Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

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Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MY.GAMES B.V., Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th October 2020 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Strategy, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD ?

53,553 people have rated 19.1

What is the price of the Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD released ?

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD was released on 26th October 2020.

When was the Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD updated ?

The latest updated date of Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD on 22nd May 2023.

Where can Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the Isle of Rhandum – a realm of tower defense, clans, magic and mayhem! Collect units, assemble a deck for base defense and get ready to meet one of the most unique TD games – Rush Royale!

Mighty warriors are ready for a TD clash! You have plenty of cute but fearsome units at your disposal, from keen-eyed Archers and crafty Trappers to angry Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers! Merge units and manage your mana carefully – devise a strategy around your deck’s strengths in a castle defense! And don’t forget about Heroes – these mighty champions have the most powerful abilities!

Conquer the opposition in PvP! Break through enemy Tower Defense, progress and earn more trophies! Play defense games against the most powerful players to win exquisite rewards! But beware, fortune can be fickle in TD games! Stick to a strategy and win through cunning and intellect as you lay siege to the castle and break through enemy defenses!

Join the Co-Op mode and embark on a TD quest to explore Rhandum with your friends! Set a castle defense against dreadful bosses and their minions. Defense games never get old as you’re fighting monsters together! Succeed in TD games and get unique loot! Ready your defenses and protect the castle!

There are many factions in the game, from Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light, and every unit and hero belongs to one of them. There are no “weak” or “strong” decks – collect, merge, learn to play your army well and level up units you use most. Some of them can Ascend, gaining unique battle talents!

Events bring even more variety to the base defense you’re used to – try them out to find out if you can master unique rules and beat the enemies in tower defense games!

Join one of the clans to earn unique benefits! Fight as one with your clanmates and succeed in both Co-Op and PvP tower defense!

Quests make your life easier and more interesting! Each completed quest brings useful rewards!

Clash, conquer, win, prevail! Rush Royale is a TD game like no other. The Isle of Rhandum awaits!

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Updated on 22nd May 2023

We’re excited to announce the new update! What’s new in Version 19.1:

  • A new event, Champion Rumble, will start soon on the Island of Rhandum. A unique hero is coming to help you!
  • Balance changes for units and talents
  • A number of other new features and improvements

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Review

We instantly saw this game and we knew this was going to be one of our favorites.

Fix your guys ad presentation and show off the greatness of what Rush Royale gameplay looks like!

The game is great given what it shows on ads. Progression is straightforward and easy to play. Bonus points for there not being random ads too.

Goofy gobbler goofy gobblins that are greedy and even more goofy goofy archer goofy majiiiccc it soo gooby googy goober.

The enchanted sword needs a debuff. Theres absolutely no reason we have 2052 crit and somebody with an enchanted sword and 800 crit and a card WITH NO TALENTS should be beating our level 11 inquisitor with talents. Its stupid to have a card that can take so much away from somebody deck on such a high level. The enchanted sword has become a bigger problem then the shaman so either debuff it or make it more common in chest because we’ve gotten 61/63 cards and the ONLY non event card Im missing is enchanted sword and we’ve been playing since the games release.

This is hands down one of our favorite mobile games. We have had this game since before talents were a thing in this game and enjoy every second of it. (Idk between 1-2 years roughly) Its super easy to pickup and play a 5-10 minute game in between daily activities that its super convenient when you have some downtime. We had to write this review because we complained about a promised feature within patch notes (talents for BD) that was delayed during implementation. One review later and it was implemented THE NEXT UPDATE. We have never met a company that acted this quick and implemented features like this within quick response. This game continues to improve and has only gotten better, the only thing we think we would recommend for the dev team at this point is to continue to do their best at balancing the characters. Would give this game 10 stars if we could!

This game motivates us to never give up and if we lose we can go again but there are some bugs but overall we LOVE THE GAME.

All of the fun characters and gameplay is so fun!!!!! We hope you enjoy too!!!! Also, at the time Im writing this review the Jake Paul event is out and he is so easy to get, all we had to do was level up and win 3 pvp matches!!!! And he is so good!!!!! Enjoy and play fair!!!!!

This game is very fun and eazy to play and does not have tons off adds so thats even better .

The game is awesome and you get a lot of cool stuff.

This game is fun u have to really use your head to win.

So cool and addicting we would definitely download it. Super fun. Super cool, just cool. Awesome pro definitely would download cool down at all our other devices so we can get friend. Things super cool, super cool super cool super cool super cool super cool so cool so cool so best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best. We read it. 5 million stars if there was an option best best best best best best best best best best best best best game.

This game seems like it has adds but it doesnt. It is like clash royals. Very fun to upgrade and merge your characters.

Crap game that lies in add then gives you differ t game play.

We are writing to provide feedback regarding an issue related to the Monk’s Equilibrium talent in the game. Currently, when the Scrapper effect applies, the Monk does not receive a stack as intended. To ensure consistency and maintain the balance of gameplay mechanics, we kindly request that the development team address this issue and ensure that the Monk with Equilibrium talent receives a stack when there is an increase in rank, in accordance with the talent’s description. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Your dedication to improving Rush Royale is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing this matter resolved. Ps. We love this game. Theres so much mechanics.

That game isnt like the add we saw but we are enjoying it and we are definitely considering upgrading for the 12$ or soo Not to many adds if any and doesnt feel like a pay to play grind.

This is a good game and is very much like the game Clash Royale. The only thing we would change is the way things are shaped. Because omg, this game is so bubbly and round. Its so hard to find a sharp corner because everything is sooooo round and bubbly. It makes the game seem congested and tight. Thats what we would change. Make the game less bubbly and round.

We love our idol Jake Joseph Paul we feel him coming inside of me.

We’ve been playing this game for a year now and we still enjoy it. It can be a little rough going at first especially with the constantly changing meta decks but if you pay the you wont have that much of an issue. Personally we havent spent a dime on it but we still have fun with it. If you do go the route of free play watch as many ads as possible to help you grow, upgrade all cards evenly till their level is 7 (very important as upgrading raises crit %) and find cards that suit you. Try different combinations but dont get too comfortable with one thing because as you climb in matchmaking, some decks just wont work. If you ever need tips or advice just check the Reddit out because its filled with anything you actually would need. By.

But can you add a endless mode or soothing like that.

This game is very fun and we will easily recommend to play.

Replay ability . 5* Different game modes. 4* Team play. 4* Clan matches 4* Leveling 5* (even F2P) can level up and be competitive. Fun 5* Overall the dev team has done a great job. They are paying attention to the community and not doing huge overhauls, they keep it balanced and we can say after playing a lot of different games, this is one of the better ones we have come across. This leads us to our decision to write a review which is rare.

We love this game but these Jake Paul ads got us dead.

Its a good game but it is nothing like most the pics or ads discribe.

This game is a some and we love it so much.

We like this game because of the clash Royale similarities with a mixture of rng and paying attention to your builds because some cards come with special talents which is door in our opinion. It definitely have potential and room for growth like for instance seasonal modifiers for the survival modes and so on. Pretty good game keep it up!

When we played this game it was incredible. We loved it when we first played it but our parents didnt love it so we just kept playing it and play all day in the hot sun so you should download it and play all day when youre bored at least thank you bye-big.

Jus like the royale games but different characters.

We spend quite a lot of time on this game and we’ve had it for over a year now and thoroughly enjoy it. We play pvp as well as co-op but have been getting players in co-op who choose to throw the game. Some just dont add cards to their side purposely to lose or they just back out the game completely resulting in an early loss. Is there anyway a report button can be added? To report players like that. Or maybe a penalty for those who abandon matches.

This is the only game we will ever watch an ad for. Its a PvP amazing game. The only reason we didnt give it 5 stars is because we think there should be a more ranked game play. Like theres no way Im level 2 going against a level 7 player. Its like a handicap wwe match. But if you have the money to buy a premium membership your rewards will drastically increase so thats probably why they do that, so you can spend money. Either way this game is dope.

This game is pretty relaxing with the merging but some of the bosses like the one that can turn towers into stone should be nerfed.

This game is so fun. But the problem is that its like really repetitive. But besides that 10/10.

The pictures and videos are not the actual game or game play. A fun addictive game but tries to make it pay to play.

If you merge the actual character should look different or if you upgrade other than that great game.

Good idea good game we dont see any bugs just once u get to higher arena it gets pay to win and cant do anything against the players who pay than u have no chance to rank up.

We downloaded the game and we loved it we started battling finding out how to play and buying more cards and getting good. We win a lot because we have a few strategies on us that we know we can use. Anyway, the In game purchases can get annoying at times because we really want to buy it but we can. We fell like (if the devs read this) we think they should add an Offline mode where you can just single player to try to win. And a few new maps along with it. We really enjoy the game and we hope it gets better!

We like the game but it could be a little better because its a pain in the neck to get resources.

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