Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 08:45 pm

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Glu Games LLC, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th June 2014 with the latest update 7th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood ?

212,911 people have rated 13.6.1

What is the price of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood released ?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was released on 24th June 2014.

When was the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood updated ?

The latest updated date of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on 7th December 2022.

Where can Kim Kardashian: Hollywood be downloaded ?

You can download the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from Apple Official App Store.



Get famous in Hollywood and create your fashion story! Choose your story filled with runway fashion, fame & celebrities.

Dress up for a fresh celebrity look, join a new squad, and conquer the fashion world in style. Are you ready to become a famous fashion icon and movie star in KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD?

Play with new friends around the world in this celebrity life simulator and fashion story game. Experience the rise to stardom and the superstar life with a community of players passionate about fashion and style.

An interactive story filled with celebrities, fashion, style, romance & so much more. Play KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD today!

Choose Your Star:

  • Interactive Story mode: fame, fashion, style & love stories await!
  • Live the Hollywood life in style among celebrities and Kim’s friends in this fashion story game!
  • Superstar Life: become a movie star, fashion stylist, top model & more!
  • It’s your virtual life: get famous, find romance, have a virtual family & build a home

Play Fashion Makeover Games

  • Dress up & style your fashion star for special events
  • Become a super stylist as fame and fashion combine on Kim Kardashian Hollywood
  • Enter the fashion world, compare makeover skills, win prizes & become the biggest celebrity!

Play Together with Friends & Join a Squad

  • Choose your story & design runway fashion with friends
  • Discover the fashion world: visit clubs, boutiques, & luxury homes in LA, Tokyo, Paris & more!
  • Join a squad to earn rewards, exclusive designer clothing & more!

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Updated on 7th December 2022

KKH Forever!

SHOW YOUR STYLE: Dress up, get votes, and win exclusive clothing!
SEASONS: Complete challenges and earn points to get clothing and other rewards!
KOLLECT THEM ALL: Play Kollections for a chance to win full outfits!
THE FAME GAME: Travel the world, meet other celebrities, build a business empire, and climb to the top of the A-List!
Thanks for playing!

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review

We love this game so much and we started playing again after a couple years. We hope it doesnt shut down, this is such a good game and definitely makes us want to spend a few bucks on it sometimes!

We (a 40 year old male), and our husband (55 year old female) throughly enjoyed this experience. We truly felt like the queen of Hollywood. We have never been so joyful playing a downloadable experience before. This changed the whole trajectory of our being. We however was HORNSWOGGLED by the red man flirting with us? Our yummy little beloved betrothed ball and chain was by our side and he felt excruciatingly supa furious (as the grandkids would say) and rightfully so. Why did this disgusting waste of a being feel it was necessary to philander with our gorgeous beauteous and distinguished self. We felt distraught, perturbed. It was great! Will play again!

We like it but you have too use to much energy and once you lose all your energy you cant do anything.

This game is so fun you can dress up and live in luxury houses and live with Kim kardashion its just to fun to stop playing it this is a 5 star game so you should get this game and dont delete it fun fun fun like we play it too much and Im adictid yo this game.

We used to be obsessed with this game, though id get bored quickly with it, we didnt play it for a year or two but after recently redownloading and seeing all the improvements im in love again. The players choice edition especially. Its giving fortnite battle pass and im so content.

This is a great game we would love to play it but our parents say Im to young which we are not.

Love the game, but it glitches a lot!

Its pretty fun game it really give u an inside look at the celebrity life so when can we date and marry Kim in the game Im just saying cuz she be flirting and it should be possible just saying later yours truest, 0ne of a Kind.

The game is very fun. We love it people should play.

Our best game ever we cant stop playing it ! We think im never gonn delete it.

We love the game but lately it keeps crashing and we cant even play iy.

Honestly we just wanted to come here and say that them player choice events are like the best thing to have ever come to this game what would make this game even better tho is making energy refill a tad bit faster honestly.

Old: we WANT to enjoy this game. We used to love it, we even made a whole instagram page for pictures we took in the game. However, ever since the energy cheat stopped working (its been a long time), its too hard for us to earn/finish ANYTHING in this game. We want to play and enjoy it, but Id have to play all day long and set alarms to finish events and earn SOME pixelated items. Ridiculous. Edit: Changing back to five stars bc we really love seasons! Im actually able to earn items! Especially in the most recent update.

This game makes us so happy! We enjoy every moment we are playing it!

Its so cute we love the story so much and the clothes and the characters and everything and obviously KIM K.

This game is totally worth the hassle! It is a app we use so often that we fidget raving about it and the tabloids about!! Thanks TMZ (Time for Magazine) for taking the time to expose us to this!!!

Our game didnt work please help me.

Okay, so we are not a huge Kardashian fan at all! But this game is so fun and addicting. Great game would totally recommend to all fans and non fans alike. Our fav Kardashian is probably Khloe though.

Can we have an update where the kids grow up.

Us and our girlfriend LOVE this game and it brings us so much joy!!!

The Best game Ever , It Would a dream come true.

Its so all the styling and stuff even though its our first time playing.

Please update your game, because the game doesnt launch. Sad.

We recently got back on the game a couple weeks ago, so there is a task that we didnt complete when we took a break on the app. The task is telling us to go to the business center to talk to Elizabeth, but since we’ve been gone, the app has been updated. Theres new features so Elizabeth is not at the business center anymore. Now we have a task that Im not able to do since Elizabeth isnt there due to new updates to the app. Please fix this.

Please fix show your style rewards. Instead of just making them disappear, maybe send them to the mailbox. Its so discouraging to put in effort and then not actually getting a sense of achievement. This game has brought us so much joy, as someone with a lot of medical issues, it really gives us a lot of love we need for myself. We dont have the real energy to have fun with fashion, and this has become our outlet. We could see it being that way for others too :)

We love this game so much it its cool you get to go to a bar andYou can go on dates its like a game for girls to practice date and other cool things for example for like going on adventures or something because we went to the airport what time is the game and we love it but it was kind a hard trying to get out of the airport and stuff so we had to restart our game and we lost our most favorite things the rarest clothing like the rarest clothing that we had in the box that was the only problem but the rest of the game is super fun if you won a game make sure if you have so much fun and by Prestonplayz merch.

This game is okay why we are giving it a 5? It is because it is fun you can date people girls of guys we mean who will judge you ? The ads is our question like this game SLAYS but why do you give 5 ads just for one single thing we want to get for free and like we said this game SLAYS but also the ads . Buy at your on risk. BUT BUY IT PLA.

Some of the best customer service we’ve received for a game. We had an issue with in-game dating, and though it took maybe a week for the problem to be solved, we were kept updated the entire time, and received multiple emails letting us know what exactly was happening to fix it at any given time.

This game is the best game has a lot of cool things and you become a story customize yourself to live everywhere and stuff so cool you just get to control beat yourself our name myself Kim Kim is really fun we think you should download it if you ever have doubts and read this for us right now so bye.

This game is amazing and super fun. We’ve only been playing for a month or two and Im already almost to the top A lists however we do have a couple suggestions that could make the game better if youre taking opinions the green, pink, and purple dyes need to be toned down a bit we have so many greens we could color everyone in our contact list wardrobes with it. Maybe dont put them in the gift boxes so frequently especially when we spend our K-Stars to open them and just get disappointed with green dyes. And thats another thing, the K-stars are super hard to save up as is we dont think yall should be putting ridiculous items into them like the dyes and hand props, its already hard enough as is to save up K-stars because theres not many options to get them unless you pay for them or take surveys/watch videos. So when we spend our hard earned K-stars on a box just to get a dye (especially if its green) you can imagine it doesnt exactly make anyone happy and dont you want your players happy? If we wanted a bunch of dyes Id just spend our diamonds on the dye box thing! K-stars should be for clothes and hair and other things not for dyes. Another thing we think yall should add is baby bumps, we know its just a game and doesnt have to be realistic but if yall put baby bumps in the store for some K-stars we feel like it would miss profit.

We loveeeee this gameee so much, besides the energy that you need to buy like any other game, it has amazing features, we live the Kardash.

We absolutely love this game but ours has a couple of minor bugs. On our goals list there are two goals that wont go away and we also cant complete them. One is that we have to talk to Elizabeth at Champion Business Center near LAX. The other is that we have to attend a part at 10ax in Florence. These arent major issues but theyre just a bit annoying so if they can be removed that would be greatly appreciated!

We love the quality and how interesting and entertaining it is.

Old: we WANT to enjoy this game. We used to love it, we even made a whole instagram page for pictures we took in the game. However, ever since the energy cheat stopped working (its been a long time), its too hard for us to earn/finish ANYTHING in this game. We want to play and enjoy it, but Id have to play all day long and set alarms to finish events and earn SOME pixelated items. Ridiculous. Edit: Changing back to five stars bc we really love seasons! Im actually able to earn items! Especially in the most recent update.

Best game on the app store… Hands down… Yup!

This app is just so fun to play and we love how you dress up and look amazing and theres so much to this app and we just absolutely love it! If your wondering when you should download it, the times now our guy. Heh. We love this app.

We like how it motivates you and makes you productive.

Love it, but why does the Show Your Style event only reward feminine cosmetics from the leaderboard boxes? The last 2 events we’ve placed highly on lb and open the box, only to receive a dress and this time hair for girls. We cant even see them in our inventory when we change our clothes.

This game has changed our life, allowing us to discover our sexuality as a homosexual male thank you to the developers for creating such a wonderful game.

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