Joe Danger

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Joe Danger


Joe Danger is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hello Games Ltd, Joe Danger is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 10th January 2013 with the latest update 1st February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


292 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game Joe Danger from APP STORE.


"Lovingly crafted" 9/10 IGN
"Funny and super addictive" 9/10 Eurogamer
"A gorgeous, must-have motorbike game" 9/10 PocketGamer
"One of the most fun games on iOS" 9/10 Digital Spy

Wear the cape of the World’s Most Determined Stuntman, and take your trusty motorbike on a wild ride from zero to hero! Race, ride and defy death as you jump buses, dodge giant mousetraps, leap tanks full of sharks and reclaim your title of Master of Disaster! Swipe Joe to pop a wheelie, flick obstacles out of the way, tap to jump, hold down to crouch and waggle to fight sharks!


With a graphical overhaul and new engine Joe Danger Touch boasts the following major enhancements:

  • Back in action! iOS 15, 64bit Architectures now supported!
  • ProMotion support
  • Better power performance with new optimized shaders
  • Beautiful image quality, higher resolution graphics, textures with antialiasing and Metal support
  • Multitouch improvements
  • And much, much more including localisation updates

*BEAUTIFUL! Eye-popping 3D graphics
*FUN! Critically acclaimed gameplay in your hands
*SMOOTH! Intuitive touch controls
*HUGE! 20+ hours of non-stop action
*UNLOCKABLE! 25+ playable characters to discover
*GAMECENTER! Pull tricks and combos to beat your friends

Hello Games is a tiny indie studio, your support and 5-star ratings keep the updates coming :)
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Updated on 1st February 2022


With a graphical overhaul and new engine Joe Danger Touch boasts the following major enhancements:

  • Back in action! iOS 15, 64bit Architectures now supported!
  • ProMotion support
  • Better power performance with new optimized shaders
  • Beautiful image quality, higher resolution graphics, textures with antialiasing and Metal support
  • Multitouch improvements
  • And much, much more including localisation updates


  • Fixed an issue with leaderboards for players who had pre-existing scores on Game Center

Joe Danger Reviews

Thank you for what you did for that young boy after his father reached out. Heard about this from skillups weekly news video. Glad to see fun this updated, we had this on ps3 as well. Id love to see the updated version make its way to switch as well. Be happy to get it again. Great work on all of your studios games with patch supports.

Search for Joe Danger updated and youll find the story of Hello Games working on the update for Joe Danger after receiving a letter from a father whose son, Jack loved the game, but could no longer play it because it wouldnt run on current iOS versions. The father writes that Jack has autism and the game helps us get through certain situations. Please read the letter as what Im writing doesnt do it any justice. This is the type of developer we want to support. We havent played the game yet, but it looks great and we couldnt help not buying it after hearing this story.


Recently introduced the old game to our son but had to get an older device to play it. So happy to have it back and the story Joes return is pretty amazing. Best wishes to the family.

Looking forward to playing this game with our son. We bought the bundle to show our appreciation to the developers updating the game so Jack and his father have a safe place to enjoy Joe again.

This game is very entertaining, has great art production, and the best selection of background music according to our taste. We dont know why this game is not super famous?!

Been a fan of Joe Danger & Hello Games from the beginning! Please add controller support for the mobile port.

It seems to be glitching on the last set of hard levels and not registering jumps. Please reach out to us.

We saw a post today (1/27/22) from the developer that the game was being re-released and updated b/c of a passionate parents letter. We dont know if Ill ever play Joe Danger, but we want to support people like this.

Hey! We never played this game when it came out years ago. However, we read about what you did for Jack and we couldnt help but support your game! We are so glad we did! It is excellent and very fun! Thanks so much for making this childs wish come true and please keep up the great work!

Im not a gamer, but we came specifically to buy this game because we saw an article in the Guardian about how you guys brought the game back to life at the behest of a father with an eight year old autistic son. The autistic boy loves the game. Well done guys.

It has that amazing HelloGames feel to a game, and the fact that we can play it at any time is amazing. Thank you HelloGames, for bringing back a game series that we wasnt able to experience before!

Very happy to see this updated for iOS 15 bought it years ago now if we could get 2k to update bio shock for we could play again would be nice.

Its still terrific, everybody! Just spot on. Get back in and take it out for a spin. Thanks, developers.

Its really good game and finally back.

Amazing game that the world misses.

Thanks HelloGames for bringing us back to when we were 8! :D This game is pure joy for all ages, and add on Hours upon hours of Solid replay value, and you have yourself one super fun, and ADDICTING game. And just to be clear, this is a game…… Reminds us so much of Nintendo!!! And we love that! And the music is just sweet, albeit, it’s a bit of a short and repetitive soundtrack , but that’s alright. The few songs are plenty enough to make the experience lasting. So to cap it off, Joe Danger Touch, and more so, Joe Danger Infinity, are our favorite IOS games. :D Just pure fun and laughs for all ages. Now how cool is that? You guys/girls at HelloGames are awesome!

Addictive pass time, Joe Danger=win.

This is one of the most addictive and fun games we’ve played on IOS. Some of the previous reviews state that there used to be music, but even without it, this game is pure gold. Perfect for all ages, highly recommended.

You should update so it works with IOS 11!

A long time ago we used to play joe danger on ps3 and sometimes iOS. But we want a portable joe danger. Please.

Love this game please update to support ios 11 please please please please.

We love this game but suddenly the music disappeared can you find the music with us? (Little einstines theme song plays in the background)

Please bring this game back. It was the best.

When is no man’s sky release date?

We loved this game. Please bring it back!

One of our all time favorites to play by the company making no mans sky :)

Great game from a great developer. A couple it’s here and there, but nothing game breaking. Can’t wait for June 2016 for No Man’s Sky!

The game is really fun but the music doesn’t work. The only sound that works is the sound effects, please fix this!

We first got this game a few years ago maybe 3 years. We enjoyed it’s amazing graphic design. It had a vast amount of colors making it seem like the characters themselves would light up the area. The game itself played smoothly. Worth the money. This was when we had an iPod 5. We have now upgraded to an iPhone 6s. Now, we don’t know if it’s the systems updates causing it but, there’s no music… The music. We don’t recall the way it sounded but that alone makes us not want to play the game. The music added so much to the experience we feel. It’s a shame because we really wanted to play it again… We don’t see myself enjoying the game until this problem is resolved. Good game though.

Great game. But can no longer play as its not supported on iOS 11. Plz fix.

Love the game except for one huge glaring issue that should be an easy fix. The developer has abandoned the game and provided no updates or support since September of 2014 and now with the current iOS version the music no longer plays. We have emailed the developers and have received no response. We are sure it would be an easy fix. Maybe Apple needs to do a better job at keeping the App Store more up to date and after sending developers a notice and deadline to update their apps, yank them from the store until they comply. Of course previous buyers would be able to always access the game in there purchase history.

The sound has gone !! Please fix it.

Hello may you please update the game for iOS11 so we can play again? Thanks!!

Please update this game to IOS 11 because we cant play this game anymore. We purchased the game and now this game is unplayable. Please fix it or refund the money.

Please Update Please Update Please Update Or Give us our Money Back Thiefs.

Excitebike meets Tony Hawk. Great art, audio, graphics, and especially the controls. Maybe more environments would have been great, but it is still so fun that we got 100% of all medals and trophies. Must buy for all iOS users in our opinion.

This is so addictive and fun!!

You hit the screen and nothing happens, the game needs many many updates. It’s frustrating being at the end of one level and not being able to pass it because the game itself is frozen.

The thing is that they lie they say come play and get 10k coins and we go in there and there is nothing.

This game is pretty fun. Even for an adult. Come on you know you want to try it.

Our kids love it and play it all day….

We bought this game so we can give you more money to make No Man’s Sky. But this game is great. We also have it on our PS3. Same with Joe Danger 2.

So much fun to play and they keep releasing new levels. Hands down one of the best iOS games ever!

One of, if not the, best games on the entire AppStore! So much fun, addictive, and challenging!

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