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Isoland is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd., Isoland is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th September 2016 with the latest update 27th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


148 people have rated 2.7

You can download the game Isoland from APP STORE.


Appearing deceptively peaceful to the casual passerby, a mysterious island exists in the far reaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The inhabitants know not how they got there or why they stay; all they’re sure of is that the place in which they are trapped is called Isoland.

You are a researcher who has received a letter from a friend imploring you to help with an investigation on Isoland. You travel to the mysterious island, seeking to unravel its mysteries — but after you arrive, you realize all too late that you, too, are now trapped. Beware of being lulled into complacency by the beauty of the island: Use your wits to avoid being tricked, and unravel the logic behind complex puzzles. Only then will the secrets of Isoland be revealed.


  • An Atmospheric Point & Click puzzle game
  • Unique & challenging in-game puzzle quests.
  • Well-designed background story with tailored gameplay.
  • Special & unique art design style.
  • Inference based system linked to acquisition of item located in various buildings.
  • Breaktaking brain-battles against merciless tricks and riddles
  • Supporting multiple language, English, Dutch, Chinese (Simple), Chinese (Traditional), French, Spanish, Japanese, and alien languages


  • Don`t miss the small detail! Even a small key point can be let you to freedom!
  • Tap the objects and find the hidden items to figure out the puzzles using your solving skills and your brain
  • Don’t linger in one place.
  • If the puzzle is too hard, use the tips to solve the puzzle

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Updated on 27th October 2021

fixed a few bugs

Isoland Reviews

It was ok we guess we finished it in like a day it was pretty easy kinda boring but it was fine.

It’s a well-designed game for sure, but we don’t find the artwork/characterizations particularly appealing (just a personal thing) and the narrative is really a head scratcher. And why do you have to play the game a second time to uncover the rest of the achievements?

Please dont make us start over again. This game was fun until the flower disappeared from our collection. No way to retrieve it.

We really love the game, the graphics, the story… All of it. But our adventure was different. The 6 golden triangles were not available to us neither was the red little disc thing and other little things. We don’t know if that is intentional or if it’s the model of our iPhone. At the ending we had, we realized there were still several puzzles that we didn’t complete which will probably give us a different ending if we can figure them out. Regardless- LOVED IT! And will for sure get the next one.

We love point and click games where there are different pieces of a puzzle all over the map. It definitely wasn’t hard, which can be frustrating and not fun at all when games become too complicated and hard to tie pieces together. But this wasnt complicated. A bit short, we finished it in less than 2 days playing only a handful of hours a day but still throughly enjoyed it. Definitely going to try Isoland 2!

We love this game! Its so fun and it has a great mix of puzzles. Its not to easy and provides a good challenge. The only thing we think they should add is an option to go back to round 1. Other than that it is the best puzzle game we’ve had.

We think that everything about the game is great. The puzzles are challenging but not to hard and it is full of mystery and adventure. The art style is also very unique. There is only one thing that we would suggest. We like the mystery and all but it can get pretty confusing. You dont really know the backstory of the island. There should really some more explanation of the island and all the mysteries on it, otherwise we think that this is a great game would recommend it to people who like games with puzzles, mystery, and adventure.

Not only is the backstory really intriguing, the game play is very fun! There was one puzzle we did have to look up how to do because it was just impossible. Other than that, the game was really fun and we were left wanting more.

Awesome game. Reminds us of the Aminita design games that Im a big fan of, but much cheaper to buy. We LOVED it, but we think the part two thing in the game where it basically starts over is confusing, and we had to take to google to understand what was going on. The music, graphics, and game play were all top notch, and though it was challenging, it wasnt impossible.

If you are a fan of logic puzzle games, this is a fun little adventure. Keep your eyes open – everything is there if you have the patience to explore. Everything makes sense when you think. Dont rush through each location. Think it through and you will reap the reward.

We wasnt sure what to expect after reading the reviews but we really liked this game. It was pretty hard for us at first figuring out what to do but we really liked it once we got the hang of the clues. After you finish the game, make sure you play it again (2nd round) because it has new challenges. We just bought the Isoland 2 and cant wait to work through that. Have fun!

This is a wonderful puzzle game. Its not too difficult, but hard enough to make it fun and satisfying.

We love this game so much the challenges were so fun and the puzzles were so different and that just kept it interesting we mean you have 3 more isoland games for us to play ashes of time the dust of the universe and amusement park but make more because theyre so so so fun and we really want you to making them once again thank you Cottongames for making this game it is so so so fun we really really really enjoyed it. But we did finish the game before we saw the red trunk on the second floor of the White House but Id really like to know the key to that because we havent even mailed the postcard yet so if you can get back to us a soon as you can and tell us the key to that please.

We were first attracted to the art design of this game when we started. And then the puzzles and the way of playing it again to reveal the other ending really surprised us. Finally, if you look at the details of the background art, you will be thrilled. Thanks for the teams contributions! Great game. Looking forward to the third one and more. Yes! We have finished the first two in a weekend.. ;)

We cant get the help seeker achievement! We have gotten ALL of the others including the hidden ones but we cannot get the help seeker and we stupidly have spent $.99 5 or 6 times to try to buy the hint just to get the achievement but no dice! Help? What am we doing wrong?

We enjoyed this game. It was challenging but not ridiculously hard. It was very short, though. Its still worth a dollar or two and Ill still buy the next one.

Loved the graphics, story, and unique puzzles. The only suggestion would be to make it more obvious to move on to the next level. We wouldve never known to start over with a new game to finish playing if we wouldnt have looked online for help. Why not just make it part of the journey? Im afraid some people would totally miss out on all the extra fun tidbits. We liked how it shows your achievements so you know if youve completed all the puzzles. We will be playing part2!

First, we admire all who can play these games and never need to refer to a hint or scan a walkthrough for direction. We too often cannot see the obvious staring us straight in the eye, and thus over complicate the search. We love having hints that nudge you along in the journey without revealing the answer. This games hint system, which required you to watch a video that we would not have minded doing so, simply would not function. To move forward in this game we found myself referring to a few walkthroughs. And we are glad we did, because the game is fun, wonderfully drawn, comical and had lots of hidden Easter eggs to reward a players effort. 4 stars because the hint system would not function; otherwise 5. We enjoyed this a lot.

Its okay. Many puzzles are too easy or just busywork.

What is this all about? We cant get anywhere.

Once we saw that it cost money if you want the full answer just completely turned us off from the game. We bought the game, we shouldnt have to pay to get through it all if Im stuck.

This game seems very glitchy on our phone. We have to press the touchscreen so many times to get actions to register. Also, Im not a mathematician or a puzzle guru, and some of the puzzles were just way too hard. We liked the artistic style of the game, but we think the storytelling could be a bit better. We wanted to like this game but it was a disappointment. Id recommend Mr Pumpkin Kowloon Walled City instead.

Stopped playing when we found out you have to pay to get clues if youre stuck. No way to earn them, just pay for them after youve already purchased the app.

Each hint requires 1 dollar or watch a 30 sec ad to unlock in a paid game, and there are well over 50 hints. Other paid puzzle adventure games has a time based system to unlock the hints, such as the room, giving players the time to try to solve on their own but also gives players the necessary hints when they are stuck for free. We do not understand why the hint system in this game is behind a pay wall or an ad wall, when clearly there is a better solution available in nearly every game in this category. This just seems to be a cash grab, especially in a game that is not free to purchase.

Really want to like this game, but the text size is so small, cant play.

The watch video button for hints doesnt work and we really want to like this game.

This game is a scam and they stole $50 from us after we purchased it.

Its not easy if u dont like thinking or find it difficult to solve puzzles this is not the game for u.

Cant get game to move. Cant click on hand to start. None of the buttons work.

This game is gorgeously animated. We love how you have to think about previous places to solve puzzles. The puzzles are well done. The ending left us wanting more.

Are you planning on releasing more games like this?

We want a new addition now! This is the only game where the abstract puzzles actually connected in our mind! It really made us enjoy the game. There were a few parts… Like the hidden achievements… We struggled with and we had to turn to YouTube haha. We still have yet to talk to all the people on the island so we’re going to have to restart the whole game with the knowledge we know now. We know there is a "round 2" but we still wasn’t able to talk to everyone. We must be missing something… Maybe someone was supposed to appear after we sent the ticket through the mail? Also… We’re ASSUMING looking at the letter that was left after posting the mail means there will be a second edition. Like we said in the beginning… We want a new addition now! Lol we can’t rave enough over the oddities that make this game great. The artwork is simplistic but very unique and creative. The whole game was done amazingly.

Worth $1. Kept us entertained. Didn’t need two endings. Second ending was confusing, but made more sense knowing there will be an Isoland 2. Looking forward to it!

Our only reason for not leaving 5 is that it wasn’t long enough. Puzzles were perfect not too easy, not too hard.

Enjoyed game. Good graphics and has a nice feel. Was unable to complete. No matter what tiles were moved in the spaceship entrance puzzle, the blue lights would not connect. Must be a glitch. We were dissapointed as the game was a lot of fun up to that point.

This is a pale imitation of games like Machinarium. Some of the puzzles are good, but some are so obtuse. They charge for hints, way too much. And the storyline is equally obtuse; its like the makers said oh lets have an alien and a bit of this or that. It was ok.

We don’t usually go for such graphics, but these were pretty good. The puzzles weren’t too difficult (I play a lot of adventure games) and navigation was simple point and click. We wish they would have incorporated ALL of the puzzles into one longer game instead of making us replay the same game twice to get a few more puzzles. As a result, we got bored.

Was enjoying the game until we realized you have to play the game over again to unlock the true ending and a few more puzzles. We really did not feel like doing the same puzzles all over again, when youve already learned the solution, it just becomes tedious. Also, hints cost money or you have to watch an ad which is kind of lame.

Has two ending. U need to play twice (details are different so u won’t get bored) to get to the real ending. Hidden puzzle is well designed. Only flaw we can think of is that the endings are too abrupt. Not a ‘the Room 3’ 5 star, but defiantly an 5 star compared to most other puzzle games!

Really good. Graphics are great with complex puzzles. Already waiting for the next one. Worth the money.

Big fan of games drawn this way. It was fun and challenging but not impossible to do. If you play through a second time there are new puzzles.

Loved this game. Animation is on point and surprisingly challenging.

A truly fun game with replay value. We really enjoyed the hand-drawn art style and some of the puzzles were quite challenging. Highly recommended!

So interesting and so many hidden puzzles here. Just explore it!

Except it’s very easy to forget other responsibilities…

If you are intrigued by strategy games or sequencing or brain teasers, this is for you. We loved it. The storyline is fascinating too. Beautiful art and soundtrack. Can’t wait for more!

This games full of fun occult references and great puzzles. We could play through it a hundred times and enjoy it more and more. We hope the creator of this great game will continue to make more games like isoland.

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