Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium

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Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium


Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 玲玲 吴, Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium is a Health & Fitness game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th August 2020 with the latest update 27th August 2020

Whether you are a fan of Health & Fitness, Adventure, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


164 people have rated 1.6.0

You can download the game Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium from APP STORE.


Tap aquarium setting with fantastic fish and sea creatures.

  • ADVENTURE MODE: You Progress Through Multiple Tanks , And Unlock All Pets.
  • TIME TRIAL MODE: Collect As Much Money As You Can Before The Time Runs Out.
  • CHALLENGE MODE: Deal With Price Inflation and Increasingly Difficult Aliens.
  • VIRTUAL AQUARIUM: Care for fish, Collect shells, and Use Shells to Buy More fish and Upgrades.

Updated on 27th August 2020

Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium Reviews

We played this long long ago and just got the app a few days ago. We cant put it down. It is just like we remembered.

Yes, its a knock-off, but since the original creators havent bought thered to make a mobil version, This game is the best you can get. Its almost identical to the original PC game and just as fun! There are a few typo’s, but it doesnt affect the game play. The only thing we miss is in the virtual tank, the original provided funny details about the things your fish liked. Perhaps theyll add that in an update.

Hated how they removed the original one on the App Store but this one is a perfect replacement. Its near identical to the original. Worth the dollar.

Use the whale as one of the pets, itll shield all your small and medium fish from attack. Then make sure that you starve all your big fish before the stone alien appears every time. Thatll make it so he cant attack anything, and gets you around the glitch. Or you can try using the bonus pet nose thingy to constantly postpone the attack until you have enough to purchase a high level gun, and kill the stone alien before he has a chance to attack.

We used to play this game when we were younger. So fun!

Even though its basically a retextured version of the original insaniquarium, it holds up pretty well, it still has a good feel to it, it has all the original modes just like the original, and yeah, definitely worth our dollar.

Love this game so much we jack off to it.

Why can we only drop 1 fish food at a time ?? Doesnt make sense our fish are dying because we cant feed multiple at the same time please help.

After playing it on plants vs zombies and oneyplays reminded us of it, we finally got it. Thanks, dorks!

Level 3-4 when new enemy type tries to attack. Done it about 5 times so we assume its replicatable. Pleaaaaae fix.

If you played this back in the day in your browser, youll love it. Its an Exact replica to a T of the old game, all the old characters and everything! Tapping can get a little tiring but its a great time killer. For .99¢ its a cheap nostalgia trip, Happy we found it!

We loved this game when we were a kid so we were excited when we saw that it was turned into a mobile game. Sadly our joy was short lived as the game crashes on Tank3-5 when the monster comes out. It’s been months since we’ve been able to play. We hope this is fixed soon.

Good game not gonna lie but the thing thats not cutting it is the knockoffs sorry it just doesnt give the same experience but overall fun game.

-this game is super beloved on pc by probably 100,000 people.. The fingers controls are fine except somethings are off.. Like the popular elephant pet… Now when you drop a food item to feed the elephant it tends to swim around it.. Similar but not the same as PC… Other then that the game works great… You must play tho shame on PC instead of lame mobile.

We love this game and have since we were a kid! It was so fun until level 3-4 when the monster comes out, which it seems is a common issue. Please fix this!!!!

We loved we insane aquarium as a kid and still enjoy it on the AppStore on this game but its still a knockoff lol we hope the actual game gets a mobile port some day but for now this is very fun.

There is no sound or music but we are having fun with this game as we had in the past. Wish there was a screensaver like the old game had.

We played this game probably 15 years ago and craved hearing the sounds again. We were so glad to discover it again, but when you get to level 3, stage/tank 2, prepare to no longer be able to adventure. We are playing on our phone. Between the virtual aquarium and time trials, you can keep playing, but the adventure stops and challenge mode wont be available.

Still love this game but tank 4-4 is crashing whenever the missile robot shows up.

Love this game but crashes on level 3-4 when the monster comes out. We wish they would fix so we can get back to the game.

Probably due to a bug or something. It stops working on tank 3-5 when the alien comes out the second time and sends you to your Home Screen. Love the game otherwise though.

It was a great flowing game but now it crashes as soon as the robot shoots missiles it crashes and Im very upset since we did pay for it but it looks like Ill no longer be able to play this game.

This game is just as fun as we remember it being as a kid. The only problem is the glitch. The other reviews mention it too. This needs to be fixed, especially because people pay to use this app. We want to continue playing but its not possible with the glitch on the cement monster.

We have enjoyed playing this. But the boss of doom isnt really winnable. Have been stuck here for weeks. Wish we could continue playing it. But getting tired of this event.

Same as all the other reviews, the cement alien crashes the game when it attacks. We were able to get past the first two levels with it by following the advice to use the whale pet to hide all the fish so it has nothing to attack but now its randomly mixed into other levels where this isnt practical. If we could play, this would be top rated, but alas.

We love this game but we got the the part where the rock alien comes and every time he attacks it just closes up the game. You need to fix this. Every time it comes you cant play anymore so you cant get passed that level.

Paid the buck for the game now it keeps crashing every time we load up 3-4 stage like what the heck ?

Love this game and want to continure to play but it keeps crashing on.

We would’ve given it 5 stars but the game keeps crashing on tank 3-4, disappointing.

This game would be so much better if it didnt crash. It used to be so much fun as a kid but the developers dont seem like theyre going to fix the bug anytime soon.. We wouldnt waste your money on this game until it actually gets fixed.

Its a fantastic remake on iOS, kudos to the developer! However, the app crashes on level 3-4. If it were to keep working, definitely a 5 star app.

Then app works perfectly until level 14 it just closes when trying to kill the second alien and we are irritated with that otherwise the game is super fun and we love it ! We hope someone sees this who can fix it !!!!

Its a good game and we loved playing it but it kicks you to the Home Screen on tank 3-4 when the alien comes. Hopefully they fix it.

Our son and we both downloaded this on our phones. He got up 3-4 first and said it kept crashing. He deleted and reinstalled the game but lost all his progress. We just got to 3-4 and its doing the same for us.

We were having fun playing but, once it got to the stone alien, the app started kicking us out! We’ve tried starting the level over and we’ve even tried deleting and redownloading the app THREE TIMES!! We wanna play but it keeps kicking us out of the app!

Game crashes on tank 3 when alien appears.

We love this game and was so excited, but once we get to a certain spot, it kicks us out of the game. We’ve tried everything we can think of, but as soon as we get to that spot, Im kicked.

We were having so much fun playing the game that fed our childhood . Until tank 3-4 like everyone else we tried the hack but its almost impossible to only have the smaller fish and still move on . Please please please fix this glitch . Id love to continue playing . :(

We loved playing this game on PC growing up. The app doesnt appear to be sold by the original developer so there is some jankiness. But its the only thing we’ve come close to finding the original Insaniquarium game on iOS. We currently cant advance further than tank 3-4, as the game consistently crashes shortly after when the first alien appears.

Game crashes at 3-5. Still cant play.

We really wish they would fix this bug because we LOVE this game. It is so addicting and satisfying. Even if you cant fix the bug, you should unlock all the levels so that we can still try and play a good portion of the game!

Would always play this as a kid on the computer. We were happy to find this game similar to it. But we are now on level 3 tank 4 and it shuts us out of the app every time the enemy comes. Cant play any further then 3-4.

Was going great if played this awhile back but now am stuck a monster comes out we attack and the game glitches and closes not able to go past at all please fix this.

Update: we completed adventure mode! We tried the whale tricks that others have suggested, it works but its slow and you have to be really careful on timing when your fish go from guppies to adults. What we do: When the rock alien appears, get a few hits in then go back to the main menu/title screen (just pausing doesn’t work). When you renter your level (progress will be saved), and get a few more hits in and repeat. It takes a little time with a low power gun, but it works. Every hit will bring down the health a little bit and exiting to the title screen will delay the attack by a few seconds. The main thing is to not let the rock alien attack. There are a few levels that prompt you to reselect your pets, dont worry you didnt restart your level. You can chose the same pets or actually use this as an opportunity to switch out your pets mid-game (a helpful glitch). We find it helpful to use Blimp during these levels because he shows you the health bar. That way you can estimate how many more times you need to hits you need. If he happens to attack and the game crashes, open it back up, enter the level, and quickly close without attacking. Do this a few times. It will push his attack time back enough for you to get a few hits in. Once you upgrade to a higher strength gun, you can take him out really fast and dont have to worry about the game crashing. We hope this helps! This game bring so much nostalgia, but It crashes at a certain level. Please please please fix!! Id give it 5 stars if it was fixed.

As for the other review we also played this game on pc growing up. We were really excited to find it on iOS but as the other review said (that we didnt read prior to getting the game) tank 3-4 consistently crashes theres no way of getting past it. Would love for an update that fixes this bug, like the other review it is a very nostalgic game and bring us back to our childhood <3.

3-4 you play a alien with a stone face that crashes game every time he uses his attack. You have to use whale that eats medium and small fish and constantly let your big fish die so the game wont crash.

Its overall a great game until level 3-4 then it forces you out of the game! Please fix this.

We love the game, would be 4.5/5 stars, if 4.2 didnt keep force crashing our phone. Was worth the dollar for nothing but the nostalgia!

This should be free seeing as you cannot get past the rock enemy which crashes the game as soon as its about to shoot the balls. We know the enemy and what it does from the pc game which does not crash at all. Everyone should get a REFUND!!

It crashes tank3-4!! Please fix?!

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