Jungle Jam – Child Friendly

Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 10:50 pm

Jungle Jam – Child Friendly


Jungle Jam – Child Friendly is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Eggroll Games LLC, Jungle Jam – Child Friendly is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st November 2011 with the latest update 1st July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Family, Education, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


14 people have rated 1.6

You can download the game Jungle Jam – Child Friendly from APP STORE.


Play the xylophone and explore a fully interactive world filled with colorful bananas, flying toucans, giggling suns and bouncing baby monkeys. Jungle Jam encourages discovery and creativity!

With no buttons, menus or ads, everything on the screen is interactive and encourages baby to touch and find flying toucans, giggling suns and bouncing bananas.

Watch the monkeys bounce with the jungle rhythm or join in the music by playing the bamboo xylophone (Did we mention this is also the best full musical scale xylophone in the App Store?)

  • Featured in Babble’s top 50!
  • Featured in iTunes "What’s Hot" for Kids & Family!
  • Famigo APProved App Badge recipient!
  • Featured on The iPhone Mom Friday Findings!
  • As seen on WXII12.com!
  • As seen on digtriad.com!
  • Millions of satisfied customers!

"It’s a fun app, with very appealing art. It drove my co-workers bananas, which is a good thing!" – Matt, Famigo

"This app is perfect for little ones! The animations are cute and it is extremely easy for even a 1 yr old to use. My kids had a lot of fun with it." -User Review

"Great for musical kids. I recommend playing duets, either on the same iPad or with two iPads." – Famigo

"This is a fun game that is easy to start and play. Great for toddlers." -4_Review

“As parents and teachers, we believe in friction-free learning for kids of all ages. We strive to build fun experiences with eye-popping visuals, professional narration, catchy music, and lots of positive encouragement.

Thank you for supporting us and making our vision come to life.

Have fun!!”

  • Blake, Mike & Amanda, Eggroll Games

Updated on 1st July 2020

  • Updated for iOS 13
  • iPhoneX widescreen compatible

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Jungle Jam – Child Friendly Reviews

Works with the newest iOS update 13.6.

Our granddaughter really likes this app. It’s funny and really colorful!

Love this App, need more diffrent backgrounds and musical notes make each part diffrent.

This never fails to entertain toddler granddaughter…… And it’s fun! She hunts for birds and bananas and is learning those words too.

There are black bars around the screen on our iPhone 6 Plus and it really distracts from the experience. Also, it’s cute but almost too simple. It seems people have been having some technical issues as well, which should be addressed. However, a sweet little music game that you touch the xylophone-like notes and watch the monkeys bouncy around, bushes move and sun smile. Probably nice for kids.

Downloaded on our iPad. No sound? How to fix.

We installed this on our iPad, and it looks entertaining, but theres no sound. We see someone else made the same comment two years ago, but the game hasnt been updated to fix this. Guess its been abandoned, so Im uninstalling.

This entertained our 3 year old for about 30 seconds when she got this look on her face like, thats it?, and completely lost interest. Our 2 year old we couldnt get interested at all. Not sure what the point of this was… Sorry.

We do wish we could turn off or turn down the volume on the background music. It’s a fun tune, but our child can play this for a looooonnng time.

This app is perfect for little ones! The animations are cute and it is extremely easy for even a 1 yr old to use. Our kids had a lot of fun with it.

Amazingly fun! Get it for your kids and make them happy forever! UPDATE: even better than before! Wow!

No buttons or anything-makes it VERY simple to play. Xylophone is good but Tyler(16 months) just stared at the bouncing monkeys he love it. He likes the jungle. Still loving this app!

Sooo cute and so much fun. Makes this game really good.

Its a great app for kids, it has cool gameplay.

It is a nice app. Children learn a lot about music through it. Our little sis loves it. Just optimize it for iphone 5. And everything would be perfect. We mean awesome!!! Really great work guy!

Our two year old laughs and laughs at this app. There’s not much to it, but he loves it, so simplicity isn’t a bad thing!

This is a fantastic xylophone simulator for all ages. It has great graphics, fun noises and teaches about sound, plus it’s fun! Onto the pros and cons: PROS: * great graphics * fun noises * educational * teaches about sound * great for all ages * fun CONS: * no iPhone 5 16:9 support. But that isn’t a huge problem. THE BOTTOM LINE: very good app that is educational, fun, and is good for all ages. We highly recommend it.

Our sister loves those monkeys and actually laughs. Good app Eggroll games.

We can dig it. Its a good app for kids for sure.

An all around good app, nice job.

We should have believed the reviews. After working once, it has now frozen our iPad twice. We guess we’ll have to remove it.

Tried to get the app to work because it looked like something our daughter would love, but after it froze our IPad three times in a row, we had to delete it.

The third time we tried to use this app, it froze our Ipad. It’s now been removed.

This is a great app. It’s fun and perfect for a younger audience. Our niece loves this app.

This is the perfect app to entertain a fussy baby. The monkey sound effects and other animations are incredibly entertaining and cute.

This app is just fun. Basically a virtual playground for our little one. Thanks EggRoll!

This is a fun game that is easy to start and play. Great for toddlers.

Our daughter is 2 and this keeps her entertained when we are trying to shop or when waiting for food in restaurants. We tried other apps for her to use on our phone when she would start to get anxious, but she would keep bored. Jungle Jam keep her attention and let’s us get our shopping done and keeps her from fussing when we are out. Great app!

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