The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ChengDu Starunion Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 23rd June 2021 with the latest update 25th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of The Ants: Underground Kingdom ?

22,327 people have rated 3.15.0

What is the price of the The Ants: Underground Kingdom ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the The Ants: Underground Kingdom released ?

The Ants: Underground Kingdom was released on 23rd June 2021.

When was the The Ants: Underground Kingdom updated ?

The latest updated date of The Ants: Underground Kingdom on 25th April 2023.

Where can The Ants: Underground Kingdom be downloaded ?

You can download the game The Ants: Underground Kingdom from Apple Official App Store.



The story begins with a small ant, which is one of 11,000 species of ants. When the sun shine through, it comes another busy day.

In The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you are the ultimate Ant Ruler to lead the Queen, build your Anthill, grow the colony, and defend against enemies. To survive and reproduce, wars between animals take place frequently in nature. For the glory and prosperity of your ant empire, you must show your own strategies and resourcefulness.

    The Anthill of an ant colony is the same as the castle of an empire, which provides a safe place for the offspring to grow. Anthill layout is strategically crucial, so you should plan your hive wisely, construct tunnels, thus building your ideal ant empire!

    Perfectly refered to the ants in reality, the number of ants in a colony represents the rise and fall of an ant empire. For the development of your ant empire, you must hatch as many ants as possible. So, you can lead them to fight, plunder resources, and expand your territory!

    To plunder resources and expand territory, you must build a mighty Ant Troop. In addition to numerous advanced Soldier Ants, You also need to have leaders for your Ant Troops: the Special Ants. You can get powerful Special Ants by hatching different eggs. Your Ant Troop will gain a sweeping edge with a proper formation of Soldier Ants and Special Ants.

    Fighting alone will never be easy. Success only leaves for the alliances who think alike. By creating or joining an Alliance, you can not only help each other, but also grow and fight together. With the help of allies, the ant empire under your command will surely take its place in this Ant Kingdom!

Subscription Agreement in Brief:

The Ants: Underground Kingdom provides subscription services. Become a subscriber to enjoy exclusive boosts and rewards!

  1. Content: Subscribe to claim heaps of rewards on a daily basis and unlock various remarkable boosts.
  2. Subscription duration: 7 days
  3. Payment: Via your iTunes account
  4. If you are a subscriber, within 24 hours before your weekly subscription expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed UNLESS you manually cancel it before then.
  5. To manage and cancel subscriptions, please head to Settings – iTunes Store & App Store – Check Apple ID – Account Settings – Subscription.
    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Service:

The Ants: Underground Kingdom provides an instant online customer service, which will surely give you a better gaming experience. No matter what kind of questions you have, we are here to help as much as possible. You can contact us through the following channels:
◆Official LINE: @theants (don’t forget "@")
◆Official Discord:
◆Official Facebook:
◆Official Support E-mail: [email protected]
◆Official TikTok: @theants_global
◆Official website:

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is free to download. However, some items in the game are not free. Players must be at least 3 years old to download it, as defined in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Besides, devices should have access to network as this is an online game.

Updated on 25th April 2023

[New Contents]

  1. A new Contract Store has been added to the Light Contract – specific items can be consumed to purchase rare items such as Exotic Shells in the store.


  1. Tap the stamina icon of the March Troops to view the countdown of stamina recovery.


  1. Fixed the problem that the damage value displayed abnormally when attacking wild creatures.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom Review

Love the game, play it all the time! We only wanted to ask that in one of the updates can the developers have different skin for the incests we hunt, and different skin for them incests we can add in with the troop? For example all the spiders we hunt are white all the hermit crabs are black, all the lady bugs are white with black dots, can we have a red ladybug with no dots? Lol we jokes but we only suggestion More colors in the game, thats all GREAT GAME LOOVE it so much.

We really liked the game at first, and dont get us wrong! Although, Id like to mention that although this seems like our problem in a way, Im sort of Falling behind on leveling up our Queen. For example, we believe Im on level 13 or something, And we have to have all our soldier ant nests be the same level as our queen? We suppose we can see how it might be reasonable, but maybe just tune it down a bit? Thanks for reading!

This game is very fun and unique, a lot of attention to detail. However there is close to zero chat moderation. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, racial slurs, you name it. It ruins the experience and is hard to avoid. We hate to think kids are seeing this and think its ok/funny to act this way.

Although this game is a lot of fun, apparently iPhone users cant redeem any codes for free gifts items, etc. When searching online it has been years since this has been a problem and they have yet to fix it. At this point we have spent real money on this game before we found this out, the developers really need to get this fixed ASAP. Its ridiculous.

The notification feature needs to be fixed. We get 5 notifications for one instance in the game, and it gets really annoying to get these one after another. Pretty great game other than that. Id rate this much higher if the notification system gets fixed.

Look there is this task that says class building and takes us to a lot of options to click on its just that we have no idea what to click on and its so annoying please ad a arrow to the game because if we dont have an arrow to know which one Im supposed to click on o and have the arrow pointing to the one we are supposed to click on cause if you dont do this we will quit your game and keep a terrible rating forever because we can not continue the game and we will never get better.

Honestly how mobile games havent been sued for false advertising yet still amazes us. Its nothing like the ads, completely different and cery bad.

All new features are for p2w players. The Godzilla event is such a disaster. The whole game is now a collection of daily chores that take you at least 2 hours everyday to complete. Even if you do all the chores, a p2w player can easily destroy you. Such a piece of garbage. Secondly, this game is a collection of programming failure. A lot of daily tasks involve mindless repetitions that can be simplified by, for example, one-tap batch-collect/refill features, but the developers simply leave players wasting time on doing chores. Third, the availability of essential resources like exotic and orange shells is limited. It makes it impossible for f2p players to enjoy the game since the game just stagnates and turns into a huge freaking collection of unrewarding chores.

Spyware do not install under any circumstance.

If you are from the west… You will be bullied with words and the developers won’t do anything about it. If you attempt to fight back, you will get muted or banned. Good thing to know before joining a game. You will constantly be stressed out. Thinking about taking our time and money to ants legion.

They dont let you do it by yourself way to much tutorials its annoying.

We tried this game because we wanted to have a normal distraction. Where we can put down the game whenever and pick it back up again, right? Well 30 minutes into the game right after being forced to join an alliance the game disconnected from serve. We were about to spend the money but naw. Ill choose something else.

First, the game started with really good concept and game play. As time goes by, the game, as many other games, go down the P2W route. If you want to be relevant, prepare to shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars a week, yes a week. The game allows stronger players to bully you, so your growth will be slow down. That is one part for P2W, you want to grow fast. Overall, the game is fine. But after you have been for a while, you will see more and more flaws of the game. Then frustration will start building up until you either give in (spend money) or quit. Pick your poison. There is no similarity with FF style. We have no idea why the game is being compared to this one. Anyway, if you like to waste your money in a game for a while, this game is for you.

We could easily rate this a 2 star, but gameplay and constant updates brought it up a star. Biggest issue: The non-English speaking players have purposely grouped up and are pushing english players out of the game and chatrooms. Two good alliances have broken up within the last day because of this. Its something blatantly admitted in this game and is having an effect. In our opinion a Spanish channel should be added. Also, the ads are REALLY annoying when entering the game (trying to get micro purchases in),

This application makes it extremely difficult and near impossible for users to delete their account. They will request the following: 1. Player ID; 2. Account creation time; 3. Account creation IP address; 4. Commonly used account login location (country/region + city); 5. First top-up time; 6. Last top-up time; 7. Screenshots of corresponding app store bills / GPA orders (for the first and last top-up) 8. Reason for account deletion. NOBODY asks for this much information when deleting an account, they also request an email which is mandatory in order to send you an account deletion confirmation. Not even banks ask for this info to close an account. They are doing this to inflate their user base, to harvest your data so they can sell it and then they hold your data hostage while making you jump through many hoops to close out the account.

We tried to delete our account since we were leaving the game. When we confirmed it, they popped up a message saying that to delete our account Id have to give them a ton of info that is hard to find in the game or impossible. They also said that if any of the info that we give them is inaccurate, we would personally bear the consequences. Whats wrong with you all? This makes us feel even more relieved that iPhone disguises our email from apps like yours.

Constantly trying to make someone spend money!!!

Good game, but we ended up deleting because of forcing players to join an alliance to progress in the story. Alliance participation should be optional.

Once you understand the mechanics of the game , you start loving it.

This game is adorable. However, if you are not willing to spend up to hundreds of dollars, the integration of premium content or opportunities for money to get gifts and privileges will be so obnoxious to the point that every time you open the game, youll debate deleting it. We suggest you not even download.

This game is not recommended, this isnt fair game for f2p players like us, we always get slim arched orange ant and thats it, what we need is duplicate and we played this for 4 months and we didnt get any of duplicates ant. This is not a fair game. Can you fix why we get always like that fairies?

A crucial part of any game is to get the user interested in the game and to keep their interest. After being in the tutorial for about 15 minutes, mindlessly clicking a green spot that pops up, we simply didnt want to play the game anymore.

This was a good game until the developers started doing upgrades and adding more stuff and turned it from free to play to Pay to play. The developers wrecked the game! This game has more gimmicks than a used car salesman. It like the developers have come up with boondoggles so you will spend money on stupid useless things. The developers are greedy now and just want your hard earn money.

This game is complete garbage and the ads are exciting but totally FAKE!! Dont waste your time with it!! These guys spent a lot of time making a worthless boring game!

This game really just doesnt have anything. You can play it for over an hour and still be in the locked down beginner cutscene.

This looks like a good game but theres no actual play it seems. It tells you exactly what to do next. It basically plays the game for you. No thanks.

We dont have a redeem code icon in our settings /:

Good but super P2W. We’re talking sinking in $100-$300 per rare ants then an extra $100 or more to get a leg up on the competition. Even power scaling from lvl 10 and up requires a massive grind as f2p or paying and still getting just as much grind. We know this is a mobile game but this much p2w is ridiculous!

They lied about merging the game with godzilla.

Reporting to apple directly their customer service is non existent. They threaten to ban account if you request an immediate refund. Had to go through apple after request was denied for $5 and will be reporting this game as Fraudulent / Scam. Pack purchased was fraud, unaware of purchase and tried to remedy the issue immediately and was denied. They are petty and use copy / paste responses.

Hola tengo problema con el juego no habr yega a99y no abre si pudieran ayudarme se los agradeseria.

The game is really fantastic and we dont see myself putting it down anytime soon but the function to redeem codes is missing for us in our IOS, we would like help with that issue.

We mean the game is really fun and relaxing, but when we get raided it wont let us send out our guardians to deal with them. The game is really fun, it has nice mechanics, the music etc.

Hello! We love your game, but we have a problem. We dont know if it is a bug or not, but we dont have the Redeem Code option in the settings. We were wanting to redeem a code and we just couldnt find the option to do so. Over all, great game!

We spent but we didnt get any extra ant! How we can return money? Or will get which one we want it?

Used to be good until they added more upgrades plus pay to win features you cant really progress without also they are ripping of characters such as godzilla (why tho its a ant game not a godzilla game) and others plus makes you buy a additional content package to progress.

Got this game after seeing an ad for it. The game never let us go past the loading screen. An abysmal experience produced by an abysmal game. Avoid at all costs.

We like this game, but the update really messed up the app. Only half of the imagery shows, so we cant tell what Im clicking on (which is bad for the underground maze & mine). Im not able to place new ornaments we’ve acquired. We’ve just gone up a level, so we can work with insects- but again nothing but text is visible. We got attacked and wasnt able to do anything (on that note- why is it hard to acquire shields? Am we missing where to buy them?)

We dislike how small everything is, we genuinely have to squint to be able to look at everything which ends up hurting our eyes after a bit, and we have 20/20 vision.

We feel like the whole game is a tutorial. In case you are confused about anything in game, just click on the task and it will tell you exactly what to do and in what order in order to do it. We might not have progressed enough in order for it to stop, but that doesnt appear to be the case.


This is a good game but the queens model is the same as empires of the undergrowth black ant queen. Also many more of the ant models are from empires of the undergrowth.

We really enjoy this game and we play it almost every day but we have a few suggestions such as: You should be able to speed up insect hatching. A better way to get fungus. Ect. But besides those it is one of the best games ever. Thank you for this amazing game:)

Its a good and fun game. No context needed. But theres a microscopic problem, we cant redeem codes on iOS devices. We’ve been looking for the button for weeks. Nothing to be seen.

We have really been enjoying this game. The visuals are beautiful and the mechanics are not too complicated. We would rate it 5 stars if we could redeem codes on iPhone. Also, would be nice if there was a claim all button for rare alliance gifts. Kind of annoying to have to collect those individually, especially when we’ve got 20+ every morning.

The graphics look good, other than some of the ant animation, because there are only 8 angles animated for the ants, making the movement look choppy at times. On a good note the spring animations, for example, look amazing and match the rest of the graphics. We also think this game would be so much more fun if there were less mechanics to the game. A simpler version of this game would be much more enjoyable for players, and it would make the tutorial simpler and make the game overall easier to understand. There are too many buttons on the main interface as well. Which sometimes causes us to accidentally press a button when we are trying to move around.

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