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Kitten Up!

Kitten Up!

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Kitten Up!! Developed by the innovative team at Dual Cat, this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 25th October 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 25th October 2023.

Are you a fan of Casual, Action, games? Then Kitten Up! is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Kitten Up!

Over 26,299 players have rated Kitten Up!. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Kitten Up! Cost?

Good news! You can download Kitten Up! on your iOS device absolutely free!

Kitten Up! Release Date

Eager to know when Kitten Up! first graced the App Store? It was launched on 25th October 2023.

When Was Kitten Up! Last Updated?

The latest version of Kitten Up! was updated on 25th October 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Kitten Up!?

To get started with Kitten Up!, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Kitten Up!

Do you like kittens? Then you will love our dozens of colorful. Beware, Without you, their beauty will not save them long from traps and threats.

Lift yourself up, above all the dangers that threatens the kittens. Cats’ lover or not, come and surpass yourself and unlock the cutest kittens in mini-games that will test your dexterity.

Kitten Up! is a simple and engaging platform game. A finger pressure and your cat will jump to reach the next platform. However don’t be too fast or it might never reach it. Many obstacles will be involved as well as many dangers such as lava, water or dreadful predators.

At each level and according to your score you will get coins that you can spend in a skill game. A gripper machine in which you can try your best to discover the multitude of cats that this game offers, from green to red, or even hat cat or the gentleman cat. The only limit is your feline agility. To complete your experience you can unlock boxes filled with bonuses by getting keys. Our skins can’t be bought with money and can only be obtained by playing.

Our game only exists thanks to advertisements. Ads will be present along the game, and some will allow you to increase your coins and rewards ! However, you can support us by buying our paid version (without advertisements) directly accessible from the game. That comes with a lot of coins to unlock more content.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Kitten Up! updated on 25th October 2023:

New levels added

User Reviews on Kitten Up!

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Kitten Up! below:

It really hard but we like it still.

So we downloaded this game when we were like 5 and then one day we see it on our screen we decided to try playing it. After 2 months we fell in love with the game but just a few days later we collected all the kittens and it got boring ! Here are some ideas for an update in the future 1: Add mini games to get extra coins and kittens from kittens!

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We’ve loved this game since the day we got it but we got all the skins within a week. We dont know if its just us but we like playing games to collect skins, achievements, etc. This game is fun but the skins are so easy to collect and there is not that many. This was the only game we were playing for a few days until we ran out of skins to get. We would play so much more often we they added news skins. They should make the skins harder to get or make them more expensive. So it would take much longer to get them.

Can make the game where the fish level the fish doesnt jump to eat you so fast and make the eggs update faster and also we cannot stop playing this game and make the claw machine easier because it KEEPS Dropping The Eggs.

We really love all the colors and cats and we lOVE the added a claw machine to it for getting the eggs its like you get a reward and play there claw machine is not rigged like carnival games and they also added like where you can see all your cats you have won.

The title says everything, it’s a nice game to play if you are bored and don’t have wifi.

We love this game so much its very entertaining. We recommend downloading it!

Used to have it on our old phone and tablet but we just got it again love it but just waiting for the next update again love the game have a great day to however is reading this. L.

The reason why we love this game is because we like it so much that we can get new cats and we can escape the boss and we get a second to 2nd chance every single time we miss and every single time we lose the claw machine game on this game whenever you get a new eggs it’s just so fun that we get to play this so every single time we play this and we get a new cat we’re like yay we got a new cat we got a new cat and it makes us so happy that we wanna play the claw machine on this game again and again so we can win other new cats and unlock rare ones like a panda and Indian one and other cats like those.

Hi dual cat so if u saw the title u can see that we want a update so in kitten up we have every single kitten in the game but we really want to play the crane but it says sold out until next update but there has never been a update ever since we started playing so it shouldve said sold out no more updates so we have been wanting more kittens to collect ever since we got all of them so PLEASE UPDATE KITTEN UP IM BEGGING U But it is a really good game but PLEASE GET RID OF THE ROYAL MATCH AD Every single game we play with ads has that stupid royal match ad Kids play this NOT BOOMERS ROYAL MATCH IS FOR BOOMERS SO GET RID OF ROYAL MATCH AD.

There may be a lot of ads but zOMG this game is so fun xD we have all of the claw machine kittens and would like another update as we get all the chest kittens! Also maybe some bug fixes cause it can get a bit buggy.

This game is amazing it has so many kittens. We collected them all we cant wait for the next update to get more kittens PLS PLS make the next game soon. Trust us you will love the game if you like challenges and you can be timed when you have the boss and you have to hurry or it will eat you we love this game and you will to.

S s . S s . S ss. S s s s s 1 . . X 300 400 s? S . S s . S s .

So when we got on this game it showed a arrow pointing to the claw so we clicked on it and it showed Next Update More Eggs. Its been like 6-8 months and its still not working. So if you can please update it.

Kitten up is a really cute game and we love the idea of it and how its made. We read some of the reviews and let us just say, there is a lot of ads but most of them are pretty short. And about the claw machine, yes the eggs sometimes fall out of the claw but we have had more eggs come than fall. Also the chest, we saw that someone said that there is a 1/3 chance that you get the egg and they dont like watching the ads to get it. But guess what? We have got the egg before without watching the ads! Seriously! Also, we think that its good even if you dont get the egg because you get Kitten Coins! We love all the cats they are all so cute! We cant wait for the update and our favorite is all of them but we really like the blue angle kitty and the pink one with glasses and the PIKACHU KITTY!!!! Oh our gosh you added a pikachu! Please for the new update add more Pokmon eggs please! Also, is it ok if you guys can make it to where you can name the cats? Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

We love playing this game it we are a very heavy phone user and this is probably the app we most play.

Great game nothing we really have to say bad we do recommend its also great bc they give you other trys we definitely recommend.

We love the game but you put new cats in next update and there has been lots of updates but no new cats so please add cats.

We think that this game is very fun and interactive for all ages but there is a few problems. 1. We used all the eggs then we cant get more?! Why?! 2. We think that the fish comes up too fast on higher levels. Make it slower. Thank you!

Im tired of the annoying adds :( but we love the game.

Its a good game! But we got a two in one cat eggs in the claw machine but it didnt give us them or give us our coins back. And there is a lot of adds.

We’ve played this game for years, and no cat update!! There is only 63 cats! Good game though!! VERY ADDICTIVE!!

On the claw machine we got two eggs and the claw wont let go help us but super good game overall but we cant do anything now cuz the eggs are stuck Im afraid we will lose them Im we close app so help me.

We love this game a lot but the claw machine is like real claw machine when we get an egg in the claw it starts moving right but then it just lets go of the egg.

We love this game but WHEN’S THE UPDATE?! Its been like 4 months probably more since it first said new eggs in next update. PLEASE make the new update.

Its an ok game, but it would ask us if we wanted to watch an add to continue or not watch an add and restart the level. We would press no thanks on watching the add, then it would still make us watch an add and it would restart us! On the claw machine if you have 25 coins or more it would make you play it and it makes you play it over and over it will also make you watch adds. In the end its an ok game but we deleted it cause we dont want watch adds every 30 seconds.


We got this game hoping for a fun experience but all we got was a add hungry video game 2/10.

We hate this game and you might be like why its great but NO. This game is a SCAM and that is because it glitches badly and it glitches the egg that you spent money on falls out the claw. And when you get all the kittens you cant get anymore so if your planning to get the game DO NOT.

Ok so we were adicted to thia gsme like bad and we got all the cats we love playing the game but pls more eggs we started playing again anf its amazing.

You guys are tripping we literally barely got any ads.

Amazing game very entertaining, but we have one problem. We have collected all the eggs and Im waiting for the next update its been a few months since we’ve downloaded it. Still waiting for it, please update soon.

Hi we have played this game for a long time and overall so fun. But there are a few issues. 1. The sound literally stops working after you watch at least 2 ads. Its very annoying because we cant get the sound back. 2. The claw. Ok so the claw is so annoying because you have to pay so much for it. And it so jiggly it always drops the egg. Its a waste of money. 3. The keys. So the keys are very annoying too. You only get 3 sets of keys and 9 sets of chests. We think we should have like 4 sets of chests. It is almost impossible to get the egg on the first try. We always get it on second or last. Anyways thats all the issues. Hope you can fix them :)

Theres actually so much ads its insane like we cant even enjoy this game.

It is SO FUN!! We absolutely love it so much we play it 24/7.

We love this game. It is the best game created and the claw machine is our favorite we love getting new cats when we play the claw. We love defeating the boss and after that we get to play the level that gives you a lot of coins. This game is awesome great game. Whoever created this game is the greatest person in the world and deserves to be blessed.

Make a update that the better cats you get the higher they jump.

We love this game so much, its two games in one, and the price for use of the claw machine is very reasonable. (25 coins per turn) you don’t need to pay actual money either, which is great.

We love the game, and we like that you spin the wheel every round. If you like jumping this is the game for you. ;D.

Theirs a cat that looks like Alastor from Hazbin Hotel. The cat is red and has deer antlers. We wonder if it was done on purpose. We like it.

This game is really easy and you dont have to pay which is great.

We would highly recommend this game its addicting and great.

We love this app because it is so much fun try it too even know its hard and we’ve collected all the cats.

Hi we started a while ago and we LOVE IT,but when we started getting a lot of coins we used them all on the claw machine until we got all the eggs and it said more eggs in : NEXT UPDATE so Im exited for the update but its been a month,PLEASE UPDATE IT IM NOT PATIENT.

This game is so fun and really relaxing and you can get new skins and you can play a claw machine but this is the part we dont like so there can be tricky steps so be careful and one more thing we hope you like this game enjoy.

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