Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 04:25 pm

Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023

Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023

Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fuero Games Sp. z o.o., Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th March 2022 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 ?

50,700 people have rated 3.5.3

What is the price of the Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 released ?

Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 was released on 7th March 2022.

When was the Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 updated ?

The latest updated date of Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 on 25th May 2023.

Where can Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 be downloaded ?

You can download the game Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 from Apple Official App Store.



Playing Jigsaw Puzzles 15 mins a day sharpens your mind and calms your anxiety. It’s a simple yet challenging free jigsaw puzzle game you won’t be able to put aside. We have the most realistic and interesting puzzles, will you join us?

Drag the pieces to the correct spot to complete the picture of the puzzle. Its difficulty is based on the number of puzzle pieces, which should be put together. You can freely choose from 3 difficulty levels, and play up to hundreds of pieces. No matter what level of playing jigsaw puzzle games you are, you will surely enjoy it. 
Jigsaw Puzzles will help you to train your brain and recollect old, sweet memories of paper jigsaw puzzles that you used to do with friends or parents. Sharpen your mind and win the puzzle game!

Jigsaw Puzzle Game features:
– Tons of puzzles and a big variety of categories. It contains hundreds of high-quality HD pictures in a wide variety of collections, such as beautiful nature, magnificent landmarks, amazing art, lovely animals, flowers…

  • Adjustable difficulty levels: 36-100 puzzle pieces that you should put together
  • New puzzles every day. You’ll never run out of free puzzles in our jigsaw box
  • The attractive user interface will help you relax and kill time with joy
  • Anti-stress and relaxing atmosphere maintained all the way round
  • Offline game. You can play without an internet connection

Download now and enjoy our free jigsaw puzzle game! Offline or online, have fun placing jigsaw pieces together every day!

Terms of Service: https://jigsaw.colorgame.life/term.html
Privacy Policy: https://jigsaw.colorgame.life/policy.html

Updated on 25th May 2023

Hi, puzzle lovers.
Time to upgrade to a new version!

  • Exciting new stories
  • Improvements for reliability and speed

If you have any suggestions about the game, please feel free to leave us your feedback.
Have fun and relax in the puzzle world!

Jigsaw Puzzles HD 2023 Review

We are addicted to this game. BUT, we have done so many puzzles and still not gotten our mini story. How long do you have to do puzzles to get the next story?

Great game! Solving puzzles is just the way for us to relax! You can adjust the difficulty settings once youve picked Tempe puzzle of your choice and thats very nice because most games wouldnt let you do that. Its unique.

Love the game and concept, but we got past the last puzzle and it says new stories coming and will not let us work on the story prior! We’ve checked for updates and none needed help! As we want to continue playing this!!!

Response to your response from previous post: Hello! Dont be sorry, we are still very much enjoying the game, but just not being able to progress any further. So in the jigsaw stories section where you use puzzle pieces to pay to fix things and help the people in trouble is where Im having an issue. The first step we were always to complete and now the second step isnt working. When we click on it, the loading bars shows up and goes about halfway and then just stops and disappears. Even if you hold it down or press it multiple times it only shows that it is loading and it stops at 50% and then, thats it. Also, while we are giving feedback, the contact the developer link doesnt lead to anything besides the privacy policy, terms and agreements and the name of the app. However, we love your app and enjoy playing, excited for the bugs to be fixed!!! Also, if there is an easier way to contact you regarding this issue please let us know, thanks! This is the ID: b1308f1-7486-4be7-943a-6711025d77cc Thanks again!!

When am we going to see the new stories coming soon?

Love this game! Have been playing it for awhile now. We are frustrated though because we can not advance in the game. We can solve puzzles but that is it. Need some advice.

Well we really enjoyed this game. But seems now all we can do is puzzles. Since help scenes wont come up just has said for days coming soon. Puzzles are relaxing but not being able to help takes the fun out of it. Dont know what the problem is or if anyone else is having this problem. But makes us just want to delete it. Just might as well delete no use continuing to do puzzles with not being able to help.

Need to load more short stories.

Is taking forever to download all the pictures and even when open a few and we try to do it and just open a 35% and stop. We got tire of waiting and move on but we would like to that get fix because we truly enjoy playing it and give us some peace. We miss it Hi! Its us again. Thank you for the fast downloading of the pictures now but still a little problem when we open it to build the puzzle only load until 35% we want to play it and not remove it. Will you please fix that too. We will really appreciate it. Thank you.

We love the puzzles and the mini help puzzles. Our only issue is that the mini puzzles stopped loading and we cant find any help for the issue. We may have to delete the app because of the issue we are having. Sad we dont have to delete the game, it gave us an update option when we sent review and it helped. Happy.

Love puzzle games but there is way too many adds!! Please stop this.

We love this puzzle game BUT we wish they would give the option to have no ads. We spend a lot of time doing puzzles but have to watch sooo many ads. We would be willing to PAY to get rid of the ads like so many other games allow. We would totally give it 5 stars if it gave us the option to get rid of ads.

Love the puzzles with the stories they are just too slow updating the stories done them all and all the updates.

So we got really stuck on this game and very much enjoyed it and then we got stuck and we cannot move forward. All we can do is solve puzzles, but not move forward with the story.

So we did all the puzzles and have over 6000 health points. We guess you would call them and on number 21 of the health page it only goes to like 98% done and it wont let us finish number 21. Like its just stuck there but we can still do all the puzzles we dont want and we were the main thing for downloading. This app is to just do the puzzles. Im just trying to figure out what happened to number 21 because we were almost done with it and Im afraid if we uninstall it and then reinstall it Im gonna have to start over at the beginning which is not a problem.

Love the puzzles, but ads after each section is ridiculous-then when one section of stories is done, an update is necessary before the next section is accessed. Played a lot of puzzles before new section released, game allowed us to work two stories, now the story section is again closed. As stated-great puzzles, but too many ads, with no way to turn them off-and too long of a wait between story access.

We downloaded this game and loved it when we started playing. It was the first puzzle game Id played and it was awesome. Then after a few games the ads started and next thing we knew, an ad popped up between every puzzle. Sadly we deleted the game. If there had been an option to pay to get rid of the ads, Id have paid but it wasnt there. So, what started as a great game ended up totally sucking.

Listo pues este juego se us iso entretenido el anuncio pero cuando lo juguege no era nada paresido aldel anuncio mero no mames esa madre trae muchos birus us trabo todos el telfono, le por go en bolumen alto y nisiquiera se escucha eso es todo yo le doy un 0/10, osena ninguna estralla.

Waited 3 weeks for an update and only 1 new story! Thats ridiculous. The stories are an important part of why we play and if there arent new ones soon, Ill be deleting the game.

We cant even tell how many points we have.

We love doing these puzzles but we went to continue with the stories and it will not load. We can do as many puzzles as we want but we cant continue with ANY stories. Please help.

We cant get the story side of our game to play. Im getting puzzles and working them but when we try to help it cuts us off we do love the game but this is frustrating.

We really like this game because its kind of relaxing and it gives you courage to do more like a real life you have to do more.

Unreliable as to how long you can play without a glitch. Right now, we cannot go any further because of a glitch. Please repair!

This game is so cool and relaxing! Our favorite game!

Waiting on new stories. Continuing with daily puzzles and other ones. Wanting more stories to open up. When are they coming??

Hi our name is Aphmau but this game is the best thing that enter in our life hope others agree with me.

Love the game, we updated it. Where are the new stories!

Waiting for new puzzle rescues. When can we expect more puzzles. Please update as soon as possible. Im obsessed with this app.

It keeps us really focused when Im stressed or upset.

We’ve done all the updates for the game and not getting anymore story puzzles. We love doing puzzles and enjoy this app but wondering why not getting anymore story puzzles.

We love this game its so relaxing.

This app is perfect for us, and we can also go on a car trip while we play with this. Also, the one thing that has a blatant cause is that you need to get more puzzle pieces to fix a piece of furniture If you think this is a good app, go install it while we install mine.

Hi app developer. We would love to give this five stars because we do love the app but recently no matter how many puzzles we complete we dont get new rescue challenges and that is why we like playing this app. We tried to upgrade but we guess we have all the updates. Please help us with this as we really want to continue to enjoy the games.

We love the puzzles and helping in each story. Apparently we’ve reached a point where we cant get anymore stories. Its been saying Ill get more but it doesnt say how many puzzles we need to complete to get more stories. Im getting to the point Im going to delete this and find something else. Please let us know how many puzzles we need to complete to get the new stories.

Since we updated the game the jigsaw stories are not loading now to be able to play them. Other then that we love the puzzles.

Love this game but after a certain amount of puzzles, it needs an update to continue past the next puzzle that says Mini Story coming soon. We were able to update once but have not been able to since. Please help this would be a five star if not for the trying to get past the update to continue play. Thanks! No way to update. We have over 100 puzzles done and still cannot do the story.

We totally love this game, but there one seriously way to many ads! We were really disappointed when there was no way to get rid of them like we thought there was! Please, please, please, give us a way to pay them away!

Love this game but after a certain amount of puzzles, it needs an update to continue past the next puzzle that says Mini Story coming soon. We were able to update once but have not been able to since. Please help this would be a five star if not for the trying to get past the update to continue play. Thanks! No way to update. We have over 100 puzzles done and still cannot do the story.

What happened to the mini puzzles?

We enjoy the game but where is the diversity we can rarely find any African, Indigenous, Asian and Native American color pieces, we been using this app for awhile now and still out of the thousands puzzle picture you have we have only seen 20 pictures of diversity for that we are giving it a 3 star. The world is full with of diversity.

We have really enjoyed these puzzles, but we are unable to progress on the next level for the little help us puzzles. It wont load, and we dont see a way to ask for this to be fixed.

We really like this game but it takes forever to get any stars,so it gets kind longer then it has to be Maybe think about finding a way to cut it a little shorter?

It stopped working on the game part and only lets us do puzzles, we enjoy the puzzles but we would have liked to do all of it.

We do love this game. But the Royal Match game kicks us off. It does it to all of our games. We dont know why.

We do love the puzzles and the scenes and pictures are absolutely beautiful! However, when the app settings say there is a new version, nothing has been updated for the last three weeks when it says there were new stories. What do we have to do to update this?

Would give it 5 stars. But it will not let us go into the stages to fix what is wrong. That is the reason we gave it 3 stars. Other we have rest our phone and it still will not let us in the fixing stages. Fix the proble and we will give it a 5star.

Im enjoying the puzzles, and the mini stories, but we no longer have the mini story puzzles, it says coming soon? Whats up with that?

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