Karateka Classic

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Karateka Classic


Karateka Classic is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DotEmu, Karateka Classic is a Family game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 16th May 2013 with the latest update 23rd December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Family, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


80 people have rated 1.11

You can download the game Karateka Classic from APP STORE.


A side-scrolling karate classic from 1984! The first game by the creator of Prince of Persia, Karateka arrives on iOS with all the challenge and charm of the original Apple II experience. Fight as the lone hero to save the princess from the evil warlord Akuma. His relentless guards and pesky hawk will challenge your skill whether you remember the original, have played the remake, or are experiencing Karateka for the first time.

Updated on 23rd December 2021

Os 15.1 issue fixed !

Karateka Classic Reviews

This was a very faithful remake of the classic Apple II game. It even included the sound of an old floppy disk drive as it loaded the game! Thats a sound we havent heard for a very long time. In case youre not old enough to have played the game before, be sure to try taking a fighting stance as you approach the princess. Also, at the very beginning of the game, try moving to the left instead of the right to see what happens. The only part of the original game that cant be duplicated now was the easter egg that resulted if you put the program disk in upside down. The game would load, but the screen was flipped. The fights took place upside down at the top of the screen. Thanks to the developer for making it possible to relive playing a great old game.

Was working great on iOS 14.8. No longer works on iOS 15.0. It loads, we can hear sounds, but screen is mostly just black. Please update, thank you!

For some reason we lose sound on the game.

Thank you very much for the 64-bit update. We were worried this would be lost along with other excellent classics.

All worked well up to ios 14. Please update app to be compatible for ios 15. Thank you!

While it is appreciated that somebody at DotEmu finally pulled their head out, and updated this free version (many thanks!) for 64-bit compatibility, it makes no sense that they have seemingly abandoned the high-res updated version. Obviously, they understand how to press a button (so to speak) and recompile into 64-bit, so why not do it for the modern version? Developer doesnt respond to any attempts to communicate with them.

This is not working after the latest OS update. Please update the App.

We couldnt believe that this game existed again!!! So excited!!! Mwa mwa mwaaaaa!!!! All we got was a black screen!

Unfortunately we didnt know this existed until 9 years after it came out (I was an 80s teen), but now am disappointed that the graphics are just black :/ Please have a look and update, devs!

Why is this happening to our screen?

It’s the exact game as we remember it! We had this floppy on our Apple IIc and played it for hours… Totally neglected our Atari 2600 for days!!!!!

We paid good money for this great game and deserve an update so we can still play it in iOS 11. Dont turn your back on us fans of this game! This is quite possibly the greatest video game ever made! We can remember playing it back in the 80’s on our Commodore 64 over and over again. Even after completing the game we would still go back and play it again. It’s so simple yet so dramatic in its presentation. We are so stoked that it has finally made its way back into the hands of gamers!

Some games never go out of style. Simple yet deep controls great graphics and pure fun. We played this game on the apple 2 more years ago them we will admit and it’s exactly the same. Challenging and fun. The new feature (rewind) is nice addition but if you want a challenge don’t use it and experience the game as it originally was. 5 stars all the way.

This game is awesome please update it to support os 11 64 bit.

This game crashed at one point, but we don’t even care because simply being able to play Karateka on our iPad is just awesomeness.

We had this game on our family’s old Apple II as a kid, and we played it relentlessly. Relentlessly! We knew every sound, every movement. This, along with Conan, was our absolute favorite game. We did not expect to ever get to play it again (save for maybe a poorly executed remake on an emulator) but here it is! The developers really went to task to recreate the exact, and we mean exact treasured little game from our childhood. They even simulated the physical sound of the old Apple’s hard drive at work, loading up the game and the scenes. Nice touch. At a time where everybody’s putting out little 8-bit games, and most are unoriginal, lazy replicas of each other… This stands out to appeal to the nostalgia-seeking gamers. It seems that most developers think that they can use any simple platform, dial down the graphics and present it as something special. But the truth is, the good games from the 80s and 90s were actually unique and creative (much like today); the movements and graphics were simply born out of limitations. Anyway, love this game! Especially running straight into the enemy on accident and receiving that mortal blow lol. Btw, if you’re new to this game, don’t do it!! Or do it to your first enemy to see what it’s like and get it over with. Don’t forget, like we did, and get far in the game just to carelessly run straight into your demise. Made our jaw drop, just like it did when we were a kid. Brutal.

We spent many hours of our childhood playing Karateka on an Apple ][ plus and Apple //e. This is a very nearly exact reproduction of Karateka on the Apple II series. The display is excellent (with settings for color, green, and amber, with and without faithfully rendered raster lines). The controls are well laid out and responsive. The graphics are exactly as you remember them if you played on the Apple II. The gameplay is just like it was on the old Apple II–even the timing and movements are just like they were then, and all the techniques we picked up as a kid playing Karateka work here too. This is just great!!! :-D.

Thanks for letting us relive our early PC days!

We can’t stop playing this game! It takes us back to our childhood every time. A 100% perfect port.

We cut our gaming teeth on a C64 and a Vetrex in the early 80’s and have fond memories of playing this game on the C64. Back then the color, animation, sound, cinematics and game mechanics were sweet, though we never did get around to completing the game back then. Fast forward to 2013 and we find this game in it’s full classic form (complete with faux 5&1/4 floppy disk load sounds) as well as a new version in the app store. $.99 for a classic piece of history, sure what the heck. When we finally beat the game, all these years later, it really brought back some great old-timey gaming memories. As a player of B3, Civ5, L4D2, Shogun 2, etc, we’re constantly amazed at how far video gaming has come as we started at just about the beginning of the video game history time line. It is really refreshing to be able to revisit the classics from time to time, to remember video games’ revolutionary yet comparatively humble beginnings. Whats more, while our 4 year old son loves all the Angry Birds games (a little early for Battlefield but he’ll get there) it was fun to see his eyes light up equally for Karateka, to see him get excited and anxious as his orange life-triangles appear and disappear, to hear him yell "head kick, head kick, head kick" in the middle of Buffalo Wild Wings (don’t worry, we talked about this:), and to get to glimpse part of our childhood literally reflected in eyes staring intently at the screen and metaphorically in his determined gamer-poker-face.

Thank you for making this. Perfect copy of the original.

We played this game many times a day on our Apple IIc back in the 80s. The idea that the developer thought to have a green monochromatic CRT display option that looks just like our old computer when we were a kid is brilliant. It’s all here. The game play is exactly the same. The imagery, the physics, the sounds really are a time warp. We would pay a lot to have an app with tons of these old games on it. Lode Runner, Conan, etc.. A long list of games presented just like this. All we need are to have all the same pixels and noises.

For the first time since we played ‘Karateka’ back in the 90’s at Elementary School in the computer lab, we finally beat this game. True, adding the modern save feature and a touch of ‘Prince of Persia’ with the Rewind feature dampens the difficulty of playing classic, but those can easily be adjusted to taste. The sounds and screen styles of the Apple II interface immediately puts anyone familiar with the title in a comfortable atmosphere. For anyone looking to be told an epic tale, a challenge that’s hard to come by these days, reconnecting with your childhood or all three combined, this is worth the dollar. We’re not ashamed to say this is in our all-time top ten of games and also easily one of our favorite apps for the iPad. For the Developer: Thank You!

PHENOMENAL GAME. AWESOME MEMORIES. Exact sake game as when we were a kid!

Now is the time to add the cat into the game which you didn’t in the original version! We’re also waiting for the Prince of Persia app…

Great job porting this over from our old Apple IIIc days :) thanks for the rewinds also!!

Cool retro game. Love the sound effects.

Anyone who said this is too hard hasn’t played any old NES games and don’t grow up on any games pre 2005. This is a great classic we actually missed out on growing up. It was challenging and a little short, but it was fun!

Loved it! Any chance of releasing Aztec & Castle Wolfstein Classic?

Love this app. Brings back memories on apple 2e and Commodore 64. At least now you can pause and resume where you left off. You can play this over and over. Highly recommended and worth the 99 cents no matter what age if generation.

Thank you Jordan Mechner, 31 years later we can still enjoy one of our favorite games of all times. Believe it or not we still have the game original diskette and our Apple ][ clone, the Franklin ACE1000, both in working condition, so we can still play the original game.

Same as our Apple 2 C version 25 yrs ago. Awesome.

It plays just as it did when we were a kid, on our Apple //e and Laser 128 (clone) . Perfectly ported from the original game.

At the first spiked gate, we died. When we rewinded to our last victory, It rewinded us to when we died. We have to redo everything to that point. Please fix this in the next update. UPDATE- it seems that this happens when you leave the game after you die and come back. This also teleported us to the middle of a fight when we died. Please rework the rewind function.

Loved playing this on our Apple ][e back in the day, and we would like to continue playing this for years to come. Please update the code to work on iOS 11!

Just played through it and won without any rewinds. This probably will never come to pass, but I’d love to see the C64 port as well. It didn’t have the yell of the protagonist, but the music and bass were far better especially awesome when it kicks in during the final battle. Consider it! I’d pay another 99¢ for that version. Our one complaint is that we cannot pull off a (full) walk/kick (or punch) combo, which completely changes how to play the game. Can you fix that?

Great game but the developer needs to update the app. If you download this with IOS 11 youre just wasting memory. So dont even bother downloading till u see that its been updated unless u like the cover art. If u havent downloaded IOS 11 yet u might be able to play for a couple days.

Boring. Terrible graphics sound and controls.

Tried to get in touch with the devs to no avail. Sad.

How can you charge us money, and then not update the game with the new operating system?

IPhone 5 AT&T Version 9.2.1 No sound. Whats the deal?

This game is just awesome. How did one dude make this?!!! Used to play it on our Atari 7800 back in the day. IPhone controls are actually superior to the Atari controls. Great Nostalgia.

We were worried about controls, it does alright. If you played this as a child… It’s A must!

We forgot about games where you had one life and had to start all over from the beginning! We originally played Karateka on the Commodore 64, which had slightly better graphics than the Apple II version, but this was a fun trip down memory lane.

With updated well implemented UI. Highly recommend.

Just awesome. Loved playing it as a kid and love playing it now. Great implementation of it too.

Just like we remember playing it on the apple II as a child. Maybe a little easier than then since all the attacks are easily available for combos, but still, simply awesome.

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