iRoll Up the Rolling and Smoking Simulator Game

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iRoll Up the Rolling and Smoking Simulator Game


iRoll Up the Rolling and Smoking Simulator Game is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MAJ Apps and Games LLC, iRoll Up the Rolling and Smoking Simulator Game is a Music game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 21st December 2011 with the latest update 25th May 2016

Whether you are a fan of Music, Business, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


52 people have rated 8.1

You can download the game iRoll Up the Rolling and Smoking Simulator Game from APP STORE.


"The #1 Rolling and Smoking Simulator"

Join the over 100,000 players, and beat their time!

Have you ever wanted Roll Up? Now you can here is a fun way to practice the rolling and smoking process, the iRoll Up App! Learn HOW TO ROLL UP easy!

iRoll Up uses the multi-touch and the accelerometer, to create the most realistic rolling and smoking simulation on your iPhone! iRoll Up can also be a time based game! See how fast you can roll up, play and beat your friends! Then share your scores to the world!


  1. Pinch the sides
  2. Pull Down to even out product
  3. Use fingers to roll in the up direction


  1. Drag the arrow slowly!


  • Multitouch
  • Tobacco Rolling Simulator !
  • Time Attack Rolling Game!
  • HD Graphics make the most realistic rolling app ever!
  • Cool app to show friends at parties or hanging out!
  • Accelerometer


  1. Simply use your fingers to simulate the rolling process
  2. To smoke, slowly pull the arrow back to simulate inhaling
  3. See how fast your can do it, and beat your friends!

Updated on 25th May 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

bug Fixes

iRoll Up the Rolling and Smoking Simulator Game Reviews

This app was an amazing experience we recently had a child and this was the perfect app to teach them. They worked well with the easy steps. The smoking feature is their favorite, they smoke them up real quick. Their sequel IROLL UP FRIENDS is also a very good app, it makes it easier for us to see how our babies roll. Also all the moms in the neighborhood have this app too! 10/10 would use again! THANK YOU IROLL UP!

Iroll up the rolling and smoking simulator game is a piece of art. The developers clearly spent as much time as they could on this wonderful game. We really felt like we were in the game. AMAZING SIMULATION. We felt the weed in our hands. The 11 year wait for this game was definitely worth it. "Iroll up the rolling and smoking simulator" has a sequel called "iroll up the rolling and smoking simulator with friends." we haven’t gotten our hands on that one yet due to it selling out at every GameStop and bestbuy near us. We can’t wait until it restocks. The muliplayer seems like so much fun. We give this game a 9.8 in graphics, 10 in gameplay, 10 in simulation, 10 in replay value, and a 10 in simulation. Overall, "iroll up the rolling and smoking simulator" is a masterpiece.

If you go to cellular data and turn data off for it. BOOM! No more ads! Great App guys!

Doesnt work. Basically they will just rob you of your dollar. Their app support is a dead link.

So many ads, lots of 30 second ads, no cannabis, no directions on how to do anything. Very very bad app.

It doesn’t work. Whenever we try to roll a joint it won’t do anything. Deleting.

Absolutely horrible, too many adds, rolling doesnt work, smoking doesnt work. Horrible production.

Game is TRASH don’t download. It won’t let you roll or nothing. TRASH ASF.

If we could give this a negative star we would.

This app should be deleted to May adds.

How do you shoot with the dildo.

Doesnt even work to many adds crashes your phone do not get this app.

A cool concept but it keeps crashing. Makes no sense when explaining how to use the app and actually rolling it up is still impossible if it stays open long enough to work.

Go download kevin gates new mixtape on itunes right now ya heard us idgt bwa all day luca brasi 2.

This is better than the real thing! We always like Rollin them up but this app turns it up a notch. No mess, no high, no problems, and we love all the ads. We wanted to give this app 5 stars but we needed a roach clip for the end of our joint.

Save yourself the time and don’t download this app.

Doesnt work, we cant use the app, the touch doesnt work.

You can’t do anything. The touch doesn’t work. We tried for minutes and couldn’t get it to work.

Pretty good, but it needs better instructions!! Drag what slowly? The whole phone!! Lol JK.

This app is infested with adds.

This has got to be one of the stupidest apps out there!! Teaching kids how to roll a cig/joint?? Give us a break!

We got 3 46 in time if anyone can beat tht leave a comment so far world record.

This is a great time passing app. Fastest roll is 6 seconds!

Every time we start up the app it crashes …. It looks like a cool app but PLEASE FIXBUG

We got the rolling down, best roll was 12 sec. But how do you drag it?

10.5 sec roll and. 30 sec smoke Hold the arrow and drag to the side.

How do you roll it, we got the pinching part right, but the drag part doesn’t make sense.

We can’t believe apple approved this app!! This is to show you that kids will always have encouragement from everywhere even in phones and iPods to smoke!!! It’s a shame but it is happening with everything.

Doesnt work correctly on 4S iOS 6 !

Don’t get it!!! It doesn’t work, went to roll the paper and it wouldn’t roll at all, waste of time and thank god no money!!

Fun time-wasting free app. Roll in 10 secs if you know what your doing. Ads cover time clock. Should add cigars.

Well the app has a great concept and it helps past the time but the rolling directions are extremely unclear and needs to be fixed but the rolling part is really fun. We just wish we could roll though.

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