It’s Titanic

It’s Titanic


It’s Titanic is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ramond Double, It’s Titanic is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th November 2017 with the latest update 17th November 2017

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


104 people have rated 1.0

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Best Titanic Sinking simulation. Best played in low light.

Take control of this massive ship! Try get though the Iceberg field in the fastest time or plow into the pack ice and icebergs and enjoy the sinking spectacle!

Relive this historical event in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic ocean, fire fireworks, watch lifeboats flee the chaotic scene under clear cloudless and star filled skies. Then try rescue the survivors but locating them could be challenging so try remember the area the ship sank.

Captain take to the sea! Make history a hero or Captain a disaster.

Search and Rescue mission added after ship sinks.

Updated on 17th November 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

It’s Titanic Reviews

We love this game but we wish there was the city it was apposed to go to when you win the game/make it to the end of the ice field and we can barely see the game we wish it would be bright or choose between day and night and a day cycle and we wish we can also see the rescue ship sink and maybe more ships of choice and different maps but Im done now so that is what we think of this awesome game all though we hope the game developer see this informational message yet long though we think this game is getting anymore attention from the developers but If they still are wachting or changing the game then we hope they see this message we dont think anyones going to read to the end witch is here the END.

Simple game concept. But what makes it stand above is the detail. Very neat sinking sequence if you hit an iceberg. Little people jumping off and lifeboats launching. Nicely done.

There is only two ships. Add the britanic and the Olympic. And add a lot of detail.

Good game but after the ship sinks it’s impossible to find the lifeboats. We gave it 5 stars.

Great game! Though you can add more stuff like first person and selecting other ships. But all though its great you should get it. Please make changes.

We played this game and its awesome but a Little too dark… And we always crash into an iceberg and Fredrick Fleet rings the emergency bell. We love that feature!

We love the game but you should put some men weman and kids it the life boats and more lightning when the titanic splits in half.

This game has every thing sound effects funnels collapsing splitting in half theres one thing we dont like about when it hits the iceberg but it has life boats and carpthia.

We really love this game it it the best sinking simulator on the AppStore and we have a few ideas like different sink methods, a day time mode, and a mode that can let you explore the ship.

We love it but we wish we could see it in day time and we dont like how the power starts going out immediately and the funnels falling is not realistic.

We thought we were gonna be on the titanic but instead we were driving it. We think Trump is in the Titans Brunos Brookfield and saving the Titanic is so cool.


This game is great, but you should make the sinking more realistic and maybe you could man a life boat? And could you make it so the rescue ship has a better search light. And what about the titanic more detailing we are about to rate this 1 stare.

This is a great game! Just make it a bit more accurate and please make the camera able to move?

Make it sinking right away when you hit the rock from the back to front and add a free play mode plz as well one last thing plz plz plz add day cycle plz plz add.

Its a great game, but we wish there were light settings cuz its super dark, and more things to do, like man a lifeboat or try and escape the sinking, but our main problem is that its impossible to find the lifeboats.

Too hard to find survivors. Never once have found any. Delete.

Cant find where the lifeboats are because the Titanic is nowhere.

We like this game but theres only two ice fields. So we give it three stars. Ps. The titanic only sank because there was a fire on the titanic before its first voyage so the cartherpia (the rescue ship)should not sink if it hits an iceberg. Also make it easier to find lifeboats. We also agree with astronaut it needs more lighting and is useless during the day.

After the Titanic sinks It is impossible to find the life boats and theyll never give you a view of the ship wreck afterwards so you know how to play the game without the help of us and you can not just say that you cant do it but you can make the mistake right so now you know how to play the game. Bye bye.

We cant see!.. We cant find the lifeboats.!!.!!

The game WAY to dark, and is impossible to play in a lit room. It is great in a dark room at night, but useless during the day. Needs to be a way to adjust ambient light settings on the app so it can be played during the day. Do this, and it will be 5 stars.

Gameplay is not smooth at all too much lag.

Terrible graphics, controls, and gameplay. Wish we could get a refund.

Game like what to do what do you want to do you dont even see the titanic you dont even see you saying you dont even see the titanic sink.

Any way to get a refund for this? Bought for our son and he was bored after 1 minute.

We crash the boat but we want to be able to get out of driving a run and get on a life boat its a scam so is titanic premium.

Its not a good game because we cant see nothing and we dont know how to get the titanic back because we cant see where it is we try ringing the horn they dont ring back so its kind a like bad Im giving this one star rating.

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