Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 01:15 am

Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game

Gin Rummy Stars - Card Game

Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Beach Bum Ltd., Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 14th January 2020 with the latest update 9th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game ?

39,938 people have rated 2.22.17

What is the price of the Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game released ?

Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game was released on 14th January 2020.

When was the Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game on 9th May 2023.

Where can Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game from Apple Official App Store.




Do you love playing classic online card games like Gin Rummy with friends? Start playing classic Gin Rummy with friends or the best players worldwide with the Gin Rummy Stars app NOW! No matter whether you call the card game Rami, Rumi, or Rummy – GIN RUMMY is the best multiplayer card game for you and your friends!

► Play Online Rummy Card Game!

Do you know the terms "deadwood" or "knock" and understand the Rummy rules? Then you will love our multiplayer, classic card game Gin Rummy Stars! Would you like to play multiplayer classic card games online with friends? And best of all, with the online multiplayer version of Gin Rummy, Stars, you can play an online card game with friends in a multiplayer version anytime, anywhere, and choose various additional modes: Joker Gin, Faceless Gin, or Oklahoma Gin.

► Do You Like to Play Rummy Card Games or Popular Classic Games?

The Rummy rules are very similar to the rules of all Rummy variants. If you like Oklahoma Rummy, Italian Rummy, Indian Rummy, Michigan Rummy, Liverpool Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, and Continental Rummy, you’ll love to play the online Gin Rummy game!

Playing Gin Rummy and chatting with friends in-game is the best multiplayer online gaming experience with an online multiplayer card game!

Do you have what it takes to become the rummy champion? Join the Rummy Club and play the multiplayer online card game GIN RUMMY STARS with your friends to demonstrate your gin rummy skills in rummy games live and online.

► Multiplayer, Online Card Game Fan?

Beach Bum, the creative team behind the app, is proud to present the best rummy app, "GIN RUMMY STARS," with different modes: Joker Gin, Faceless Gin, and Oklahoma Gin! Gin Rummy rules are easy to learn, so you can master the complete Gin Rummy strategy in no time and enjoy the best online card game with friends or family!

► How to Play Rummy Card Game:

Professional Gin Rummy players plan their best strategy and manage ‘going Gin’ (knocking) by keeping track of the Rummy cards picked from the table and eliminating the deadwood cards in their hands. Do you have what it takes to be a rummy king?

► Gin Rummy Stars Special Features:

● Enjoy the competitive Rummy experience playing against Gin Rummy players worldwide!
● Amazing Live User Experience – HD Graphics and a Slick Design
● Exciting Game Progression, Access New Features as you Level Up!
● Extensive Game Statistics to Keep Track of Your Best Rummy scores!
● Unlock Challenging Achievements
● Hourly & Daily Bonuses!
● Facebook Connect Bonus
● Avatars Creator
● Seasonal Quests

Like Lord of the Board – online backgammon and Spades Royale, Gin Rummy Stars is developed and distributed by Beach Bum, the makers of leading online multiplayer social games. The card game is intended for adults and does not require real money. There is also no opportunity to win real money or prizes. Whoever wins this game does not necessarily have to win real money games.

This game is only available to users of legal age. Winning any valuable items or money is not possible while playing this game. Additionally, your success in this game does not guarantee success in a comparable real-money casino game.

Updated on 9th May 2023

Hey Rummy Fans!
Update to the latest version for:
*Bug fixes and enhancements
Let’s party,
Gin Rummy Stars

Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game Review

Im learning how to play and having a great time!

Its literally taught us how to play this game and all our friends didnt know how to so Im soo glad we learned!!!

We honestly hadnt played rummy in years but was able to pick right back up with the ckear instructions provided and we’ve enjoyed this game soooo much.

Just started playing but so far, very fun.

Its become our favorite past time. Challenging and love the Avatar!!

Just started and love the game. Now if just can change our avatar name.

Super fun to play and easy to understand! We love it, we are having so much fun with it.

Itsthe best rummy mobile game there is.

Excellent display, easy to understand, super fun no adds!!!!

We’ve played rummy for a long time in our family with a deck of cards. We got excited for this game and hoped it would do it justice. It really does but in a simplified manner. We really enjoy it!

Great game!!!! Its a good way to get away from boredom.

Havent had this game long and we love it.

Never heard of Rummy! Im glad we found rummy! Love playing on our lunch breaks.

We were given an offer to make money off of playing from inboxdollars and was offered points to write a review- 5 stars! We like how they help you with the moves and objective! Very user friendly, highly recommend.

We didn’t even know how to play when we downloaded this! We love it.

Well, it didnt take us ling to get hooked on this one.. And no annoying advertisements.

We get caught up in this good design and fun!

Hey newbie here enjoying your app, best download for us by far. Keep up the good work and thank you for this wonderful game!

GREAT GAME NEVER KNOWN ABOUT GAME! Gald we found you guys!

Grew up playing this with family. Never played any card game on our phone or online so learning the ropes but getting the hang of it. Its a little overwhelming but the gist of the game is there and there are prompts.

The game is quick, fun, and an easy to use app. HoweverI have been playing gin rummy (with real cards) weekly for a couple of decades. We have never seen deals like this. At the lower cost tables you top out pretty quickly and cant get packs of cards, so if you care about set collection you have to bet more. Which would be fine, except once you get to then or expensive tables the game loses all reality. Opponents get gin with one card, and the big point spread guarantees you will be losing more than the table bet because of the multiplier. In 20 years of weekly games, the times someone was dealt gin, basically are less than it happens in 20 games of this app. Add in the glitches, Wi-Fi loss even though we are streaming on our computer while playing and it connects fine, going to bed with tens of thousands of coins and waking up with only 2000, level 57 after 500+ games and still only have two decks to choose from, hundreds of duplicate reward cards but very few full sets. Its designed to get you hooked and force you to spend money. Well, no thank you. If the games were fair we wouldnt mind, but if we wanted to throw our money away on a rigged game we would go to Vegas.

Once you level up even a little its starts getting hard to maintain coins. Some ppl here have mentioned they have bots and honestly that makes a lot of sense even down to how some of them communicate in the game. It is honestly a really fun game but in order to play regularly and participate in the challenges/collectionsyou would have to spend $10-$20+ a week on coins, its really outrageous.

This game is trigged. The developed tried every way to get your real money. By reading all the negative reviews, the 4.8 rating is fake too. Wish the developer bad luck everyday for the cheating! Follow up reviews: they sent us a letter after we left a negative review. Asking us to send an email to supporter. Whats the point? These people cant even read the reviews? The game is rigged. They are robber. We will the kids of the designers fail every single class in school because they design the game for the play to fail every single game we order to get money!

Game is so rigged its not funny!!! You play a game with jokers and we never got a joker, other person got 2 or 3. It reels you in and then makes you lose to spend your money. What a scam!!!!!!!!

Game is rigged & cheats., not fun anymore. App deleted!

To open this app and play a game you must navigate through not one, not two, not three, or four, not five, not even six, but average of seven pop ups of various obnoxious styles. All these pop-ups are trying to get you to spin to win at the cost of five dollars or more or invite a friend or connect Facebook etc. Its a horrible design and Im uninstalling the app because although we love playing the actual game itself it drives us absolutely crazy trying to navigate the active opening the application. STOP THE GREED. Kill the pop ups already our goodness!!

We are deleting this game from the last of our 4 screens. This game hAs taken ALL coins from our games when they werent spent. No fun. Found a better gin.

If youre looking for a game that begs you for money before they even let you play then this is the game for you. Youll click the X 6+ times before you can even start. But wait theres more! Theyve now decided to sell advertisements to outside entities. Thats just what this game needed. NOT! Too many changes for changes sake and too many ads have made this game unenjoyable and virtually unplayable. Looks like we get to free up some more space on our phone. Do yourself a favor swipe past this one save your money its not worth the headache.

Game is rigged and will have you thinking your playing other real players but you are NOT. Big scam, nothings for free everyone! You been warned.

This game is literally garbage. We spent .99 cents on this game and we would pay 50 dollars to delete it even a second faster. The last 12 games we’ve played have been joker wild and every single game the other person gets Gin in 2 turns while we have every color and every other number in the deck just racking us across the coals so they can try and squeeze us for an extra cent. Its fun when your on that side but it never is consistent. Im 1000% sure they have bots that just take up space so that your tempted to spend money on this garbage pile of a game. If someone how this comes across a develops desk. Why. Why cant people just make games with the intention of having fun instead of trying to force a dime out of every users pocket you absolute scum bag.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. All about taking your money.

When you spend money on this gave they have bots that play you and they win 80% of the time making you lose your coins in hopes you will spend more money. The game owners are extremely dishonest.

We love that this card game is available to play. We played rummy 500 with our grandma as a kid.

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