Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw

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Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw

Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw

Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Guoyan Han, Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st August 2011 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Education, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw ?

80,953 people have rated 2.4.11

What is the price of the Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw released ?

Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw was released on 31st August 2011.

When was the Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw updated ?

The latest updated date of Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw on 29th April 2022.

Where can Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw be downloaded ?

You can download the game Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw from Apple Official App Store.



A handy painting game for kids and adults to enjoy amazing doodle fun on iPad and iPhone. With 20+ magical brushes, kids can doodle like an artist to unleash their imagination and creativity. Adults can paint a beautiful doodle full of childhood color as if they were kids once again.

  • more than 20 magical brushes, such as neon, glow, ribbon, star sparkles, fireworks, rainbow, crayon, oil, etc
  • create a video with your doodle artwork
  • doodle on your photos
  • playback your painting like an animation movie
  • gallery to keep doodle painting, where you can play back them anytime, and share them with family and friends.

With the amazing brushes and surprising colorful strokes, all ages can enjoy the happiness of doodle just like they’re kids.

Updated on 29th April 2022

  • Fix several bugs.
  • Revise user interface.

Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw Review

We LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH But,I do think if we could change colors it would be easier to draw. We could have the option to have rainbow and chose our color we could also have the choice to change rainbow colors in settings. Other than that we think this is a very good game. It enhances our creativity,it will help kids to draw.

Well worth the 99 cents to get rid of the banners and use the full screen.

11 the Letter A little person and we do need to get a hold.

But the only thing we cant figure out is how to record our drawing.

Ok we love this game because we can make our own custom wallpapers which is really cool so thats why this app is amazing and we think a lot of people should download this app.

We really love this games because most of them lets you copy after your pics.

Joy doodle is awesome you can put in glowing affects and you can put in lots of things for you for drawing and its really really cool you should definitely try it.

Everyone if you want a fun time wasting game this is good for you. This is our childhood game and we would spend hours doodling on here. Download this game for your kids right now parents.

It is so fun it is so cool a we just love it.

Nothing could explain the sheer happiness we experienced whilst finding this app on the app store. Truly an amazing app, and a piece of our childhood. We do hope the creators go far, and make many children happy just like we were playing this game when we were younger. :)

Draw star game joy doodle is the best game ever. Because You can draw whatever you wont in the world so get it and its good and its cool play it.

We love this game because its fun and when you have nothing to do you can play it thats why we love this game.

We really like this app. It is really fun!

We like joy doodle because it is intertianing. We also love art. It is very fun.

We used to play this when we were younger and we honestly wasnt expecting to see it now but now that we have it again its literally the best thing ever.

We like fireworks so Im aloud to draw fireworks and stars and cats And dogs and everything so please get this game draw us!

Joy Doodle is the perfect kind of fun online art for us!!! We love it!!! We dont know what we would do without it!!! Thank you!,,

We love this game so much that we think we will play this game forever.

We are glad to use this app and draw something on it! Showing it to the family, and draw again! Thanks to all the staff who have made this app to enjoy! Thank you everyone!!!

We have had this game seens we were 4 and we love this game.

Hi we love your game its so amazing we love it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA we give it a 10 out of 10 we love you did so amazing love it we hope it helps.

We loved this app and we have had a great experience to art.

Every single drawing app is trash compared to this Ill draw your mom like one of our French girls with this 10/10 love it.

This app is amazing. We love this app. Our kids love it too. And it is free. This app is good for people that are creative. You can use you finger or a Apple Pencil. Our kids get so happy. People are getting this app and we are grateful for this app. Keep up the good work.

We saw this looking for coloring games and decided to get it because we new a kid who had and it looked fun so we got it it was ssooooooooo fun.

We found this app when we were looking for art games and we found this at first this app was boring but then we started loving this appBye have a nice day.

We loved this game, we were reunited with it and now our day is a little better.

We used to have this app a just doodle. It was so fun.

We choose 5 stars because joy Doodle is so much fun. The thing we like About it is you can choose different designs to draw What ever you want.

We love it so relaxing we dont have to just go get like all our art supplies out its just that its relaxing to do we love it the best thing we ever do.

This game is very fun, we love that you can play without wifi, and how theres very little ads when you turn on airplane mode! We love that we can just doodle and do whatever when we feel like it. And its not to complex, we doesnt take a genius to figure it out theres just like 5 buttons for coloring, and backing up, taking a picture. We have it in one of our favorites! So, its a very, very good game! You should definitely download it for car trips and stuff.

It is the best game in the world!

Doing allot of a thing is fun.


We love drawing so the app gives us more time to draw and share to other people. If we had one thing bad to say it would be to allow the person drawing get a bigger screen and more colors to choose from. But we love drawing so we gave the app a 5 star rate!

Im not the only one here who grew up with this app. This brings back so much nostalgia!

Its so awesome we’ve been playing well since we were four and we help us learn how to draw an art class we love it its just such an amazing game because we should really try it and we love it so much thats like the best game we’ve ever heard and we just love it thanks followers.

Very high quality drawing app for me.

We love your game it made our day!

Its so fun we love it and am 10! Our brother likes it to!

HI we our name is Kenzie and we are 10 years old and we loved to play the game when we were younger but we think you should add more backgrounds and more colors and also make it to where you know the color you are using so you can know what to draw and also do some letters so kids know how to write.

A good game but let us change the color.

We have to be honest its not what we thought it would be. We would be so much better if you could pick your colors. But other than that its an okay app. Good for little kids. We want some improvements just to make the app better. But Im not sure what those improvements should be…

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