the balloon under the womans dress, after which the guy runs away. What the heck?! Im sure real people dont do that. -10 stars for the casual misogyny and fat-phobia (the animation isnt great either, but the real ugliness comes from the lie that women have to fit classical beauty standards). Its 2023 already. Either change this game to accept people of all body types/appearances or take it down completely.

This game was really goofy and not that great there are more ads than games we would like a refund for this 10$ game and this game has many bugs in it that we wish we had never downloaded it.

EVERYONE is WHITE including princess and the frog what?!?!! There black this is racist and its not right and ur fat shaming these poor people dont play this.

It isnt a selection game. Its like its for babies.

We want to know why you made the game play the same level! Who would do something like that. Im done with this game. Its stupid!!!!

The ad is completely disgusting saying that only skinny beautiful people will get guys which is a horrible message to send people and using a rope to make her skinny and the pants that make her legs skinnier too but when all of that comes off the guys run away which is disgusting you dont need to be skinny and beautiful just to get boys to like you so just because of that ad we dislike the idea and the game itself.

Now personally we despise the fake adds and impossible amount of adds when you actually download the game, but dont even get us started on the body shaming, homophobia, and constant sexualization of woman in this game absolutely horrible game.

Look, we get that you NEED money (since it is a free game) but there are too many ads. Way too many, every time we open the app, theres an ad. And thats not where it stops, the ads for THIS GAME are incredibly fat phobic. Every single ad we’ve seen for this game have been videos of plus-size women with black hair and wild leg hairs. Then, they make you put a rope around her waist, and cover up her leg hair. Imagine a 7 year old girl saw this and assumed that she had to be skinny, blonde, and hairless. It just feeds into her insecurities and makes her grow up thinking shes not good enough. Everything about this game is so annoying from the fat phobia to the amount of ads in here. PLUS, you guys should add more colored characters. Every single character in this game is white, or at least white-passing. Even the princess and the frog (whos literally supposed to be black) is white. At this point, it seems as if you guys are scared of colored people?? Please add more diversity, and stop shaming women for having leg hair and being plus size.

It is very weird and cant play it now.

This is a bizzarely sexually charged game intended for children. It is also disgustingly sexist and racist. Do not download this game. It’s boring and filled with ads.

Would be a totally fun game if there wasnt an ad every 2nd or 3rd level.

We wanted to download this game because it looked fun from the add trying to save someone for a date is good then when we got the game it was horrible also the add was fat shaming because this guy wasnt gonna marry a girl because she was over Weight that is a terrible message also at one point in the game we had to make a girl blonde just so a guy would like her we mean like woman dont change yourself for someone change yourself for you and also there is no diversity everyone is white no people of culture or race terrible racist horrible sexist game all of them are woman and men what about a girl loving a girl or a boy loving a boy huh?!

This is a good game. But there are way, way to many ads. Yes we do know that most free games have ads, but Im getting an ad after we play only two levels. The rating has nothing to do with the actual game, because we do find the game fun. The rating is only for the ads. When there are too many ads we usually just end up deleting the game. So just please do something about the ads.

Your game is very bad way game like this when we dont have internet we cant play and every round there are ads this is not game this only to review ads.

The AMOUNT of ADS are R we D we C U L O U S.

First of all this game basically says if one person is bigger then the other in a relationship it wont work out. We dont agree with that only disrespectful and mean people would think that and also there are no mixed or black people in this game ONLY WHITE!!!!! Like you even made the princess and the frog white and we swear if we she white Moana we will be angry. And they literally made level like 45 idk we havent been playing this dumb game because of the fact its racist and Im black!!!! Im literally only 9 and we can understand that this is wrong!!! So if you just get rid of the fat phobic stuff and the racism stuff Ill autcally think of playing your game again,

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