Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker


Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Magic Notion Ltd., Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 3rd September 2014 with the latest update 16th March 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,179 people have rated 1.31.1

You can download the game Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker from APP STORE.


Compatible with iPhone 4S (or newer), iPad 2 (or newer) and iPod Touch (5th Gen)

How good a judge of character are YOU?

Need to ‘up’ your dating game?

Test your love matching skills by running your own virtual Matchmaking Agency with ‘help’ from drag queen diva Kitty Powers!

"There’s a British drag queen matchmaking app, and it’s perfect" – The Daily Dot
"a game that is far, far more complex and intelligent than you’d ever expect" –
"10 Best iOS Games" – The Guardian
"Never fails to paint a big grin across your face" – AppSpy
"Editors Choice" – 148 Apps
"After playing for about an hour, I was hooked" – Dragaholic
"There are so many amazing things about Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker that it’s difficult to pinpoint the thing I love most about it" – The Daily Dot

  • Match an endless parade of desperate clients with candidates from Kitty’s Black Book!
  • Send them on dates to a variety of exotic restaurants!
  • Coach them through awkward conversations and dating dilemmas!
  • Unlock extra date venues, and exciting upgrades like the salon and gift shop!
  • Connect with Facebook to compete with your friends and send them on dates!

and no in-app purchases!

Updated on 16th March 2020

Improvements have been made to the German localisation, and a few small bugs have been fixed.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Reviews

So many different people you can pair with and super fun.

This game is very yes. Makes us yes.

This game is amazing and never gets boring or old! 100 percent worth it.

We love this game! Keep up the good work with future games if there is any

Love how you are able to have same sex couples.

Im so glad that a random Reddit forum brought us to this game. We absolutely love the way Kitty has designed the content and characters. A must-have for anyone that likes story based casual games!

This is one of the best games we’ve ever played! First of all there are no adds and a problem in most mobile game are the adds so thats great. Second it is soooooo fun. We play it almost everyday. We love how its different for everyone and it just keeps going it doesnt repeat. We also like how you can buy stuff from the shop, keep leveling up, and how you have to keep your reputation up to get more coins and just more customers. Also we like how there are bad habits, different personalities like practical, geeky, or glam, and the personality traits. Over all its a great game, if you havent already download it NOW!

This game is insanely well made, it’s also so affordable. We don’t regret buying this game and we would buy it again !!

Number 1 good thing: A YouTuber plays it and its so funny Number 2 good thing: ITS JUST AWESOME Number 1 bad thing: we had to delete it and get it again because it would not load but it made us start all over again.

Honestly we love it its super fun and Im pretty good at it so 10/10.

We love this game because it’s not a lot of money for amazing game play 5 stars.

We love this game so dearly. We have completed it 7 times total and still find new techniques to perfect our matchmaking skills! We plan to play as long as we complete all the achievements, which still pose a challenge and still we have not completed! You might think we have way too much time on our hands, but our playing is spread over the course of a very long time (starting at the beginning of its YouTube popularity) and the game is just really that good. There are no ads at all, no in-app purchases, and the gameplay is so fun even after all this time. There are so many different features and the matchmaking to get a perfect couple itself is really a skill. It doesnt get repetitive because its always a different date every time and the achievements allow you to challenge yourself to play the game to its full potential. The game is worth every last penny that you fortunately pay up front. So happy we were able to find this!!

We used to play this game when we were younger and its just as fun as we remember !!

We love this game! Kitty gives us so much information while the game is loading. Try kitty powers love lifeactive types never eat unhealthy desserts these tips are super helpful so read them all!! Also listen to the tutorial.

Its awesome all around!! We love the customization and we love the idea of setting people up on dates! Its definitely worth the money!

This game is thrilling exiting and wonderful. All the people are so funny. Defenitly recommend.

We LOVEE kitty powers! Never fails to make a banger.

Lots of fun, we love the avatar creator and how it works with other players. We enjoy how the more you level up, the more fun mini games you unlock! Works offline, keeps us busy, over lots of fun!

Dont really have much to say other than this game is really addicting and fun! :3.

A joyfully charming game with tons of replay value.

This game is so fun and extremely addictive!

We have all the kitty power games and we’ve been playing it nonstop for years. On our computer we have over 100+ hours on it and we just got the game today to play while traveling. Honestly the game is addicting in the best way possible. Very much worth the price.. Honestly im one of the biggest fans of kitty powers and im truly not afraid to admit it . We honestly just love the same so.. Yeah! Also check out their merch cause thats also cool!!

This game is like so like omg like ya know like when a game is like yeah and like its just so ya know like um sort like really yeah.

Our fav mobile game ever, everyone should play it. We never get bored of it.

We love this game so much. Theres no ads and its so addicting. Its definitely our favorite game right now.

We love playing this game when we have a lot going on and dont want to do anything but still feel like we do something. 10/10.

A lot of this game requires memory, but you can certainly write down things.

Literally best game ever created luv it to death been here since ldshadowlady played it.

10/10 would recommend for you to buy! Great use of our money and very fun!

This game makes us laugh because of how silly it is but is very fun and challenges you to use your brain to pick matches and complete mini-games within the dates. Love it! We keep coming back to it and have been playing off and on for a few years.

We rlly like this game !!! Its very fun and entertaining worth the $$:)<33.

We like the unexpected situations and random different characters! This game never gets boring for us! Its funny and the mini games with in the dating game portion can be quite challenging, but can be predictably fun! We are a big fan of this game, the sequel seems like it be fun too. We like this game! Doesnt disappoint! Would highly recommend! :)

We have this game on our computer but we came across the mobile game and decided to try it. It is exactly like the actual game. ITS GREAT.

Great game loves it but we wish it would work it is probably our device but it is frozen.

We play this game all the time it is so fun. We love the concept of it and the different challenges. Just wanted to thank the creator or creators of this for a amazing fun game!

We love the variety of choices you can choose on this game, and the aftermath of each game, we could never get bored with this game!!

Good job kitty powers we love u.

We really wish there was a gender neutral option cause we feel as if we dont really fit in either category, still love the game though!

We cannot connect to Facebook on this app though we really want to and cannot figure out why not. Please help!!!

Been playing since 2015. Love this game.

We recommend this game its really fun and interesting we never get bored.

We don’t know if its just for us but theres been a glitch in the game. We really love this game im like addicted but this glitch is really annoying us. Sometimes when we press date on two people it doesnt let us and the game just gets stuck. And when we try to restart the game it just sets us back to other people we already matched. Is this happening to anyone else? Amazing game btw.

Its so addictive we have 8hr of screen time because of it.

We love it! A app everyone should have!

It is awesome!! Also we comment on your channel Also please stop the game from freezing in the middle of the date.

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