They Are Coming!

Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 08:00 pm

They Are Coming!

They Are Coming!

They Are Coming! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, They Are Coming! is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th October 2021 with the latest update 22nd July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


73,791 people have rated 2.9.7

You can download the game They Are Coming! from APP STORE.


Defeat all enemies and win!

Updated on 22nd July 2022

We are preparing weekly updates to provide a better gaming experience for you! This update includes Bug fixes and a few adjustments, enjoy!

They Are Coming! Review

There is a bug where the trap with the guns where when you press the button it no shoot.

Great game but can you make it easy for us.

After 2 days of playing, losts our interest in app. Unlocked all weapons and Max out all players that you can have. Now its just redundant level. Not fun anymore.

Ads are overpowering the game.

Like the title says, this game is great, very fun, but there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Multiple ads after every single level. Its out of hand how they get approved to be on the app store with so many ads. Really got to cut back on them. A quick tip to bypass ads: Force quit your game then reload it, its much faster to reload the game than to watch a mandatory 15-30 second ad.

The game was fast an operating great but the more we played the slower the game became. Its lagging like no tomorrow cant even enjoy the game anymore please fix.

We downloaded the game 15 minutes ago and have already erased it. We were barely on level 5 when it got so hard to pass it, we decided it wasn’t fun enough to keep going. It doesn’t help that theres ads after every game. Usually in the beginning the game is easy, and it gradually gets harder every level, but this one got tough on only level 5. We are a 24 year old adult and we are generally really good at phone games, but this one seems a little too hard and maybe even frustrating. We wouldn’t recommend for kids.

App crashes whenever your army gets big. Which is kind of the point of the game. Ruins it.

Game is fun, ads are annoying, but the worst part is that it clearly has a memory leak because the game causes the phone to overheat after only a few levels and we have to close it and wait for the phone to cool off. An easy way to prevent this is to clear the background screen of graphics. When the ads play we sometimes see the guns still firing and the stickmen still on the screen. This should be gamedev 101.

The app is frequently freezes for a second or two which makes it unplayable.

This game has gotten boring. It’s the same level & track they run on & shoot. They same everything. Why don’t the track changes they running on. It’s boring now cuz it’s the same scene we see on every game.

Played three level, auto played two ads. We would never ever want to see this game again!!!

You spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the game itself!

There is no way to unlock the new weapons you earn without watching ads even if you pay for ad free. The level endings you also have to wait longer for an ad free way to complete the level. The first button the offer you is to watch an ad, have to wait about 5 seconds to get the ad free completion button. We also think the game would be better if your men were moving forward instead of back. Sometimes cant see the boxes because our finger is in the way. Uninstalled 1 day after downloading.

Its a rip off. Advertising shows much difficult levels that never appear. Repetitive. Save your money.

Game is full of terrible misleading adds, isnt very fun to begin with. Stay away!!

We hate how it keeps showing ads in your face even after you paid for ads free. There needs to be a special category in AppStore for this kind of apps, so we could simply avoid them altogether.

The amount of ads in this game is nuts. After every single round and then some? Are you serious? Its a fun little simple game but oh our goodness. Tone back the amount of ads.

The game concept is fun but its nothing but ads. Absolute trash. Developers should be ashamed.

Ridiculous ads volume, literally spending more time on watching ads than playing games. Deleted no regrets.

We didnt mind the came play but you have to watch about a minute of ads for every 15 seconds of gameplay. If you want the extras you have to watch even more ads. Not worth it in our opinion, find a different game.

Purchased the game to prevent the long ads between rounds by clicking on the No Ads button. But still get tons of ads even with out clicking on the upgrade options. Do not purchase this game!

Had to delete because of all the obnoxious ads.

Game is super fun, but an ad after every single round is unnecessary and quite annoying. Especially when you just want to play the game.

The ads are RIDICULOUS. Once you get to the higher levels the game gets choppy.

Game is great but 99% of time youre watching ads. Waste of time.

15 seconds of play for 2 minutes of ads.

Glitches and wont actually work.

Feel ripped off if you like adds every 5 seconds this game is for you. Hopefully we get a refund.

Cant play the game with adds ever 30 second which is how long the games last.

Why should we have to watch ads if we’ve paid? Also we have a new iPhone but the app crashes periodically. We have upgraded everything to max but it says we have to play more levels to get additional weapons. Will it let us get these weapons if we keep playing or do we I have to watch ads? We paid to remove ads !

So many ads it is unplayable. You spend more time looking at advertising than playing the game.

Just downloaded it and we like it. There are alot of ads but we personally dont mind them. They dont last long and the game is free.

Im having a good time playing this game and world recommend it to many of our friends! We are writing this on our own accord and am not under any duress!

The game is fun but way too many ads.

Its a good game but wwaaaaayyyyy too many ads, and thats what makes people delete it.

Fun but you watch ads more than play the game.

Its a good game. We wish the levels were a little longer. We paid $2.99 for no ads and we STILL get ads though. They are constant and after every round even though we bought the no ads. Makes us not want to bother playing.

We understand that apps need ads to help pay for it but having an ad almost after each round is enough for us to delete. We did like the game but not if we have to wait after each victory.

This game is a simple fun game. We enjoyed the game play. Wish for more difficult level. But the Ads on this game are out of control. We are not kidding. They are all over to get to next level, to level up, more us, different colors, and more you have to watch an Ad!!

Dont pay for ad removal. Rip off.

Downloaded it twice but still wont open. We watched the add and we were interested into playing the game. But for some reason its not opening. We gave it a two star rating cuz its whacked .

You have to watch ads to play, upgrade, and even collect things you earned through gameplay.