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Juicy Realm


Juicy Realm is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by X.D. Network Inc., Juicy Realm is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 2nd May 2020 with the latest update 14th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


284 people have rated 3.1.7

You can download the game Juicy Realm from APP STORE.


Juicy Realm is a roguelike game with fruits as enemies. It is set in a world in which the line between animals and plants is blurred. It began with the tipping of the food-chain, which forced the humans to establish an outpost and begin an investigation in the region where the first species of mutated plants was discovered. The military has prepared a vast number of powerful weapons, with you leading the vanguard forces to wage this long war.

Subverted Order
“Many years later, when the humans watch as the plants climb up to the top of the food chain, they will be reminded of their own naivety and arrogance…”
Only when all the plants started to evolve into animals, growing limbs and becoming sentient, did the humans realize the threat of those photosynthetic-lifeforms. No one knows how they achieved the state of evolution that took animal lifeforms millions of years to reach in such a short amount of time, and no one knows their ultimate objective. The only thing known for sure is that the humans now face the greatest challenge since they climbed up to the top of the food chain.

As the first explorers of this unknown region, you must strive to venture deep into the enemy hive, defeat all kinds of fruits and arm yourself with various equipment, as well as upgrade yourself with the resources you find in your way.

Game Features
-Rougelite elements such as random terrains, loot drops, and monsters
-Hundreds of special and bizarre weapons and items
-Loads of unique mod enemies and bosses
-10 characters in the roster with unique skills and abilities
-Unique artstyle with rich details

Twitter: /@JuicyRealm
Facebook: @JuicyRealm
Press contact: [email protected]

[Minimum Requirements]

Please make sure you are using devices matching the following requirements. If you are using old devices, the game might not run normally on your device.

iPhone 6S and higher
iPad Air 2 and higher
iPad Mini 4 and higher

Updated on 14th January 2022

-Code optimization

Juicy Realm Reviews

This game is go amazing! Easy to get into. Fun and charming gameplay. We are glad they add co-op so we can share this game with our gf. Kudo to the dev to make such an amazing game!

Really love the game but why not add a weapon upgrader when you are in the levels and when you are done with the level there is a room that lets you upgrade your weapon.

Im usually cautious about downloading new games, especially when they cost money. Having purchased this one, Im quite happy we did! All around solid rogue-like. Theres a lot to explore and many upgrades. Everything in the games seems to have been give great attention to detail. Now, we think there are some aspects that could have been improved upon. If you want to upgrade your character, it will take some time. Getting through some levels can be tricky too! Given the genre, however, its understandable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Really, though, we think its worth the money! So check it out if youre a fan of the genre.

The game is great, no doubt about that. From the general idea of the game to the ta-ta that come out the gun when shooting to the (amazing) soundtrack. This game is so worth your money. But theres one problem with the duo part of the game. The multiplayer mode doesnt work, at all. The game doesnt work for apple to android. And its really annoying. We begged our friend to buy this game with the intent to play the co-op with him but it didnt work if the developers see this review (which we doubt) PLEASE fix the way connecting to games works. One suggestion is to make a four digit code the user would need to enter the lobby. In conclusion, Please fix the games multiplayer, thats all. Other than that The game is fun and worth your money.

  1. No iCloud save. Means no save files transfer. When you want to play on other iDevices or new iDevices, you have to restart the game. 2) No Game Center achievement. There is an achievement system but in game only. 3) The ultimate button and dash button are very small but you can increase the size of it. However, attack button will also get bigger and covering up whole screen if your playing on iPhone. 4) No endless mode. A game like this needs endless mode. 5) No buffs and weapons testing ground. Should have at least 1 dummy and 1 upgradable random weapon spawn chest. 6) Need cross play Overall, this game is good and enjoyable. We just hope developers dont abandon it.

To the developer PLEASE DISABLE THE VIRTUAL CONTROLS FOR WHEN A CONTROLLER IS ENABLED!!! Rating goes up to the appropriate five stars thereafter.

Good game but is to hard and frustrating.

No micro transactions, phenomenal gameplay.

Gear storyline, great artwork, one of the few games we’ve played to completion in the phone. Please update and add more content or come out with a sequel!! Would gladly pay more money for a sequel.

We love this game its super entertaining we play it every day but could there be check points we got to the snow level with alpha cuz hes good and he can revive but we got to the dark level and that was our high score but then a dumb PEACH killed us and we had to start all over again no check point and we think it wasnt fair so maybe in the next update can there please be check points we would really love that other than no checkpoints we love this game thanks for reading our review.

Thanks! We really like this game alot.

Im not usually very good at this type of game, but it was super pretty, so we got it anyway. The wide selection of characters means that people of any skill level would be able to play and enjoy the game at their level. It is very fun to play.

So if you’re looking for a fun game to play, this is a great game to get. Its fun, challenging, and multiplayer (which we love). Though there’s one problem we feel currently during covid-19. It’s the fact that they launched the multiplayer game mode, but due to covid, we aren’t able to play with the friends we wanna play with. Us and our friend were waiting about 2 months for multiplayer to come out, and we were so happy when it did. But when we went to play, we soon realized it was only local players that can play together. So since we cant be next to each other, are fun was crushed. Pls allow online multiplayer. Thanks. Ps. The three of u that made juicy realm are gods. Love the game, keep up the amazing work -Anonymous User.

So fun! You can kil monsters and the bosses are awesome.

This game really is a hidden gem in this oversaturated app market. We came for the art direction, but stood for the gameplay. Its definitely one of the easier rogue-like shooters that we’ve played but we think for us, what makes this game insane is the RNG builds and the stupid overpowered weapons. We used the drill to singlehandedly destroy bosses and then built crit and stun so none of the enemies could move or fight back while we drilled them. We think the fun that comes out of this game is how ridiculous can you make your build with the current character youre playing. Theres a wide variety of characters to choose from and many, many guns and items to obtain. In our opinion, we think its definitely worth the time and money you can sink into this if youre looking for something not too hectic to just play on the go.

We’ve beat the game in every level with all the characters, unlocked every weapon and achievement, and maxed out each character. This game was well worth the money. I do wish there was a RPG type mode where we could collect all the guns and attachments so we could try out different builds as this would make the game perfect.

The game is really cool but it keeps crashing when we try to enter the room after the snake boss.

It crashes a lot, like a loooot! And all our stuff is turned down to the lowest setting. So thats a huge issue for us. And we really wish there was an online multiplayer, not just lan. Especially because right now we cant really play lan because of covid. But other than those things the game is absolutely gorgeous! The graphics are amazing! The game play is really really good! We just wish it wasnt so short. And this is our first time playing or even downloading a rougelike game! So first impressions are amazing! This game is really really fun! Keep up the good work!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this game and am still finding new enemies, bosses, and weapons. Also a great game to play with a friend!

The game is great but we have another two brothers and the game only allows up to two people in co op could you please add more, but otherwise a great game!

Wow – this game was $1.99? We dont know if that was a sale but we’ve already put 10+ hours in playing on the down time between work and life. Its an absolute blast to play and with the amount of different character, guns and upgrades we havent had the same run yet. If you want to be a mobile game developer take notes from this one.

Love this game, it is a fun and unique twist on TBOI and ETG. The difference between the two is that this game is much simpler, the enemies are around the same difficulty as those games but the characters have much more survivability and power than the characters in those games. With that said the game is still very unique with its power and weapons, the modifiers and difficulty mods also give the game a lot more depth. We really dont have many complaints about the game at all, recently went on a road trip for 6 hours and this game made it feel super short. Our main issue we’ve found is that we found someone on the subreddit to play duos with and it we couldnt connect. Im not sure if this is a fixable issue or not but we both tried eachothers IP and it said it couldnt connect both times. From here we would just like more weapons/modifiers and maybe an endless mode. Also if a developer sees this there is only 2 people in the subreddit for the game but we would love to give opinions about the game!

Currently we can’t play juicy realm because when we open it it closes instantly. When we bought it, that didn’t happen, but since the update we can’t reproduce it, we would like you to solve that little error.

Very confused why this game has clear controller support but the ps4 controller does not work with it. Can someone explain this one?

This game is fun, we’ve beat it multiple times and still have fun beating all the hard modes again. Our only complaint is that its too easy to beat with certain Characters. Theres a Character with a Recharging Shield and a Character with a Mech. Both of which are very overpowered. The Recharging Shield basically provides to you infinite HP all you have to do is not get hit for 5 seconds after just getting hit and your shield is already back. Also, please make it so that skills only charge in rooms that you havent completed. Otherwise you can just stand in a completed room and instantly keep recharging your skill. (Which is very very very powerful for the mech character since her overpowered-ness is based around her skill) Overall great game.

The main issue we have with this game is when you die you lose everything, when you die you have to start all over, we like if you were to die you get to keep going and might lose a couple of things. This is just our opinion let us know what you guys think of this feature. That is why we gave this game a 3 stars.

Theres never any servers is it only local?

How is this game of the day if the controller support is broken?

Wheni first purchased This game everything worked just fine. We loved it. But after the last update our controller doesnt work with the game anymore. We can move the characters up and down, but not forward and back. The game is lame without having a real controller. Please fix.

The movement joy sticks do not seem to be recognized primarily the left and right movement on the left stick and there does lot seem to be a way to assign the movement to the joystick.

Basically what the title says. We keep trying to play the game but the app crashes about 10seconds after launching.

The game keeps crashing. It looks cool but we cant give it a real review since we cant play it, sorry… 2 stars bc its a waste of 3 dollars. If you have a terrible device that cant handle the best of games, it wont be able to handle this one Wont even give us a chance, sorry :(

We have an iPhone 6 come on. It gets to the space can and then it gives up and crashes we spent a lot of time playing and we were attempting to get a 100% on the achievements and we were at 80% we are very disappointed that while they did in fact add the very coveted multiplayer they made the game more unstable. Also we have a very hard time getting spending money so if you arent going to do anything we ask for a refund. We Hope that the game is fixed for us.

… All the buttons work except you cannot move your character left or right with any bluetooth controller. And whats the deal, we got far in the game, died and lost everything we earned. No save points? Ugh…

Function does not work. We bought the game so we could play with our friend and the game just hasnt let us play together. So much for multiplayer.

There is no movement using the left stick. Kind of defeats the purpose of the purchase.

It seems that MANY people are experiencing the same issues with this game and the devs choose to ignore ALL OF THEM. Controller support is broken; you can only move up and down, not left or right and the support link in the app just leads to a dead twitter page. How did this app get Game of The Day??? Trash.

Something going on with controller support we went to make sure it wasnt not our controller for some reason can only move up and down but not side to side other than that the game is great.

The game keeps closing when we try to start we didnt have a problem when the update happened we tried uninstalling and installing again but it didnt fix. Is their any way of fixing it or should we wait?

Been and still looking for a good rogue like game for a while and found a few including dr2c, lcus, nc, and this. The only problem we have with this game is the BT controller usage as we have myself a xbo controller. All the buttons work except for the movement/left joystick. You are able to move your character up and down only and cannot move in any other direction. Even trying to reset the bluetooth on both devices (controller and iphone) still has the same result. Idk if its just us but thats the only issue we have. We would rate it 3/5 but since using a BT controller is optional Ill give it a 4 for being fun.

Update messed up the left joystick. Can only go up and down, no right and left. Xbox One controller.

So we beat the game on normal but how do we change the difficulty so we can beat it on hard? We checked settings in the main menu but theres no difficulty settings there.

Perhaps some people like procedural generation and other rogue like elements. We personally felt that the game was not so much an RPG or adventure as an arcade style shooter. It is colorful and action oriented, just not at all like we were expecting from the description or screenshots. After a short while, the battles felt very familiar and stale; after dying a couple times, the game really felt repetitive. Again, perhaps youre into arcade shooters and can sink hours into them, its just not an adventure or RPG as advertised.

You can only move up and down with controller, not left and right.

We’ve got a DualShock 4 controller that works great in every iPad app thats supposed to support controllers except this one, where the left stick works to run north and south but not east or west. Tried a SteelSeries Numbs controller; same thing. Worse yet, the developers App Support link in the App Store points to a Twitter account that doesnt exist.

Xbox one controller not working properly. Does not go left and right. Fix and will adjust review.

Trying to get ahold of support but when clicking link says they dont exist hoping they see this and maybe even address problem. New update came with online crossplay coop but its always searching and never finding a map is it online or is it lan? Will change to 5 stars once we get a response.

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