Kiki’s Koi-Koi

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Kiki’s Koi-Koi


Kiki’s Koi-Koi is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by How Seven, LLC, Kiki’s Koi-Koi is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th August 2011 with the latest update 7th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


113 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game Kiki’s Koi-Koi from APP STORE.


Kiki’s Koi-Koi offers a classic Japanese card game with bright graphics, an intuitive interface, and just the right balance of strategy and luck to pass the time away. Oh, and it stars a fish.

Koi-Koi is a simple two-player card game played with the colorful Japanese cards known as Hanafuda. Match cards from your hand to those on the table to make sets or call "Koi-Koi" to press your luck for more points. But watch out! Your opponent may score bonus points from your risk-taking. How far are you willing to test the fates?

Is this your first time playing Koi-Koi? Kiki’s got you covered. She can walk you through a full hand of play and show you the ropes. Or if you’d prefer to dive in, skip the tutorial and start up a game against Kiki herself. She’ll show you which cards you can match, getting you on your feet instantly.

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro. Well, Kiki’s been training for a long time, waiting for this day to arrive. She’s ready to play and can’t wait for you to step up to the table. Do you have what it takes to defeat the reigning Fish League champion? (That’s what Kiki calls herself, by the way.)

If you’ve got a friend with you, the two of you can play against each other with just one device. Pass the game back and forth and see who’s the real Koi-Koi Master.


  • "This app helped me to master Hanafuda. You won’t be disappointed."
  • "This game is by far the best way of getting into and learning the game. I’ve learned more in 2 rounds on this game then I have in all the other things before this."
  • "A more challenging alternative to simple, mindless card games like solitaire."

Updated on 7th September 2020

Hello, Kiki fans! We’ve got some small updates for you:

  • Removed some outdated libraries/third-party frameworks
  • Fixed bug that led to crash when playing certain sound effects
  • Fixed some typos and other minor mistakes

Kiki’s Koi-Koi Reviews

Our son has a deck of Hanafuda cards. Written Koi-Koi instructions are okay but not quite clear to a newbie. This game is awesome at showing you how to play! However, the ability to flip the phone and show what you have for sets (someone else mentioned this) doesnt appear to be happening for us. It would be nice to have a zoomed image of what we have and maybe month suits in the help menu or somewhere handy. Either way, we are learning how to play! Just repetitively trying will get your brain recognizing the sets. Its very fun. Im glad we got this game. We would love to see more Hanafuda games like this, with an awesome tutorial. Keep up the awesome work guys! We think its wonderful to bring this game to more people by having an app like this that teaches and makes it fun.

We love this game and this version. You have one of the best versions out there! Wed love an online multiplayer option so we can play with each other while being apart. Wed be willing to pay!!

Well-designed and intuitive tutorial, the game itself is our go-to app for a mentally challenging diversion. We only wish there was a way we could re-play certain hands to see how different decisions would have played out. This would help us get better from here on.

We have our own deck to play hanafuda and we’ve never received Moon/Cherry Cups on first draw three games in a row. Also the computer receives more matches when drawing from the deck. As we have been playing hanafuda for over a decade we can still win most matches but having a play against a score of 30+ is quite difficult on the third hand after only 3 draws. We cant recreate that scoring opportunity with our own deck.

This app has helped us learn the suits & techniques so we can join in Hanafuda games with friends. The developer responded within a day to one of our questions. The game is a winner!

This app is a lot of fun and very helpful at teaching you how to play! We got real cards as a gift but was having trouble getting the rules down. After playing this we feel like a master lol! Our gf also got the app and its lots of fun playing two player on the go! Would be amazing if they added wireless multiplayer to allow you to play with people who also purchased the app on there phone!

Perfectly designed. Everything runs smooth, looks great, and the AI seems good. The only thing that could make it better is live multiplayer support but that is a whole different can or worms. $1.99 is totally worth it to not have annoying ads or buggy crashes like a lot of the other Koi Koi games on the app store.

Im new to Koi-Koi. Having played it in Yakuza and have Koi-Koi Japan (cost a couple bucks and has online multiplayer mode) on Steam. We were hooked so we were looking for a mobile version. This games UI is well designed. The AI seems to be good on hard. However, there is no sound for us. We tried restarting our phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app but still no sound. Yes, we can listen to music while playing but part of the experience is for the games music to pump up when you choose to Koi-Koi. For a game like this to not have online play feels very incomplete. It does have a local 2 player mode using the one phone.

When we play and easy opponent on twelve months game it works fine. But when we play against a hard opponent in a twelve month game it keeps crashing. Not cool.

The tutorial does a great job at easing you into the gameplay.

We used to play this with our Mom as a kid but we called it Sakura. Same game and after playing this game a few days we are picking it up quickly and learning it as we go along. Perfect game for beginners or relearning the game (like me). Great graphics but we do hope that we could have different theme sets or maybe change the background. We will add this on our Moms phone so hopefully we will get to play against friends also.

Kudos!! This app just gets better and better! We’ve been a fan for years! Love the game, layout, ease of viewing the cards (not too small). Very beautiful and well done! Very addicting!

Our favorite card game now.!!!! Lost a star because of the not good enough instructions and card explanations. Had to spend lots of time online learning how to play before getting the hang of it. Added a star because we love this game and we finally saw the winning hand explanations. The little card question mark icon. However we’re BEGGING you all to add online play lol.

This app and game are great! We had a good understanding of the game before downloading but now we feel very confident in regards to making yakus and scoring. We like that it hints, it helps speeds up the game for us. Our only complaint is that you cannot listen to iTunes or Spotify while playing the game. We have tried everything but nothing works. Even with the music and sound effect volume down, anytime we make a move it will kill the song. If anyone knows a work-around or if Im doing something work please let us know. Thanks and thanks for the great game!

We really want to like this app more, as we can appreciate how slick it looks and how nice the animations are. However hard mode is seriously broken. Its not fun to play when Kiki ends a round after getting a single hand. We would say this happens 9 rounds out of 10. If you want to win youre basically forced to end the round yourself if you get a hand first because its almost guaranteed Kiki will end it next. We’ve played a couple other hanafuda apps over the years on iOS and android that had some good, challenging computer opponents, so we know its possible to do without resorting to cheap tactics.

Like most digital Koi Koi games, this game advertises that it has two difficulty levels, but its clear that hard mode simply makes the game cheat more often.

We used to love to play this game while listening to audiobooks and music. But now it doesnt let us play our own audio while we play Koi-Koi… Its sad, this was a really fun way to keep our hands busy.

Used to play this a lot, but the recent interface changes have taken away the fun. The cards seem smaller and less attractive. We liked the simplicity of the old version better.

We hate apps that control phone audio. We use our phone to play music through our Bluetooth speakers, this app dominates the audio. Why do designers make an app that blocks other apps?

We bought this game when our IOS would no longer support hannafuda. We do not enjoy it at all. The cards are small and hard to see, they hide the cards taken, they demand that you manually place your card on the card you are matching, and otherwise plays its own CTs so fast you cant see them. Terrible.

This app is great for learning the different sets and point values. It’s hard to put down because it’s very fun! Complaints: There should be a music support option if we want to listen to something else while playing. Sometimes the music cuts off when we resume the app, so we close and restart. The jazzy music is awesome!!! These things need to be updated. 4s 5.0.1.

If you want to learn how to play Koi Koi this is game is perfect! If you know how to play already and simply want to have the game on your to pick up and play where ever you are – well then, it’s perfect for that too!

This app helped us to master Hanafuda. We love it and we can play it alone everywhere. The tutorial is easy to understand and it’s much better than the Japanese version of Hanafuda app for non Japanese speaking folks like myself. You won’t be disappointed. Share this game with a kid and pass it on to a new generation. We love koi koi! Enuf said.

Our sister loved koi koi and she said this game would help us learn ….. Now we’re teaching our kids!!!!! It’s a great game for all ages…. By far the best koi koi game out there on any platform.

Great for beginners as well as advanced players. Great interface, nice music!

Super easy to use and fun!! 2 player mode is fun too!

The only enhancement we can think of would be to allow player to turn on (and maybe even define) scoring variations. For example, in Korea, some of the basics are worth 2.

Excellent – challenging yet calming. Good tutorials and beautiful graphics! Love it.

Was a bit wary about buying this game but it so much better than the other apps. The tutorial is easy to grasp and soon you’ll be giving out pointers of your own!!

A great inexpensive app that has a perfect tutorial and easy to understand gameplay. If you’re looking to learn or just want a simple English koi koi app this is the app for you.

Love it! Played Hana as a kid, and it was great finding this app. Well done!

We really like how easy it is to see which sets you areclose to making. Lots of fun!

This game is fun to learn and more fun to play!!! We highly recommend it!

The game plays great,but the rules are different than what we are used to.

Easy to play and beautifully rendered.

We were lucky enough to receive an actual deck of japanese hanafuda cards, and wanted to learn how to play koi koi. We’ve read sites, played many other koi koi games and watched videos. This game is by far the best way of getting into and learning the game. We’ve learned more in 2 rounds on this game then we have in all the other things before this. Very impressed, im now understanding how to see and play for sets of cards! Thank you very much to the developer for making this, we cant wait to play with our actual cards!

We’ve just recently got Nintendo hanafurda cards and the instructions that came with the deck left us with a lot of questions. This app has been very helpful in teaching us how to play koi-koi. What struck us the most about this app is that is has a very simple but cute user interface for it. During our search for a koi-koi app, we were afraid of being stuck with something that had the quality of a flash game, but this game is exactly what we expect from a good quality app. The game also lets you know what combos you are close to collecting and if you flip your ipad/ipod over it’ll showcase the various combos you can collect in case you forget. We have found using this app for multiplayer very useful as well, for those times when our sister and we want to play but we don’t want to get the cards out. After you complete your turn, a window pops up displaying the cards you’ve collected/flipped over and a message saying to pass it to the other player. That way you both can’t see each other’s cards.

We thought, we’ll never get this game and be any good at it. But this app made it easy to understand and get fast at it! We are addicted to it …. Now we can play with our teen with a real hanafuda deck.

This is a great app for learning to play koi koi.

Great hanafuda app! Would recommend to anyone looking for a full fledged hanafuda experience.

When first introduced to the game we did alright. We became petty good. Wrong! This version in the hard mode is a real challenge. Easy to win games are empty victories. We have had to think and work at it.

Our daughter and we discovered koi koi a year ago and wanted to learn to play, this app let us learn gradually and simply. We both love playing now, both with the app, and with real hana fuda cards.

We started playing Koi Koi on Nintendo’s Clubhouse Games for the DS. We have been looking for a good English version for our we devices. This is awesome. Easy to use and fun to play. We would give it 5 stars if it had a stats tracker to see how many games won vs lost.

Minor bugs when opened and closed often but as a learning tool we found it very helpful.

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