Power Wash! – Water Gun Games

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 02:45 am

Power Wash! – Water Gun Games

Power Wash! - Water Gun Games

Power Wash! – Water Gun Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Naseem Akhtar, Power Wash! – Water Gun Games is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th December 2021 with the latest update 10th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Power Wash! – Water Gun Games ?

5,791 people have rated 1.2.5

What is the price of the Power Wash! – Water Gun Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Power Wash! – Water Gun Games released ?

Power Wash! – Water Gun Games was released on 17th December 2021.

When was the Power Wash! – Water Gun Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Power Wash! – Water Gun Games on 10th October 2022.

Where can Power Wash! – Water Gun Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Power Wash! – Water Gun Games from Apple Official App Store.



Most relaxing and satisfying power washing game of 2021. Either you wanna do some deep cleaning in your garage or outdoor, we have added many levels.

  • Power wash old mud covered pickup trucks, machines in your garage
  • Clean Swings, slides, playground climbers, see saws in theme park
  • Restore the old gas station, public toilets etc
  • Get bonus points on reducing water usage
  • See the progress of every part and cleaned level.

4 Different water guns and many nozzles. Thin nozzles designed to clean the hidden small parts. While bigger nozzles help you power wash quickly.

Updated on 10th October 2022

  • New power wash guns and nozzles with varying angles added
  • Clean locomotive engine, airplanes, junkyard station
  • Access new projects on Mars and Moon cleaning
  • Bug Fixes

Power Wash! – Water Gun Games Review

This feels like a real power wash game its amazing.

Very VERY satisfying love this game. An idea to the creator add more power washers and levels but great game.

It is truly satisfying but at the same time this really good rip-off yes, its a ripoff of the real game. But if you dont have a computer you can get this on your iPad or iPhone the first time we played it we said to myself man this is satisfying so we recommend you download this game.

How do we get cleaner for our guns we own everything.

Good game, we need more movement like jumping and crouching, and huge increase in graphics, make it more detailed and make the background scenery more realistic and vibrant, add beautiful scenery people can enjoy in the background but other than that, its a good game.

Please update game soon. Its fun. We want more levels and projects.

Everything good its just we need. More levels we played the game for 5 hours!! And we still have done it.

Have the money to afford all the upgrades but cannot click purchase to buy them? Otherwise we like the game, wish there were more levels/projects.

And add more thing into your game like the computer one.

Way too easy to clean and even if youre not halfway one it cleans the rest for you automatically.

Every time we try to get it to play it loads to 90%

Its a really good game overall. But there are a few things we dont like first off, we think crouching and jumping should be added. And also, the dirt comes off so easily. And because its very easy, its pretty easy to finish it all in one day. Because we just completed the whole game and now Im bored. Please add more maps. But its a great game! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

We love the game but we would like a jump and crouch button but overall we love this game.

Fun game But we feel like u Should be Able to have all hoses.

This game is a great alternative to powerwash simulator. Although the colors are a bit bland and the textures are pretty outdated, it still kept us entertained for hours.

Our little brother loves the game.

Best game ever but we wish this new uptake can come soon.

This game is really good we hope you release more levels soon.

We like the game and the graphics but despite having the sound effects and music set to on they do not work.

This game isnt a bad version of the steam version especially for being a mobile game.

Its fun and satisfying but we would like crouching and jumping to be added to the game but its a good game overall.

This game is so fun we love it so much.

What a great winding down game. Great was to relax, but we finished power washing everything in on sitting. Maybe a little too easy. There are levels coming soon but they are locked. When do we get the new levels?

This game is a great time killer, however we beat the entire thing in 3 hours. The dirt comes off too easy and we need more maps. Please update so we can continue playing this fun game.

This game is so satisfying and fun you need to power wash things and its 3-D and so realistic.

We would like to see some future graphical improvements and just add more depth with different stains and textures.

We like the game but we dont like how we dont get to fully clean the whole thing.

It should have better graphics is and you should be able to jump and crouch.

This one is probably the best of the offerings out there for a game themed on power washing. That said, the only way you make money for other washers and nozzles is to watch videos. They dont overload you with videos like some games but theres no currency earned for your work. Another thing is you dont get to finish every section. Youre on a piece and magically the whole section becomes clean. Weird. Finally it gives us motion sickness. Just cant take it anymore.

Why does it say clean when we havent got to finish cleaning.

Its fun sometimes but its not like the ad.

Very satisfying. But the advertisements are a little too much.

The game was great at first. But if you want to keep enjoying the game do no upgrade your gun! Once you start upgrading you will never again get the satisfaction of completing the jobs, it game auto completes it for you once you hit a certain percentage even if theres a whole wall you didnt get to yet.

Im going to freak out and report a very dumb quality that on mobile we get NO MONEY we GONNA get angy >:( u don want us to get angy.

This version really misses the mark. It would be great if it wasnt for the fact near 95 percent the game automatically completes your projects. Strongly disappointed after watching Mark play power washing simulator. Also the nozzles clean way too fast!! Wheres the challenge Id prefer to pay for the game than to be bombarded with Ads after each section is completed. Sloppy.

Not very good. Graphics are inconsistent and controls are very sensitive. Doesnt feel very satisfying.

Bad graphics and game is not built well.

This is stupid. Dumb and stupid. If stupid were a sport, this game would win the championship.

Okay we were excited to play this but when we got in the it it was not even close to being satisfying. Sorry for being picky.

The game is really good and runs well the only thing we think needs to be added is crouching and jumping.

We’ve been playing for a few minutes and the first thing we noticed is how incredibly easy it is to clean. Its almost so easy unsatisfactory. We havent spent money on anything and have the cheapest version of everything available and it feels like its a washer from the gods already. We think that is in part how this dirt system is. It does not feel like the dirt is at all caked on to anything nor is it hard to reach anywhere. Its as if there is just a giant dirt sticker on the car that just comes off as a whole incredibly easy.

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